2014 NFL Draft: Post-Senior Bowl Patriots Mock Draft

Upgrading the run defense should be the Patriots priority early in the draft. 

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

With the Patriots season coming to a screeching halt last weekend, it seems NFL Draft fever has hit New England fans in full force. My inbox fills up daily with questions asking who the Patriots will pick or which prospects are “Patriot” type players. This year the Patriots hold their full allotment of selection (slight alteration) and I anticipate them to add at least two compensatory selections. With the team so close and the window on the Tom Brady era inching closed, there’s no denying the importance of adding impact players through this draft. Between now and May (ugh), plenty of speculation, rumors, and inuendo will occur, but as of January 25, this is how I project the Patriots draft to unfold.

Team Needs: TE, DT, OG, DE, WR, RB, LB

First Round (29)Louis Nix III, DT, Notre Dame
After Vince Wilfork went down the Patriots run defense was a major area of weakness with teams just gashing big run after big run. Guys like Chris Jones and Joe Vellano played admirably, but they were put in a role that wasn’t cut out for them. Players like Louis Nix are rare, in that he is a massive kid (345 lbs.), but carries the weight well and moves fluidly for his size. The lack of size and point of attack strength is what really killed the Patriots run defense.

Their DT were unable to anchor and hold the line of scrimmage, creating massive running lanes. Plugging another 330 lbs + run defender next to Vince Wilfork immediately makes the Patriots interior defensive line better. With two space eaters, the Patriots LB will have an easier job and teams won’t be able to carve up the middle of the Patriots defense with such ease.

Second RoundAustin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington
Whether the Patriots have to trade up into the middle of the second round or sit tight they can’t afford to come out of this draft without landing one of the top 3-4 TE prospects. I know people will knock Seferian-Jenkins for his lack of effort at times and his perseved attitude issues, but that will likely help the Patriots land him in the second round. ASJ is literally a power forward on the football field. His size and catch radius present such a mismatch for defenders that once he gets put in a system and learns the finer points of the position he will dominate.

Seferian-Jenkins is a willing blocker and I believe that like Gronkowski he can develop into a very good NFL run blocker with time. Obviously the Patriots could target Amaro in the first round, but they’d miss out on improving the run defense. Rolling the dice and making a move for ASJ in the second round makes more sense to me. Gronk and Seferian-Jenkins together could arguably be a bigger mismatch than Gronkowski-Hernandez, because both guys are just so big and long.

Third RoundAaron Lynch, DE/OLB, South Florida
Pass rush is one need that is really being understated by people that evaluate the Patriots. I thought their pass rush really let them down when it counted last year and needs to improve this year. Aaron Lynch is someone that not enough people are paying attention to. He had one of the best freshman performances I’ve seen from a pass rusher while at Notre Dame. After that season Lynch decided to transfer closer to home in Florida, ended up at USF. Lynch is up to 260 pounds, training at API and from all indications I’ve gotten he’s ready to tear up the combine. At 6’5″ 260+ he fits the Patriots edge rush model.

He can play both 4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB, adding versatility to the Patriots front. Bill Belichick goes down to USF pro day every year and loves taking kids from this program. Lynch will get knocked because he wasn’t as productive on a real bad USF team. Put on his freshman tape, project him playing at 265 pounds, and tell me he can’t help the Patriots pass rush.

Fourth RoundJoel Bitonio, OT/OG, Nevada
Out of all the OL I talked to in Mobile, Bitonio was the one that impressed me the most. He really understood blocking concepts and was able to explain responsibilities at multiple positions on the offensive line. Bitonio is in the same mold of Zack Martin for me, a player that can be a good OT in the NFL, but could be an even better offensive OG. Bitonio played left tackle at Nevada and shut down UCLA’s Anthony Barr when they matched up back in September.

From watching him in practice he seems like a very savvy offensive lineman. He keeps good positioning, a wide base, and uses his hands well. Even though he is likely to be a 3rd or 4th round guy, he can come in and start right away in my opinion.

Sixth Round (via Philly)Vinnie Sunseri, SAF, Alabama
Sunseri opted to enter the draft a year early, despite tearing his ACL this past fall. I really like watching Sunseri on film. He’s a smart player and the son of a football coach, so he’s grown up around the game. Sunseri has experience as a dime and nickel back in Alabama’s defense and was elevated to starting strong safety as a Junior.

The reason I love Sunseri is because what he can offer on Special Teams. He made an immediate impact at Alabama on special teams and even if he never develops into a starting strong safety in the NFL, he’ll be a core special teams guy at the very least. One of my favorite prospects in the draft.

Sixth Round – Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana
If you don’t know about Latimer right now, you probably will after the combine. He’s a big, strong, fast Wide Receiver that was the centerpiece of the Hoosiers high powered offensive attack. While I think the Patriots probably opt to upgrade the receiver position through free agency they will use a late round pick on a high upside guy.

At 6’3″ 215 pounds Latimer adds more physicality and size to a position that lacked it for much of the year. At worst he comes in and is an upgrade over Kenbrell Thompkins.

Sixth Round (Compensatory for Patrick Chung)Jordan Tripp, OLB, Montana
Tripp’s a four year starter at the University of Montana and an ultra-productive defender. Went down to Mobile this week and didn’t look out of place. At 6’3 and close to 240 pounds he has the size the Patriots like from the position and plays with a great motor. At this point in the draft teams look for depth players and players they can develop, Tripp is an under the radar guy that I believe eventually becomes a productive NFL LB.

Sixth Round (Compensatory for Donald Thomas)James White, RB, Wisconsin
There will be shake-ups at RB this off-season, which will result in the Patriots drafting one at some point in the draft. White really impressed me at the Senior Bowl with his pass blocking potential. He wasn’t afraid to initiate the contact and used his hands to punch the defender. He showed better hands than I expected and ran hard. His lower body is really built and should be able to run through lower body contact. We all know his story at Wisconsin and I believe he becomes a better NFL RB than he was in college.

Sevneth RoundMatt Patchan, OT, Boston College
Patchan gives the Patriots an athletic developmental tackle prospect that has experience starting on the left side.  Patchan showed up to the Senior Bowl with a rocked up, tall, physical body. He impressed this year at BC opening holes for Heisman Finalist Andre Williams and is worth a late round flyer at this point in the draft.

*It’s possible the Patriots could get an additional 7th Round Compensation pick for Danny Woodhead.

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68 Responses to “2014 NFL Draft: Post-Senior Bowl Patriots Mock Draft”

  1. baysurfer says:

    Thats speed wrs in this draft lack physicality.

  2. baysurfer says:

    I would like to see trade for Justin Blackmon. He far more talented thanany wr we could get at end of rd ONE.Brady Belichick and winning has been successful with players with troubled pasts. Moss,Dennard. Besides Blackmon has matured AND needs $$$$ He probably cant afford to lose ANYmore. He is a phenom of a TALENT. Fast and ohysical with off the charts athleticism. Far better than ANYBody in this draft. Speed guys in this draft physicality. Big phyi al guys in this DRAFT are rather slow. Besides we MUST take advantage of Brady while he is still elite so there is no time for developing wrs were not even sure has talent to make an impact. Justin Blackmon we know is a phenom!! He will have a rippling effect and make our offense elite again. Think, Blackmon Dobson as a #2 learning on the fly,Amendola Boyce battle for slot role,Gronkowski and Vereen. Our offense can make a jump like 99 rams. Then we bring in a powerful athletic mauler type guard andOr Centerand that should be enough to talk Tony Gonzalez convinc him to come win a SUPERBOWL. Tony teaching Blackmon things like not wasting any motion and he would become unstoppable as well as helping the rest of our young guys. Gonzalez is fanatical bout training he could help gronk amendola avoid injuries.

  3. baysurfer says:

    Mallet is worth a #2 draft pick easily. He is far more talented than Cassell or Hoyer! Cannon for an arm and accurate. And he has trained and dieted to maximize muscle to bodyfat ratio and has thus got his 40time in the 4.8 range so now he is a threat to scramble. Before the draft when he came out he was rated ahead of jake locker who went #8 overall. Many had him higher than gabbert. H but liked Gabs 4.6 40. Many teams would gladly give up a #2 for.. so they dont have to draft a qb with a top pick.There are clowneys in this draft would rather have then get a top qb with a SECOND ROUND PICK. MALLET WAS top rated qb but fell due to off field issue’s. He was far more talented than Dalton or Locker

  4. baysurfer says:

    Why would anybody in their right minds want to retain Edelman and let Talib leave?? Hmmm let me decide do i want an elite shutdown Corner or a limited slot wr!!??!! Oh my that’s a tough decision!! Edelmans numbers were padded by Brady as a qb and played our slot that is designed to help the slot guy get open. Damm! A guy catches 100 dumpoff checkdown passes and everybody thinks we are losing a calvin Johnson!! We are already paying a slot good $$$o

  5. Tony Samsonite says:

    This would be a great draft, but Amaro in the first and DaQuan Jones or McCullers in the second is way more likely. I’d be surprised if Nix and ASJ fell that far.

  6. Jeff M says:

    No comp pick for Welker?

  7. Iceman says:

    Aaron Lynch is only a 4-3 DE he will not be able to stand up. He was 265 playing 3-4 DE his freshman year at ND. When he transferred he dropped a ton of weight. With that said he is a complete head case his whole time at ND. His mother is a problem he doesn’t take coaching well and the reason of his transfer was for a girl, who he married and is now divorced to. I wouldn’t go near Lynch.

  8. Michael says:

    Sorry – but you completely missed the boat. The PATS have one overarching need – an impact BIG WR to keep Tom Brady relevant. And that would be Mike Evans. They should do whatever they have to do to get him. That means – TRADE UP. Then a TE is top priority and then DT.

    • steve earle says:

      Okay I hear you, but how often has Bill traded up over the years? Your concept is sound but not very likely imo.

    • Jeff M says:

      “KEEP BRADY RELEVANT?!!!” lol! Brady will always be relevant, and took this team, with all those injuries on D and O to the AFC Champ game, which were it not for a bogus flag in the Jets game, would’ve been IN NE and the Pats likely win. So yeah, does Brady need more weapons, yes, but no one planned on Vereen being out 8 weeks, Gronk only lasting 6 games, and Hernandez murdering people.

      Another TE in the draft, Scott Chandler in FA, Nix III in the draft, Everson Griffen in FA, another WR FA and then filling out depth with their picks at LB, OL and DB, and this team with their injured players back, will go 14-2 and be SB bound.

      Inhale, exhale people. Pats are a top 4 team in the league this year, and will be even better next year.

    • MaineMan says:

      I really like Evans and would love it if he dropped to the Pats (unlikely).

      However, the problem with the passing attack in 2013 (and even before that) wasn’t the lack of one *elite-quality* player, it was the low *quantity* of even good, viable passing targets. What fixes that is having *more* decent guys who Brady can consistently connect with, even when a couple of his top guys are out with injuries (which WILL happen). Retaining Edelman, continuing to develop Dobson/KT, adding a (cheap) mid-level vet WR (or developing Boyce/Harrison/Moe/new Day-2 rookie), replacing Mulligan/Williams with a TE or two (FA and/or draft) who can catch for +/- 300 yards, coaxing a bit more receiving ability out of Blount, Ridley and Bolden – these are the things that fix the problem.

      Selling out in the draft to get just the one BIG guy doesn’t help.

  9. tbuck says:

    hey don,t know college players to much pats got killed on offence with no te this year need to sure up d line also if you know bb will release talib will want to much money unless eddleman take less he,s gone bb trades out of 1st round for more pick,s and our o line for most of season sucked all I know is bb know,s what to do hoping we can nail with who ever we get and go patriots

  10. George says:

    If the Pats can get Nix and ASJ at their draft slots in rounds 1 and 2 then that is a win because those are the two positions of need (not safety – Duron Harmon is in New England for a reason).

    With that said – the best pick of this draft is Latimer. He is great value at this slot. He makes plays, he has good hands, good speed. He reminds me of Marques Colston and at the very worst is a backup to Dobson.

    I like Latimer a lot and would be a GREAT fit for the Patriots.

    • steve earle says:

      Harmon is here for a reason George but that doesn’t mean we should be satisfied and stop trying to improve and upgrade. Harmon may make a 2nd year jump or he may not. So far I haven’t heard any calls for a SS in the 1st rd or high 2nd only that we should look to the mid rounds to improve the position.
      As for Latimer or another WR that seems more a want then a need while we need to strengthen TE, O-line, DT, CB and yes indeed SS.

  11. Matt says:

    I would like to see the Pats draft Nix but that might be a long shot. Unless the Pats move up in the draft which rarely happens. Another good choice would be Mccullers. At 6’8 360 he would be a great run stopper i’m sure he could learn a lot from big Vince.

    • OpTicFanboy says:

      Best thing for us to do is trade out of the first round. get a second, and a third or trade mallet for a second. If we trade out first pick in second get, Daniel McCullers or Dee Ford if he is their but most likely not. Second pick in the second get ASJ he will most likely be their but might have to trade the pick and maybe a sixth. In the third, draft Pierre Desir very underrated but a tall corner who can shut it down. Second pick in the third draft Brandon Coleman or the next best wr. In the fourth draft the best olinemen available then for the rest i dont know. This or let BB do his thing

  12. Rockdog says:

    I appear to be in the minority but I don’t think a first round DT is what Patriots need. Pats deperately need to improve pass rush so teams can’t complete long third downs so regularly. The one “open” spot on the D I think is a DE. Maybe Nink becomes the rush DE on passing downs, I’m not sure, but I do know more talent is needed at that spot.

    Also DESPERATELY need a SS on this team. If they can re-sign Talib, add a intimidating SS and bring in another pass rusher, this defense could be Championship caliber….barring another year where all their talent gets injured.

    Offensively, why do people want to draft another rookie WR. What DIDN’T KT, Dobson and Boyce show you as rookies that would make you want to give up on them already. Sorry, I think they’re fine there with the possible addition of a veteran who is physical. Instead, I think they need to replace Hernandez and find a back-up to Vereen.

    • Alex (freemanator) says:

      Hi Rockdog. Good points, and there are some guys who would agree with you, both at DT and DE, and at SS.

      At DE we have Jones and Nink locked in as our starters, and a great prospect in Buchanan. Given that we just extended Nink, we won’t be looking to replace him. So the value would have to be great to take a DE early, but we might take one late.
      That said our rush is not up to scratch, and I think that could be best addressed by fortifying the middle. Nix isn’t the ideal fit in that regard, but pairing him with Wilfork, means the Guards and Centres are going to be marched backwards more often than not. You can’t single team either of them, and so they’ll help collapse the pocket, allowing Jones and Nink to sweep up.

      But I’d also be keen on one of the other athletic DTs with great potential as disruptive players against the pass and the run. Smaller guys like Donald, Jernigan, Sutton and Easley would be interesting, as would bigger guys like Hageman, Tuitt and Johnson. All of them offer athleticism that is hard to find, and should all help benefit the rush substantially.

      Add that to Wilfork and Kelly’s age, cost and injury concerns, and it is definitely an area we can and should be looking to upgrade.

      As for SS, it is the weakest link in the secondary, but it’s not some gaping hole. We had that gaping hole back in 2011 and 2012. Gregory while limited is decent, and Harmon is likewise decent, and offers more promise. While we could stand to upgrade there, I’d rather look for guys late, and upgrade a more important position in DT, that will impact the play every snap, and have more of an effect on those around him.

      As for a rookie at WR, I mainly agree. Don’t take a guy early unless he’s fantastic value, or Allen Robinson (basically played in our offense for two years at Penn State, and so is most likely to be able to contribute early), but look for a tall developmental guy late. Focus on TE and G and C early for offense.

      • steve earle says:

        Absolutely right on the mark Alex. If Nix should fall to #29 he would be really hard to pass on but I still have my doubts about that happening.

      • Bill Vermont says:

        I like the idea of taking Tuitt or Hageman. A big DE that could slide inside and still push the pocket back. But what about Hightower as a DE at times. He is somewhat of a liability as LB in obvious passing situations, but he is a very god football player.
        I have been hearing a lot about Shazier and think his explosiveness is just what Pats need. More speed at LB spot, better underneath coverage, and a dynamic rusher from another location

        • steve earle says:

          That’s what I’ve been saying about Hightower. Seems to me his natural position is DE not LB. If BB could draft a good 3 down LB seems to me a DE rotation of Ninkovich, Jones, Hightower and Buchanan would be hard to beat.

        • Alex (freemanator) says:

          Steve, my worry with Hightower at DE, is his flexibility. Since his knee injury at Bama, he lost a lot of his lateral agility, hence posting such a poor 3 cone time. That’s why he’s best as a downhill LB, with short zone drops.

          In the NFL, I just don’t think he has the length or bend to be a good edge rusher. I’d be more inclined to get him to bulk up to 290lbs, and be a penetrating DT.

  13. jim r says:

    having different opinions is usually a way of finding out that people look at things differently than you. To attack somebody because they do not share your opinion is comical. This is a mock draft site it is meant for entertainment, to get upset because somebody is proposing a trade or slotting a guard in the 4th round, how would that put you in the mode of calling them out as not being educated or intelligent enough to make those picks. Really should enjoy this stuff……..

    • Alex (freemanator) says:

      Stuff has gotten a bit crazy here lately, but I agree with your point.

      Mocks, are guesses, plain and simple. In this case they are guesses a long way in advance, and guesses for fun.

      So it makes sense to say why this, why not that, or I really don’t like it, and you can do that without knocking the author. That’s what most people do, but especially given the snappy nature of the internet, it can look like more.

      If I, or anyone here, felt what the guys writing was worthless, we wouldn’t read, or waste our time commenting. As it most of us like the back and forth, and iron sharpening iron approach.

      I think Nix probably gets taken before us, but he might slip, and almost certainly ASJ won’t make it to our second pick (as Mike noted), but he could slip into range for us to trade up. But some prospects fall further than people expect every year. I remember being amazed that Jesse Williams, Barrett Jones and Da’Rick Rogers all fell as far as they did last year.

  14. PSW says:

    I would love to see Nix as a Patriot, but he will be off the board long before we get close to him(top 15 wouldn’t shock me) We would be very lucky to get Amaro with our 1. After that who knows, I just hope there a 330+ biggie some where for us

  15. Casey says:

    Jenkins and Nix?

    I can possibly see Nix fall, unless Jenkins blows out his knee, he wont fall that far.

  16. Fry says:

    Love… this… mock!!

    I hope Nix falls that far and the Patriots can trade up for ASJ.

    Holy effing moly I would be jumping for joy in my living room.

    I love this mock Mike

  17. steve earle says:

    After todays game guys are moving up or down based on performances. I see Gilmore TE moving up as well as Ford DE some others. Most of the QB’s slipped badly, only Carr looked like a possable NFL starter the rest stayed the same or worse. Things could change after the combine but for now.

    • MPM says:

      All we saw today were seniors. The meat of this draft are the underclassmen QB’s. So, you are correct, the combine, individual work outs, etc. will be important to assess those who did not play today.

  18. Russell says:

    Second trade Idea; Patriots send QB Mallett ,2nd (61) 3d (93) and 6th (189) to Houston for 2nd (33), 3d (65) and 5th (129)

    1st #29- TE Jace Amaro
    2nd #33- CB Kyle Fuller
    3d # 65- LB Telvin Smith
    4th #125- DT Justin Ellis
    5th #129- RB LaDaruis Perkins
    6th #182- OG Spencer Long
    7th # CB Pillip Gaines
    Woodhead C #5th QB Conner Shaw
    Chung C #6th S Brock Vereen
    Thomas C # 7th DT Zack Kerr

    • steve earle says:

      As of yet no one has explained why Huston would trade for Mallett when they heve the 1st overall pick in the draft and are expected to take the QB of their choice with it. So what’s up, what heave I missed?

      • Russell says:

        Houston can draft DE Clowny, with the 1st pick. Bortles maybe the only guy equal to Mallett IMO. O’Brian has worked with Mallett, and Mallett has trained under Brady, so whats not to like, you get Mallett and DE Clowny.

        • Russell says:

          What’s not to like is that the Patriots will be lucky to get a 4th rounder for Mallett at this point. How did training under Brady work for Hoyer and Cassell?

          By the way, I would like to welcome you to NEPD Mr. Russell. Look at that! We share a name! I hope to have more insightful convos in the future.

    • steve earle says:

      This would be pretty good I’d only suggest at #65 replace Telvin Smith with Travis Swanson or Western Richberg to shore up the middle of the O-line. We need to keep Tom upright.

  19. Accuan says:

    Disagree with drafting a WR this early, probably should draft an OL, a DB, DT, RB. But not a WR. Also, O’Brien and J-Mac would not really like ASJ as a TE, I suppose they would probably like a TE like Lyerla, most all around and faster. Jenkins is good for two or three routes in precise situations. You’ll not going to win a bunch of match ups with him, except as a hot route in the flat on a play action fake inside the five. Lyerla is the better player.

  20. Mike Loyko says:

    It would be a funny excercise to go back and read all your comments on mocks in the year’s past regarding “no way player X, goes here, or noway player X will be available here.” It’s friggin January.

    • trent says:

      Based on the activity on this page, I want to mention a trend I have noticed the last couple of years following the draft—big DT’s/NT’s have been the hardest position for me personally to forecast in the draft (followed by safeties–but I want to focus on NT here), and seems to be the case with other experts as well in recent years.

      Jonathan Hankins and Jesse Williams last year are two big examples. Late fall/early winter last year, I though Hankins was a top-15 pick–no chance we could get him–and Jesse Williams was a top-64 pick for sure. Devon Still, to a lesser extent, two years ago is a similar recent draftee who I thought would have been a great pick at the end of RD1. And they all fell. Hankins and Still for work ethic issues, Williams for injury flags. Has anyone else noticed the volatility in where the big guys have been getting drafted? Alameda Ta’amu is another one I just thought of–fell to the 4th round. Brandon Thompson to the end of Rd3.

      Anyway, based on my experiences the last few years, I would totally understand if somehow a 340lb guy like Nix with knee problems may be flagged by teams and fall a little bit like some of those guys. Typically teams look for prospects in the first round with the fewest flags on them. Obviously I don’t know the medical details, and teams don’t have them yet either, but just saying, don’t be surprised if he falls into the second round. Medical information is info that teams get that we as fans usually do not. At the very least, don’t reject the possibility that a prospect with one flag on him will be available as a late RD1 choice.


      • Alex (freemanator) says:

        Good point Trent.
        I hadn’t noticed the trend myself until you pointed it out, but you’re right.

        Also Star was considered a top 3-5 prospect last year, and then dropped because of worries over his heart.

  21. Mike Loyko says:

    If you guys don’t think Louis Nix can/will last to the end of the 1st round coming off of injury then your preception and expection of where is going is way off.

    • acm says:

      Not sure if you realize it, Mike but those two comments are contradictory 🙂 …
      Regrading Nix, his knee issues are relatively minor – meniscus is nowhere near a ligament damage in terms of severity, even for a big guy like him; and that tendonitis, it’s usually taken care of by just resting, which he couldn’t do during the 2013 season, hence why it was bothering him. All in all, as longs as he wants to, there is no reason why he can’t be in top shape at the combine.
      Of course, as you yourself said, it’s only January and lots of things can happen (surprises go both ways), hence the contradiction.

      anyways, obviously one cannot say for sure where one single player would fall, especially now, but my problem with your mock has a lot more to do with your expectations that the Pats would get great value out of not just one or two but 3 picks. It’s one thing to anticipate that one player slips (say Nix) but here you are doing so with 3.

      It’s a bit like flipping a coin – there is hardly anything wrong with deeming it likely that you get two or even 3 heads in row but would be foolish to expect that to happen 10-15 times in a row. In short, there is a difference between impossible and unlikely – your mock sure isn’t the former but it is the latter as I am afraid you are relying one too many things “falling right” in Pats’ favor, all at once.

    • Russell says:

      Don’t listen to the haters Mike. Your the best draft expert I know. I hope you get an NBC sports job one day.

      • MPM says:

        Which Russell says are you? The insightful one or the obtuse one. I don’t make many entries here but for the most part enjoy reading the authors and the bloggers but just recently some of the commentators are making this an unpleasant site.

        To site management – don’t you have a way from preventing people from stealing other’s names like having a password match the name or an email match the name? Really?

        I think this site has excellent authors. We should appreciate even as we disagree. One of the themes running through this story is that the author better think like and list picks the way all other mocks do or he has no insight or validity. Again, really? You mean all those other mocks that year after year are so prescient in choosing the right players in the correct order?

        do mocks of your own based upon your own thoughts and analysis and watch how your picks evolve from now until May. You might be surprised.

      • Russell says:

        This is the hacker, his poor comments are the tip to his fun, as a Bozo who enjoys being what he is not, a knowlegeable football person.

  22. Trev says:

    This may not be popular, but I would have real worries about spending a first rounder in Nix, even if he did fall to 29. (Which he won’t). I just worry about his knee. Is it really that smart to spend your first round pick on a 345 pound guy coming off a serious knee injury? Some team mid-first round undoubtedly will gamble on him, but there is serious risk there. I don’t think we need another Ras-I Dowling. Healthy players, please!!!

    • carlo strada says:

      Id do it, the talent on nix, worths the risk. No brainer

    • Accuan says:

      Can’t blame the Pats for drafting a corner, plus healthy he projected as a solid corner. Problem is it was not the case and the Pats kept lining him in the slot which was not a good idea. I remember vs the Jets and Broncos he kept getting called.

      • steve earle says:

        Please help me out here Accuan I’m not following who are you speaking off? At my age I sometimes lose track of interrupted threads of conversations.

  23. dslave says:

    totally agree with Trev. I do like the versatility of Bitonio but no way hes there with the 4th. Derek Coleman and DaQuan Jones are the two D line prospect the may target at 29th or in the 2nd round.

  24. Russell says:

    Here is my Mock; Patriots trade 1st (29) pick to Dallas for 2nd (47) 5th (146) and 3d next years 2015 draft.

    2nd #47- CB Kyle Fuller
    2nd #61- LB Telvin Smith
    3d # 93- TE Rob Blanchflower
    4th # 125- RB LaDaruis Perkins
    5th # 146- DT Justin Ellis
    6th # 182- OG Spencer Long
    6th # 189- QB Conner Shaw
    7th # 221- CB Phillip Gaines
    C6th – S Brock Vereen
    C7th- OG Mason Walters

    • Mike Loyko says:

      thats um… interesting

      • Russell says:

        Its better and more realistic than yours. At least I’m not a pink hat homer like you (no offense).

        • MPM says:

          I’m sure none was taken. Nor by me in your very similar retort to my entry the other day. At least you make it obvious who the obtuse Russell is.

        • Fry says:

          More realistic? GTFO, bro.

          No one can guess exactly how the draft will go and Mike is doing his best on what he knows about current prospects and the Patriots current needs pre-free agency, pre-combine.

          Get a grip.

        • PSW says:

          More likely only on the grounds we trade away too many 1st round picks

    • Daniel R. Martin says:

      I wish I had more hands so I could give that mock 4 thumbs down.


  25. acm says:

    Have to echo the sentiments here – I find the draft quite unrealistic; not that I don’t like the picks, I just find it difficult to believe that Nix, ASJ and even Bitonio (right now projects in the 50-70 pick range and could only get higher, imo) would be available in those spots.

    Also, I don’t think you are focusing enough on improving the OL. Of course needs for the draft would change depending on FA-cy signings, but right now I would say that interior OL and TE are the two positions that need urgent fixing the most. Even more so than DL … also because I think it would be easier to fix the DL with free agent signings than the other two.

    I am also a fan of Lynch and can see him move up boards with a great combine. Right now the hype around him has cooled off and he is more of a 4th rounder but could even get picked in the 2nd if he lights it up at the combine, so I guess projecting him in the 3rd now is a fair bet.

  26. Trev says:

    Absolutely no way that either Nix or ASJ would be available at those spots. Wishful thinking, but no way this happens.

    • Daniel R. Martin says:

      Last I checked, ASJ was mocked late 1st to early 2nd. Pats fans better hope he or one of the other top flight TE’s are available, and that we take one, of course, because rebuilding our 2 TE set is of paramount importance.

  27. Murphy says:

    I’d be ecstatic if the draft played out this way. Only thing I would add/ prefer is one of the bigger CB’s if they were there in the 4th. Keith McGill or Pierre desir would be nice to add for when talib goes down.

  28. steve earle says:

    Gee Mike kind of a disappointing mock. I havn’t seen any other mocks where Nix falls all the way to #29 plus yoy gave us no indecation how we move up into the mid 2nd for ASJ? Honestly I’m underwhelmed overall.

    • Nuf Ced says:

      Agree totally

    • Fry says:

      how can you be underwhelmed? Because of bunch of other January mock drafts have placed Nix going higher?

      Please go back and compare ALL MOCK DRAFTS to how the actual NFL draft played out.

      Geeze these comments are atrocious.

      • steve earle says:

        Well Fry, I don’t think I’m alone in being underwhelmed, I just think it’s darn unlikely to unfold in such a favorable (to the Pats) way. As for looking at all the mocks, Geeeze Fry there are hunderds of them out there and I haven’t the time for them all. Plus sorry you find my post as atrocious as I feel your attitude is.

  29. Alex (freemanator) says:

    I like it. Great value on Nix and ASJ if they last to our picks, and they would both boost key areas of the team.

    While I agree the pass rush needs upgrading I would be disappointed if we didn’t take a Centre or Guard in the first three rounds. But think Lynch would be a great guy to add to the DE rotation. I’d also think that adding Nix would boost our rush. Him and Wilfork/Kelly would be able to collapse the interior of the pocket, while leaving Nink and Jones to beat 1 on 1 matchups. There’d be no double teaming Chandler with those big powerful guys pushing up the middle. I’d also be prepared to double down at DT and take Dominique Easley here, to provide the kind of first step menace that interior O-lineman hate.

    I’d also leave the RB position to the UDFA pool, and take a flex TE/hybrid FB there. Lyerla or Millard would be good.

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