2014 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Select Jimmy Garoppolo

Tom Brady has a new backup quarterback – Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

With the 62nd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots have picked Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Read on for analysis of the pick and what it might mean for Ryan Mallett.

I’ve long advocated for the New England Patriots to invest in a quarterback early in the 2014 NFL Draft. If you find yourself needing to draft a franchise quarterback, you’ve waited far too long.

Jimmy Garoppolo comes from the same school—Eastern Illinois—as Tony Romo. He has a very quick release and smooth mechanics. If you give him easy reads, he has the accuracy to carve you up. He doesn’t have the best deep-ball, but I wouldn’t consider it a weakness. He moves well—a nice 7.0 3-cone drill time proves that—but could improve his awareness of rushers in the pocket.

The Patriots held an official visit with Garoppolo earlier this spring, who shares an agent—Don Yee—with Tom Brady and Julian Edelman.

With Garoppolo in the fold, incumbent backup Ryan Mallett could be on the trading block. If New England can recoup a third-round pick for his services, they should be ecstatic. The Texans have already made their selection in the third-round—tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz—so they might be out of the picture. If New England can’t get a good deal, I think they’ll just hold on to what they have in Mallett.

Here is Mike Loyko’s interview with Garoppolo at the Senior Bowl:

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53 Responses to “2014 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Select Jimmy Garoppolo”

  1. Mike says:

    This should’ve been a 4th round prospect pick. Even the experts who fawned over Garoppolo so much advised teams not to take him if they needed someone to play right away. Which is what the second round is for. He seems to me like a Blaine Gabbert, or Brady Quinn, or Colt Brennan. Gaudy stats with little to show for them. Even Manning, despite his post-season chokery is more or less a proven winner. So was Brady. So to is Rodgers, Luck, Brees, Roethlisberger, and I even think Culter had a fair share SEC wins.

    He seems like one of these quarterbacks that looks really good on paper, but when you step back you realize he’s probably rubbish. 23-22 record? That’s second round quality??? In a weak a** division he can barely crack a career .500 record, and this is Brady’s successor? Um, Brady wins.

    This guy seems like a prototype, I’m just not confident that way he appears is as good as the sum of his parts. He has many on the tangibles, but very deep flaws everyone just ignores. When it came down to it teams that had immediate needs at quarterback avoided him like the plague.

  2. Jack says:

    I just checked out the interview with Grappolo. What a great attitude and presentation he has. He is someone who can clearly handle the media process and the spotlight that comes with being an NFL quarterback. With that kind of attitude, it’s no wonder the Pats took him where they did. There’s absolutely no doubt the Pats got a tremendous value with him.

  3. mike says:

    Heath Shuler, Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, and many others say don’t wait until you need a franchise qb to keep taking potshots at inferior talent in the first round……..
    Garoppolo is an excellent pick and may be the best career in this class when its all said and done.
    This has Montana mentoring Young written all over it, except Garoppolo will be a little more patient waiting his turn. If you have the chance to extend a championship caliber dynasty team for another 5 to 10 years by making the smart decision, you do it.
    This message comes from a Redskin fan that remembers a team that had Mark Rypien, Trent Green, and Stan Humphries at QB. When Rypien was done, Green had been let go to pass for 4000yds in K.C. and Humphries went on to the superbowl with S.D.
    The Redskins went from championships to 22yrs of waiting to get a QB worth a crap…….don’t be the Redskins.
    Embrace Garoppolo if your a Patriots fan, he’ll be well worth it.

  4. JV says:

    Before calling out Pats fans as idiots you might want to go back to 2008 and add up alllllll the great players Bill drafted that never amounted to shit. It’s quite a long list.

  5. BigFarting says:

    I like this pick better than Easley. Mallet will not be back next yr, and we all know that. He is gone either by trade or he packs his bags and signs elsewhere. I have started to think this draft was about the future and not “right now” needs. We are going to need a QB in the future, and are backup role was not clear or comfortable for BB to stand Pat. If this kid fits the system for this team and will help this team win in the future when TB12 is gone, why not do it?

    Sure a lot of teams got better and NE stayed the same, but I don’t think these teams are better than NE. Other teams are drafting starters for this yr. NE got their starters in FA with Revis and Browner. Would you rather them not sign these guys and draft a rookie?? I would not.

    Everyone wants depth at DL/DE/LB, but why not depth at QB, which is the most important position on the field. I mean we could of signed Tebow or Vince Young if you wanted.

    Still plenty of talent left. Sure we didn’t get a TE, but I like a few of these guys who are still out there. Also, if we sign Keller, that will help a lot also. I also think NE will give Harrison a shot at TE, his size is very similar to AHerns. This is not over yet. The only spot I have an issue with now, is LB depth. Still some good OL and DL players left.

  6. Winston says:

    Everyone knew the Pats would pick a qb this draft if one that they thought highly of was available. Getting a guy in uniform now and learning what it takes to eventually replace Brady when he becomes Brett Favre old makes sense if you want to be able to do a sort of seemless transition like Favre and Rodgers in Green Bay. Having Jimmy G in Foxboro now makes sense especially if you plan on moving Mallet at some point.

  7. qwerty says:

    Garoppolo was excellent QB pick.

  8. Jack says:

    Marc Sessler
    Patriots will draft QB early
    New England desperately needs help along the defensive line, but I’m expecting Bill Belichick to dial up a surprise under center early in this year’s draft. Tom Brady is entrenched at the position, but backup Ryan Mallett is entering his walk year and should draw interest on the open market next March. Look for the Patriots to go for a passer with their second-round pick — Tom Savage comes to mind at No. 62 — or even at the end of Round 1 if someone they love falls into their lap.

  9. Chuck says:

    This isn’t the way I would have went, but then I am a fan and frankly don’t put the thousands of hours into watching film of these kids. If the reports are true and Seattle was going to take Easley which is why they got out of first round, then he is a steal. Same with Garropolo whom it is reported the Texans were going to take. Most of us, even so called “experts” had Nix pegged as a Patriot, and look, he fell to the third round for cripes sake, which just goes to show, most of us don’t know the real story behind these picks.

    • acm says:

      It’s all crap-shoot. Just look how often picks turn out to be busts, for every team involved, no exceptions. Do I really need to line up all the BS picks our own Bill B. has made just in the last 5 years. The failure rate is so high that if a team gets 2-3 players to stick out of 10+, a draft is considered a success.
      And Nix falling to the 3rd doesn’t mean he can’t be at least a pro-bowler one day, while a good portion of the 1st rounders may well bust out of the league before turning 27-28 yo.

      It’s all a gamble, a guessing game … it’s just that some people have the credentials and thus get paid millions to get it wrong more often than not, while others play that same game for free in front of their computer monitor at home.

  10. Daniel R. Martin says:

    So, let me get this straight. Through the first three rounds of what is reportedly the most talent rich draft of at least the past decade, we have managed to do precisely jack-shit to improve our team. All the while the Hall of Fame career of arguably the greatest Qb to ever play the game is dwindling to a close. We get an undersized, oft injured DT (a position of less than reported need) who will likely miss the first half of the season at least, and a back up who is not supposed to ever be a starting caliber, franchise quartback.

    I won’t be wasting time doing a mock for the Pats next year. BB couldn’t have fouled this one up any worse if he actually tried to do so.

    I better say that before tomorrow, when BB will trade all fourth round picks for seventh round picks in 2018 and use our sixth round pick to grab a long snapper.

  11. Costa says:

    It’s funny that most of these idiots commenting about how bad these two picks are have no clue about these guys other then watching a little college football! Obviously it might not work out but BB and his staff understand 100 times more about scouting and football then any of us…relax and let things play out before crucifying the pats!

    • Daniel R. Martin says:

      What a pretentious prick you are! Must be real unfortunate to actually know you. Just because I don’t play or coach football doesn’t mean I don’t understand the game thoroughly. You’re like one of those guys who thinks I can’t comment on foreign policy because I was never in a war.

      It doesn’t take John Madden or Vince Lombardi to understand how disastrous and monumentally wasteful this draft has been.

  12. Jack Trudel says:

    Thought they’d take Andre Williams but just traded the pick away.

  13. Cherokee says:

    God, this pick is so right. The Easley pick was so wrong. So I guess it all balances out?

    • Jack says:

      I was initially against the pick, but I’m on board now. Easley would’ve been a top 10 pick, maybe top 5, without the injuries. He’s by far the best talent the Pats could’ve drafted at that position.

  14. Jack says:

    I gotta admit I wanted them to take Martin at center. That said, drafting Garoppolo makes all the sense in the world. QB is the most critical position in football. Brady is still playing at a high level, but he could be injured – it could happen! Earl Morrall started 9 games for the undefeated Miami Dolphins. Garoppolo better than Mallet, who has never done much, anyway. According to the scouting reports, he has a lightning-quick release, makes good decisions, and has good “eyes”. These are all hugely important for a QB. He fell into the Pat’s lap, and recognizing a need, the grabbed him. They needed to get a QB and brought them all in for a visit this year. Garopollo represents tremendous value where he was drafted. The Pats have the luxury of not drafting for need due to how they handled their offseason. This pack was the smart one.

    I also agree with the Easly pick – Seattle was going to grab him. He has tremendous upside. The Pats have made two smart picks up until now.

    • Brian says:

      QB a need ? Maybe in 2 yrs.

      • Jack says:

        It’s Mallet’s contract year – he’s moving on. It’s clearly a need. That’s why the Pats brought in so many QBs this year. There were predictions by guys who are in the loop who had the Pats drafting a QB in the second, even the first round. Just be glad they didn’t grab Bridgewater in the first.

        • Brian says:

          But not with your second rd pick. Bigger needs than a QB that never sees the field. Safety OL and a pass rusher were bigger needs. Your backup QB could have been had in the 5th rd.

  15. Bill Vermont says:

    lets see…..A QB for the future. A DT who will probably red shirt. 3rd round coming up. Wonder if brandon Thomas is available. Someone needs to tell T Brady that the now is future.

    Houston is knocking the ball out of the park and BB is already in bed

  16. Jason says:

    Brady will not retire a Patriot – unless he’s willing to next spring. I believe this will push Brady and that he will be dealt for a load of draft picks following this season. I don’t know a bigger fan of Brady, but I believe it’ll be the best thing for the franchise to set us up for another decade of dominance.

    • Cherokee says:

      Jason you’re right, you know nothing about the Patriots. Frankly, you sound like a slimey J-E-T-S fan. You know nothing. Go away slug.

      • Jason says:

        Cherokee – you sir are a moron. It’s an observation. It would explain the moves. Nobody is expendable. Besides your dumb a$$.

  17. bam bam says:

    I am completely sick with both picks. The first pick is crap and next pick was crappier than the first crappy pick.

  18. Ryan says:

    I was watching a movie when this selection happened, and when I came back and checked it I was more than a little surprised. I’d heard Savage and Mettenberger, but not Garoppolo. He looks like a very good future QB from reading scouting reports, but we’ll have to see until he hits the field. I’m not too disappointed because he represents a strong value at No.62 and because, contrary to popular belief, the Patriots DO NOT have any massive needs this year. It’s really that simple. Those of you who ask for a player behind Gronk should want depth, not starting-level talent. The only player without clear-cut starting talent is SS, but it seems as though BB is set on having Harmon line up there. Overall, this is a selection that could solidify our future without coming at an insane cost now.

  19. joe says:

    You no the pats 3rd round pick is mike sam. Theirs are pass rusher lol

  20. Daniel R. Martin says:

    Great way to waste the two highest picks in the most talent rich draft of the decade. No replacement for Hernandez. No backup to fragile Gronk. No interior line help so that our aging qb can stand in the pocket. No interior rusher that can actually walk up two flights of stairs without blowing out both knees and pulling a hammy. I think I’m gpoing to finish puking and then cry myself to sleep.

  21. Daniel R. Martin says:

    Is this opposite day? Did BB switch brains with Oakland’s GM? What a cluster f**K. Stupid decisions abound.

  22. Sergio says:

    This is what Patriots will reign AFC East o ver 10 more years. BB is always thinking ahead. This year Patriots will be competitive, as usual, for fans fun.

  23. Adam says:

    Great pick. So when Brady retires now we have two backups to pick from, way to go bill! Let’s go patriots!

  24. acm says:

    This pick would make a ton of sense if there is a Mallett trade in the works. Texans picked CJF with their 3rd rounder so expect something like their 4th this year + their 3rd or even 2nd next year for Mallett.
    Otherwise, this is really a waste of a pick, imo. Way too many good options on O and D to improve the team around Brady than wishfully be drafting his successor this early in a deep draft.

  25. jim r says:


  26. jim r says:

    Is jerry Jones running our draft

    • acm says:

      haha … actually, the ‘Boys have done great so far this year – OL Martin and DE Lawrence in the top two rounds is a hell of a draft by any standards.

  27. Dan says:

    What an absolute waste. In a draft this deep you blow such a high pick on a guy who will most likely never see the field.

  28. Phil says:

    You’re both dumb…

  29. Daniel R. Martin says:

    I’m so absolutely disgusted by this pick I can’t even watch this draft anymore. What a disgusting waste. I think we contributers on this site have put more though and effort into our mocks than BB did this disgraceful mockery.

    You have the greatest qb to ever play the game drawing closer and closer to retirement, though he has not yet begun to really slow down. He has never been given a complete and talented receiving corps, and the line is no longer good enough to keep him from being constantly pressured. Instead of drafting a line or giving him receiving targets at TE, you draft his presumed replacement, even though he will ride the bench past his rookie contract. Favre was pummeled throughout his career and managed to play to 40. Brady can still out gun anyone in the league, manning included, when given a line to stand behind and someone to throw to. This is an insult to the Patriot nation fan base.

  30. Thick Nick says:

    How is this a wasted pick? This team is deep, they went to the AFC Championship with four pro bowlers injured. Gronk returns, Vince returns, Tommy Kelly and Armond Armstead are healthy, Silva, Jones and Vellano showed they are more than capable of spot duty. Harmon got a lot of burn at safety and it’s looking like Ryan will make the jump to safety as well. Where are the holes that haven’t been filled??

    They got the most explosive d linemen in the draft at a ridiculous value. Then in the 2nd round picked up Brady’s possible replacement one day. Mallett was gone after the year so a capable backup MUST be brought in. Now New England can flip Mallett for a 3rd round pick to Houston.

    This is just like any other New England draft, it doesn’t feel sexy at first, but it works out more time than not

    • GM-In-Training says:

      If their D-line is so deep, and they are in “win now” mode, why spend their number 1 pick on Easley and their number 2 pick on a backup quarterback? Why didn’t they get a stud TE and a study interior lineman with those two picks?

    • Daniel R. Martin says:

      Well, let’s see. First of all, I don’t like the idea of drafting a decent backup qb to ride the pine behind the greatest qb of all time until his rookie contract expires, especially in the second round. And especially considering BB needs another TE to replace Hernandez and backup glass man Gronk. I also think we desperately need to rebuild the interior of the offensive line.

      Furthermore, I stopped listening to you after you said Easely was a ridiculous value.

      I guess that 3rd round trade with Houston didn’t quie pan out their did it chief?

    • JDrive says:

      How is it a wasted pick? Quite easily. The team is not as deep as you guys are trying to make it out to be, having bodies is not equivalent to being deep.

      Yes, in theory Gronk comes back, you have NO idea how long it will take him to be back to 100% or even 80%. Vince comes back, and again you have NO idea whether or not a guy of his age and his size will bounce back from that injury. Ditto for Tommy Kelly. You have no idea whether or not Armstead will play or how good he will be. Yes Harmon got a lot of burn at safety but that means nothing, don’t kid yourself into thinking he’s anywhere near a starting-caliber safety. Ditto for Ryan.

      There’s plenty of holes. The O-line was shaky last year and gets bullied by tough d-lines very easily. The Patriots need a TE. They have no safeties.

      There were also WAY better players available. We took a d-lineman with no knees and ankle issues. And people acting as if Garropolo is Luck or RG3 (pre-injury) or even Bortles are ridiculous. He’s an okay (at best) QB who played against TERRIBLE competition. This idea that he’s a sure thing is absurd.

      Yes the Patriots made it to the AFC championship game last year but don’t kid yourselves into thinking we were some awesome team without holes, it’s just that other teams sucked a lot more. Those other teams? GOT BETTER. We did not. The fact that Brady has no one to throw to still exists. The fact that the safeties can’t do ANYTHING hasn’t changed.

      The fact that people are trying to defend these picks is unbelievable. Stop being delusional homers, the picks suck. Deal with it.

  31. Rob says:

    Bill has won. I no longer give a damn what they do. The strongest draft in the last few years and he does this, FFFFF him and anybody who didn’t speak up and say no. We have 2-4 years of brady and then it’s over. You just lost a fan.

  32. PatsFan4Life says:

    Nice…..good way to pick for the future, great QB to groom for the day Tom retires……Got to pick the value at 62 I think and Qb’s are tough to find…Tony Romo Like young guy who can throw the ball….and smart too….

  33. TJ says:

    Only way this pick makes any sense is if we trade Mallett for a 3rd rounder

  34. joe says:

    How does this help Brady. Their goes BB thinking he’s smarter than everyone else

  35. Bom Trady says:

    waste of a 2nd rd pick

    • Brian says:

      Agree. Total waste of a pick. Need pass rushing help, help on the OL and a SS. And they go QB ? Don’t get it. These guys on this site love it though . Talk about drinking the kool aid.

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