Scouting Report: Tony Lippett, WR

Could Wide Receiver be in play for the Patriots come draft time?

Could Wide Receiver be in play for the Patriots come draft time?\

NEPD Staff Writer:Mike Gerken

For years, Patriots fans, including me, have clamored for a big play wide receiver to compliment their smaller quicker guys.  Lafell has been a nice addition to the receiving corp this year and Edelman has turned into a go-to slot receiver, but the position has little else to show in terms of production.  Free agent signee Danny Amendola has been a major disappointment as well as recent draft picks Josh Boyce and Aaron Dobson.  All three could be out the door by the time the draft roles around and once again the Patriots may look to overhaul the position.  If that is the case, is Tony Lippett a possibility?

Name: Tony Lippett

School: Michigan State, (rSr.)

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 190 lbs.


At 6’3″ Lippett has the size you look for from an outside receiver.  He runs great routes, in fact, he is probably the best route runner I have watched to date. He sells his routes well and does not tip off the route he is running.  Lippett has very good balance in and out of cuts and is able to keep his momentum through routes.  It is for this reason that he has shown that he can also play cornerback, which is a plus.  He has great hands, rarely allowing the ball to get into his body, and he attacks the ball rather than letting it come to him.  He is willing to run routes over the middle and shows no fear of taking a hit after making a catch.  Lippett also shows the ability to make the tough catches. He routinely made catches in traffic and can hig- point the ball, making it difficult for defenders to defend him on contested balls. In the first clip below, you see both a positive and a negative. On one hand, Lippett makes a great catch over a couple of defenders, on the other, it shows his struggle to get separation from the defender.  On the second clip, Lippett sets up his route nicely and makes a smooth cut and good catch to get the first down.


If Lippett is going to succeed at the next level, he must get stronger. At 190 lbs. he has trouble with physical corners knocking his timing off in his routes.  Lippett has good, but not great speed and may have trouble getting separation in the NFL. In the play below, Lippett goes up against potential first round pick Ifo Ekpre-Olomu and Olomu handles him easily both physically and from a speed perspective. Olomu was not on him a lot in this game (which was disappointing), but when he was, the results were pretty consistent with Olomu winning despite the huge height advantage Lippett had.


Lippett has made huge strides in his game from last year to the current season. You can tell that he worked hard to improve his route running and his hands.  From a route running aspect, he can  join an NFL team and be ready to contribute. He shows the smarts to set up defenders and get himself open and in the proper position to catch the ball.  Physically though, he has a ways to go. I am afraid he is going to struggle at maintaining his route discipline when corners get their hands on him.  I also think he may be better suited as a more possession type receiver in the Brandon Lafell mold.  He is a long strider but I do not see elite speed to be a downfield threat on a consistent basis.  I like his game and his potential, but I am not sure he should be a wide receiver target for the Patriots because he doesn’t fill the specific role the Patriots need. I could see him being a late Day 2 pick for another team, but for the Patriots, I would give him a Day 3 grade.

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  1. Harry says:

    Tull is from FCS Chattanooga, but they have played with the big boys. they played Alabama last year, Tennessee this year, Nebraska a few years back. They play at least one sometimes 2 FBS teams a year. I would put him up against anyone.

  2. Dan Sternberg says:

    To everyone clamoring about a WR. PLEASE don’t let Bill draft a WR he is terrible at picking WR, pick up a free agent if we need one. He does much better at getting talented free agent WR then, drafting them. I cant remember the last decent WR we drafted that actually panned out since Branch and Givens.

  3. Russell says:

    I think BB should look at Reid Fagel 6’7″+ 298lbs OT/OG on Atlanta’s P-Squad. The guy was a soid right OT at Ohio State were he also played TE. This guy has alot of talent.

    • steve earle says:

      I’ll take your word on Fagel, his size is right but otherwise I know next to nothing about him. What’s his story, how come he’s not on Atl’s roster? Can’t be sure but their o-line is not much to write about if I recall correctly? If he would be an upgrade on Devey or Kline I’d go along. How much time to get him up to speed with NE offense?

      • Russell says:

        Fragel played right OT at Ohio State, and most of the preseason , at ROT with Cleveland. He was cut at the start of the season, and the Colts had him on thier P-Squad. He was cut again and now is on the Falcons P-Squad. IMO he is better than OT Davey, however Fragel does not know the O. I would add him to the Roster,( IF there’s room,keeping Davey for now) for the six Olineman package, and have a couple of TE passes but in for him. I’m thinking long term, he has more up side than Davey. Fragel maybe an option at OG, has quick feet, and strong, I think he did 38 on the bench at the combine, very good given his long arms.

        • steve earle says:

          He does sound promising and I have no problem with the idea just wonder how he would fit in with BB’s long term plans. Plus if he was signed he would have to be carried on the roster, not a bad thing just an observation, still looks like a good eye you have there Russell.

  4. Russell says:

    I till like Reid Fragel OT/G on Atlanta’s P-Squad. The guy was soid at right OT for Ohio State, also played TE , is 6’7″+ 298 Lbs. Did over 30 on the Bench at the Coin. I’ve been watching him sence his draft.

  5. Bom Trady says:

    any chance melvin gordon will still be up by the time its pats pick? would love to see the pats pick up a big bodied reciever but knowing how our luck is with recievers i think were better off just going after andre after his horrible season this year and grab a rb thru the draft cuz ridley is gone fosho.

    • Russell says:

      I Think RB Gordon goes To Minn. in the draft, tho Tenn. may show interest as well. The Guy I like is from a smaller program RB David Johnson, VERY good pass reciever, and could play TE. he is about 6’2″ 229lbs. runs a 4.56 40yd.

  6. Steven says:

    Just my take on the WR….Armendola will be cut…had to wait till next year so not big hit to cap…Dobson has to much talent to give up on n Tymes has tools to work with…n ditto for Boyce…if they do bring in another WR i believe it will be Duron Carter out of CFL..with that to c them shore up interior OL N DL. CB w/size. N a safety with size n instincts

    • Russell says:

      I think they keep Amendola BUT his contract Must be redone. If Edleman gets hurt you need help at the slot Position.

      • MaineMan says:

        IDK. Amendola is signed thru 2017 when he’ll be 32. He still has $3.6M coming to him from his original signing bonus, which equals $1.2M/year over the next three. The Pats would need to offer Amendola an increase in guaranteed money (above his current $3.6M), plus some “token” salary (+/- $1M/yr) in order to get him to stay at a reduced financial upside. The total package would have to be more than he’d get on the open market. Any way you slice it, his annual cap hit would be in the $2.5M-$3M range, minimum.

        At best, he’d be the #5 passing target next season (probably around 30-40 targets), unless one of the (projected) “Big Four” for 2015 – Edelman, Gronk, LaFell, Wright (or White) – got injured. At this point, I’d seriously question whether Amendola would be able to compensate for much more than 50% of the production (+/- 85 targets) of even the #4 guy in the above projection, so they’d need at least one more guy to help fill in the missing targets anyway.

        Dobson, at $935k, would be the most expensive of the guys currently on the roster, with Tyms, Boyce and Krause all coming in under $600k (even Wright will be under $600k). The veteran minimum cap hit for one of the several UFA WRs who could be good for 30-40 targets will be $870k or less. A late-1st-round rookie would cost about $1.3M for 2015; a late-2nd-rounder about $650K.

        Bottom line for me is that Amendola’s bare minimum cap hit, even on a reworked contract, is probably about the same as what they’d pay for 2-3 potential replacements in that role. That said, the Pats could well keep him thru Camp (after June 1st, the 2015 dead money would be even less).

    • MaineMan says:

      It’ interesting to note that the Pats just had CB Delvin Breaux (+/- 6’1″/200 lbs) in for a workout. He’s the CB who “did a Revis” on Duron Carter in the Grey Cup Game.

      • steve earle says:

        Sounds interesting, I’ll have to check him out. Looks to me as though BB has a couple DB’s who would be expendable if he’s interested. Again it’s how fast could he get up to speed this late in the season and will BB just keep him in mind in case of injury?

      • Russell says:

        I think BB is looking at CB Breaux for next year. IMO I would resign Revis,(costly 7 mil per year?) for two years. McCourty is the big issue for me, I would resign him, to a 3year deal, BUT the cost has to be fair.

        • Freemanator says:

          Revis won’t sign for $7m per year. He’ll get around $14m from someone, maybe even more.

  7. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriot Mock Draft
    1 Spencer Drago OT Baylor
    2 Arik Armstead DE Oregon
    3 Mike Davis RB South Carolina
    4 Vince Mayle WR Washington St.
    4 Chucky Hunter DL TCU
    5 Stephone Anthony ILB Clemson
    7 Jon Feliciano G Miami

    The very best of College football today with the Navy vs Army game.

    To Red Sox fans the Sox have moved into Contention with all recent addition
    ad James Shields for Christmas and the Sox fans will be counting days for season to start.

  8. Tim says:

    Good review, but the Pats need to “pay up” for a quality WR in 2015 season.

  9. Jeff says:

    Assuming a 3rd round compensatory selection, and a trade of a 6th and 7th rounder to get into the 5th, here’s a potential Pats draft:
    1st: WR – Jaelen Strong
    2nd: S – Kurtis Drummond
    3rd: G – Laken Tomlinson
    3rd (comp.): DE – Preston Smith
    4th: LB – Zach Hodges
    4th: G – John Miller
    5th: K – Roberto Aguayo
    6th: TE – CJ Uzomah
    7th: LS – Andrew East

    Extend Revis and re-sign McCourty, Vereen (or Joe McKnight as a fall-back?), and Casillas (or another backup linebacker for low money). Amendola and Devey potential cuts.

    • Russell says:

      Good looking Mock Jeff, I have OG Tomlinson, OG Miller, ans S Drummond.

    • steve earle says:

      Just asking, where do we get the comp pick?

      • steve earle says:

        Okay I’ve been trying to track down the idea of Pats getting a 3rd rd comp pick and here’s what I’ve found. A gentelmen named Miguel Benzan has a site where he trys to project these things. Using guidelines from another site, Adam JT 13 guidelines at: http:/adamjt.bolg/2010/03/projecting-2010compensatory-nfl-draft.html
        Mr Benzon has calculated Pat’s will receive a 3rd rd comp pick. He makes what reads like a good case.

    • John says:

      Don’t really like this draft. I think people are underestimating the need for a 43DE/34OLB to eventually replace Ninkovich. I think that position, along with OT/OG, are going to the be the top two priorities heading into the draft.

      Also, I think the Cannon extension is very telling of the Solder situation. Given Solder’s play this year, along with his agent and his salary increase, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they begin to head in a different direction at LT. I don’t think the Patriots are just going to release him before the 2015 season, but I’m sure they would figure something out. Having said all that, it’s pretty convenient that this draft class is pretty loaded at OT/OG within the first two rounds.

      1. Ty Sambrailo OT (would love Dupree, don’t think it’ll happen)
      2. Owamagbe Odighizuwa 43DE/34DEOLB/HYB (or OT/OG if Dupree taken)
      3. Buck Allen RB (Vereen is going to be around for a while, great compliment)

      • Jeff says:

        I agree on the DE/OLB Ninkovich replacement. I think they may go with a mid-round gamble this year, then if they don’t strike gold, they can go after it in round 1-2 next draft. To me, there’s no sure fire round 1 need this year, so I’d expect WR or DE with future planning in mind. Of course, if they’re going to let Revis, McCourty, or Solder (next year) go, those positions become possible holes where they will look for high-caliber talent in the draft.

  10. steve earle says:

    Just out Cannon extended. That mean no double dip at O-line?

    • Daniel R. Martin says:

      I don’t like this signing. Cannon is a backup caliber OT and he has under-performed this season. would have preferred they draft a better talent with a rookie contract and save the cap space for Reevis.

    • MaineMan says:


      I kinda like Reiss’ take – that Cannon is primarily OT depth and that locking him up provide the Pats with more leverage in negotiations with Solder’s agent, David Dunn. Dunn is the guy who blew up the Pats negotiations with Welker.

      If Solder ends up walking, it would leave Cannon and Vollmer as the starters with Cam Fleming as the primary backup. Both Vollmer and Cannon are now signed thru 2016 (when Vollmer will turn 32). In that case, OT probably moves up significantly on the draft priority list.

      But then, Connolly is already 32 and seems to be declining in pass-pro again this season (while Wendell has held up admirably). If the Pats are, indeed, transitioning away from a ZBS toward more man/power blocking, and Connolly is done, they’ll probably need another new interior OL as well.

      • steve earle says:

        That sounds like a pretty reasonable take on the extension of Cannon, thanks MM. Well I still think BB should invest in two power blocking OG’s. With so many of the teams going with the smaller quicker DT to get pressure on passers it stands to reason the solution is the power run/ play action pass offense for all the obvious reasons. We have all the key parts in place except for the two OG’s so nows the time.

        • nick says:

          gotta agree with steve here – we need two big boys in the middle. fortunately for this draft, it seems like a lot of these guys are position multiple, (erving, kounjdio,grasu). thats where our heads need to be at. with that kind of line, we can do almost anything we want

        • steve earle says:

          Thanks nick and your right we have several options for o-line and espically OG. I count Vadal Alexander (if he comes out) AJ Cann, Joseu Mantus, Arie Kouandjio, Tomlinson, Tre Jackson, Irving among the best. Bill could and should fill that need imo.

      • Daniel R. Martin says:

        Valid points MM, Steve & Nick. Personally, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings overly much if they let Solder walk altogether. He barely plays up to a rookie contract, IMO. I don’t think BB needs to over pay for his services. Especially considering there will likely be comparably talented OT’s when the Pats pick. I think consideration should be given to trading back into the 2nd round and grabbing Cameron Erving. Could Solder play LG? He may be too lanky to play at an interior position.

        • steve earle says:

          From what I’ve read Erving has preformed far better inside then he ever did at LT. So letting Solder walk leaves us with Cannon. So it may be far better from a personal point of view to let Solder ride til 16 and concentrate on the OG’s. Unless we plan to triple dip into o-line?

        • nick says:

          wouldn’t bother me either daniel considering how he has played particularly as of late. doesn’t seem like he has the fire for football. i want guys up front that are crazy, and love the game. with the cannon signing does this mean fleming has a future at guard. i like the fit. i still would love to et 2 or 3 studs in the draft. if we let solder walk, i like the kid out of miami at lt flowers. althetic, mobile, strong. erving worries me on tape. a bit cumbersome. i love kounjdio and grasu. lael collins would be ideal to me, but I’m sure he won’t be there. i think there is plenty of interior talent for the o line we could grab, I’m worried though if we let solder go the top tier lt prospects will be gone when we pick. maybe kounjdio can play LT? a future with cannon at lt doest sound great to me..

      • Kevan says:

        Solder trade? I don’t know but this absolutely gives the pats flexibility dealing with this position in the future. This off season should be about retaining our own players but one name I would look at is Mike Upati from the niners. Potential online starters Vollmer,Upati,Stork,high draft pick,Cannon. That would definitely be a bigger more power oriented blocking scheme.

        • td says:

          One thing Solder has going for him is Vollmer & Cannon have had rep’s exclusively at RT. Who the heck would replace Solder at LT?
          It seems to me that Pat’s love OLinemen that are good to really good but not elite (ala Joe Thomas, Tyron Smith) so the price tag is a lot lower.

    • Jeff says:

      I still see 2 OL being drafted. You’ll have Solder, Vollmer, Cannon, and Devey at tackle (4), Fleming, Kline, and 2 draft picks at guard (4), and Stork and Wendell at center (2). I think Bill would like to be able to make Kline and Devey expendable, as they have been okay as backups but don’t have any upside beyond that.

  11. Russell says:

    Forgot another guy I like alot is Jordon Taylor 6’5″ 210lbs runs 4.54 out of Rice. A later round pick but interesting prospect that may fit for the Patriots.

    • steve earle says:

      Several mid or late round WR’s might find a spot next year for us. Right now it’s really hard to say who. All have strengths and weakness. Lippett sounds decend and if he can add some strength could stick. Coates is another who with strong coaching to improve route running, well you see what I mean. Another thing to consider is perhaps with a year in the system Tyms will emerge as that “other” outside WR? One thing is I would prefur not to draft a WR high, jmo.

      • Russell says:

        I agree Steve, maybe draft Two WR’s one 4th,other in the 6th-7th. WR Coate’s would be a 2nd I think.
        Issue is if Lafel goes down with an injury, its Tyms and ????? Patriots need a guy for the next few years, I think a WR in the draft is a sure thing, question is were and who? It needs to be a larger guy 6- 6’4″, not a slot guy.
        Amendola, and Mayo will need to rework thier contracts for sure for next year and beyond. Hard to believe they keep WR Dobson another year,but……

        • steve earle says:

          Agree and the “buts” are the thing. Your guy Taylor sounds interesting, have to check him out. Pretty sure Mayo reworks his contract, Maybe Amendols but can’t see Dobson in furure plans. Of course that’s what we all thought about Edelman in his first couple or three injury prone years so who knows? Any idea what the hit on the cap would be if Amendola is released after the season? Which brings up the question, do we need both a big wide out and a smaller slot guy?

        • Russell says:

          Steve ,I think the Patriots keep Amendola, he made 4.7mil this year, and his deal has him at 5.7mil. next year. I think he needs to stay at about 4 mil. (Edelman will be at 4.2 next year). Mayo however is at 7.2 mil. and goes up to 10.6 mil., he needs to stay about 7 mil. (Revis is at 7mil.)
          Here’s my updated mock draft;

          BB trades out of the 1st round (Minn.???) and gets a 3d, 4th and a 3d, 4th in the 2016 draft.

          2nd-……. LB Ramik Wilson 6’2+” 236 lbs 4.68 40 yd.
          3d (Minn.)- DE Henry Anderson 6’5+” 298 lbs 4.94 40 yd.
          3d – ……..OG John Miller 6’2″ 320 lbs 5.32 40yd
          4th (Tampa)- RB/TE David Johnson 6’2″ 227 lbs 4.57 40yd
          4th (Minn.)- OLB … Davis Tull 6’2+” 245 lbs 4.58 40yd
          4th-……..WR Kevin Vereen Jr. 6’3″ 205 lb 4.58 40yd
          6th (Tenn.) – WR Jordan Taylor 6’5″ 210 lbs 4.54 40yd.
          7th (Tampa)- OT/G Laurence Gibson 6’6″ 298 lbs 4.94 40yd

          Free agents;
          OG Jack Konopka 6’5″ 300lbs 4.95 40yd
          TE Faysal Shafaat 6’5″ 250lbs 4.69 40yd
          DT Xavier Williams 6’2″ 309 lbs 5.18 40yd.
          DT Derrick Lott 6’4″ 304 lbs 5.08 40yd.
          OG Ali Marpet 6’4″ 310 lbs 4.92 40 yd.
          LB Miles Simpson 6’2″ 231 lbs, 4.56 40yd.

        • steve earle says:

          Yes Mayo reworks his and maybe Amendola, maybe. Not at all sure Amendola has enough value. If he does quite possably he gets traded. Now trade down 1st for 3rd and 4th in “15” and “16”? Can’t see that at all. Trading a 1st you must get a 2nd in that year plus extra picks however they come out. Id suggest it would be more like a 2nd and 4th this year(2015) and a 4th next (2016). Otherwise not worth making a trade at all, unless a player is involved.

        • steve earle says:

          Forgot, you have Tull with a high 4th. Can’t see that at this stage. I loved his tapes but he from Tenn Chatt. The Mocs arn’t playing Ohio St, Fla St, Ala or such so we just can’t project his comp level as though he is. Must wait for all stars and combine to get more accurate measure. I have noticed you have a habit of “falling in love” with guys based on highlight reels over the years. That’s a trap we all need to watch out for as I’m guilty of that too. For me this year it’s Vadal Alexander but I realize he may slide slightly because of lack of quickness and he may stay in school.

      • MaineMan says:

        Also to Russell:

        Just to interject a general thought, the question for me is “Where does a new WR fit?”

        Over the years, Brady has very consistently had four guys getting 75%-85% of his targets for the season. This year, it’s been (in order) Edelman, Gronk, LaFell and Vereen getting 81% with Amendola and Wright tied for 5th at 5% each. Positionally, that breaks down as WR, TE, WR, RB, with a 3rd WR and 2nd TE splitting the bulk of the “scraps.”

        Here’s the thing, that type of positional breakdown among Brady’s “Big Four” has ALSO been very consistent over the years. Brady has very rarely had more than two WRs among his “Big Four”, with the other two being 2 TEs or a TE and an RB. I’m not sure that’s been due to any lack of a better #3 WR option, but maybe more the result of deliberate tactical diversity.

        So, when looking at 2015, it’s entirely possible that Vereen is gone. Without knowing for certain yet that James White is capable of replacing him (I mean, the COACHES almost certainly know by now, but we don’t >know< what they do). Tim Wright would seem the pretty obvious candidate (at the moment) to move up into the Big Four, but the Pats may still, then, be lacking an RB who can catch well.

        IOW, such an RB may be a higher priority than a WR, though fresh blood to compete for the #3 WR spot – the 5%er, if you will – also seems to be in order.

        Just something to chew on.

        • Russell says:

          I think the Patriots let RB Vereen, and S McCourty look over the market, before they are offered a deal. McCourty I think, is at the top of his wage class now, Vereen could get alittle more will see…..
          I like the Connon signing, I feel he could have got more on the market, but showed me loyality staying with a system/team he knows. OT Davey is cut next year, I did not see much from him.
          The money spent on Connon, and a draft pick OLineman (to be determed) is about what Connolly’s deal was, if he retires. OG Tomlinson, OG Miller are 3d rounders that could get drafted by the Patriots.
          If the Patriots draft a WR, I don’t see him playing alot year one, just getting into the system. Have not seen much from Dobson, I cut him, and draft a guy.
          Two guys I think will be Patriots next year are; Henry Anderson, and Davis Tull. They will be on my pick list draft day. I very much like OC/G Grasu, and RB/TE David Johnson, of the 30 guys on my Patriot draft board.
          Need to resign Siliga, Revis, Gostkowski, Ayers, and I want McCourty if the cost is right.
          Solder’s deal has him at $7 mil next year, Would you trade him?? To Minn. for Olineman Kalil with a year left on his deal at $4.9 mil, move him to OG and play Cannon at OT??

        • steve earle says:

          To Russell. I’m confused, back on the 9th you say Solder is to get 2.1 mil next year today it’s 7 mil. Are you talking yearly or overall or what?

        • Russell says:

          Steve; This year Solder gets 2.1 mil. (2014) next year he gets 7 mil.(2015) and then 2016 he’s a free agent. Makes one think of maybe a trade. Oh yes and the Patriots owe Mankins 4 mil. next year (2015), paid him 4.5 mil this year, as part of his deal.

        • MaineMan says:

          Russell –

          Based on his receiving/rushing production relative to other RBs over the past couple seasons, VEREEN’s comp is probably in the $2M-$2.5M range, which is likely where the Pats’ offer lands (2-yr contract). If he tests the market, he may see up to $3M on very possibly a longer deal.

          McCOURTY’s Franchise Tag number is $9.3M. His 2014 cap hit is $5.1M (which was elevated by +/- $3M via performance bonuses earned in 2013). The Pats probably need to give him at least 6 years at +/- $9M/year while structuring the deal so that his 2015 cap hit stays below $6M (doable). As generous as that sounds, it’s still barely Top-10 money. Guys who are as consistent as McCourty in the Cover-1 role who can also play the run as well as he does, AND captain the secondary are very hard to come by, which is why the Safety tag number is so high and also why the top guys are all locked up for 6-7 years.

  12. Russell says:

    I have Lippett on my Patriot draft board, and my issue was the same, not a physical type WR, but runs nice routes. I’m leaning alittle more towards, WR Coates, not as good a route runner however. Physical type WR, alittle better Speed, not as tall.
    I’m very disappointed in Dobson, and will be surpised if he makes the Roster next year. So I think the door is Open for a WR. BB may darft a couple of guys late, and see if one stick’s. Kevin Vereen Looks good as a late pick, for size 6’3″ 205 lbs, but only a 4.56 guy. His hands stand out, along with his size, route running is OK. Steve mentioned, WR Geremy Davis looks interesting good size. WR Vince Mayle is an interesting prospect, 6’2″ 219lbs 4.43 guy, has had issues with his wieght, was near 240lbs. I’ve looked at WR Jake Kumerow 6’4″ 195 lbs, runs 4.57 interesting, but not sure on him.

    • Mike says:

      I know you have mentioned Vereen from UNI before, but do you think he leaves early? He is only a junior and I just don’t see a small school kid like that leaving early.

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