Scouting Report: Jordan Phillips, DT

You have to look beyond the stat sheet to see the impact Phillips has on games.

You have to look beyond the stat sheet to see the impact Phillips has on games.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

It was an eventful weekend to say the least.  It started with the Patriots breezing through to the AFC championship game and ended with the first ever BCS playoff championship.  In all honesty, that game on Saturday aged me quite a bit and I am pretty sure my wife thinks I am crazy.  For me, it was shocking to see the defense struggle as much as it did.  This entire season, the defense has played well, probably the best it has in several years, but on Saturday there were some alarming trends that need to get fixed in a hurry if the Patriots are going to have a shot at the elusive 4th Lombardi Trophy.  One player that really struggled was DT Vince Wilfork.  For years, he has anchored the middle of the Patriots defensive line, but he is getting older and it may be time to look for his predecessor, so today I scouted Jordan Phillips.  Name: Jordan Phillips

School: Oklahoma,  (rSo.)

Height: 6’6″

Weight: 330 Lbs.


Phillips has rare size for his position, but wears his weight well and looks and plays much lighter than his weight would suggest.  He moves well, with a good first step, and has surprising quickness and agility.  In the running game, Phillips has great strength and  maintains his position, even when he is double teamed.  On pass plays he gets excellent penetration, collapsing the pocket from the inside, and forcing Quarterbacks to either get rid of the ball or scramble out of the pocket.  Phillips is not just a space eater; he is athletic and has a couple of nice pass rush moves, including a great swim move, which I highlighted in the play below.


As a red shirt sophomore, Phillips is young and inexperienced, especially considering he missed most of last year due to a back injury.  One thing I noticed on film was that even though he does a great job getting pressure, he does not finish the play.  This is due to a couple of different reasons.  One is that he doesn’t keep his head up and his eyes on the ball.  Another  is he struggles to disengage from blockers.  His height for the position is also sometimes a detriment.  Smaller Centers are able to win the battle of leverage and he tends to bend at the waist as games go on.  In the play below, you see Phillips get decent penetration on the run play, but then he cannot disengage from the Center, which allows the running back to run by him.



Phillips is an intriguing player.  Right now, he is raw but has only just scratched the surface of his potential.  I envision him as a player who could make in impact from the DT position as both a run stuffer and a pass disruptor.  He probably won’t put up big numbers that jump off the stat sheet, but his ability to collapse the pocket could be a valuable asset.  He needs to work on his play awareness and technique but the physical tools are there.  If he were drafted by the Patriots, I could see him as a rotational player in year one while he learned under Vince Wilfork and a solid starter after that.  I give Phillips a solid second round grade.


53 Responses to “Scouting Report: Jordan Phillips, DT”

  1. Russell says:

    Denver signs OG Halapio (Patriot 6th rounder last year) to a Reservefuture deal. Interesting!

    • steve earle says:

      Don’t follow, what’s interesting about it? You seem to be implying something which I’m not getting?

      • Russell says:

        You need Oline help, so you gab a guy the Patriots drafted, but cut. Denver must feel there must be something good about this guy, for the Patriots to draft him, so lets sign him!! HAHA

        • steve earle says:

          Well allright guess they haven;t been paying much attention to our o-line recently. LOL

  2. Scott says:

    Just a grammar comment. The player replacing Wilfork will be his successor, not predecessor. Vince is the predecessor to the person who replaces him.

  3. Russell says:

    Full 1st round MOCK up-date;
    Tampa- DT Leonard Williams
    Tenn.- DE Randy Gregory
    Jacksonville- RB Melvin Gordon
    Oakland- WR Amari Cooper
    Washington- DE Shane Ray
    NY Jets- QB Marcus Mariota
    Chicago- LB Benardrick McKinney
    Atlanta- RB Todd Gurley
    NY Giants- OT Brandon Scherff
    St.Louis- QB Jameis Winston
    Minn.- WR DeVante Parker
    Cleveland- LB eric Kendricks
    New Orleans- LB/DE Dante Fowler
    Miami- OT Andrus Peat
    49ers- WR Jalen Strong
    Houston – OT La’el Collins
    San Diego- DT Danny Shelton
    KC – SS Landon Collins
    Cleveland- CB Tre Waynes
    Philly-LB Shag Thompson
    Cinny- DT Eddie Goldman
    Detriot- LB Vic Beasley
    Arizona- OT/OC Cameron Erving
    Carolina- CB P.J.Williams
    Baltimore- OG A.J. Cann
    Denver- OT Ty Sambrailo
    Indy- CB Jalen Collins
    G.B. – LB Denzel Perryman
    Seattle- WR Ty Montgomery
    Patriots- OT Jake Fisher

    • Jeff says:

      Bold predictions with two RBs near the top of the draft!

      • Russell says:

        IMO, Gordon and Gurley are franchise type players. Jacksonville needs to improve thier run game to help QB Bortles to be better. Atlanta is in the same boat, as Steve Jackson is getting at the end of his career.

        • acm says:

          Only way those RBs are going this early would if those GMs have gotten tired of the job and want to be fired ASAP. Teams are moving more and more towards a committee approach and there is a good chance no RB goes in the 1st, especially Gurley with his injury history and average, at best, vision.

          And Atlanta needs help on the OL like no one’s business. Matt Ryan running for his life one more season = Dimitroff not only demoted but fired for good.

          Btw, Gregory is a 43 DE (still needs to fill out that frame), which would make him not the best fit for the 3-4 Tenn is running. Jags would be a better fit for him if L. Wiliams is off the board.

          Hard to see Tampa and even Tenn not go for a QB (unless Mariota and Winston completely fail the pre-draft process). Those coaches/GMs aren’t gonna be around long enough if they don’t show improved results in their 2nd year.

          Houston and Baltimore need help at DB more so than OL, imo, especially the latter. If the right player is there, I think go CB/SAF before anything else. WR might also be on their list but it’s a deep WR class.

          That’s just from a quick look at the mock.

    • td says:

      Tampa & Tenn. need QB’s or Lovie and Wiz will be looking for employment soon, even if it means taking Mariota and Winston

  4. steve earle says:

    It’s that time in the year where everyone of we draftniks are looking for the next undescovered star from the small schools or where ever. The next Tom Brady if you will. Good luck, I haven’t found him yet myself but I will suggest a couple interesting prospects for you to think about.
    Kyshoen Jarrett is a SS from Vir Tech. Not a small school but Kyshoen has been over looked it seems to me. He’s only 5-11 and 192 lbs but has good speed ( returns kick offs effectivly) has good hands and pound for pound is as hard a hitter as I’ve see on tape this year. Not Rodney Harrison but maybe a cross between the best of McCourty and Chung.
    Zack Zinner RB S. Dak.St. 5-11 220. est 4.6/40 but it’s reported when he brakes free no one catches him. See his 99 yd TD angainst Kansas and highlights against Nebraska. He’s the all time sub div championship rushing record holder, runs down hill with power and vision. Recomend he be checked out.

    • Russell says:

      Charles Davis Tull 6’2″+ 245lbs. runs a 4.58 40yd. Played mostly DE in College, but I see him as a OLB in the NFL. A college walk on, who’s career (48 games played) 3 time, All-American selection, 3 time Southern Conference Defensive player of the year, a two time Academic All-American (3.52 GPA).
      A great charactor player, with a well disciplined, regimented athletic training. A Rob Ninkovich type player, who could start day one on the Patriots Spiecal teams. A high potencial prospect, in the 6th round.

      • steve earle says:

        Yes, I have him on my board and we have both included him in our mocks. The prospects I mentioned are not instead but additions too the list who have not been spoken off up to now.

        • Russell says:

          OK, sorry Steve, How about TE Faysal Shafaat 6’5″ 255lbs. A 3 year starter 91 career catches, two time All-Southern Conference TE, was on the Athletics Directors Honor Roll. A top 100 Florida recuit from High School. Played at Tennessee Chattanooga, during 2013 no.3 TE in the Nation according to Phil Steele. Most likely undrafted, and not sure the Patriots need a TE, BUT good prospect!!

        • steve earle says:

          Now he sounds intresting, I’ll see what I can find on him. Looked good on highlights Russell. Thanks I’ll add him to my late round board.

  5. J H TARBORO says:

    Before i start picking players for this years draft, i going to wait for all of the scouting bowls(Medal of Honor, NFLPA, Shriners, and Senior bowl). Also checkout the NFL free agency list, it has some depth this year, which might some effect on this years draft. The Pats did more thru free agency last year than the draft.

  6. J H TARBORO says:

    Medal of Honor Bowl (National team cont.
    WR Isaac Blakeney: Duke 6’6 225
    DE Shaq Riddick: WVU 6’6 248
    American team:
    DT Terry Williams: E.Carolina 6’1 353
    This guy can move for 360lbs guy, Pats should take a look at this guy!
    OG/T Terrence Jones: Troy 6’3 323
    Impressive during the game! has a clip on youtube of him squatting 810lbs w/o a weight belt or knee wraps, that’s sick!!!
    DE Alfy Hill: Winston-Salem St. 6’5 277
    WR R.J Harris: UNH 6’0 200
    CB Will Brown: Missouri S&T 6’1 190
    RB Synjyn Days:Georgia Tech 6’2 231
    ILB Edwin Jackson:Georgia Southern 6’0 230
    OLB Norkeithus Otis: N.Carolina 6’1 240

    • acm says:

      Alfy Hill is an interesting name here with an interesting story. He was a highly coveted Alabama recruit out of HS but his ‘Bama (and college-level) career got derailed due to some stupid academic BS rule and he had to transfer.
      Talent is there and can see a Zack Moore 2.0 storyline for him in the draft.

  7. J H TARBORO says:

    Medal of Honor Bowl (The 1st scouting bowl of the year)
    National team:
    RB Brandon Wegher: Morningside (IA) 5’11 210
    Offensive performer of the event, former Iowa Hawkeye coached by Kirk Ferentz. Good all around back(blocking, running and catching the ball) reminded me of a bigger Danny Woodhead.
    WR Christian Greene: Florida st. 6’2 205
    S Jermaine Whitehead: Auburn
    OG Matt Rotheram: Pitt 6’6 335
    Strong at the point of attack, uses hands very well, mauler as a run blocker, good in pass protection, impressive.
    DT Kristjan Sokoli: Buffalo 6’6 297
    The absolute best defensive lineman at this game, this kid was a animal, former teamate to Oakland’s 1st round LB Khalil Mack.
    He flashed all day long with pressures and sacks, always in the backfield, uses hands well, good power and speed, disruptive and good club/spin moves.
    LB/DE Brock Hekking: Nevada 6’4 260
    Another guy who flashed all day long, has the Clay Matthews blonde mullett, very good player and playing in the NFLPA Bowl.

    • Russell says:

      Shaq Riddick looked very good, and Steve’s guy DT Terry Williams was very good as well!!

      • steve earle says:

        I’m glad to hear Williams did well I was unable to catch the game due to other commitments. My thinking is if he was 2 or 3 inches taller thay would rate him a 2nd or 3rd rd pick.

    • acm says:

      I particularly liked Sokoli (my Robin to Russell’s Anderson), Hekking (more of a The Boz mullet imo) and Riddick. All should be available late in the draft.

      Now, Hekking doesn’t strike me as a player BB would go for – a bit of an airhead, imo – but Kristijan Sokoli is the type of guy BB would love and may even want to marry ;). If you count the Eastern European connection too, don’t be shocked if BB takes him in say the 6th or even earlier (late 4th?) if his stock starts rising going into draft week.

      • J H TARBORO says:

        I completely agree!

      • Russell says:

        I agree acm, did some back ground work on Sokoli, very interesting prospect, nice size too, also a 4.87 40yd, when he was 275LBs (now 295lbs).
        6’6″ 295lbs
        and Anderson
        6’5+” 295 lbs
        very nice size for the future Patriot front!!

  8. Dylan.C says:

    Can anyone recommend me some DT/DE prospects that will be available in the late 1st and 2nd rounds? Haven’t really watched allot of game tape but it’s about that time of the year! I am definitely intrigued by Jordan Philips and Arik Armstead. Armstead’s flexibility as a 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT interest me.

  9. Russell says:

    The Patriots have had made questionable picks when it come’s to WR. Last year I felt QB was a Patriot major need, 1st-2nd in the draft. (I had A.J.McCarron) This year there is no question the Oline will be early picks. However I also see the need at WR, as high given the lack of development of Boyce and Dobson. Dobson missed the year with injuries I know, but there are other issues with him that make me feel he is a bust.
    WR Lafell has played very well and was a solid pick-up. Tom has maybe two more years, (barring injury) and the franchise will need to move on at QB. Now is the time to get WR’s into the system to add stability, working/improving with Tom. Also WR’s to work with QB Garappolo, and QB ?? towards the future. The last thing the franchise wants is a new QB, with young/rookie /untested WR’s. WR’s take time to be solid in a system, so time is now to start the process. I’m not saying a 1st round pick, tho I like Montgomery, but 3d or 4th seams about right.
    I like WR – Kenny Bell, Breshad Perriman, Jordon Taylor, which are mid-round draft guys. These guy show some of what IMO are what the Patriots need.
    My Draft board has about 30 prospect’s listed, each prospect is graded by position, aprox. draft position on the board(changeing) ,and Patriot want (IMO)
    Henry Anderson is a HIGH want (IMO), but he can be drafted anywhere you think you can get him. The question becomes ,with several HIGH want players, do the Patriots; trade -up, trade-back, draft sooner or draft latter ?
    Last year for example; Easley was a HIGH want prospect. Do we draft him 1st, or trade back and draft him, or wait until our second pick ?? What about our other HIGH want picks, can they wait, or can we trade back and stll get them ?? We know the Patriots wanted Olineman (They drafted 3 ) yet they did not do visits or private work-outs with ANY of the guys they drafted, but they did with other prospect’s. Did they miss these other guys in the draft, or just decide they were not HIGH want guys.
    I know more questions than answers, but thats the way BB works.

  10. Russell says:

    I keep moving guys around in my Mock, and again any player I Mock IMO, the Patriots have a real good chance to see their name on the draft board.

    1st-OT Jeff Fisher, I see Fisher moving to OG and filling a need.
    2nd=DE Henry Anderson, I see Anderson spelling Ninkovich, and Like Moore can play DT
    3d – OL B.J.Finney, I see Finney at OG/back-up OC
    3d(comp)- WR Kenny Bell, 6′ 190lbs I cut Dobson, and work Bell into the Offence
    4th(Tampa)- WR-Breshad Perriman, 6’2″ 214lbs nice size, Need to have some youthful qualitiy WR’s set in place NOW before Tom does retire and time to work with Garappolo.
    4th-LB -Jeff Luc, Great looking LB as a future starter
    6th- LB Davis Tull, another future LB
    7th- OG Shaquille Mason, or Value on the board.

    • acm says:

      I don’t see the Pats take two WRs relatively early in the draft, tbh. Dobson should and will get another shot considering his 2nd season got derailed before it even started. Amendola will likely rework his contract to stay too. And with BB’s success drafting Wrs, while a seasoned vet like LaFell panning out so nicely, no do I see BB waste 2 good picks on basically throwing darts, blindfolded. I fully expect them to take a Wr but one and late-ish in the draft, starting with late 4th, for best value available. Just don’t see them make it a priority and target a particular WR early, like they did with Dobson.
      Available roster spots will always present a limiting factor and vets have proven to be the smarter route to go for the Pats when it comes to bringing in new WRs

      • steve earle says:

        Reads like you’ve been reading my mind acm. At this point Russell seems to be throwing names out just to see what sticks. He makes a reasonable case for Anderson but keeps moving him higher and higher up in his mocks. I could see him as a late 3rd depending on how things unfold and if we get two o-linemen first other wise if BB takes say a DT at 1 or 2 we would then likely be looking for another O-linemen with that 3rd. As for WR’s? Agree bottom of the 4th earliest though I’d pass on the position entirely and look at FA’s for help there. There are just so many vets to resign ( rework contracts) that limits how many rookies can be expected to be signed and make the roster. Hope Bill passes on any “head scratchers” this year.

      • Russell says:

        Thanks guys for your impute, I value all thoughts on prospect developement.

    • acm says:

      I can definitely see Jake (not Jeff) Fisher work his way up to a 1st round pick and think he would be a good fit with the Pats. Anderson is a good prospect but not much value taking him this early, unless he really blows up the combine, which I don’t think he will do. You tend to over-estimate BBs penchant to overdraft players. Sure, every draft he has a head-scratch-er of a pick but usually it’s only one. Most of the time he does try to maximize the value of his picks and it’s in line with projected value (or he goes for BPA).

      If Revis is resigned and Mayo’s rehab is going well, I think they spend their first 4 picks on OL (possibly 2), DT and/or OLB/DE and CB/SAS. I can see them go QB late in the draft too e.g. Sean Mannion (different characteristics than Jimmy G.) to keep as the 3rd Qb on the roster and develop.

      • steve earle says:

        A QB late, what could you be thinking? That’s what I said back when they drafted Tom Brady in the 6th rd. Now I like Jimmy G but why not a qb, at that point in the draft you can never be sure and lightining could strike twice.

        • acm says:

          At this point in TB’s career, it may a good idea to carry on the roster and develop as many QB prospects as possible. We all hope Tommy is around for another 5 years at least but the reality is one never knows for sure.
          The reason I suggested Mannion – besides him being talented – is that he would bring characteristics different than what jimmy G already has.

      • steve earle says:

        To be honest I don’t know anything about Mannion haven’t looked at any QB’s. You mention he is different then Jimmy G. Can you elaborate?

  11. Mike Gerken says:

    Good insight Russell,
    You could be right, DT may not be a high priority for the Patriots this year. Siliga is a pretty good space eater, but what I like about Phillips is his ability to disrupt from the interior on a consistent basis.
    I could envision the faster Easley really putting up numbers with a guy like Phillips taking on double teams. I don’t you get that with a guy like Siliga.
    With the NFL becoming such a pass oriented league, having a player who is stout against the run, but can disrupt passing plays with his ability to collapse the pocket could be valuable enough to take higher in the draft.

    • steve earle says:

      I’m hopeful we can get a DT or DE who can put pressure on the QB. I do like Jordan but am torn due to our need at o-line. As for Easley my hopes are not high for him after yet another knee injury. I do think Russell and I are looking at a couple mid rd guys who could complement someone like Jordan. The big question is does Bill stress O-line or d-line?

  12. Russell says:

    I’m also not sure Wilfork had his best game, however Baltimore and the Jets are Olines that always give Wilfork trouble. I think DT Siliga Sealver is Wilfork’s predecessor, and I’m not sure what kind of space there maybe on the Dline 53 man Roster next year. I was much more concerned with C. Jones preformace, loseing gap responsiblity,(8) and missing tackles(4) and lack of a good pressure push, on the QB.
    With last year’s drafting of DT/DE Easley, and the use of Chris Jones, the Patriots are showing an interest in going with more quickness, angles, speed, kniving type player at DT.
    I like a guy (who is showing well at the shrine practice), Xavier Williams, 6’3″ 315lbs from a smaller program,at northern Iowa. Williams has that cylinder body type, with very long arms, runs a 5.18 40yd, with a strong football IQ.(thinking of coaching in his future) Williams has good vision, had 51 tackles in 2012, 74 tackles 2013 (39 solo) and use’s sound technical power/slants/angles at the snap of the ball.
    I have Williams as 4th round guy, everybody else has him 6-7th. IMO he looks more like what the Patriots maybe wanting at DT.

    • Jim R says:

      The interior DL looks to be serviceable, Would be nice if they could add a body that could provide a little interior pressure, Is this what Easleys role would be? How about Malcom Brown from Texas. I hope they keep Vince around for at least 1 more year

      • Russell says:

        I think the Patriots keep Vince another year, as he has another year on his deal. I don’t know about adding a DT, I’m think a DE with size (Henry Anderson) to spell Ninkovich who could play DT like Moore. BB may have drafted DT/DE Moore last year with this in mind. I wonder about DE Buchanan, and if he will be more than spiecal teams.
        This guy Xavier Williams is an interesting prospect.

      • steve earle says:

        Oh yea, Malcom Brown would be nice but low 1st high 2nd I think.

    • steve earle says:

      We are in full agreement that we need to begin looking for that guy who can take over for Wolfolk in the near future. Xavior Williams is also on my radar after you spotted him before. I also like Terry Williams from East Car. He’s another fire plug who gets penetration/ disruptive and at 6-1 353 lbs is tough for o-linemen to get leverage on. I have him as a 4th for us on my mock but would be happy with either Williams at 4th. Think we could sneak them both onto the roster next summer Russell?

      • Russell says:

        IMO, here is what I see the Dline with the Patriots present roster;
        DT- Wilfork
        DT- Easley
        DT- Siliga
        DE- C. Jones
        DE/LB Ninkovich
        DT- Chris Jones
        DT- Branch
        DE- Moore
        DE- Buchanan
        I think Moore, and Chris Jones are yes, Branch and Buchanan a Question. Wilfork one more year, Ninkovich 3 years ? So I think maybe TWO spots on next years roster. I also think BB carries 6 LB’s.
        So all depends where on the draft board you choose:
        DE-Henry Anderson, DE Arik Armstead, DE/LB ZaDuris Smith
        DT- Xavior Williams, Terry Williams, Jordon Phillips, Danny Shelton (doubt he’s on the board), Eddie Goldman, or Mike Bennett.

        • steve earle says:

          Sounds reasonable to me Russell though I’ve not been very good reading BB’s mind on these things. Heck he could go Jordan Philips and Henry Anderson #1 &#3 with OT -OG #2 & #4, who knows? That could work too but I don’t know?

        • nick says:

          ill say it once and ill be saying it till april, our 2 biggest holes are our o line and d lines. I’m not sure what bill will end up valuing higher, but i see the two situations as dire. wilfork is in delicline, siliga and branch are inconsistent in pass and decent against the run. ninko has never been dynamic and jones is confusing. we need PRESSURE from the line, something we’ve been lacking for YEARS. and obviously, o line. i wasn’t super impressed with jake fisher on tape. as a u oregon grad, i thought id be biased, but he doesnt finish blocks well at all. I’m looking for either huge guys up front or guys with fire. both would be ideal.

        • steve earle says:

          Have to say nick hits the nail on the head. He and I agree we need two guys with fire and power. Arie Kouandjio is reported to play “angry” which was what Mankins does. He also has the size power and experance against top competition. AJ Cann Is another dominate inside linemen. Both these guys are topsat their positions. At DT/DE the top guys will be gone by the time we draft though a couple pretty good ones might be available mid rounds to help out until we can address the positions in another draft. We can’t fill every need in one draft barring an impossable stroke of luck. Fix the most critical first with the best we can get and patch the def until next year.

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