2014 NFL Free Agency: Patriots Open Thead

Is Darrelle Revis a future Patriot?

NEPD Staff

NFL Free Agency starts in less than two hours. Aqib Talib and Julian Edelman are still unsigned and the Patriots have holes to fill.

Who do you want the Patriots to sign? What roster moves do they still need to make? Tell us what your off-season plan is and what you would do with the Patriots open cap space.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.

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45 Responses to “2014 NFL Free Agency: Patriots Open Thead”

  1. Ryan says:

    There are still many options left out there for the Patriots. Belicheck will still do his thing of waiting everyone out with bargain deals for solid players. Some guys that are most likely being considered:

    WR: Santonio Holmes, Brandon LaFell, Danario Alexander, Nate Burleson, James Jones, Emmanuel Sanders, Jerome Simpson, Sidney Rice, Davone Bess, Kenny Britt, Mario Manningham and Robert Meachem. Hakeem Nicks is probably not being considered because of his cash demands.

    TE: Kellen Davis, Scott Chandler, Dustin Keller and Ed Dickson. They could comprise strong backups for Gronk in the event of an injury.

    CB: Tarell Brown, Tracy Porter, Captain Munnerlyn, Dimitri Patterson, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Carlos Rogers, Antoine Cason, Chris Cook, Corey Graham, Jabari Greer, Josh Wilson, Terrell Thomas, Antonio Cromartie, Charles Tillman, Champ Bailey, Nolan Carroll, Brandon Browner and Quentin Jammer. There are so many options left at this position but I think it will take the longest to develop, because Belicheck will wait for stragglers he can underpay.

    S: Chris Clemons, Thomas DeCoud, Roman Harper, Quentin Demps, Charles Woodson, Michael Huff, Quintin Mikell and Ed Reed all still remain. Not the most glamorous of options, but definitely some guys who can still get it done.

    My predictions for each position:
    WR: Emmanuel Sanders (if Edelman leaves) and Santonio Holmes. Emmanuel Sanders can do a lot to fill the void at a cheap price if Edelman leaves and Holmes could very well still have No.1 Receiver potential left in him.
    TE: Ed Dickson. He seems like a solid backup who can step in if necessary.
    CB: Charles Tillman. He is getting up there but is still a very effective corner, it just looks like nobody wants to pay him.
    S: Chris Clemons. A veteran of the position who could make some hits, Clemons could be a bargain because his old team already signed another safety and is moving on.

  2. Jason says:

    I have been a Pats fan my entire life – but what the Broncos are doing this year makes us look like idiots. Maybe it’s time to put Brady on the market and really build for the future with 1st and 2nd round draft picks. We were outgunned last year, and we will be this year as well. We are no match for the Seahawks, and a team is not made in March but I doubt we’ll have the firepower to beat the Broncos over the next two years in the playoffs. You know I’m right.

  3. Noah says:

    Now that alot of the big names are off the market hopefully the Pats could get some deals.

    Id love for them to check out some of the following:

    Backup QB: Josh Freeman (hoping they can trade Mallett)
    WR: Hakeem Nicks or Miles Austin (short contract for only)
    TE: Jermichael Finley, Owen Daniels, Dustin Keller or Dallas Clark
    OT: Michael Oher (only if he comes cheap and is willing to play either OT sides and possibly G)
    OG: Eben Britton (can backup OT & G spots)
    C: Evan Dietrich-Smith
    DE: Id love one of the big names (Allen, Peppers, Ware) but doubt they come at much of a discount so ill still with Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley or Robert Ayers
    DT: BJ Raji or Anotnio Smith along with Terrence Cody
    CB: Would love Revis but can only imagine his price tag after released. So maybe DRC, Charles Tillman, Cromartie or Cortland Finnegan.
    S: Charles Woodson (add depth and leadership)
    KR: Hester

  4. Russell says:

    CB Corry Graham looks good now , but he’s visiting Washington….

    • acm says:

      good player and shouldn’t cost a ton but not indispensable, imo.

      3 players I regret seeing go so far in free agency – Linval Joseph, Arthur Jones and Alteraun Verner (considering the reasonable contract he signed with Bucs even if he probably wasn’t what the Pats would be looking for at CB). Of those, Joseph had the most unique skill-set for his position – a run-stuffer, who generates real pressure on the QB up the middle – and that’s what made him the toughest pill to swallow for me. Not many players like Joseph out there.

  5. acm says:

    The contract Denver just gave Talib – 6 years for almost 60 mil, 26+ in guarantees – is I have to say crazy, all things considered. Pats would have never come even close to something like that and for a good reason, several of those, actually.

  6. big w says:

    Talib just signed with Denver so they are trying to set the table for mannings last couple of years. They know defense wins championships. We have time tomorrow to pick up a DE a CB and a impact player on offence . Peppers, Allen and a primetime CB be it Revis , Cro, or Finnegan or a combination either we do it or trade Tom for a bunch of picks and start over . It may be that time when we decide its time and start to look for the next QB, stock up on defence in draft and pick up the new Tom.

    • PSW says:

      You are clearly either a traitor, the Anti-Christ or both. Please crawl into a lonely cold wet cave and die shivering in misery. Thank you.

      • big w says:

        Well I guess my first response to your brilliant teenage rant of close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears got edited. Too smart for the editor and your brilliant mind Tom is 37 he needs a monstrous team behind especially on defense. He either gets the support Paytons getting or make the most of him as an asset as for my loyalty I travelled from Western Canada to New York for butt fumble game and this year to Foxboro for the Denver game in 50 below and all hell breaking loose from half to half, never leaving my seat once. So if you want to love Ton u can but if this team doesn’t support him with personal he might as well leave to California and his mansion and give us some first rounders in return. Thanks Sasquatch

        • PSW says:

          We still have a 3 year window to win a championship with Brady, we need to surround him with the necessary talent. If we trade him now it may take a decade or more to put in a new quarterback, excuse me if I sound spoiled, but I like making the playoffs every year and being a contender. I don’t ever want to look up at the jets or bills.

  7. Darth Hoodie says:

    F u taliban


  8. Brian Benzio says:

    I am getting sick and tired of Bill. How do the Saints get Byrd and the Broncos get Ward for less than market value contracts. How do the Buccs get Verner for lower than expected and New England is left with nothing. Talib is ok if we even sign him. Bill better get Mack or Allen/Ware for decent money or I am done supporting this team until Bill leaves.

    Yeah I know we have three Super Bowls with him, but we haven’t won one in over a decade. His system is not “successful” any more.

  9. Daniel R. Martin says:


  10. Dave110 says:

    My top targets…

    RB Maurice Jones-Drew : Give him a 1-year “prove-it” deal
    WR Julian Edelman : Can’t let him get away
    WR Mario Manningham : Coming off injury so he’ll come cheap, but if he returns to form he’s a gamebreaker
    DE LaMarr Woodley : Killer pash-rusher, still young, flexible DE/OLB
    CB Aquib Talib : Again, can’t let him get away either
    CB Darrelle Revis : Why not?

  11. J H TARBORO says:

    Our impact has to come in this deep draft, trading down has to be an option with Washington and Indy not having a 1st round pick and the trading of Ryan Malett. It was a mention of the Pats shopping Amendola, just think he’s our number 1 guy. That sucks!

    • cc says:

      …..and somehow yet the team still retain one seriously injured all the time hype box named “waste-0-time……..errrr, I meant “Gronk”.

  12. acm says:

    you know it’s a slow day for Pats fans when the topic of discussion is a Revis trade.
    With average CBs like S.Shields and V.Davis getting deals averaging almost 10 mil/year, we can forget about signing Revis even as a free agent … and same goes for Talib, Verner and DRC too.

    I think the best thing they can do with the secondary right now is get Chromartie and Clemons – just about the best FAs left out there that would likely be affordable too – and then supplement with the draft.

    • Claire says:

      Neither Spikes nor the Patriots are interested in his returning to the team. Also, the Patriots have plans to host Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard on a free-agent visit Wednesday. Woodyard would be a top candidate to fill Fletcher’s void. Fletcher is visiting the Buc’s today.

  13. Matt says:

    Pats haven’t done a damn thing so far. I could see them losing talib, Edelman, fletcher & spikes without replacing any. Many names are already off the board, donte whitner, tj ward, Michael Johnson, dexter mccluster to name a few. Pats better make some moves before they waste another year of Brady’s career!

    • acm says:

      understand your frustration but honestly, in what universe were any of those potential targets for the Pats? Just look at the deals they have been signing.
      In the first day or two of free agency, it’s the big contracts that are taken care of. Pats time will be from Wed onward.

      • Matt says:

        And my first prediction was correct. Denver now got Talib and Tj ward while the patriots got increasing worse. The pats are most likely going to lost Edelman tomorrow and spikes is already gone. Fletcher is probably going to the Bucs. Defense will suck next year and offense will be bad too. Danny A is garbage, Dobson is not going in for foot surgery. Pathetic!

        • acm says:

          are you seriously taking credit for that by calling it a prediction? You hardly needed to predict anything in regard to Talib and Spikes being gone as for the rest, only Edelman is worth talking about and that’s still in the works.
          Relax man, there is a lot of good players left out there, for whom they won’t have to turn their pockets out.

    • Matt says:

      Don’t worry. The Pats still have Brady’s must trusted and healthy WR Danny A. LOL sorry every time I try to type that statement I almost fall on the floor from laughing so much.

  14. J H TARBORO says:

    Ravens interested in J.Edelman

  15. J H TARBORO says:

    Broncos just signed S TJ Ward

  16. J H TARBORO says:

    Villanova pro day, a Danny Woodhead clone Kyle Harbridge 5’9″ 204lbs Saint Francis (PA.) FCS level rushed for 1692yds last season and avg 27yds per kick return. He looks like Woodhead and ran 4.52 40yd and has great hands.

  17. Bobthebuilder says:

    Arthur Jones gone to the Colts for ~6 million a year. Oh well…

  18. Bobthebuilder says:

    Donte Whitner signs with the browns, 4 years, 28 mil. Looks like any of the top 3 safeties are too expensive…

  19. steve earle says:

    Here we go again our top receiver and leage leading punt returner is being allowed to go into FA’cy, go figure. Bill must hate sucessful WR’s or else Edelman must think he’s Moss in his prime. Yea, I know it’s buisness but come on I would think these two sides could find some meeting ground?

    • roark says:

      you don’t understand, brady is the magic. Branch the best receiver of the decade stunk in seattle. edelman won’t do much elsewhere

  20. Nate says:

    If Revis is cut I could see him taking a 9-10 million a year playing for the Pats. He’s all about the ego. I bet it kills him to see all the Richard Sherman Super Bowl hype.

    • PatsGnome says:

      Revis is the last player I want on the Patriot’s. He is a very polarizing figure, who only cares about renogiating his contract in his benefit, at the end of almost every season. This is one of the few seasons he is not renogiating his contract because he knows he is about to be traded or released by the Buccaneer’s.
      His contract is not equal to his play any longer.

  21. Big Dan From Maine says:

    Arthur Jones would make a good compliment to the interior defensive line.

  22. Tim D says:

    I do not want a trade for Revis. If they’re going to put that kind of money into the defense, I would rather sign two guys at 6-10 million a year than pay Revis 16 mil or whatever his number would actually be. Not to mention giving up a draft pick or two. Signing Byrd at 10 mil long-term and a cheaper veteran corner on a short deal would be better option. That would buy Ryan and Harmon more time to develop and maybe let McCourty walk when the time comes if they like what they see in Harmon. Now if TB cuts Revis, forget everything I just said…

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