2014 NFL Draft: Day Two Targets for the New England Patriots

Troy Niklas is a likely target for the New England Patriots on day two of the 2014 NFL Draft.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

After drafting Florida defensive lineman Dominique Easley with the 29th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots are resetting their draft board for the start of Day 2 Friday night.

Here are some likely targets that Bill Belichick will be watching.



Day Two Targets

Jace Amaro (TE, Texas Tech)
Troy Niklas (TE, Notre Dame)
C.J. Fiedorowicz (TE, Iowa)
Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TE, Washington)

If there is one position that I’m confident that the Patriots will address on Day 2, it is tight end. Jace Amaro and Austin Seferian-Jenkins are possible trade-up targets—my guess is that they won’t last too far into the 40’s—while Niklas (late 2nd) and Fiedorowicz (3rd or 4th) wouldn’t require movement. Of the four options, I’d take Niklas’ blocking and receiving upside without having to trade up.

AJ McCarron (QB, Alabama)
Derek Carr (QB, Fresno State)
Jimmy Garappolo (QB, Eastern Illinois)

If Belichick and the Houston Texans are able to swing a deal for Ryan Mallett—perhaps a third-round pick—New England is going to want to add a young quarterback to groom behind Tom Brady. Carr and Garappolo are long-shots to make it too far into the second round, but McCarron could be available late in the third. If Mallett doesn’t get moved, quarterback becomes a Day 3 priority.

Marqise Lee (WR, USC)
Cody Latimer (WR, Indiana)
Allen Robinson (WR, Penn State)
Jordan Matthews (WR, Vanderbilt)
Davante Adams (WR, Fresno State)
Brandon Coleman (WR, Rutgers)

Both Lee and Latimer are talented receivers that could come in and compete with Aaron Dobson to be “the guy” as a rookie. Unfortunately, both will likely be gone within the first 5-10 picks of Round 2. If New England covets a receiver, they might be able to land Adams, Robinson, Matthews or Coleman—a Rutgers player that I really like—in the late second or early third round. Overall, I think New England will find better value in the second round. The third round could be a likely spot to pick up some additional receiver depth.

Marcus Martin (C, USC)
Weston Richburg (C, Colorado State)
Xavier Su’a-Filo (OL, UCLA)

Adding competition at center and right guard—as well as hedging on Logan Mankins’ future with the team—would be good business. Ryan Wendell and Dan Connolly both had sub-par years in 2013. If any of the three—with the possible exception of Richburg—are available without trading up, Belichick may have a tough time passing.

Stephon Tuitt (DL, Notre Dame)
Louis Nix (NT, Notre Dame)
Scott Crichton (DE, Oregon State)
Demarcus Lawrence (DE, Boise State)

After adding one defensive lineman in Easley, I wouldn’t be shocked if they took another on Day 2. Nix is a possible successor to Wilfork, while Tuitt looks like a middle-class version of Richard Seymour. Crichton and Lawrence both have upside rushing the passer. All four options would likely require some movement up the draft board.

Christian Kirksey (LB, Iowa)
Kyle Van Noy (LB, BYU)

While Kirksey is a fringe third-rounder, Van Noy is a first-round talent in my book. He is a Swiss Army knife that moves well laterally, forwards rushing the passer and backwards in coverage. Kirksey is versatile as well—he will be a very good coverage guy on special teams in the NFL—but he barely tips the scales at 230 pounds and is better suited as a sub-package linebacker.

Pierre Desir (CB, Lindenwood)
Terrence Brooks (S, Florida State)
Lamarcus Joyner (S, Florida State)

The defensive backs were picked quickly in the first round of the draft, leaving a bare cupboard for much of Day 2. Pierre Desir is a great kid with size and explosiveness to burn. If Logan Ryan is due for a position change, Desir could be option in Round 2. Brooks and Joyner are what is left of a suddenly dried up safety class. I think you can wait until the third round to land of them.

Who would you like to see the Patriots pick on Day 2 of the 2014 NFL Draft?

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28 Responses to “2014 NFL Draft: Day Two Targets for the New England Patriots”

  1. Daniel R. Martin says:

    I guess Lyoko was right about Easely pick. What a shame.

    Wow! Belichick really crapped the bed on this one. I’ve always maintained that BB is the greatest coach in the history of the league. However, every year he manages to demonstrate utter ineptitude as a GM. This is a very bad move in a myriad of ways.

    My other team, the Falcons, played it safe and drafted Matthews when the better move was clearly to trade back for either the bigger, nastier Lewan or Zach Martin, both of whom play the same position of need, while picking up additional picks in the deepest draft of the decade.

    This move by the Patriots is, of course, decidedly worse. They picked a player who likely won’t start until half way through the year if he does start this season, will likely only play for a couple of seasons, and wouldn’t be worth a pick at 29 even if he wasn’t the most injury prone player featured in this draft. I guess BB hasn’t learned from Gronkowski the dangers of relying upon an injury prone player.

    Nix and Tuitt fell to us. Tuitt will likely still be available in the early second. Even if they could only get a 2 and a 4 to trade back, it would’ve been the better move. Easely would’ve been available in the third. Craft needs to hire a GM. Picks like this and Tavon Wilson have probably cost us at least one championship.

    • Kevan says:

      I think your overreacting Danny boy. Bb has made his fair share of good picks with some head scratchers as well. This pick is not comparable to tavon Wilson or during Harmon who were both healthy just picked sooner than thought. I honestly thought Easley was gonna go early second and I would have passed on him because if the injuries and because I thought other positions should be addressed. Bb disagreed though, so did Pete Carroll I think they know more then you or I being Super Bowl winning coaches and all. The fact that your a fan of another team says it all, don’t say “US” because I like 1 team and that’s the New England football patriots. Go root for the falcons, terd.

  2. Kevan says:

    Well I didn’t think the pats would go dt so of course they did exactly that. At least he can play end on obvious run downs and has some versatility on the line. Bb usually plays it safe in the 1st but from what I hear the 49ers and Seahawks were ready to take Easley as well. A trade back wasn’t as valuable this year due to the depth of this years class so bb got the player he wanted while he could. Let’s all hope for the pats sake he can get and stay healthy. As for day 2 I’m hoping the patriots can land a te specifically ASJ. There are some good olineman out there too. I think Kareem martin would be someone to target he reminds me of chandler jones a little bit. Maybe even a RB at 62. I would not be upset too see this Ryan mallet trade go down either. Excited to see how day 2 unfolds

    • steve earle says:

      I can’t see Easley being much of a factor this year after two blown out knees in such quick succession. It’s an Armstead deal all over again. Bill must be in denial that Brady is nearer the end then the begining.

      • Kevan says:

        I can’t disagree with you Steve earl. It’s a little frustrating, both his ACL injuries were non contact, pretty scary. Let’s hope he is freakishly talented like a lot of people are saying and he can overcome this. It would make sense if the pats draft a wr with their next pick, because I said they shouldn’t go dt or wr early. People could make money off me if they just do the opposite of what I think, haha. A lot of good players out there left tonight should be fun.

      • Russell says:

        I think part of the thinking by Bill is his roster is deep at DL, but Wilfork, Kelly, and Smith contracts are ending next year. Easley will need time, saying he was at 80% at his Pro day, so Bill can keep him on IR this year, to learn the system. This is a move I thought Bill may use on CB Aaron Colvin or OG Spencer Long, not tieing up a roster spot with a drafted player.

    • matty says:

      Totally disagree- pats clearly expect Easley to be 100% by game 5 or 6. And the two knees were not in quick succession; two years apart. Questionable pick for sure, but he’s healed this year.
      I want a tight end and either a safety or linebacker today.

  3. Ryan says:

    I think Demarcus Lawrence is a guy BB likes, not sure he is a solid fit.

    • acm says:

      he’d indeed be a deviation from the norm for the Pats at the DE position. Then again, so is Easley.

      I very much like Lawrence, just find it hard to believe he’d be an option at 62.

  4. Cherokee says:

    What about Jimmy Garoppolo at QB?

  5. Cherikee says:

    What about Jimmy Garopplo at QB.

  6. acm says:

    unless the Texans get really stupid and trade that 33th pick for Mallett, most of these players are unlikely imo to fall to the 62nd pick – Amaro, ASJ, Su’a Filo, M. Martin, Tuitt, Nix, Lawrence, Joyner, Van Noy to name a few.

    regarding WR, I seriously doubt BB goes WR at 62nd (and all those Wrs above except Coleman would be gone by late 3rd) unless Marquis Lee miraculously fall sthere; smart money says he is the first WR off the board on day 2.

    Players to keep an eye on today from Pats perspective for me would be: (OL) Richburg, Fleming, Dozier; (TE) Niklas, CJF; (DE/OLB) K. Martin, J. Attaochu, T. Murphy; (LB) Jordy Tripp (RB) Jeremy Hill, T. West; (QB) Mettenberger.

    Possible wild-card picks:

    FS Terrance Brooks – can play all positions in the secondary – SS, FS, CB, slot-CB – and BB loves this type of versatility. Personally I consider players like Brooks and Dontae Johnson, who offer positional versatility, more likely to be picked for the secondary than pure corners like Desir and Aikens.

    DT Daquan Jones – I know, the Easley pick makes this look highly unlikely but Easley may well have to start the year on PUP and see from there is he rejoins the team or gets IRed for good. That hardly solves any depth issues at DL with Kelly and Wilfork coming off serious injuries and already very long in the tooth – not a future-proof combination, to say the least. Maybe this is the year they double-pick at DT and stockpile for the future.

    • bags says:

      Agree very much with your post until the DT portion.

      Siliga is a good rotation player. They have two other young players to compete for the lower spots on the roster and two old recovering players that will likely never be the same, but still hold up in the mix and Easley. They have the mystery man as well.

      With the total lack of depth at LB, questions at S, at least one draftable RB needed, holes at OL, TE, and tall WR, rotational DE – and a budget to maintain – I can’t see more resources (picks and cash) going to DT at this time – unless they be used at DE as well. Quarles is smaller quick DT that can also play DE, but he’s due off between maybe 78-86 range.

      • acm says:

        If you think about it in real terms and not just hypothetical numbers/depth, the Pats have only Siliga, C. Jones and Armstead at the DT position. Vellano looks like a practice teamer to me, while all of Kelly, Wilfork and Easley are unknown quantities in terms of health and availability at least for the start of the season. This means that the Pats DL is a Siliga injury away from not being able to stop the run as neither C. Jones not Armstead are exactly top notch at it.
        Which is why, if they really like D. Jones, I wouldn’t discount them making that pick – they’d need that depth in the short run (injury concerns for Kelly, Wilfork and Easley), as well as the long run (kelly and Wilfork getting old). Not saying it’s the most likely pick they make, just that there is probably more of a chance it happens than may seem at first glance.

  7. MaineMan says:

    Mallett won’t be going anywhere until the Pats have a backup for Brady in whom they have very high confidence – and that’s highly unlikely to be one of the available rookie QBs. If they somehow swung a deal to trade a 6th-rounder for Hoyer or Glennon (NFL starting experience), THEN maybe they deal Mallett. But, acquiring one of those two would probably need to happen before the start of Round Two.

    Given that Easley could rush from pretty much any DL spot, and that he seems likely to see significant snaps fairly early in the season, that may push the priority for an accomplished DE/OLB “relief man” for Nink/Chandler down the list a bit – at least the DE part (and there may be an early run on them anyway). A quality #4 LB, perhaps a coverage type, seems likely to remain a priority, though not necessarily in the 2nd.

    I’m still very skeptical that BB takes one of the four TEs. I think they’d sooner go for Joyner or Desir (both actually the CB/FS type BB appears to prefer now), or a WR like Lee, Latimer or even Abbrederis. Even Carr seems more likely (though not McCarron).

    I highly doubt that the Pats draft a Center “specialist”, at least not on Day Two. They have Kline to cover that and seem generally prefer to take a viable starting Guard and teach him to snap.

    So, OG seems the top priority now, to me. Su’a-Filo and Bitonio would be my personal top candidates, but both seem likely to be gone well before the Pats pick at #62. Yankey, Jackson, Dozier, Richardson, Steen, Leno, Billy Turner and Trai Turner (probably more likely a Center than Guard) could also go in the 2nd, if a run develops, but there are a few OG prospects who should still be available in the 4th who I think BB may prefer.

    • bags says:

      Why do you figure Brady must have a good back-up? They never play unless he’s hurt, and if he gets hurt no back up in the NFL is good enough to win a SB with.

      Mallett isn’t even as good as Hoyer, and he was a UDFA. We could draft Murray at #130 and very likely have a better QB than Mallett is now at the start of the season.

      Mallett was a shot at a big arm. It depends on what we get in trade if it was a failure or a success, because clearly he isn’t the successor.

      • acm says:

        A good back-up QB comes in handy in situations like what the Bears and Pakcers had to deal with last year – losing your starting QB for a limited period of time but not for the season. Obviously Mallett or a rookie QB is highly unlikely to be able to win the SB for the Pats but he can help them stay on course to make the play-offs over a period of 3, 4, 5, 6 games or whatever.

    • bags says:

      T’s are harder to get in the draft and FA than G’s (cost of picks and salary). I’d rather get a Richardson (4th but before 130 so they need to deal) to be the swing T and occasional starter (given all the health issues we have at T) and kick Cannon inside to compete for the RG starting position (what he was drafted for on day 1 – despite everything since that’s what they evaluators had him as – an elite RG candidate). Cannon is a FA after next year, he hasn’t gotten to show much except T and LT in particular is not for him. So let’s see what he can do, draft a G after 140 (and a 7th round or FA C or two). They do like Kline so those moves should be good enough to jettison Connolly in camp to help pay for some of these low cost moves.

      Next year they would need a serious future LG candidate if Cannon fails to impress at RG to play at RG to get up to speed. Too many needs to focus a high pick on a G unless they think they can find the LG of the future at say #130 – then do it.

  8. bags says:

    Can we stop with the big NT type DT’s? The 3-4 is dead here, it’s an attacking smaller front 7 than the SB era Patriots D.

    Be very upset if we draft a C at #62. There are lots of good Centers to be had in the 5th-7th rounds. We need help at LB, DE, S, TE, G or T, RB before we need to reach for a C (these guys are there more due to demand than grading – BB doesn’t draft that way).

    CJF at TE around #105 would be a good value.

    If Coleman wasn’t from Rutgers I wouldn’t give him a 2nd thought, he’s very raw. Lot’s of good WR’s including Moncrief who blows Coleman off the field not even listed here.

    You have Joyner listed as a “S”, he’s a CB. I like Brooks at S – if they can obtain a pick in the 80’s he could be a good grab.

    • Matt says:

      Ok so lets say we forget the big NT why cant the Pats draft a guy that’s healthy? Thats my major problem with Easley. And you can’t tell me there wasn’t anyone else for the D line they could have picked.

      • bags says:

        They have the medicals on the guy. I can only figure that all the other guys – including DE’s like Ealy and Crichton were overrated in his mind (and he couldn’t make a good deal down value wise which looks to be the case this draft so far given the other trade downs vs other years) in BB’s eyes, and with top player on his board sitting there at #29 he had to move.

        Let’s say after you factor in a repeat of the injury or other injuries or just straight failure and figure he’s got a 55% chance to be a bust – but a 45% chance to be in the top 25% of the NFL at his position. Now go back 10 years and get me a list of all the guys +/-3 of the #29 hole that became such players and I’ll tell you it’s less then 45%. ANd you might say what about all the other guys that are OK/rotational. And I’d say, this is a top 4 roster with a QB that has 2-3 years left that already has a bucket load of rotational DT’s – none of them currently elite or will be elite in the future. So my question is – is getting another “guy” just to have more “guys” wise for the Pats at this time?

  9. J H TARBORO says:

    Watch out for the Mallett trade, it could possible happen!

    • Trev says:

      I still don’t believe Mallet is going to be traded. I think that was just another false draft rumor.

    • bags says:

      Curran backed away a bit last night. I think it only works if Hou doesn’t like the QB’s at #33, and picks one later in the 3rd or 4th. Then they could deal for Mallett in a prove it role this year. We’d be looking at maybe a 6th this year with a sliding scale 2nd-7th next year based on PT.

      Mallett has proved little here except he has brutal footwork, his reads are glacial, and he doesn’t get into or stay in rhythm that much. Why should Houston pay dearly for an unproven guy with one year of control left? It’s wishful thinking.

  10. Nuf Ced says:

    Minus the WRs and the DBs I would be happy with any combination of these players

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