Scouting Report: Ty Sambrailo, OT/OG

Could Ty Sambrailo be a good fit for the Patriots along the offensive line?

Could Ty Sambrailo be a good fit for the Patriots along the offensive line?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Another season, and another AFC East championship.  The Patriots have much loftier goals though, and in order to achieve them, they need to find a cure for their offensive line struggles.  There has been inconsistent play all across the line, but the left side (at both guard and tackle) is where we see a majority of the protection issues. This brings me to today’s prospect, a player who has played multiple positions on the offensive line.  Is he a good fit?  Let’s find out.

Name: Ty Sambrailo

School: Colorado St. (Sr)

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 315 lbs.


Ty has a nice combination of size and athleticism for the position and the type of build that the Patriots have wanted in their lineman for several years.   He has a frame that can still add bulk without compromising  athleticism.  In pass block situations, Ty shows very good footwork which allows him to mirror the defender and create a nice pocket for the quarterback.  His run blocking is also very good and he shows quickness at the snap, allowing him to seal off his man or pull around and get to the next level.  He also shows speed, athleticism, and footwork to get out into space and block quicker smaller guys on screen plays.  Ty is also very aggressive and looks to hit players right up until the end of the play and flirts with that fine line of continuing after the whistle has blown.  He also has long arms and strong hands, and when he uses them properly, he is almost impossible to get away from.  From all accounts, he is a an intelligent guy who is constantly working to improve his technique and strength.  His experience playing all along the offensive line gives him position flexibility. In the play below, you can see how he is quick at the snap of the ball, gets to the second level, and drives his man out of screen.



Ty struggles at times with players who are stronger so he needs to improve his functional strength in both his upper and lower body to hold up in the NFL.  He has a tendency to get high in his stance when pass blocking, which allows defenders to get into his chest and knock him off balance.  He shows the ability to extend his arms and get a good punch on the defender, but it comes and goes on film.  Ty also needs to be more consistent with his hands because he can get in trouble when he isn’t using them properly.  He also has a tendency to overextend and lose balance and bend at the waist rather than at the knees. Colorado State does not play in a power conference and so the level of competition is not always great.  In the play below, you can see that Ty does not extend his arms, which allows the defender to get into his body and push him back into the quarterback.



Ty seems like a great fit for the Patriots. He is another one of those guys who has the flexibility to play at either guard or tackle in the NFL.  He has the size and athleticism that the Patriots look for in their offensive lineman.  He has a very aggressive demeanor which I think is an important quality to have as an offensive lineman.  If he is going to be successful at the next level though, he has to get stronger.   I think he could be a very effective guard on day 1, and if he can fix the technique issues I mentioned, he could easily bump out to tackle and be successful there as well.

33 Responses to “Scouting Report: Ty Sambrailo, OT/OG”

  1. steve earle says:

    17-16 We win,,,,, just. My great fear is the best of the playoff teams have strong front 7s that pressure QB’s like the Jets just did to Brady. Is are o-line up to that?

  2. Russell says:

    Watching limited tape on OT Mickey Baucus, could be an OT/OG 3d round maybe.

    • steve earle says:

      Right Russell, limited tape to be sure so I’m surprised you are giving him a 3rd rd rating. I can only guess you have seen far more tape then I on this prospect. Got any sites for us?

    • Russell says:

      Also watching tape on OT Corey Robinson, a very large guy 6’7″ 353lbs. Speed rusher’s around the edge beat him roughly 30% of the time.
      Christian Lombard OT/OG 6’5″ 315lbs is very interesting, looks like a solid prospect, will do more research.

      • steve earle says:

        Robinson does look good Russell, he’s on my board as a 3rd, How would you feel if our draft went like this?
        1) Arie Koundjio G Ala
        2) Ty Sambrillo G/T Colo St
        3) Corey Robinson OT S. Car

  3. Russell says:

    So far here are the under class men to declair for the 2015 draft;
    RB Matt Jones
    RB Melvin Gordon
    QB Brett Hundley
    LB Eli Harold
    WR Devin Funchess
    WR Sammie Coates
    S Durrell Eskridge
    s Gerod Holliman

  4. Mike Gerken says:

    Thanks Russell for the kind words and the additional details on Sambrailo. I got a chance to watch one of your binkies, Davis Tull finally. I may not be as high on him as you are, but as a later pick with upside, I like it. Like most of these smaller school kids, the question will be if he has the strength to handle the jump in competition.

    • Russell says:

      Thanks I enjoy your reseach on players! Tull is NOT a DE , (where he plays alot) but more of a LB prospect, spiecal teams guy is where he may start as a Patriot. Highly intelligent player and IMO just “fits” the Patriot system much the same as I think DE Henry Anderson does.
      Another interesting prospect who plays DE, that could be a great LB prospect that “fits” the Patriot system is, Dezmond Johnson 6’4″ 260 runs a 4.83 40yd. (Duke) Again strong player always around the ball, very intelligent, 4 year starter.
      Another interesting guy, who will likely go undrafted is OT Laurence Gibson 6’6″ 298 lbs runs a 4.94 40 yd. (Va. Tech)
      Keep working on player research interesting stuff!!

  5. John says:

    Love Sambrailo, and I would actually love if the Patriots considered him with their first pick. I think he absolutely has the ability to stick at OT, and his versatility only plays in his favor. Would much rather take him in the first round over guards like Alexander, Kouandjio, and Grasu.

    Not sure why people are infatuated with the idea of taking a guard or center with the first pick. Solder has not been good, and the Patriots are not going to want pay 7 million dollars for that kind of play. They certainly won’t cut him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to figure something else out. If they do end up taking a “projected” guard, hopefully it will be someone who was primarily an OT in college.

    1. Ty Sambrailo OT/OG Colorado St.
    2. Owamagbe Odighizuwa 43DE/OLB/HYB UCLA
    3. John Miller OG Louisville
    4. Titus Davis WR Central Michigan
    4. Jake Ryan OLB/ILB Michigan
    5. Karlos Williams FSU

    • John says:

      meant to put Karlos Williams as a 6th

    • steve earle says:

      He does sound like a good prospect though I do believe we need an OG or 2 far more then an OT. Solder not having his best year but he’s still a fine LT and in his prime years. Samdrailo does project to any of the line spots though not thinking he’s a first rounder. WE’ll have a better idea after the all stars and combine so I’m holding my final opinions until then.

      • John says:

        It’s not even just from a needs perspective, but rather a financial one as well. It’s much more affordable to grab a good guard on the free agent market, as opposed to good tackles. That being said, it’s really an advantage to hit on a OT in the draft because of these rookie deals. I think that you will see them use their high picks on premier positions, like OT, QB, DE/OLB, penetrating DTs, WRs, CBs, etc. Who wouldn’t want a stud OT on the new rookie wage-scale? It puts you at such an advantage to spend on other areas of need.

        • Russell says:

          Great Point about cost John. The question is who, BB did very well last year with OC Storks and OT Flemming in the 4th round. So I’m starting to think he may go this route again, and as you say take a DE/OLB , WR, CB . The future of the team, or as BB says “what’s best for the team”.
          I think BB trades out of the first round, But if he doesn’t could he take WR-Ty Mongomery?? Nice size,(6’2″ 210lbs) runs well 4.46 40yd, IMO the second or third best route runner in College football. A returner as well, very intelligent,a solid prospect, to start working with Brady and Garoppalo. Just a thought.

        • steve earle says:

          Solder, Vellmer, Cannon and Flemming, so how many OT’s do you think we need to carry given that only two take 95% of the snaps barring injury? Investing a 1st rd pick on a player destined to sit on the bench and play on special teams for two or three years just doesn’t sound cost effective to me no matter what rookie contracts suggest. Both our starters are under contract through next year or beyond so who do you cut, trade or sit in favor of a rookie? We don’t need to groom a 1st rd pick for one or two years before he earns a starting position. Vollmer didn’t, Solder didn’t and it’s not like there will be a shortage of OT’s next year or the years after, they keep coming, but we need OG’s now. Just the way it is.

        • acm says:

          Steve, what John is suggesting si the Pats to take an OL-man with experience at OT but the ability to play OG in the NFL too. Start him at OG till Solder’s situation is cleared and if he were to leave, move said player to OT, otherwise continuing plugging him at OG.

          Btw, just to be clear – Solder is NOT under contract just yet. IIRC, Pats can refuse picking up his 5th year option by the 1st day of the 2015 season (March 1st, I think), at which point he’d become a free agent.
          Considering Solder’s play of late and that he’d count 7.5 mil vs the cap in 2015 (3 times as much as he does this year, iirc), I wouldn’t be shocked if the Pats part ways with him in the end … I would be pleasantly surprised but not shocked.

        • steve earle says:

          Correction, Solder did play behind Matt Light his rookie year but we still have two qualified OT starters and a swing OT after Solder now. Plus as I think on it signing a vet OG age 29+ means we’re in the same position again two years +/- ahead. Draft a couple young OG’s with high upsides and we are set at the position for 6 to 10 years and don’t have to scramble to plug the holes every couple. Plus the rookie contract benifit applies just as well to OG’s as OT’s. If you argue Solder’s trade value will be higher now Bill can still put a tag on him next year or let him test the market with rights to match any offers. Don’t be so quick to throw away all the options. JMO.

        • steve earle says:

          amc, I don’t think that is what John said at all first, second as of now we do not have a shortage of OT’s where as we are weak at OG. Who is there after Connelly and Windell that we haven’t already tried? I respect your positions I just see more reason in my position right now. I’ll admit that I’m often wrong these things but on this one I’m pretty sure.

        • acm says:

          I don’t think our positions are all that different, Steve. Had it been up to me, the Pats would have gone OG (Bitonio) with their 1st round pick in the 2014 draft. Connolly and Wendell are just patch-up work and have done little to nothing to change the need to strengthen that position.
          This being said, you seem to take for granted Solder’s presence on the roster next year and I don’t think that’s a given just yet. The Pats may well prioritize signing revis and DMac to long-term contracts first, in which case there may well not be enough cap room for Solder’s 7.5 mil 5th year option and they may have to let him go. Any such scenario, no matter the reason or the circumstances, would automatically make a new OT as big a need as a new OG. In fact, in such a scenario, OT and OG may well be the Pat’s top two picks, depending on value available.

        • steve earle says:

          amc, Connelly and Windell exactly my point. Connelly age and cap # makes him far more likely not to be here next year then does Solder. Not taking Solder or any one for granted but consider a year ago many were say Volmer’s back problems made him a likely trade or release then Bill gave him a 4 yr deal. I think others are counting on Solder, a player in his prime, not being here with little evidence except his cap number to go on. It may not come down to the 4 OG’s on my personal short list but my assessement stand on solid ground I believe. If your looking at OT’s the dominate ones will go in the early 1st, some good ones will still be around when we draft and into the 2nd and 3rd. TAlking OG’s domonite guys still available lower 1st early 2nd imo. Rather a dominate o-line for 6 to 10 years.

  6. Russell says:

    My last Mock had a 1st round trade, this time no trade:
    1st- OC/G Hroniss Grasu
    2nd- DT/E Henry Anderson
    3d- OT Jake Fisher
    4th (tampa)- RB David Johnson
    4th -OLB Davis Tull
    4th (comp.)-WR Jordon Taylor
    6th(tenn.)- WR Kevin Vereen
    7th (tampa)-DE Dezmond Johnson

    • acm says:

      Grasu is an interesting player but would be a risky pick, Russell. He may be athletic and capable in getting up field but also lacks the functional strength to be an OG in the NFL, making him a 1-D OL-man. Actually, I am not sure if he wouldn’t have troubles at OC alone at the NFL level either.
      With Stork already starting at OC and Wendell having the OC/OG flexibility and being undersized himself, I just don’t see much value in spending a high pick on someone like Grasu. If anything, the Pats need to add more beef to the OG position as they have shown lacking in moving the pile up front.

      Henry Anderson is a player I can see the Pats go for but unless he rips it on the combine, don’t see much value in using a 2nd round pick on him. At this point in time, late 3rd, early 4th is where I can see him go at the earliest. I like the player, just not the value.

      Jake Fisher I like for the Pats even if I think he needs to add strength and fill out his frame, something he should have started doing in his senior year and the months leading to the combine. I am not sure if I can see him last till late 3rd even now, though, and Fisher for me is one player who I can see only improve his stock by draft-time (by improving his strength and adding weight).
      The OT position may also become one of high priority for the Pats depending on if they keep Solder. He has been less than impressive lately and quite frankly, I have never been crazy about the guy as I think he lacks the “nasty” any proper NFL OL-man should have. Time will tell if the Pats indeed exercise their 5th year option on him as he won’t come cheap with his cap hit being around 7.5 mil for 2015, iirc.
      If they can’t resign him this off-season to a long-term contract, they may well consider cutting ties with Solder (which I personally hope they do) and use that money to resign both Revis and DMac, while looking for their next LT in the draft.

      If OT becomes a position of priority, I would think they go there early, with their 1st round pick. Players I like there are TJ Clemmings, Tyler Sembrailo and potentially Jake Fisher too.

      RB-wise, I think we’d have to wait and see if the Pats will keep Vereen or not, which would determine what type of RB they may be looking for in the draft (and how high too). I think it can go either way with Vereen, at this point – can see him get higgher offers elsewhere but can also see him stay considering he’s had a down year so far and Pats players are often deemed ‘product of the system” across the NFL.
      With Gaffney in the pic too, I think the Pats may well be set at power RB for now, unless a special talent falls in their lap, which I don’t think Johnson is, tbh.

      Would watch out for LB and CB to potentially become positions of priority (provided the value is there of course) depending on how Revis and Mayo’s contract situations go. And there is always the very likely chance (and need too) to see yet another 2nd round pick spent on a reach at the SAF position 😉

      • Russell says:

        Thanks AMC, good info! I like Grasu, but you and Steve are right about his chances at OG, and the more look at Players ,the more I question if Bill takes an Olineman early. I also question if they keep Solder at 7.5 mil., he has trade value as a starting LOT.
        Storks and Flemming were solid picks in the 4th round, so why not look there again? Reseaching that area of the draft is harder, not knowing who will be on the board. Henry Anderson, is a Patriot type player no question, BUT do you wait, or take him early? Bill has a history of taking a guy “where ever” if he wants him. IMO he moves up draft boards, so I like him at 2nd.
        The 1st pick depends alot on who’s on the Board, I like Erving, Fowler, McKinney,Goldman, and Strong, but it’s unlikely any of them are on the board when the Patriots pick.
        I also like TY Montgomery alot to add a guy if Dobson is cut, 1st seems a jump for Bill to take him, but maybe.
        Not sure on Clemmings, as he has not played that many games at the position. OT Corey Robinson maybe of interest (3d) or a sleeper like OT Jack Rummells (4th) Northern Iowa, nasty hard nose blocker , who is a weight room junky, I also like OT Tyrus Thompson.
        A CB I like is Kevin Johnson (Wake) a very solid player, not overly fast, not to big at 180 lbs, ( why he’s a 3d rounder) but a player who covers well, takes good angles on the field, smart.

        • acm says:

          not sure Solder has much of trade value – that’s assuming the Pats do pick-up his 5th year option, which they can refuse to do till 1st day of teh new season, iirc. At 7.5 mil on a one-year contract, coming off a rather underwhelming year, Solder would be playing with his ceiling in terms of value, imo, and may be even above it. One can always expect there would be a desperate team or two that’d be willing to trade for him but how much would they be willing to let go of? A 5th rounder, maybe, maybe not.
          At the same time, should the Pats lock up Solder at 7.5mil they risk to not find a trading partner (or at best not get much in return anyway even if a trade goes thru), which I think would significantly hurt their chances of keeping both DMac and Revis, two players that are much, much more valuable to the team and virtually irreplaceable thru the draft.

          thus, imo, Pats would do themselves a favor if they just let Solder go, which would elevate the OT position in terms of priority even if they won’t be exactly desperate – they can always move Vollmer to LT and have Cannon and Flemming to perform the RT and back-up OT roles.

          Now, why not go for OL in the 4th or deeper? Because what the Pats need is an infusion of youth and top tier talent at the position, not just serviceable lineman. There is always the odd chance of finding a pro-bowler at any position in the 4th round or even deeper, but chances are all you will get there is little more than roster depth, and that the Pats already have at OL. What they need is, again, top-tier youth to potentially start for them for the next 10 years, considering their best lineman now is Vollmer and he is in his 30s already. The fact that Solder is probably their 2nd most talented player is worrisome and beyond that there is a ton of decent to good but not great players (even if I do like how Stork is coming along, especially for a rookie).

          In short, with the likes of Mankins gone, Vollmer getting old and Solder not panning out as a leader, they lack in players who can make that line their own and take the group to the next level. Doing so would be crucial for the future success of the Pats with a pure pocket passer at QB like Brady.

          Regarding Clemmings, I am aware that he is relatively new at the position and likely not ready to start at LT from day one. But I like the guy’s ceiling/potential and think he can be at worst an excellent OG in the NFL. I think he can slot in at OG in his rookie year, with Vollmer taking on Lt and Cannon RT duties for 2015. Of course, whether they go early for their new LT would hinge on if they keep Solder or not (on a long term deal). Even if tehy do, Clemmings is just one of several options that should be available in late 1st, imo. All I am saying is, he is very much a viable option in spite of being relatively inexperienced, as far as I am concerned.

          On H. Anderson – as I said, I like the player, just don’t see him as a that big a priority so as to take him in the 2nd. Provided that his stock doesn’t shoot up around the combine, I wouldn’t take him before late 3rd. Again, I like the player but prioritization is needed here as the Pats would likely have more pressing needs than they could cover with their two most valuable picks. just imagine how not keeping just one of Revis and DMac, forget about losing both, would impact their draft strategy.

          I try to stay away from projecting who’s available and who’s not in late 1st – bar a very select group of players – this far from the draft. This being said, I’d surprised if the likes of Fowler or Goldman are on the board at the Pats pick, less so shocked if McKinney and Erving are there. Strong may well be gone by then too but I honestly don’t see much of a point in projecting a WR to the Pats in the 1st. My guess is they don’t go WR earlier than the 4th.

        • acm says:

          To elaborate on what I mean by saying that the Pats need top-tier OL talent. Getting a player like Felmming in the 4th is perfectly fine if you project him to be your new Marcus cannon i.e. potentially your depth player at OT. If you are projecting him to be your new Vollmer, however, you are likely gonna fall short and not by just a little.

          Look at this way – 4 years ago the Pats had a premier LT in Light, the best OG in the bizz in Mankins and a top Rt in Vollmer. As of today, they have replaced those 3 with an average LT in SOlder, who lacks leadership and toughness, an ageing Connolly and as it may well project down the road with one of Cannon or Flemming, players of serviceable but not great talents. That’s patch-work at best, as far as I am concerned, and something that would prove detrimental to continued post-season success.

        • steve earle says:

          I’m in agreement with amc in out need for an infusion of youth and high impact on the o-line. Who, is an open question and not clear until after combine. Trying to guess which vets stay or go is just that guesses. Solder could be let go, then that changes the dynamics or he could be resigned to a long term deal, who knows? Just based on what it is now the first solution is my OG x 2 projection. If solder goes then it changes to OT and then OG but only then imo.

  7. steve earle says:

    Gotta love the description of his agressive quickness but then there is the description of his problems with stronger/bigger DT’s. Draft Scout agrees with a mid/high 2nd rd projection so, okay. Question: can he get stronger quick enough? I’m not worried about his tech problems good coaching should fix that. Prob could compete for RG day 1, LG will take awhile.

  8. Dan Sullivan says:

    Jones, Ninkovich and Ayers will give Pats excecptional pass rush in playoffs.

    Pats Mock Draft
    1 Daryl Williams OT Oklahoma
    2 Taysom Hill QB BYU
    3 Nate Orchard DE Utah
    4 D’Joun Smith CB Florida Atlantic
    4 Ellis McCarthy NT UCLA
    5 James Vaughters ILB Oklahoma
    7 Damarious Randall S Arizona State

    To Red Sox fans Sox need to send 4 of there best young prospects and
    bring in Cole Hamels SP Philadelphia that would give Sox a strong pitching staff.

    • steve earle says:

      Dan, why do we need an OT in the 1st or a QB in the 2nd?

      • Dan Sullivan says:

        The QB I picked in second round I feel is a future Pro Bowl QB but he broke his
        leg and is out for season so he is a value pick. The OT is to be groomed as a
        future starter and push starters for time. Also I might add I don’t like to see Brady
        running especially trying to run guys over as he is too important to the team.

  9. Russell says:

    Patriots sign OL/TE Steve Maneri, and QB Garrett Gilbert.

  10. Russell says:

    IMO I think WR Cooper runs the best Routes in College football. So who do you all like as number 2-3, in route running???

    • steve earle says:

      Would hope that’s irrelevant as I think a WR should not be considered until after the 3rd rd.

  11. Russell says:

    Thanks Mr. Gerken interesting prospect that I’ve looked at also.
    Sambrailo runs about a 5.27 40 yd, (about the same as OC Stork) and is a very athletic guy who can do back flips and free style skiing flips. He won the USSA (Skiing) titles in the far west Division for his age group, in the Slalom, Giant Slalom and super G. He is Majoring in Business Administration, and had a High School GPA of 3.58.
    IMO I see him as an OG, and as you stated a Mid-2nd round guy. I have OC/G Hroniss Grasu as the Patriots #1 pick IF they don’t trade back, which may bring Sambrailo into play.

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