2014 Patriots Mock Draft: Senior Bowl Edition

Zack Martin Patriots NFL Draft

Zack Martin gives the Patriots options along their offensive line. Can the Patriots still add some offensive weapons?

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

As the sun sets on the 2014 Senior Bowl — make sure you check out all of Mike Loyko’s notes on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 — it is time for another New England Patriots Mock Draft.

Here is one version of what Bill Belichick and company might do this May in the 2014 NFL Draft.

First Round – 29th pick

After eschewing a first-round pick in 2013 in order to select Jamie Collins, Logan Ryan, Josh Boyce and part of LaGarrette Blount via a pretty lop-sided trade with the Minnesota Vikings, the Patriots are set up to pick talent over depth in 2014.

With Ryan Wendell a free agent and Dan Connolly and Logan Mankins with cap-heavy contracts, the Patriots might be looking to add to their talent pool along the offensive line.

Zack Martin (OL, Notre Dame) would give the Patriots a plethora of options on how to structure their offensive line going forward. A starting five of perhaps Nate Solder at LT, Mankins at LG, Connolly at C, Martin at RG and Sebastian Vollmer at RT looks pretty menacing. Having Marcus Cannon as a backup is just icing on the cake.

Martin projects as a guard due to his shorter arms, but he has the feet to play outside at tackle as well. With Vollmer and Solder’s injury histories, you can’t have enough protection for Tom Brady.

It isn’t a sexy pick, but Martin gives the Patriots exactly what they need. If the Patriot do wait on offensive line help, Xavier Su’a-Filo from UCLA and Weston Richburg from Colorado State are likely targets.

Second Round (via HOU) – 33rd pick

With Bill O’Brien in Houston, rumors abound that Ryan Mallett could be on his way to the Lone Star State. If New England is able to move him for the 33rd pick in the draft, I don’t think they’ll hesitate.

Two things Patriots fans hear a lot about are Rutgers players and big wide receivers. Brandon Coleman (WR, Rutgers) is the combination of both worlds.

His 6’6″, 220-pound frame alone would allow him to compete in the NFL, but he has exhibited some legitimate receiver skills over the past two seasons. He adjusts well to poorly-thrown balls—a requisite at Rutgers—and uses his physical skills to gain separation both at the line of scrimmage and down the field. Coleman has also shown that he can be a willing and able blocker.

Coleman needs to work on his consistency in route-running, concentration and ball-security, but I think many of his problems stemmed from the mediocre offense he had to deal with in college.

While Coleman is certainly a top-20 pick based on his physical skills, I think he’ll fall further down the board due to his lack of college production. Getting him in the second round would be a steal.

Second Round – 61st pick

Sealver Siliga played well, and the duo of Chris Jones and Joe Vellano filled in admirably as rookies, the defensive interior was an issue in 2013. While the return of Vince Wilfork, Tommy Kelly and perhaps even Armond Armstead will be helpful in 2014, Bill Belichick will have a tough time passing up on a disruptive defensive lineman.

DaQuan Jones (DL, Penn State) would add another strong force in the middle. At 6’4″ and over 320 pounds, Jones is adept at fending off multiple blockers in the run game. He led the Big 10 conference with 11.5 tackles for loss. When singled, he can walk back defenders into the pocket, creating sack opportunities for edge rushers.

Jones could be used inside as either a 1-tech or 3-tech. He also has the edge-setting ability to play as a 5-tech when called upon. Wherever he is used, Jones will be a solid member of the rotation.

Third Round – 93rd pick

The Patriots need for tight ends is hardly a secret. Rob Gronkowki is coming off a major knee injury, while Michael Hoomanawanui and Matthew Mulligan are both scheduled to be free agents.

C.J. Fiedorowicz (TE, Iowa) reminds me a lot of Steelers tight end Heath Miller. He is solid—not flashy like Jace Amaro or Eric Ebron—in the passing game excelling in the red zone and on short and intermediate routes. He isn’t a huge threat on 25-yard seam routes like Gronkowski due to his 4.8 speed, but he is able to present a big target down the field with his 6’7″, 265-pound frame.

Where Miller and Fiedorowicz really provide extra value is in their blocking. Like Gronkowski, Fiedorowicz is like a third offensive tackle on the field. He is a devastating blocker in the run game and has movement skills to slide with edge rushers when asked to stay in and block on passing plays.

He was schooled under Kirk Ferentz, who coached with Belichick in Cleveland, and Brian Ferentz, who coached tight ends in New England during Gronkowski’s record-setting season. D.J. Hernandez—yes, that Hernandez family—was his positional coach at Iowa.

With all those connections and positive traits, Fiedorowicz is a very likely pick come May, even if they have to move up a bit to secure his rights.

Fourth Round

Brandon Spikes has probably played his last game for New England. They should look to replace him with a quicker linebacker that can do some of the same things that Spikes was tasked with.

Christian Kirksey (LB, Iowa) might be undersized as a Patriots linebacker—he measured in at 6’2″ and 234 pounds—but he showed the ability in college to make an impact on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

Like Spikes, Kirksey has excellent timing when blitzing and rarely misses when he has a chance at an impact play in the backfield. Unlike Spikes, Kirksey is fast enough—probably a 4.7 player—to make more of an impact in the passing game.

Jerod Mayo, Jamie Collins and Dont’a Hightower on running downs, with Collins/Mayo and Kirksey in on passing downs is a big improvement over 2013. The additional depth would allow defensive coordinator Matt Patricia to once again hide his defensive players’ deficiencies.

In addition to helping on passing downs, Kirksey would be a core-four special teams player—a trait that can’t go unnoticed with Belichick around.

Fifth Round (via two 6th rounders)

If a quarterback that the Patriots like falls into the late fourth or early fifth round area, they may look to trade some selections to go up and secure their guy.

Aaron Murray (QB, Georgia) doesn’t have the same size as many of Belichick’s quarterback picks, but his experience, leadership and competitive drive should endear him to coaching staffs.

Murray was probably a late day-two pick before tearing his ACL during his senior season. In the fifth round, Murray would be an excellent value.

If the Patriots do move Mallett and pick up a rookie like Murray, I would expect them to add a veteran quarterback—think Chad Henne—that could come in and win a game or two if Tom Brady had a short-term injury.

Sixth Round (Projected Compensatory)

Bill Belichick likes to target special teams on day three of the draft. Nate Ebner, Jake Ingram, Zoltan Mesko, Stephen Gostkowski, Matthew Slater… the list goes on and on.

Vinnie Sunseri (SS, Alabama) would continue that trend, but also give the Patriots more upside than Ebner gave them at the safety position. Defensive backs schooled by Nick Saban would certainly have a leg up on learning the daunting Patriots defense.

Like Murray, he is recovering from a torn ACL and could even be placed on the NFI-list for a year as a sort of redshirt season.

Seventh Round

You just can’t replace an Aaron Hernandez. You could try with Oregon’s Colt Lyerla, but you are getting the good and the bad there as well. Gator Hoskins (TE/FB, Marshall) reminds me a lot of Marcel Reece and could do a lot of things that James Develin and Michael Hoomanawanui do with some increased explosiveness on the outside.

Hoskins scored 13 touchdowns last year for the Thundering Herd and would be an additional red zone threat for Tom Brady to exploit.

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76 Responses to “2014 Patriots Mock Draft: Senior Bowl Edition”

  1. tbuck says:

    hey patriots need more depth at every position starting at tight end need young and talented receivers offensive line keeping tom up rite defensive line putting pressure 0n other qb more corner back players I could see bill trading ridley for 3rd round pick mallet 3rd round pick trading out of 1st round for 2nd and 4th round if not 3rd instead they say its a deap draft this year just hoping players we get workout and go patriots

  2. steve earle says:

    Hey guys, what did I miss? Did Houston trade out of the 1st round? Have they announced that are drafting other then a QB ? So why are we talking about the 33rd pick like is even slightly realistic?

    • acm says:

      you haven’t missed anything – people are just looking for ways to keep mock-life interesting

  3. Jack says:

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone think a mad pass-rushing guy to go along with Chandler Jones is a screaming need for the Pats? Even of all the D-line guys come back, still nobody can get to Peyton imo. Brady has a new receiving corps with a year of maturity and stable of running backs. I agree they need to beef up the O-line, but if Talib stays healthy and there’s a pass-rusher to go along with Jones, the Pats have enough horses on defense to give the Broncos a run for their money.

    • steve earle says:

      Yea but look at who we have for an inside rush. Let Den go 1:1 inside and double Jones and Nink and pick up the blitz. Manning could always be beatin by pressure inside before but we just didn’t have the power this time.

      • Alex (freemanator) says:

        Well put Steve.
        I’m really high on Buchanan developing as a 3rd DE option, he has the frame and athleticism to be great. Add a late round guy to be 4th in the rotation and to develop would be good, but it is up the middle we need to improve our pressure.

        This will be helped by getting Wilfork, Kelly and Armstead back, but age/inexperience and injury, means it is hard to tell how much well they come back. Adding a disruptive player to play in the middle of the line would be great. Nix is the big but athletic NT option, Hageman, Tuitt and Johnson are the all round options, and Donald, Jernigan and Easley are the undersized penetrating options.

  4. Daniel R. Martin says:

    There is so much that I hate about this mock draft. The only player I agree with would be Brandon Coleman, and he has a 4th round grade, definitely not one pick outside the first. And if the Pats forgo a Gronk/A-Hern/Graham level TE talent, the position of greatest need, for an O-Lineman it would represent a tremendous misallocation of resources. I know Scarnnechia leaving is yet another kick in the balls in a 12 Month span filled with them, but let us not push the panic button yet.

    • Daniel R. Martin says:

      I do like to Aaron Murray pick. And as suggested, Colt Lyerla would be the biggest value in the draft if he does fall to the 7th.

  5. Alex (freemanator) says:

    Personally I’m not a big fan. If we want to select an O-lineman first, I’d want to trade down to the early or mid second, as there would likely still be a quality guy available there. One of Martin, Yankey or Sua-Filo should be available near #40. I like the player though, and wouldn’t mind the pick.

    Then ignoring my feeling on the viability of a Mallett trade for more than a late third/fourth round pick, I’d really hate the Coleman choice that early. He is very raw, and would likely not be that effective for a year or two, and be questionable value. If we add a receiver in the draft, I’d rather it be late, or a more polished guy early (Allen Robinson). We need to target the next two to three years as our best shot at ring #4. I’d try and trade that pick down too. Or take one of the top DTs or TEs. I feel that after Ebron and ASJ the quality really drops off, and taking ASJ would give us both Great Gronk Grinsurance, and a deadly heavy 2 TE package, that can play power running football, or go 5 wide, and eviscerate base defenses either way.

    I like the Jones pick, although I’d rather have gone with Hageman, Nix, Tuitt or Donald if available at our first pick, and an O-lineman here.

    Then in the third, I’d hope to already have a TE on board, and if not look to take Lynch instead. Maybe take a CB or SS here, or a tall WR, or a C. Would depend on what we’d done earlier.

    The late picks are late for a reason, but I’d rather take high risk high upside guys than safer prospects. I like Boseko Lokombo as slightly lighter but similarly athletic Collins at OLB, Jonathan Dowling as a high upside safety, and Colt Lyerla as a possible Hernandez replacement, and hopefully a genuine reformed character.

    Sorry for being negative, and I don’t question the value of this mock, nor the thought behind it, just my take on the selections used. Hardly surprising that different people like different players.

    • steve earle says:

      I would also like to see ASJ taken somewhere somehow because I agree with your reasoning completely on that issue. As for Coleman WR, he is not at all a favorite of mine just for the reasons you state. Someone will take the guy early on but I hope it’s not us. Just because someone has size doesn’t mean he will be a good NFL player. Now I have no insights into Bill’s thinking but it seems to me that if ever he is motovated to trade player(s) for draft choices it would be this draft because it’s so deep.

      • Alex (freemanator) says:

        This will be an interesting draft for sure.
        Conventional wisdom suggests that a loaded team stays put or trades up for difference makers, yet the depth of the class and numerous upgradeable positions, makes me think trading down is definitely the way to go.

        If we can swing the Vikings deal again, and turn our first into a mid 2,3 and 4, that would be great. Add a couple of late comp picks, and we’d have tonnes of selections, and the ability to trade up some of those picks.

        It would help us fortify a roster that has difference makers, but could do with upgraded lineplay, and another big pass catching weapon, as well as depth on defense and at TE.

  6. Justin says:

    That’d be a terrific draft for the Pats. I completely agree with selecting an offensive lineman with their first round pick, they need to give Brady more protection and they could use an upgrade over guys like Wendell and/or Connolly. Zack Martin would be a great fit, he’s a phenomenal blocker and has the versatility to play most of the OL positions. I could also see them selecting a guy like David Yankey out of Stanford.
    I think 33rd overall is too high for Coleman, I value him as a third round prospect. But, we know how Belichick loves those Rutgers players and his size is bound to overshadow is flaws.

  7. andrew says:

    what has mallett done tangibly to make anyone think he is worth a 2nd round pick? i feel that’s wishful thinking.

    • steve earle says:

      Not sinse coming into the NFL for sure but his collage record still stands and not one rookie has any NFL experance at all. I have no idea what any GM may or may not consider his value to be but with all due respect I do not think your reasoning holds any particular insight into the question any more then mine or others. It’s all speculation and guess work at this point. Besides what’s wrong with wishful thinking, thats what all our mocks are.

  8. SSKDKDLDL says:

    Is it possible to replace Hernandez with a player with his measurements and his talent ? It would take a miracle but is it possible ?

    • steve earle says:

      Hernandaz was a talented player but much of his success was in how he was used. Could he be replaced, yes I think so? Ebron, Grimbel, Lyerla and Pederson have like size and speed in this draft, probably others too. They all have slightly different styles of play but the overall effects could be much the same. Also some posts here suggest a few of the taller/ bigger WR’s can do the same as Hernandaz did so I see no reason that role can’t be duplicated.

    • Daniel R. Martin says:

      Um…..YES! Jace Amaro, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Eric Ebron in the middle 1st through early second. Colt Lyerla, a 1st round talent that should be available in the 6th due to character concerns, might also fit the bill. To a lesser extent, C. J. Fiedorowicz should be around in the 3rd or even 4th. He can’t run or catch as well, but he can block better and has a build very close to Gronk. The ageless wonder Tony Gonzalez is still an absolute play making stud. He might want to play for a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Recouping some of A-Hern’s money and either cutting or extending Wilfork could free up enough money to grab Graham, if he isn’t extended.

      Tiny, little RB/WR/PR/KR Dri Archer can be had in the 4th, and he has legitimate 4.2 speed. Dude put up 2500 all-purpose yards in a single season, and might be the fastest player in NFL history. Obviously, he can’t block. However, he can well exceed the offensive production of Hernandez.

      Hope that helps.

      • steve earle says:

        Tiny, little players scare the heck out of me. Archer is no exception but no denying his speed and ability too. Still with our lists of needs Archer would be a luxury and I would pass on him unless he fell to a 6th, unlikely.

        • Daniel R. Martin says:

          I understand your position. i was mostly attempting to answer this guy’s question about whether or not it is even possible to replace A-Hern’s production. My position is that possibilities abound, and the Pats front office would be silly not to make that happen immediately.

          1 TE to replace Hernandez
          1 TE to play behind the injury prone Gronk
          And 1 team to rule them all!

        • steve earle says:

          In that case you right Dan.

  9. Matt says:

    I would love to see the Pats draft Nix. He could learn a lot from Wilfork. And Mccullers as well. Both of them playing on the line a lot of teams would have a hard time running against two guys like that.

    • steve earle says:

      Nix isn’t likely to be anywhere close to where Bill could draft him as for McCullers he’s the worst DT prospect in the draft. He’s huge but thats the all of him. He can’t bend so he can’t get leverage, can’t get off blocks and move laterally, waddles slowley in persuit of plays. His only effect is if a RB accidently runs into him. Worse he gets no push inside on pass plays. Did I mention I don’t like that choice?

    • Daniel R. Martin says:

      Don’t understand this prevalent fascination with drafting a nose guard. We have Wilfork, Kelly, Siliga, Vellano, Jones & possibly even Armstead (who could be a stud-but inexplicably vanished for some unknown reason in preseason). How much depth do you guys want?

      If we forego an offensive playmaker or supremely talented pass rusher for a nose tackle, we had best cut Big Vince and spend his money on someone like Graham or Hardy.

      The window is closing on our dynasty, “Winter is coming” (lol), we need someone to catch passes now. Not someone to sit behind Wilfork for 3 years.

      • steve earle says:

        Again I agree with you Dan. I’d prefer a TE like ASJ who would also help the running game as well as catch passes. The DT can wait for a mid round pick. Also we need a good SS which isn’t very deep this year and another good CB for when Talib gets hurt again (if he is resigned).

      • Alex (freemanator) says:

        It’s not a NT that I want. It’s a disruptive DT. Nix has Wilfork like potential, and may fall due to team valuing the lighter faster guys more, and being worried about his knee.
        And if he did fall to us, that would be great value.

        Also Nix and Wilfork aren’t just NTs, they are both incredibly nimble for their size, and able to play with different responsibilities in either odd and even fronts.
        To put two guys like that next to each other, who can’t be single blocked creates a nightmare for O-lines. It can all but shut down an interior running game, and in the passing game they will be collapsing the pocket, while leaving Jones and Nink single blocked, and leaving gaps for blitzers to come through unblocked. Interior pressure is the most useful, and even if they wouldn’t get that via penetration, by collapsing the pocket, the edge rushers jobs become a lot easier.

        Also he can replace the key cog on our defense who is coming off injury and is up their in age when he has to bow out.

        But if Nix isn’t there, then I’d also be interested in the other DTs at the top of the draft, as someone to get consistent interior pressure would be invaluable, and outside of an old injury returning Kelly, and an unproven Armstead we don’t have a penetrating menace at DT.

        Siliga though is a decent run stuffer, and so we don’t need a big guy, for big guys sake. Rather we would be hugely improved by a dominant guy that can elevate the play of our whole front. I’d like Hageman, Nix or Tuitt in the first. Or Donald or Jernigan in the early second, or Johnson, Sutton or Easley in the third.

        • Daniel R. Martin says:

          In my best “Judge from My Cousin Vinny” Voice: that is “a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out objection.” 🙂

          No, but seriously Alex, that is an excellent answer to my question, which makes a lot of sense. I’ve been watching football for only about six years and I never played. I really appreciate those who take the time to offer such in-depth explanations because it helps me to increase my understanding of the game.

          I do see the need for interior pressure. I didn’t consider a DT playing alongside Vince in a 4-3 defensive alignment. However, I believe the first priority has to be landing one of the big three TEs in this draft. Personally, I think landing either C. J. Fiedorowicz in the 4th or, preferably, Colt Lyerla in the 6th-7th, in addition to one of the 1st round TE talents would also be a tremendous boon to our offense.

          Here’s a question: why is everyone saying Brady only has 2-3 years left? I understand the man can’t play forever. However, he seems to have played excellently over the last few years. Albeit he was underwhelming at times in this past season. Were 2011 and 2012 not great years statistically? He hasn’t taken a lot of punishment behind the Scarnecchia coached lines throughout the years. Hopefully that will not change with Coach Scar’s retirement. Brett Favre played until 40 and he was abused throughout much of his career. How long do you think Brady can continue to compete at an elite level? Barring this season he has shown me no signs of slowing down. What say you?

          I’m going to operate in the fantasy world in which Bill O’Brien sacrifices a 2nd round (33rd overall) pick for Ryan Mallet, and Coach Belichick fleeces another dumb GM out of four later round picks for our first round selection, as he did last year. Adding those picks to the 6th round compensatory pick I believe we are slated for, we’d have the following picks: 3-2nd round selections, 2-3rd round selections, 2-4th round selections, 3-6th round selections, & 2-7th round selections.

          These are the players I want in their: Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE, Brandon Coleman WR, Dri Archer RB/WR/PR/KR, Colt Lyerla TE, Aaron Murray QB (or best latter round value at the QB position to replace Mallet).

          Aside from rebuilding our 2 headed monster TE set, with a built in security measure in case Gronk’s injury prone nature threatens a 4th consecutive SB run, I’d like the following: An Interior Pass Rusher, a solid edge rushing DE, a linebacker or two that has some of the same skillset as Jamie Collins (can pressure QB and not be a liability in coverage), and a hard hitting, big bodied “thumper” at FS and/or SS that can provide adequate coverage but also menace opposing backfields (i.e. Polamalu). Also, some depth and future prospects for the offensive line. In short, attitude and pass rushers on defense and playmaking receiving targets on offense.

          Can you make any recommendations of players that would satisfy the above stated criterion?

          I’ve considered the following players: Trevor Reilly DE, Chris Boreland ILB, Carl Bradford OLB, Craig Loston SS, & Seantrell Henderson OT.

          Thanks for the help and information man.

        • Daniel R. Martin says:

          And thanks for exposing me to Boseko Lokombo. Add him to that list definitely. He seems to be exactly what I was talking about earlier. Dude seems to play with violence and intensity. He has a non stop motor, good sideline to sideline speed, decent coverage ability, and a constant threat to menace opposing back fields. I don’t watch a lot of college football, but I can’t believe this guy isn’t even projected to be taken in the first 7 rounds.

        • Alex (freemanator) says:

          Thanks for the nice words Dan. We’re all learning.

          I agree that TE is the number one need, and the question is how and where do you address that? I don’t think we need to triple dip, we still have Gronk, so that’s a bit excessive.

          Ebron is out of reach, and I’m a bit leery of Amaro, and his on and off the field concerns. So ASJ is my #1 guy. I think he offers the versatility to be a Gronk like threat, dangerous blocking and dangerous receiving. He’d be great injury insurance for the Gronk, but also able to play with him. If we can’t get him, or go elsewhere, then Niklas is my #2 guy, with CJF #3. I think the all round TE is most valuable, and hence why I’d like to take him first, especially with Lyerla offering phenomenal value late.

          Ideally we trade down with our 1st pick, and up with our 2nd, and end up with an early-mid 2, a late-mid 2, and an extra 3rd, and can take two quality guys in the second ASJ/Niklas and a top DT.

  10. Real Russell Easterbrooks says:

    By, the way guys, I never got a chance to say this yesterday. Thank you to Coach Scar for a great 30 years. Best position coach in NFL history!

    • Alex (freemanator) says:

      Amen to that.
      It’s a real blow to lose him. I was hoping we’d take Billy Turner in the 4th, and Scar would mould him into an All-Pro Guard. Now I just have to hope his replacement can.

  11. Jeff M says:

    Love the mock, except I think the one exception is at WR. Bill has always been one who’s heavy on WR in FA, and there’s a number of options who will be available and likely leave some of those getting below market price for it.

    Also I see them drafting a CB like McGill to groom an option for a tall press corner to play behind or (hopefully not) replace Talib.

    I also think they may go FA at TE as there are a bunch who will be FA’s. I’d expect Bill to make a very strong push for Scott Chandler as he has the size, speed and receiving ability to be devastating in conjunction with Gronk healthy, and he’s really hurt the Pats before which we all know is very attractive to Bill to hurt the opposition and strengthen his team simultaneously.

    • Daniel R. Martin says:

      That’s funny, Brandon Coleman is the only player from this list I agree with. But he is graded in the late 3rd to early 4th, not one pick outside the first round. Brady hasn’t had a legitimate reeiving threat outside the slot position since Randy Moss. It should be criminal to let the greatest QB in the history of the league spend the better part of the last decade of his career with limited offensive fire power at the position. TE is the greatest need, by my estimation at least. Pass rush is also of paramount importance.

      Question: is there a 3rd or 4th round graded player that might compare to Jamie Collins? That guy is going to be a superstar.

      • steve earle says:

        A Collins in the 3rd or 4th? Wow, if anyone knew that for sure, wow!

      • Alex (freemanator) says:

        I think there are a bunch of OLBs that we could draft, that would compare to Collins in some regard. IMO Collins great strength is his versatility, he is a good size 250lbs, and so can hold up in the run game, but he’s fast and agile and so can cover well. But if I had to pick out something he was best at, that would have to be rushing the passer. His explosion numbers are just insane, and we’ve seen in games, that he’s a force blitzing.

        So with that in mind, I’d like a guy who could be fast and fluid in pass coverage, and with sideline to sideline speed. None of them would offer quite what Collins does though, and most of them will cost more than you want.

        1-2 Dee Ford 6’2″ 243lbs. Raw in coverage, and maybe better as a situational DE, but should be a great pass rusher.

        2rd Kyle Von Noy 6’3″ 244lbs. Great Do Everything linebacker, likely to test out a bit slower in shorts than others, but great instincts. Seems his stock is slipping, but he offers the Collins versatility and playmaking.

        2-3 Telvin Smith 6’3″ 218lbs. Seriously undersized LB/SS hybrid. But is a playmaker, and great in coverage. Holds up surprisingly well in the run game, but would need to bulk up for 3 down status in the NFL.

        3rd Yawin Smallwood 6’3″ 236lbs. More of an ILB, but good in coverage and against the run.
        3rd Chris Borland 6’0″ 245lbs. Knocked for lack of height and small arms, but very instinctive, good in coverage and a playmaker, who’s stout against the run.

        3-4 Christian Jones 6’4″ 234lbs. Potential first rounder going into the year, but seems to lack the instincts of his partner in crime Telvin Smith. Has huge upside though, and his stock will likely rise again after he shines at the combine.

        3-4 Jordan Tripp 6’3″ 237lbs. Small schooler, who looked great at the FCS level, and who held his own at the Shrine Game and Senior Bowl.

        4-6 Boseko Lokombo 6’3″ 230lbs. Played on an Oregon team with a lot of talent at LB. A good athlete who plays very smart, and does his job, while still making plays himself. Under the radar at the moment, but will likely test well at the combine, and if he can add weight, could be a really solid contributor. And the only guy the looks likely to be around at our 4th pick, that can do some similar things to Jamie.

  12. Russell says:

    Zac Martin will likely go to Miami at #19, IMO, Christian Kirksey is a great sounding pick.
    My 1st pick (when ever) CB Kyle Fuller

  13. J H TARBORO says:

    Cleveland has a multi pick in 2nd or 3rd round and they need a RB, Ridley? it’s funny that we have a RB that ran for 1200yds. a season ago and now they have no faith in him. I asked myself a question, can Ridlry be replaced by a draft pick in this draft? Answer yes!
    The Colts and the Redskins don’t have a 1st round pick.

    • Alex (freemanator) says:

      If Ridley can easily be replaced by a draft pick, then why would a team give an equivalent pick for him?

      He’d cost more, need to have his contract renewed in a year, and have an issue with ball security. And they’d be buying low, so why would they give more than a 6th?

  14. J H TARBORO says:

    I still think we are going to trade out of the 1st round, with your particular mock draft, based on your article.
    2nd via Hou WR Kelvin Benjamin FSU,or Odell Beckham jr. LSU, no more Rutgers!
    4th Kirksey??? Are we looking for a ILB or OLB?
    6th I don’t have a problem with Murray, I like Dustin Vaughan 6’5 220 W.Texas A&M
    7th FB/DT JC Copeland LSU. I watched Hoskins and Prosch at the Senior Bowl practice, they’re not better than Copeland!
    Again this is only based on what you put up there, no CB’s,no DT’s?

    • steve earle says:

      Your right on the mark JH. Where is the ss we need desperately or a cb to cover for Talib when he gets hurt again? Plus I want to see CJ Copland in a Pat’s uniform next spring, this kid blocks like no one else I’ve seen in years.
      James speaks of Mallett possably being traded and though I’d thought that unlikely before the QB’s at the Sr. Bowl pratice stank up the place it’s not so far out there now. And yes I could see a 2nd for him now.
      You note Ridley had 1200 yds in 2012 so with several needy RB teams out there I still think he has plenty of trade value if Bill is so desposed.
      Boy is this getting interesting.

  15. acm says:

    Not a bad mock at all but that’s a big waste of a very high pick there with B. Coleman. BB sure loves(d) his Rutgers players but that was on D and due to playing under Schiano’s defensive schemes. I think it would be a stretch to extend that love to WR core too, especially when it would be a big reach. Not saying BB wouldn’t consider drafting Coleman at all, just not that high, imo. And BB didn’t draft a WR that high even last year when they were much more desperate for one … doubt he would do it now.

    Imo, that 33rd pick would likely go for a top talent at a position of need that surprisingly falls out of the 1st round – maybe someone like Tuitt, Nix, Amaro, or even a C like Swanson or a CB like Fuller.
    Personally, I trade down a bit and pick up say a 5th rounder. Then take Fuller in the 2nd and Cody Hoffman with the extra pick.

    Also, I think they go for a taller, bigger QB – you need that big arm and tight spiral in the elements, after all. Jeff Matthews in the 6th or so sounds more like it to me.
    Also, if you go with a smaller QB, mobility in and outside of the pocket is very important and an ACL injury could well compromise that particular aspect of his game. It’s likely that he regains it eventually but may well take him a couple of years to do so. All in all, not a pick I see BB make, tbh.

    Agree that if they ship out Mallet, they’d probably take on a vet QB to back up Brady for the near future. Henney sounds like good option although I’d keep my eye on Cassell or Hoyer shaking out of their current teams with all the coaching changes and such.

    The rest of the mock, I can live with quite easily.

    • Russell says:

      BB may bring back in Mike Kafka QB he likes alot, and draft a QB,like Connor Shaw, or Jeff Mathews

      • steve earle says:

        I have to say, yea but, to Kafka. He would just be a camp QB. Not sure why Bill would bring in either of the other QB’s you mention. It’s unlikely they could make the cut. If he trades Mallett I’d expect him to go for a higher rated replacement.

        • Russell says:

          If Maett is not traded before the draft, the Patriots go with him another year. I find it hard to believe Bill won’t carry 3 QB’s next year. I still like A.J.MaCarrons but he looks like a 2nd round guy. Don’t know that Bill would do that, my money is on Shaw as a 6th round pick.

    • steve earle says:

      You know, if Bill did somehow did get the 33rd pick I’d bet a coffee and a donut he traded it down for more picks. It’s just the smart thing to do I think and it falls into his pattern.

  16. Jeff says:

    I don’t think WR will be a target given how many youngsters we have at the position, but does Allen Robinson’s experience with Bill O’Brian make him a wild card in the first or early second (assuming a trade)? Ridley/Vereen, Gronk, Dobson, Amendola, and Robinson could be a nice starting skill position group for the next 5 years.

    • Henry Carmen says:

      I mean Robinson were in Obrien’s offense, not sure it translates to McDaniel’s offense. Sure Obrien could have a Schiano like influence on Belichick but I doubt it will have to do with offense.

      • Alex (freemanator) says:

        Good point Jeff. I’ve been wondering along the same lines. Maybe a mid to late second if he drops a bit, as we already have young guys we want to develop there.

        And Jeff, I expect it would translate very well, as the main philosophy and verbiage is the same on all Pats offenses since BB has been here. They use the Erhardt-Perkins verbiage, which allows a lot of information to be conveyed quickly, and allows the plays to be easily changed. read more about it here: http://grantland.com/features/how-terminology-erhardt-perkins-system-helped-maintain-dominance-tom-brady-patriots/

        So while all the plays wont be the same, he’ll be speaking the same language, and utilising the same style of plays as he did under O’Brien.

  17. Jeff says:

    If they take Jones, does that mean Kelley or Wilfork is getting cut? Would they carry 6 DTs? I’m assuming spots 3-5 at DT are filled by Armstead, Sopoaga, and Jones.

    • Jeff says:

      Oops, I meant Siliga, not Sopoaga… I think Soap is cutting CUT.

    • acm says:

      my guess would be they carry Wilfork on the PUP list at the start of the year and see from there how things shake up with the DL.

      Another option could be to get Linval Joseph in FA-cy as you’d need a vet presence there should Wilfork not be able to get back to acceptable fitness levels and regain his starting spot. Joseph is exactly what they would be looking for in D. Jones.
      That would free up that 2nd round pick to spend on the OC position as Wendel and Connely are coming off down years and are free agents anyway. picking up Martin and Swanson/Richburg/Stork would go a long way in solidifying a shaky O-line.

      • Russell says:

        Hard to believe Martin will be available to the Patriots, as I think he goes to Miami. Do like your thoughts on an OC Richburg looks like a great prospect.

        • steve earle says:

          Yes, Martin is rising fast but even if he’s around at 29 I’ll still expect Bill will trade down, jmo. Besides I think Tre Jackson in the 2nd would fill the ROG slot very well. I’ve moved Weston Richberg up right behind Swanson and ahead of Stork on my board for OC’s. Good group at the position I believe.

        • Alex (freemanator) says:

          Tre Jackson decided to stay in school Steve, so he won’t be there. There is a definite top tier of Guards, that mean in my mind it isn’t worth taking one at #29, but also will probably all be gone by #61.
          After that there seems like a drop, until Billy Turner, would I’d rather take in the 4th.

        • Russell says:

          If Martin is on the board when the Patriots pick they take him. However my money is on Miami taking Martin at #19. The Hacker is following me over this site, as he needs a life, so he’s using mine to entertain him self.

      • steve earle says:

        Joseph in FA’cy is something I hadn’t thought of, good idea acm. Failing that I do think D. Jones or Justin Ellis are also good options.

    • steve earle says:

      You may be right or not, who knows? Myself if I had my way I’d get that young DT D. Jones or Ellis even if it covers 6 slots because Armstead is as yet an unknown and there are always injuries to account for. If someone has to later be cut so be it. Plus when Armsted was signed last spring one of the rationals was he had the flexability to play inside or out.

  18. Brian says:

    Don’t love this draft but it looks a lot like what bill would do. I’d prefer to grab tuitt, hageman or nix in the first if one of them falls, then go o-line in the second round and TE or WR in the 3rd. In the 4th I’d like to see us grab one of the big cornerbacks to develop and add depth to the chart. That being said who knows what will happen in the coming months

  19. Jim says:

    No way we take a WR in the 2nd round again. Especially a raw one like Coleman. If anything we’ll look for a veteran who can come in day one and be their starter

  20. munchkin says:

    I don’t know a thing about players coming out in the draft but if they addressed those needs in that order I would be very happy. The center of both lines need help.

  21. Henry Carmen says:

    Not sold on Brandon Coleman, would rather have a more proven and refined player in Jordan Matthews.

  22. Real Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Hi guys. I have changed my account to what you see above. Awful that someone feels the need to screw around like this.

    • Real Russell Easterbrooks says:

      Hi Russell, security hear is non-existent … so, it doesn’t really matter what changes you choose to make.

      – The real ACM

    • acm says:

      imo, best thing to do would be to avoid using your real name whenever possible. In this day and age, google is a powerful tool for finding all sorts of personal stuff, starting with emails and the list goes on and on.

    • Russell says:

      This person is still screwing around guys, just Russell is my new account with a new Email, so this Bozo can’t get in.

      • Alex (freemanator) says:

        It doesn’t sound like you’ve been hacked Russell.
        Just that anyone can pop anything into their name box. You don’t have a profile here as such.

        I’m changing my posting name, because another guy posts under Alex occasionally, and it is easier to have a more unique posting name.

    • Alex (freemanator) says:

      That sucks, sorry to hear that. My account hasn’t been hacked, but another guy posts occasionally under Alex, so I’m transitioning to freemanator, which I go by on other sites as well.

      I’d like to suggest a move to Disqus for the comments here. Would help us keep better track of them, and grow an already growing community. Any comment on this from the writers?

      • acm says:

        Maybe you could pass that suggestion onto them via the “contact us” button at the top of the page on the right?

      • steve earle says:

        Here I am feeling pretty stupid again but that’s just the way it goes at my age (71). So what is Disqus? Please let me know what and how if everyone decides to go there. Thanks.

        • Alex (freemanator) says:

          Steve, Disqus is a commenting system, that websites can use for free.

          Basically you can just add it to your website, and people use it to comment. It would replace the code they currently have powering the comment system. So you wouldn’t have to go anywhere, it would be here on the site, with a slightly different look at the bottom of the page. Trusted Reviews is a website that uses is, if you want to search for it and have a look. You can also just search for Disqus, and see what they say about themselves.

          It has two big advantages over the current system in my opinion. 1) You have a unique profile, which you log in with, like you do with email etc. This means you can’t have multiple posters with one name. 2) It is much easier to keep track of new comments. With the current system, it is very hard to know if there are comments you haven’t read yet, and so you have to read through the whole lot to find new ones. Disqus marks these as unread, and alerts you to them at the bottom of your page, and you can navigate between them with the arrow keys. You can also configure your account to email you when you get replied to, if you desire.

          I can’t see any negatives, aside from the fact that someone wrote the code for this commenting system, and they might not want to replace that work.

          So don’t worry no-one will be getting left out, and no change will happen with out the guys running the website making any. I just think with the growing community and more than 30 comments on each article, and the recent spate of people copying user names, this would solve a real problem, and make the site better.

  23. Phil says:

    Love it. Not sold on DaQuan Jones. I would be happy if they took Justin Ellis from LA Tech or Shamar Stephen from UCONN. But I definitely think they will go interior offensive line with the first pick. Maybe a TE.

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