2014 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Select Jon Halapio (G, Florida)

Jon Halapio is a powerful blocker on the interior line.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The New England Patriots have already added five players to their roster for 2014. With the 179th pick, Bill Belichick selected another Florida Gator, offensive guard Jon Halapio.

The New England Patriots continue to add talented youth and depth to their offensive line, which could spell doom for pricey incumbents like Dan Connolly.

Halapio started 43 games at Florida, seeing time mainly at right guard. At 6’3″ and 323 pounds, Halapio is a force on the interior. He has a nice anchor and can root out defensive linemen with his strength. He is incredibly tough and should fit in well with fellow draft pick Bryan Stork.

If Halapio has to move too far off his spot, his technique and ability start to break down. His athleticism is sub-par and he can look a bit awkward when trying to block in space. Here is more on Halapio from DetroitLionsDraft.com scout Jeff Risdon:

What Jon Halapio does well, he does extremely well. His initial punch and ability to drive power from his base through his shoulders and hands is truly a treat to behold. Anyone who can physically lift 350-pound Dan McCullers off the earth has immense strength. He is a mauling run blocker at the line, able to seal open holes and collapse defenders.

Unfortunately, he’s limited otherwise. His lack of agility and quickness rule him out for teams that use zone blocking schemes that require a lot of movement and second-level attacking from the guards. When his mark lines up beyond his initial reach–especially to the outside–Halapio struggles in pass protection.

If Bill Belichick is committed to a power-running game in 2014 and beyond, Halapio is a perfect fit.

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12 Responses to “2014 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Select Jon Halapio (G, Florida)”

  1. joe murrell says:

    At least Bill Belichik didn’t select Jemea Thomas or Jeremy Deering on Day2.

  2. gymrat says:

    Cannon could b a great guard. Stork is no upgrade at center. Halapio is more athletic than credited for. We could have used an upgrade over edelman as a so called #1 wr. How does Brady put up with it. A backup qb over a marquise Lee,Matthews,Latimer or Allen. Remove bills personnel authority b4 Brady retires.

  3. ScottE says:

    these auto start videos give this site a 2003 Myspace feel.

  4. acm says:

    I don’t think this is a good fit for the Pats, tbh – thickly built, Halapio lacks lateral quickness in short areas and suffers in pass protection. Would have much preferred Anthony Steen over Halapio.

    Altogether, however, this was an unnecessary pick imo given they had already taken Stork and Fleming earlier. Fleming can certainly play OG, so can Cannon and then there is the Klein and Barker guys.

    Taking Halapio here feels like a waste of a pick to me when there are other, more pressing needs like LB depth, for example (Skov would have been great here) or a versatile secondary player like Antone Exum. A player like Trey Millard would have been far better too.
    Not gonna say TE ’cause I don’t think there is anyone left at the position that could be an immediate contributor, at this point in the draft.

  5. Joey NL says:

    Dave DeGudliemo got 3 welcome presents today.

    Instead of adressing some pressing needs we now have an abundance of Offensive Lineman. Don’t forget we also have Josh Kline and carried around Chris Barker on the roster for the entire season.

  6. Joe E O says:

    I wonder how much input Dave DeGuglielmo had on this pick…..sort of out of character to choose road-grader types

  7. DRM says:

    I’m glad we were able to steal that 292 overall rated O-Line prospect instead of taking the TE, SS or 6-05″+ wideout that we really could’ve used. So, who do we have playing TE until Gronk comes back, and once he is again injured? I guess they’re banking on the Rutgers corner drafted last year transitioning to SS.

    Looks like pass rush can be put off another season. And Brady has spent most of his career without a solid receiving corps. No reason to surround him with some talent at this stage of his career.

    To the final point of the article; If BB was dedicated to a power running game, we wouldn’t have let Blount walk in favo of a 205 pound, 5-8″ back.

    • joe says:

      No faith in cannon and cutting are expensive center don’t get me wrong I do not like the draft. The whole draft but easly if healthy he will be the only DT that can rush the passer. BB must think some safety’s or TE are gonna get cut because this is baffling

    • Captain says:

      Who did you have in mind for TE? Reputedly the weakest TE classes in 10 years according to one pro TE coach, and even all the media pundits said it was weak at the top and thin TE class. Who’s your 5th round TE pick that everyone else missed?

      • Daniel R. Martin says:

        I would have liked Lyerla to have been at least signed as an UDFA. Also, I believe any of the premier tight ends after Ebron should have been taken over the 1st and 2nd round selections that were actually made.

        We took a 3rd string Qb from a non-fbs school instead of getting our all-time greatest ever Qb a line to stand behind and some legitimate targets to throw to. All the while Brady’s retirement draws nearer and nearer.

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