2014 Patriots Draft Picks

The New England Patriots have the following picks in the 2014 NFL Draft:

1st Round – Dominique Easley (DL Florida) – 29th Pick
2nd Round – Jimmy Garoppolo (QB, Eastern Illinois) 62nd Pick
4th Round – Bryan Stork (OL, Florida State) – 105th Pick
4th Round – James White (RB, Wisconsin) – 130th Pick
4th Round – Cameron Fleming (OT, Stanford) – 140th Pick
6th Round – Jon Halapio (G, Florida) – 179th Pick
6th Round – Zach Moore (DE, Concoria) – 198th Pick
6th Round – Jemea Thomas (DB, Georgia Tech) – 206th Pick
7th Round – Jeremy Gallon (WR, Michigan) – 244th Pick

The following picks have been traded:

3rd Round (Assigned) – Traded to JAX for 4th and 6th
5th Round (PHI – Isaac Sopoaga)

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  1. Ryan says:

    This is to benny and steve-o if u were anything else besides a pats fan I would be pissed at you but as patriots fans we are a family #superbowlrun

  2. Ryan says:

    Yo stev-o u ain’t in this convo man and wtf u put nothing up either so u should just shut up!!

  3. Ryan says:

    Yo benny a least I put up a mock draft dawg!!!

  4. benny says:

    Ryan and Savage both 0 for 7 !! C’mon Man !

  5. Ryan says:

    Pats take tuitt in the first hyde in the second mccaron in the third
    trade mallet and fourth rounder to houston for 2015 picks in the second sixth and seventh round
    take andre williams in the fourth round then in the fifth they select devin street sixth round pick is
    tyler starr and lastly in the seventh they will select tajh boyd. I know bill doesn’t usually double up in the
    draft but I believe they wiill select two qbs and two rbs. Admitt it brady is getting old and ridley has fumbling problems.

  6. Savage says:

    Well, here I go again, these picks are all in my humble opinion…

    1st (#29) Marcus Martin, C, USC
    2nd (#62) Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington
    3rd (#65) AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama (for Mallett)
    3rd (#93) Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor
    4th (#126) Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin
    4th (Comp) Andre Williams, RB, Boston College
    6th (#198) Tyler Starr, OLB, South Dakota
    6th (#206) Vinnie Sunseri, SS, Alabama
    7th (#222) Xavier Grimble, TE, USC

    Well, here is my final shot at this, lol. Seriously lets see how it all starts off on Thursday, take a look let me know and enjoy the draft.

    • Ryan says:

      savage sorry but I dont think they will select marcus martin in the first round they have ryan wendell who is a decent player at his position

  7. Drew says:

    Ultimate Mock Draft 6.0 Aggressive
    (Pats trade Ryan Mallet and 6th pick for 3rd and 5th pick)

    -1st.  Ra’shede Hageman “Brings Some Thunder” DT Minnesota
    -2nd. Troy Niklas “Baby Gronk” TE Notre Dame
    -3rd. De’Anthony Thomas “Big Special Teams Threat”  RB/WR Oregon
    -3rd. Christian Jones “Hide Your QB” OLB FSU
    -4th.  Brandon Coleman “Optimus Prime” WR Rutgers
    -4th.  Craig Loston “Earl Thomas Who??” SS LSU
    -5th.  Logan Thomas “Tall Gun Slinger” QB VT
    -6th.  Justin Jones “Hulk Play Football” TE ECU
    -7th.  Alfred Blue ” 6’1 230lb Power” RB LSU (Steal!!!!)

  8. PFAN12BRADY says:

    My Thoughts on Patriots 2014 Mock Draft
    Round 1 – Jace Amaro TE
    Round 2 – Deone Buchannon S
    Round 3 – Da’Quan Jones DT
    Round 4 – AJ McCarron QB
    Round 4 – Andre Williams RB
    Round 6 – Anthony Steen OG
    Round 6 – Aaron Lynch ILB
    Round 7 – Russell Bodine OG

    Just my opinion! What do you think?

    • T-Mart says:

      PERFECTION. Except Sefarian-Jenkins over Amaro. Essentially he is a second Gronk that will become the #1 TE when Rob goes down again. Then Rob is nothing but a trade piece for some average to slightly above average player or a 3rd round draft pick in the coming years

    • Eric says:

      Good look. Nice picks

  9. Tristan says:

    My updated Mock Draft not taken into account potential trades:

    1st Round Stephon Tuitt, DE/DT, Notre Dame
    2nd Round Troy Niklas, TE, Notre Dame
    3rd Round AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama
    4th Round Travis Swanson, C, Arkansas
    4th Round Brent Urban, DE, Virginia
    6th Round Kevin Pierre-Louis, LB, Boston College
    6th Round Joe Don Duncan, TE/ Big Wide Receiver, Dixie State
    7th Round Daniel Sorensen, S, Brigham Young

  10. Savage says:

    Well, here I go again, these picks are all in my humble opinion…

    1st (#29) Dee Ford, DE, Auburn
    2nd (#33) Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio St(Hou Mallet)already spoken about this SPECIFIC trade
    2nd (#62) Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington
    3rd (#93) AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama
    4th (#112) Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor (Tenn for Ridley)
    4th (#126) Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin
    4th (Comp) Craig Loston, SS, LSU
    6th (#198) Gabe Ikard, OC, Oklahoma
    6th (#206) Tyler Starr, OLB, South Dakota
    7th (#222) Xavier Grimble, TE, USC

    In the end you look at this and all our needs are filled we don’t trade out of the first and we fill the hole left by Blount with the best back in this draft, who by the way fits perfectly into the system already. Wilfork will be himself again he is a freak of nature always has been. The playoffs should have shown everyone that we need a running game. Brady won 3 SB’s with a D and running game, we put up great numbers without one but no rings.

    • Matty says:

      Mallett just won’t get better than a third,and drafting an RB early seems silly, given the current value of backs in the NFL. I do like the Dee Ford pick, and I’d love to see another fast defender picked early- shazier if not Ford in round 1, telvin Smith round 3/4, bucannon round 2/3. Best available DT somewhere in top 4 rounds, and TE top 4 rounds. Don’t have the luxury to pick an RB early.

      • Savage says:

        Even though everyone seems to say DT, I just don’t see a need there this year, and after what we did in the playoffs running the ball how can we not say we have no need at RB. I think that the Mallett trade will be for a second or third, but I know they discussed a second and with rumors floating of a Trade with the Falcons for the no 1 overall they may have the extra picks to do it.

        • Matty says:

          Running back wasn’t the problem last year. Need better pass rush, faster linebacker, starting quality safety, insurance for Wilfork and Kelly, and a tight end.
          Mallett has only a year left on his contract; low trade value because of it. A 3rd would be a great deal for pats

    • Eric says:

      Very Interesting. I wonder if Seferian-Jenkins would last that late in second round ?

  11. rd12 says:

    1Round – Dee Ford DE Auburn
    2Round – Austin Seferian – Jenkins TE Washington
    3Round – Deone Bucannon S Washington State (pick #65 for Mallett)
    4Round – Cyril Richardsons OG Baylor
    4Round – Christian Jones ILB Florida State
    6Round – Tyler Gaffney RB Stanfort
    6Round – Dontae Johnson CB North Carolina State
    7Round – Tajh Boyd QB Clemson

  12. Ruben says:

    1Round – Dee Ford DE Auburn
    2Round – Austin Seferian – Jenkins TE Washington
    3Round – Deone Bucannon S Washington State (pick #65 for Mallett)
    4Round – Cyril Richardsons OG Baylor
    4Round – Christian Jones ILB Florida State
    6Round – Tyler Gaffney RB Stanfort
    6Round – Dontae Johnson CB North Carolina State
    7Round – Tajh Boyd QB Clemson

  13. Jay says:

    Trade 29th pick to Atlanta for pick 37, pick 103, and 182 pick
    Trade Mallett to Houston for 65th pick and 141st pick
    Trade 93rd pick to Oakland for 107th pick and 2015 4th round pick

    Chris Borland LB Wisconsin 37th pick
    CJ Fiedorowicz TE Iowa 62nd pick
    Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss 65th pick
    Anthony Johnson DT LSU 103rd pick
    AJ McCarron QB Alabama 107th pick
    Jarred Abbrederis WR Wisconsin 130rd pick
    Michael Schofield OT Michigan 141st pick
    James White RB Wisconsin 182nd pick
    Tyler Larsen C Utah State 206th pick
    Vinnie Sunseri SS Alabama 244th pick

    I love the Wisconsin players in this draft. Borland is a Zach Thomas clone and has unreal instincts. He’s not the typical Patriots prototype linebacker, but he’s the ultimate football player. He can stuff the run and cover TE’s much better than Spikes. He’s a beast and would be a better tackler than anyone on the team (except maybe Mayo).

    There should be a quality TE available at the end of round 2. Fiedorowicz was a red-zone target in a run first offense. I think that he may be undervalued. He doesn’t have big stats because of the offense he was in. It would be tough to match up inside the 20 with Gronk and Fiedorowicz both on the field- two athletic monster red-zone targets. Having a TE with a similar skill set to Gronk will help with depth and potential contract issues in the future.

    Moncrief looks like a versatile WR with big upside. He can block, catch screens, and stretch the field. I think that Dobson is going to have a breakout year and they may be too similar. If Jeremy Hill or Tre Mason fall at RB, I like the SEC running backs. If Nix is there at 29, I would take him and lose out on Borland/Johnson/White.

  14. John says:

    I think the patriots will trade out of the first, I don’t know who but probably a team with an under 20 pick in the first. I think they get a second third a fifth and maybe a seventh. I think they could take a De like Kony Early (could drop to low second round) or De Scott Crichton. Then I would like to see the pats grab C Weston Richburg with the 62nd. In the the third Telvin smith OLB or a 2nd round Te that falls to early third like Troy Niklas maybe, and then cj Fiedorwicz. In the 4th I like the idea of taking defensive tackle like Caruien Reid or even Ego Ferguson and then OG brandon Thomas.

  15. Daniel says:

    1st- marquise lee (WR) USC
    2nd- Dominique Easly (DT) Florida
    3rd- Jackson jeffcoat or Kareem Martin (DE)
    4th- lache seastrunk (RB) Baylor
    4th- brandon Thomas (OG) Clemson
    6th Lonnie Ballentine (S) Memphis (look him up I guarantee we draft this guy)
    6th- Colt lyerla (TE) Oregon
    7th-jonotthan Harrison(C) Florida

  16. rd12 says:

    Hey Pats Fans this is my third mock draft and i hope that this will happen in the draft.

    1. The Patriots trade there 4 round pick, 6 round pick and a future 2 round pick to a Team with the picks 15 to 28.
    2. The Patriots trade Ryan Mallett QB and a 6 round pick for the texans 2 round pick.

    1Round pick 15 – 28 – OG Xavier Su’a- Filo UCLA 6-4 308
    1Round pick 29 – DL Stephon Tuitt Notre Dame 6-6 304
    2Round pick 33 – TE Jade Amero Texas Tech 6-5 265
    2Round pick 62 – S Deone Bucannon Washington State 6-1 211
    3Round pick 93 – LB Telvin Smith Florida State 6-3 234
    4Round pick 130 – (traded away for 1Round pick)
    4Round pick 140 – WR Devin Street Pittsburgh 6-3 198
    6Round pick 198 – (traded away for 1Round pick)
    6Round pick 206 – (traded away for 2Round pick)
    7Round pick 244 – QB Tajh Boyd 6-1 222

    • Dan says:

      Both impossible trades. Mallett gets a third rounder tops. Low 2, low 4, and 6 don’t get a first round pick. We already have a first round pick, and five in top four rounds. Let’s just use them.

    • matty says:

      Ridiculous trades. No way does a low 2 and 4 get a mid-1st- insane. Just keep the pick.
      And no way mallett gets the #33 pick; best case scenario gets a 3rd, and that’s only Becquerel it’s such a mediocre year for QBs.
      No problem with the picks, but the trades are nuts.

      • chur bro says:

        i like your thinking but i would look to the O-line in the 4th or 6th round and as BB always stated you can find a offensive tackle anywhere. DE, TE, SS, WR, DT and QB are gaps needing attention. Should be plenty of guards available in the 4th-6th region

  17. RD12 says:

    every one says that the patriots will draft a TE, DL or WR in the first round but what about to pick OG xavier su’a – filo his is great in pass protection and in rum blocking.
    dan connolly is not good in pass protection and got beaten alot last year.

  18. Josh says:

    1st-Traded-Possibly Ravens 2nd (48) 3rd (99) 5th (175) 7th (232). Something like that would definitely get the Patriots to bite, considering there is a lot of depth in this draft. And we have a lot of holes to fill.

    2nd (Ravens)- Ra’Shede Hageman
    2nd- Dri Archer
    3rd (Ravens)-Johnathan Dowling
    3rd -Adrian Hubbard
    4th-Daniel McCullers
    5th-Isaiah Lewis
    6th-Christian Bryant
    7th-Jacob Pederson

  19. Big w says:

    Trade 29 to Jacksonville for 39,105,144.
    Pick 39 Markus Smith olb/de
    Pick 62 Markus Martin C
    Pick 93 Buchanon or Loston SS
    Pick 105 Christian Jones LB
    pick 130 Aaron Lynch DE
    Pick 140 Colt Lyerla TE early but someone else will if we don’t
    Pick 144 Storm Johnson RB
    Pick 198 Tom Savage QB
    Pick 206 Kevin Norwood WR
    pick 244 Laurent Duvenay OG/OT
    We really need a SS with skill and a lb crew who can cover and run with TE and RB . These LB’s can run and blitz and are used to winning.

    • tbuck says:

      hey big w I like your draft all but colt lyerla no way we need him no matter how talented Brandon coleman is there grab him with his size and weight almost make him a hybrid te wr your rite on with everything else in bill we trust and go patriots

  20. jared hose says:

    (1st) patriots select Kelvin Benjamin Widereciever/Te hybrid (Florida State)
    (2nd) Dom Easley (DT FL)
    (3rd) Patriots select Brandon thomas) (OG Clemson)
    (4th)Telvin Smith incredible athlete flys to the ball impressive 40 time but undersized at 6’3 218, in my opinion if devloped has the potential to be a Kam Chancellor type (LB/SS FSU)
    (6th) Brandon Coleman typical rutgers pick, another weapon for brady, hopefully bigger impact than our last rookie class (WR/RU)
    (6th) Dontae Johnson (FS/NCSU)a 6’2 free safety that ran an official 4.45 forty appears athletic would make good gunner on special teams
    (7th) Colt Lyerla (TE/Oregon)who doesnt like a risk?

    • Joshua Jones says:

      That would be a very nice haul & you’ve included 3 players that I too have been “banging the table” for the Pats to draft in Benjamin, Easley & Lyerla. I don’t think you’re far off at all either because the Pats have shown clear interest in both WR Kelvin Benjamin & DL Dominique Easley. OG Brandon Thomas from Clemson is another pick I like & has the type of size, skill set & on-field temperment the Pats like in their interior lineman & would fill a position of need. The other guy I’ve been chirping about is Colt Lyerla. He does have off-field concerns because of a cocaine arrest that led him to leave the Oregon team before his junior season that was primed to be a break-out year for him & after what happened with Aaron Hernandez would make the Pats more weary than usual to draft him, which maybe it’s fair, maybe it’s not because he hasn’t shown any history/affiliations with gangs/gang members or any violence but cocaine use is still a definite concern. But if he’s available in the 7th round, I feel you still have to take a shot on him. His combination of length, athleticism & versatility is incredibly rare & would fit perfect in Josh McDaniels multiple formation/motion offensive scheme. Not only would he seamlessly sill in the gap left by Hernandez, he’d add even more height & therefore red-zone ability & would be another versatile “joker” to go along with Shane Vereen in the Pats offense . It’s also a position of need with no receiving TE’s currently on the roster behind the injured Rob Gronkowski, whom we must state the awful truth about; That as dominant as he was when he returned last year after MULTIPLE back & forearm surgeries, I think it’s safe to say that he may very likely end up missing at least the first 6 weeks on the PUP list & that this ACL/MCL tear may make it so he is just simply never the same again & is very likely one more serious injury away from a pre-mature end to an INCREDIBLY promising career & going the way of guys like Gale Sayers, Bo Jackson, Sterling Sharpe, Barry Foster & Billy Sims among others.

  21. Sean Bettencourt says:

    Patriots should trade up to get a young WR. I personally would like Mike Evans. He has height, great hands, and helped Manziel with his Career. A tall WR would help Brady in his last few years, and also help the slot WR. The weapons we would have on offence would be great. Then the Pats should draft 1 or 2 OL, a LB, DT, maybe a FS, or SS, but also a young set of legs at RB because Ridley has had fumbling issues, injury issues, and if he doesn’t produce this year, he might be looking for a job. I like Tre Mason because he is versatile with strength and speed, or in later rounds get Dri Archer for special teams, and a good outside runner. (40 time 4.28, 2nd fastest ever behind Chris Johnson) Brady has 3 to 4 years most likely left in this league, so drafting a QB prob next year or the year after would be a better choice in my opinion.

  22. Jacob Licht says:

    Uptaded mock draft:
    Trade 1st rounder (29) to NYG for #43, #74, and #113 [Giants take Ryan Shazier, sidenote]
    Trade Ryan Mallet for #64 from Texans
    Trade #244, future 5th rounder for 2014 fifth rounder
    43: Austin Seferian Jenkins, TE-Washington
    62: Demarcus Lawrence, DE-Boise St
    64. Marcus Martin, C/OG-USC
    74: AJ McCarron, QB-Alabama
    113: Daniel McCullers, DT-Tennessee (This guy is 6’7, 352 lbs-wilfork’s successor?)
    130: Andre Williams, RB-BC
    140: Jordan Zumwalt, LB- UCLA
    5th round: Michael Sam, DE-Missouri
    198: Matt Patchan, OT-BC
    206: Gator Hoskins, FB/TE-Marshall

    • Matty says:

      I’d much rather have a top DE or Safety round 1 and 2, TE round 3- niklas or feiderorwicz. The lack of a proven safety is a major concern.
      So- Dee Ford or calvin pryor, round 1, niklas round 2, best available DE or Safety round 3- that would make me a lot happier than your draft.

    • jared hose says:

      man you got way to much free time but thats one hell of an idea… sounds good… anyone think itd ever be worth it to trade brady?

      • tbuck says:

        ya i wandered trading brady to I,d be willing to bet some team would trade almost all there picks for him minny did for hershal walker saints did for ricky Williams but would love to see tom win 2 more super bowls but the nfl is a bussiness sorry cant spell and go patriots

    • Greg says:

      I absolutely love the pick up of Gator Hoskins! How could you not love the combo of Gronk and Gator!!!

  23. joe wood says:

    1) Amaro TE / K. Martin DE 2) K.Martin DE/Siberian jenkins TE 3) Hubbard OLB/DE, 4) Bullough ILB, 5) Coleman WR, 6) Layer LA TE, 7) wilder Jr RB, 8) Lobato Qb,
    1st Round Amaro TE
    2nd Round K. Martin DE/DL
    3rd Round Hubbard OLB/DE
    4th Round Bullough ILB
    4th Round (Compensatory) Furr SS/LB
    6th Round (PHI – Isaac Sopoaga)
    6th Round (assigned ) Bullough ILB/OLB
    7th Round (Assigned) Lyerla TE

    Patriots Make Moves Trade Mallet
    for 2nd,6th and 7th
    2nd round sabarrian jenkins TE
    6th round wilder jr RB
    7Th round Lobato QB
    Sign Coleman WR after draft

  24. Bill says:

    # 29 RaShede Hageman DT

    # 62 Troy NiklasInjured TE

    # 93 Travis Swanson C

    #126 Andre Williams RB

    #140 Ahmad Dixon SS

    #198 Jake Murphy TE

    #206 Chris Watt G

    #222 Matt Patchan T

    UDFA Bryn Renner QB

  25. Savage says:

    1st Round (#29) Dee Ford, DE, Auburn
    2nd Round (#33) Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio St (Houston for Mallet)
    2nd Round (#62) Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington
    3rd Round (#93) AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama
    4th Round (#112) Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor (Tenn for Ridley)
    4th Round (#126) Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin
    4th Round (Comp) Craig Loston, SS, LSU
    6th Round (#198) Gabe Ikard, OC, Oklahoma
    6th Round (#206) Tyler Starr, OLB, South Dakota
    7th Round (#222) Xavier Grimble, TE, USC

    • matty says:

      No way does Mallett get a high second, and no way would pats blow that pick on a running back. Too many other needs- safety, DE, or TE.
      Maybe mallett gets a third, but more likely he’s back on the team.

      • Savage says:

        Houston has already spoken to the Pats about that trade, and if you take Ford with the first round pick. We NEED a RB an every down back like Hyde, who by the way is the best back in this draft. We still can get All our needs and how do u see DT as a need where does he fit in.

        • Matty says:

          I’d love to get Ford, but when there’s a huge need at TE and Safety, backup needs at DT, LB, and Center/OL, RB is pretty low on the priority list.

    • Keith Ortolani says:

      I think safety or TE is priority, so Pats will draft a Tackle. Either side.lol value and versatility are the norm. Trading down and getting bucanon or Lofton to fill SS role while adding a pick to get DT bodies such as DaQuan Jones or McCullers. If Hageman is there at 29 pats will nab him. Amaro is a good pick,Mosley will be gone,

  26. Sam Friedman says:

    Use our first round on Kyle Fuller, prototypical slot cover corner. Played in a big name conference on a weak team and proved himself against sec teams like Alabama and Georgia, check out some tape on him. 6 Feet 190 lbs is perfect fit to cover recievers and Tight ends like jimmy graham, bennent, davis, olsen, etc. Runs a high 4.9 which is perfect also. we need to make moves and aquire at least one more second round pick. A large necessity is at Tight end obviously and Austin Seferian-Jenkins is exactlty what gronk was coming out of arz. A 6’6 TE that weighs 270 and runs a 4.65 on a bad day. With the absence of spikes, I see nobody better than shayne skov of stanford, he is a total tackling machine and played 87 percent of the snaps with stanford. moving on into the third rd I see that patriots attacking Centers or more olb’s like trent murphy from stanford. In a perfect world AJ Mccaron is still up in the fifth round and we could take him and trade mallett for a first rounder (12-19) in next years draft. So we have

    1st – Kyle Fuller – CB VT
    2nd – Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE Washington
    2nd – Shayne Skov – MLB Stanford
    3rd – Trent Murphy – OLB/DE Stanford
    4th – Jarvis Landry – WR LSU
    5th – AJ Mccaron – QB Alabama

    Also I am a total hater of Vince’s contract. With his money gone and Hernandez’s dead 7.5 mil next year we would have 15 mil in cap space to sign a free agent wr. Demariyus AJ Green and Brandon Marshall are all fa wr’s next year and resigning an old dt does not help that cause. Our d line will be fine this year though with the pairs of Kelly/Wilfork on first down (run stoppers) then chris jones/armstead(lead canadian fb league in sacks last year) on second and third down depeding on yardage. (Pass Rushers) if we fit skov hightower collins and mayo in with them, our front seven will be top 10. Also with a top 5 secondary with revis browner ryan dennard arringnton harmon fuller mccourty and adrian wilson. And of course with the greatest living american the helm of our team, if we get the draft right we should be able to blow the rest of the afc out of the water pending injuries.

  27. Jeff V says:

    Trey Millard – TE/FB/RB from Oklahoma is a FREAKISH athlete who can run catch and is a devastating blocker. He would be a huge weapon in the Pats offense.

  28. Landon says:

    Really when the patriots draft do they even look at needs. I could see them taking the best player in every round. So they will just draft whoever has fallen into their lap or into a spot they can trade up to to grab a player who’s taken a fall and is affordable to trade up for. None of these mock drafts will be right because all get Attatched to a name. Belichik and the patriots see #?? When evaluating talent. That’s why they takes guys like tavon Wilson and Duron Harmon. So I’m not even going to attempt to make one I’m just hoping a good DE DT or OL fall into the patriots lap this year. Maybe A TE but I don’t think the tight ends this year are worth anything more than a 3rd. Ebron in the right system is a 1st. Lyerla in an Aaron type joker Hernandez role could be interesting.

  29. Devin says:

    The pats should trade mallet for the texans 2nd round pick and they should also take 2 TE in this years draft cause if gronk gets hurt again they should him. (This years TE class is stacked).
    1st round:rashede-hageman DT
    2nd round:(for mallet) jace amaro or austin seferian jenkins TE
    2nd round:deone bucannon SS
    3rd round:cj fiedorowicz TE
    4th round:aj mccarron QB
    4th round:(complementary)cyril richardson OG
    6th round:aaron lynch DE
    7th round:max bullough ILB

    Any thoughts?

    • Devin says:

      *should trade him

      • top says:

        The pats will trade Mallet, 29th pick, and another late round pick for Houston’s #1 pick then take Clowney #1. You can’t let a player like that go.

        • jb says:

          if only the Texans were that naive…

        • Jason says:

          Listen i want to talk facts
          1.Houston wants to trade.
          2.Houston thinks Mallet has more knowledge of the offense than any slappy in the draft.
          3.Thwy would give A 3rd for Mallet.
          4.Bundle Mallet 1st 2014,1st 2015 for the #1 over all.
          5. Patriots make Clev. and Jax freak because we broght Manziel,Bortles,and Bridewater in.
          6. Trade down with them to collect more picks.
          7. Pick Clowney or best PR.
          8.Win Super bowl
          9.Ride off into the sunset

    • Jason says:

      How about Kelvin Benjamin from Florida State. He is a big tall receiver and go deep and Tom Brady likes throwing the LONG Ball. He has not done that since Randy Moss.

    • Mario says:

      I like your scenario the best so far. I think this Pats would would be lucky to grab 2 tight ends and a dt early. Gronks health is questionable and Vince could use help up front.

  30. Tristan says:

    My mock draft based on current signing of Ryan Wendell and Vince Wilfork and losing Blount:

    1st Round: Dee Ford DE Auburn
    2nd Round: Jimmie Ward SS Northern Illinois
    3rd Round: CJ Fiedorowicz TE Iowa
    4th Round: Caraun Reid DT Princeton
    4th Round: Jordan Tripp OLB Montana
    6th Round: Tyler Larsen C Utah State
    6th Round: Jeff Janis WR Saginaw Valley State
    7th Round: James Wilder Jr RB Florida State
    7th Round: Colt Lyerla TE Oregon

    • Tristan says:

      Sorry my mistake, there is only one 7th round pick. So with the loss of Blount my projected 7th round pick is James Wilder Jr. FSU RB.

  31. Jacob Licht says:

    Trade #29 to SF for #56, #61, and 5th rounder
    Trade Ryan Mallet for #65
    Trade 6th Round and Compensatory 6th round for late 4th or early 5th round pick
    56. Troy Niklas TE
    61. Gabe Jackson OG
    62. Kareem Martin DE
    65. Daquan Jones DT
    93. Jordan Zumwult LB
    4th round: Andre Williams, RB
    4/5 round: Brandon Coleman WR
    SF 5th Round: Brett Smith QB
    7th Round: Andre Hal CB
    Compensatory 7th: Gabe Ikard C

    • yb says:

      Two big needs now that we got 2 top cb ‘s in free agency and a wr and reseigned Edelman . TE and DT , DE. Jimmy Jerigan fl st 6’3 300 might slide to the pats pick in the first round . get him ! with the second round pick like TE Jenkins 6’6 275 wash st . with 3rd pick a sleeper pick Dominique Ealey florida 6’2 280 dt -de stud , injured but if hes well is a steal here . If there able to get a pick for mallot in the late second or early 3rd there is real value in the first 75 of this particular draft . A lot of stud players will be had in the 40-75 range . I hope the pats use there picks in the first 3 rounds this year -please theres talent in the top 90 . Theres 4 OLB in the 35-65 range that could be had to strengthen de-olb Hopefully we can get value for mallet ie a late 2nd early 3rd . Brady is 37 this coming year he looks 27 , he has God willing 3-5 more years , in time a replacement will be had for him . I believe Brady and thus the pats have a 3-4 year window to get back to several superbowls , now that they signed revis , another cb , and lafell wr . wow ! Go mr kraft laying out the dowe , no one can call him cheap again , this guy built this team from a low point schaefer stadium anybody . This team is americas team and the worlds favorite team by far ! Kfrat/brady/beletchek have made the pats the cowboys of the 70s .

    • tbuck says:

      hey Jacob you got the best trade scenario I,ve seen i don,t follow college but would like to see your mock in real life and pats

    • Savage says:

      I just have one question if you trade Mallet who’s your backup QB cause Smith is not it.

  32. Josh says:

    If someone takes the bait, trade Ryan Mallet for 2nd round pick.
    Then trade down our first and sixth for second, fourth and fifth round picks

    2nd RD: David Yankey
    2nd RD: Stephon Tuitt
    2nd RD: Troy Niklas
    3rd RD: Daquan Jones
    4th RD: A.J. McCarron
    4th RD: Brandon Coleman
    5th RD: Christian Jones
    6th RD: Tyler Starr
    7th RD: Colt Lyerla

  33. Savage says:

    Well I must say with Revis and Browner we did get better at CB and have no need to draft any. Wilfork hell, u knew one way or another with that cap number something was gonna happen (so lets move him to Jax or TB for a 3rd send him back to FLA, and be happy) Please don’t resign Edleman we can build better. Here’s how…

    1st Round (#29) Dee Ford, DE, Auburn
    2nd Round (#33) Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech (Houston for Mallet)
    2nd Round (#62) Dion Bailey, S, USC
    3rd Round (#70) Cyril Richardson, G/OT, Baylor (Jax for Wilfork)
    3rd Round (#93) AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama for Ridley
    4th Round (#126) Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin
    6th Round (#182) Russell Bodine, C, North Carolina
    6th Round (#190) Tyler Starr, OLB, South Dakota
    7th Round (#222) DeAnthony Thomas, RB, Oregon

    Now if you move Ridley, or Gronk it would be a draft day deal, so I will wait. NO resigning none let them all go.
    I would sign Sidney Rice, and Mt. McCoy both would soar in NE. Two players I would love to see here, Kiesel from the Steelers, or Peppers, teach Jones and Ford how to do it. IMHO

  34. Savage says:

    OK more and more it looks like Houston is going to draft Clowney and try to trade for a QB therefore I must amend my earlier drafts:

    1st Round (#29) Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Fla St
    2nd Round (#33) Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech (Houston for Mallet)
    2nd Round (#62) Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska
    3rd Round (#93) AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama for Ridley
    4th Round (#97) Craig Loston, SS, LSU
    4th Round (#126) Brandon Thomas, G, Clemson
    6th Round (#182) Russell Bodine, C, North Carolina
    6th Round (#190) Tyler Starr, OLB, South Dakota
    7th Round (#222) DeAnthony Thomas, RB, Oregon

    Let Edleman go, sign Sidney Rice, cmon do we need all sub 6 foot wideouts, sign Brett Keisel, from the Steelers, resign Talib, and seriously look into trading Gronk.

    • cc says:

      If they don’t trade Gronk, then they are fools…..what a hyped out waste of time who is always injured and never available when its needed the most……I’ve stated before: get Arizonas # 20 or # 52 in that deal! + WHATEVER along with it possable.

      • tbuck says:

        ok for everyone thinking trading gronk for a first rnd pick and any pick in the first 3 rnds your wacked hes great when healthy but cant seem to stay that way I doubt anyone would trade a high rnd pick for him we need some serious pass rushers o line and te.s we could survive with good not great dbs if we had pass rushers. we need not to rely on tom all the time keep him uprite with good o line and run the ball stock up d line and rush or hit q back

    • VKC12 says:

      If they can keep Edelman great, if not you can slip Amendola into the slot and/or experiment with Boyce in the slot. Dobson is a big body and when healthy can be that game-breaker they are looking for. If they lose Edelman, go after a Steve Smith, or Jones to be a mentor to our young pups! Also, there is a deep selection of WR’s coming out in the draft that they can take with a later round pick after stocking up on DL’s, CB’s, and TE

      I agree with the entry above about trading Mallet, get some value for him, probably a late pick unless they combine with their #1 to move up. As for potential backups, McCarron, Mettenberger, and Murray would all be serviceable backups with alot of upside of Brady goes down or retires.

  35. matty says:

    I’m worried about having too many small receivers; boyce, amendola, Edelman, and thompkins are all small. I think two need to go. Boyce will stay for sure, as a cheap, unproven talent. I think we need to either cut out losses with amendola, or not re-sign Edelman.

  36. rd12 says:

    Hey Pats Fans this is my draft mock 2.0

    The Patriots will release
    – Sopoaga
    – A. Wilson
    – Arrington

    The Patriots re-sign
    – Talib
    – Edelman
    – Wendell
    – Fletcher

    1 round – Stephon Tuitt DT
    2 round ( trade Mallett to Houston and a six round pick ) – Jace Amoro TE
    2 round – Deone Bucannon SS
    3 round – Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB
    4 round – A.J. McCarron QB
    6 round- Brandon Linder OG
    7 round -Max Bullough ILB

  37. Matty says:

    We need Safeties. Tavon Wilson looks like a dud, and the other wilson looks like he’s done. Drafting a safety early is a must. DL is key, too. TE can wait until round 3.

  38. Spokane Rick says:

    I really do not want Sefarian-Jenkins anywhere near the field in New England. He plays very soft and is often injured, not to mention an off the field risk.

  39. Lawrence M says:

    OK, Here’s players i think the patriots should draft this year(please watch film on these guys)

    1) DE Stephon tuitt
    2) CB Stanley Jean Baptiste/SS Deone Bucannon
    3) MLB Chirstian Jones
    4) TE Evan Wilson/Arthur Lynch
    5) SS Nick Williams/WR Brandon Coleman
    6) CB Terrance Mitchell/DT Dominique Easley
    7) OT Wesley Johnson/ OG Morgan Moses

  40. Pete H. says:

    I don’t think you’re going to see any of those trades actually work – too optimistic from a Pats perspective, but if they did, that would be awesome. I’d go for a DT at the end of round 1 though, then cut Kelley or Wilfork and use the cash to sign your wide receiver instead. Also, I think you’d want to go O-line earlier, so I’d recommend the 3rd round be used on a guard or center, maybe M. Martin, Turner, or Dozier. Finally, I know Jean-Baptiste is popular in mocks these days, but if Talib is re-signed, I think Guard or another tight end could be good choices as well – maybe Jackson (G) or Niklas (TE).

    • Pete H. says:

      Sorry, this comment was supposed to be a response to Savage below.

      • Savage says:

        I can see the Gronk trade being a little much but I think he’s the perfect fit in STL and them having multiple first rounders and also not needing Clowney, I think its perfect. Mallett is already set as a second round value, so either Houston or Minny. There are no WR’s on the market that are as good as Benjamin, and his upside is HUGE, plus and Amaro will be there early 2nd. Now the Talib and Jean-Baptise secondary, will easily make up for LB’s who cant cover walls with paint. OLmen in this draft are very weak, except maybe 3-4 OT’s, the G/C’s are weak so lets use the free agents for that rather then WR’s/TE’s who we can get in this draft. Overall I think we loose Edleman and replace him with Benjamin at WR, and Amaro at TE. I think D wins Championships always has, even the Pats rings were based on a great D (unkown but great). So lets get back to it, Brady has 2 maybe 3 years left so lets help him out here, forget trading back and building for the future cause the future is now.

    • Shoulder says:

      I have to Disagree with Clowney we should get him we only have ninckovich, wilfork, mayo, spikes. We should get home if he’s not picked by Houston. But I agree with Gronk being traded.

    • b.lafond says:

      Pete H, You really think getting rid of Wilfork if healthy and ready to go is the correct option and replace him with an unproven DT ? your talking about a run stopper. a blanket. Wilfork gets his fingers even near a ball carrier and that includes enough strength to trip or tackle with his fingers. He’s old but could still go in on situational Defense. Trade Mallet, Ridley, package a conditional 3rd and 4th possible 1 round moved up conditional depending on how each does. structure those players trades to include mid level to higher performance draft picks move up in the 2014 draft if you can work out a miracle and get a high draft pick get the best player available at draft time and if there is a coveted player take him and trade to one of the next 2-3 teams for 1st round pick this year 2014 and second rounder 2014 with a top pick from last years draft 2013 at the positions you really want youth at right now or need like TE or WR this would allow for that teams top pick or a 2nd to 3rd year player that is nfl ready. This if they can pull it off or something close allows for greatest flexibility and allows for 2 second rounders in 2014 WR, TE pick in a deep 2nd rounder p/u could work that way also.

  41. Savage says:

    I think it’s time for the Pats to load up in this draft and get the help that Brady needs to finish his career in style. Ok now here is the deal, Gronk can’t stay healthy but is still worth something good, so its time to move him, I think you can still get a high first round pick for him and probably #2 from StL. Then the market is set for Mallett to move to Minny or Houston, but if its Houston you wouldn’t trade Gronk to StL cause Clowney would be gone already. Ridley has value for maybey a 4th rounder.

    1st Round (#2) Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina for Gronk
    1st Round (#29) Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Fla St
    2nd Round (#33) Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech [or] (#40) Cyril Richardson, G, Baylor for Mallet
    2nd Round (#62) Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska
    3rd Round (#93) Craig Loston, SS, LSU
    4th Round (#97) AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama for Ridley
    4th Round (#126) Andre Williams, RB, Boston College
    6th Round (#182) Russell Bodine, C, North Carolina
    6th Round (#190) Marcel Jensen, TE, Fresno St
    7th Round (#222) DeAnthony Thomas, RB, Oregon

    Now re-sign Talib, Blount, Fletcher, and maybe Edleman.

    • joshua robinson says:

      The New England need to make it to the super bowl on more time before Tom Brady retire.Then who be the men to lead the New England to enough super bowl.

    • petero says:

      They would NEVER get a #2 pick in the draft for constantly injured TE.

  42. Boston Homer says:

    How about putting Jamie Collins on the otherside of Chandler Jones? Collins has reach,speed,smarts and can play hands down in the dirt plus can cover like a LB. We know Bill loves having these guys do both. Your thoughts.

    • Pete H. says:

      I could see them experimenting with this on 3rd down, but I think Ninkovich is a very good DE on 1st and 2nd down. However, I’d rather see the Patriots sign a proven pass-rusher in free agency to be the 3rd DE in the rotation. If Collins is really effective as a rusher, they can always move Jones inside on passing downs to make room for him, or Collins can remain at linebacker as a threat to blitz.

  43. wilson owens says:

    get tom some one to catch the ball, get some one to pass rush and get tom someone to block for him. we need a back that can run block catch balls out the field plus hold on to the pigskin. tight end and safety.

  44. Zak says:

    Patriots 2014 NFL Draft / Off-Season moves.

    Rd 1 pick 29:Traded to Washington for #66, and #162
    First round picks demand big money. This frees cash for FA’s

    Trade Ryan Mallett, #162 to Min for picks #40, #200,
    Mallett will compete with Ponder for starting QB

    Rd 2 pick 40: Austin Seferian-Jenkins ( TE )
    Aaron Hernandez 2.0. WR in a TE body. Great hands, Nightmare to defend.

    Rd 2 pick 61: Anthony Steen ( OG )
    Alabama product. Great technique. Connolly moves to Center, Wendell released.

    Rd 3 pick 66: Pierre Desir ( CB )
    Solid defender, smart player, Green released, backs up Arrington

    Rd 3 pick 93: Jeff Mathews ( QB )
    Tom Brady 2.0. Strong arm. High football IQ, Will have 3 years to get ready to take over

    Rd 4 pick 125: James Gayle ( OLB )
    can play inside and out, and some DE. Can develop into elite pass rusher off the end

    Rd 6 pick 182: Jeremy Deering ( FS )
    multi-positional DB/ kick returner from Rutgers. ( yes… Belichicks favorite stable )

    Rd 6 pick 189: Jamil Merrell ( DE )
    5.5 sacks in 2013, while being double teamed. Tall frame, long arms, unstoppable motor. Also from Rutgers.

    Rd 7 pick 221: Michael Schofield ( ROT )
    insurance behind Vollmer. Played very well at Senior Bowl… impressed alot.

    FA that DO NOT get signed: Aqib Talib, Brandon Spikes, Ryan Wendell, Michael Hoomanawanui, Austin Collie, Isaac Sopoago, Christian Cox, Andre Carter
    ~~ Talib will demand alot of money, and Jets will probably bite. Spikes is 1 dimensional, and in Bill’s doghouse, not a good combo.

    FA that DO get signed: Julian Edelman, LeGarrette Blount, Mathew Mulligan, Dane Fletcher, Danny Aiken, Will Svitek
    ~~Blount was unstoppable at the end of the season.. and didn’t fumble like Ridley. Edelman was Brady’s best ( and at times ONLY ) WR catching the ball.

    Players CUT / TRADED: Steven Ridley, Ryan Mallett, Kenbrell Thompkins, Tommy Kelly, Adrian Wilson, Jake Bequette, Marcus Cannon, Joe Vellano
    ~~ Ridley has fumblitis and can’t seem to be cured of it. Blount simply out-performed him in the playoffs and is a cheaper option. Thompkins is odd-man-out but deserves a practice squad spot. Kelly, Wilson are victims to the youth movement.

    FA’s signed: Emmanuel Sanders ( WR ), Arthur Jones ( DT/DE ), Antoine Cason ( CB )
    ~~ Sanders is a legit down-field threat with good hands and the ability to make plays after the catch. Belichick was willing to give up a coveted 3rd round pick for him last year. Jones ( older brother to Chandler ) is a pass rushing DT that can allow Wilfork to only play running plays, Cason is an above average play-making corner that is more durable then Talib, and much cheaper.

    • Derek says:

      Do you.. do you understand how football works? Re-sign Blount, cut Ridley (wtf?) because Blount is… cheaper than a RB playing on a ROOKIE contract? Let Talib walk? Re-sign Edelman AND sign Sanders, and have 3 almost-identical receivers on the roster? CUT CANNON?? POTENTIALLY THE STARTING RG THIS COMING UP SEASON?? Just stop!

      • Zak says:

        Maybe you’ve been living in a cave lately..

        1.) Ridley had 3 fumbles in 2013. 4 fumbles in 2012. He simply has a hard time holding onto the football. Blount showed a better vision hitting holes and making yards after contact. I never said cut Ridley. I’d trade him for a 4th round draft pick, and keep Blount in the backfield.
        2.) There is a difference between “letting Talib walk” and not overpaying for a injury-prone CB. When Talib is healthy.. he’s very good. Too bad he’s not healthy that much. Two years in a row Talib has had to leave the AFC Championship game, due to injuries. Both times it affected the games. Figuring there will be a few teams willing to overpay for Talib ( Jets, Miami, Texas ) I say let him go and pick up a good CB like Cason instead.
        3.) Yea… I def think its time to cut Cannon. Maybe you like watching DT’s use Cannon like a swinging door to get to Brady.. but I don’t.

    • MaineMan says:

      Problem with your first trade. The Pat’s #29 is worth 640 SVC. The ‘Skins #66 (3rd) and #162 (6th) total 288. No way BB gets ripped off that way. To cover 640, the ‘Skins would have to trade their #34 (2nd, 560) and #98 (4th, 108) for the Pats’ #29 + #182 (6th, 20 pts, from Philly). To, essentially, give up a 4th for a sixth to move up just five spots, the ‘Skins would need to be very highly motivated about a particular player. Not saying that couldn’t happen, but teams that start with fewer picks (WAS has 6 total) and a lot of needs generally tend to hang onto them.

      BTW, trading out of the #29 spot probably saves less than $500k net on the 2014 cap.

    • PeteB says:

      Houston trades #33 for Ryan Mallett
      Round 1 Pick WR Marqise Lee
      Patriots seen having a looong discussion with him at Combine
      Round 2 Pick TE CJ Fiedorowicz
      Round 2 Pick DE Kareem Martin
      Round 3 Pick C Weston Richburg
      Round 4 Pick QB AJ McCarron
      Round 6 Pick ILB Prince Shembo
      Round 6 Pick DT Ryan Carrethers
      Round 7 Pick WR Jeremy Gallon

  45. Pete H. says:

    Is there any chance DE Anthony Spencer from Dallas would take a relatively small (1-4 mil) 1 year prove it deal coming off of an injury? That would allow us to actually rotate our defensive ends or move Jones inside on passing downs while maintaining a dangerous outside rusher. Also, it gives some insurance in case Buchanan and Bequette don’t make a jump in the off-season, or at least could buy 1 more year of development before you’re either deciding to rely on them or replace them. Pipe dream or good plan???

  46. rd12 says:

    1round – Kelvin Benjamin WR
    2round(33 pick for Mallett from Houston) Jace Amaro TE
    2round – Xavier Su’a Filo OG
    3round – Shayne Skov ILB
    4round- Justin Ellis DT
    6round- Aaron Murray QB
    6round- Hakeem Smith S
    7round- Jeoffrey Pagan DE

    • Zak says:

      No way the Patriots will go thru another season trying to get a rookie WR on the same page with Brady. Especially if that WR is getting first round money.

    • Pete H. says:

      Looks like a good plan – with a re-signed Talib, another tight end, and another pass-rusher in free agency, I think you’re in good shape. The risk with this draft is that Brady will need to rely on a lot of young pass-catchers. However, this could be good in the long run since Brady will be forced to throw to and develop these guys who have a lot of upside and would probably end up being his weapons for the rest of his career.

  47. tbuck says:

    ok just throwing out there been reading yours mock draft interesting stuff but think about trading tom brady some club would probably trade there entire draft for him he,s getting older playoff record not the same as once was put mallet starter build your defense into a power house run the ball more trust me brady still the best but older what does anybody else thinks and go patriots

    • Daniel R. Martin says:

      I think Tom Brady is the greatest QB to ever play the game. Bar none. Period. The Patriots are not the Patriots without him.

      Wanting TB12 to capture that 4th ring and cement his legacy is one of the primary reasons I am such a huge follower of the franchise, despite living all the way down here in Georgia.

      • tbuck says:

        dan martin I never said brady is,nt the best he,s the greatest qb in history but don,t think for one moment pats can,t win without him look at 2008 11 wins but missed playoffs all I,m saying football is a business now tom is 36 now I think we can win every year because of bellichick he,s the best head coach ever but when I see our defense suck so bad for so long whats been winning superbowls lately defense give tom a defense we,ll dominate but I interested what other people think go patriots

    • Alex (freemanator) says:

      We can’t trade Brady. Most of his contract is a signing bonus, and his cap hit would spiral. And it is a daft idea anyway, as Mallett has shown nothing to suggest he’d be able to take over from Brady, and at his age, I’m not sure who’d give up a ransom for him anyway.

  48. Daniel R. Martin says:

    *****Here it is guys. My second ever attempt at completing a mock draft. I value everyone’s opinions. Don’t be shy.

    I’m going to operate in the fantasy world in which Bill O’Brien sacrifices a 2nd round (33rd overall) pick for Ryan Mallet, and Coach Belichick fleeces another dumb GM out of four later round picks for our first round selection, as he did last year. Adding those picks to the 6th round compensatory pick I believe we are slated for, we’d have the following picks: 3-2nd round selections, 2-3rd round selections, 2-4th round selections, 3-6th round selections, & 2-7th round selections.

    2 – Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE (33rd Overall for Mallet)

    2 – Antonio Richardson OT (Received for 1st Rd pick)

    2 – Dominique Easley DL

    3 – Brandon Coleman WR (Received for 1st Rd pick)

    3 – Chris Boreland ILB (Plays like Jamie Collins with the Heart of a lion. He will be drafted well behind his consistent level of production simply due to being undersized.)

    4 – Craig Loston SS (Received for 1st Rd pick)

    4 – Dri Archer RB/WR/PR/KR –

    6 — Colt Lyerla TE

    6 – Aaron Murray QB

    C6 – Seantrell Henderson OT

    7 – Boseko Lokombo ILB **Could be steal of the draft!**

    7 – Best Available Player – Or trade to move up in earlier rounds. (Received for 1st Rd pick)

  49. Savage says:

    Let’s look at this realistically, Gronk can get you the Rams pick at #2 overall, BUT if you trade Mallett to Houston, we will NOT get Clowney. So you can’t make that trade if you want to move to #2. Lets say we move Gronk to Stl for #2. Move Mallet to Minny for their 2nd. You still would be able to move Wilfork if he doesn’t redo his contract and easily get a second for him say from Jacksonville (sending him home to FLA). Then you still have Ridley as bait and with the cap space you can sign Talib, and Blount. AND Maybe get Graham or another target. Even with all this the Pats still need to get a little lucky with the trades to fall, but all make sense for all involved and save us some serious cash for Talib.

    1st – Clowney, DE SCar (StL)
    1st – Benjamin, WR, FLA St
    2nd- Amaro, TE Texas Tech (Minny)
    2nd– Jean-Baptiste, CB,Neb (Jax)
    2nd- McCarron, QB, Ala
    3rd- Brooks, SS, Florida State
    4th – Watt, OG, Notre Dame
    6th – Thomas, RB, Oregon
    6th – Johnson, FS, North Carolina State
    7th – Armstrong, C, Grand Valley State

    Let me know what you think…

    • Pete H. says:

      If the Rams are going to trade the #2 pick, I think they’ll want to get more draft choices rather than Gronk. I would if I was them. I’m still not sure you’ll get a 2 for Mallet either, even if he might be worth it. Remember when we had to let go of Hoyer for nothing, even though he has had some success as a starter elsewhere. I doubt you could sell one year of an injured Wilfork with a huge cap hit for a second round pick. Even though I don’t think those trades will happen, I think the Pats would approve all of them. If they sign Talib, I’m not sure they’ll be looking at corners in the second round either – Ryan and Dennard seem to fill your #2 CB position, and Arrington is still okay in the slot. I’d like to think they’d look at a high talent guy at Guard or Center instead.

      • Savage says:

        I look at the Rams and I think they would LOVE putting Gronk there for #2 seeing as they have what is it #16 of there own. I think they can still get their OT then, and look at their Offense. As far as Mallett Houston already set the market at a 2, so we don’t have to. Now Wilfork would have to redo his deal but he would do it anyway that’s the way of the Biz, redo or get cut and he would never get a longterm deal at his age and with his injury. As far as Baptise, he would be a perfect fit to lock down that secondary across from Talib, cause I damn sure think that with Dennard and Talibs injury issues ( usually they miss a couple games a year). So now the only issue is a weak SS, and hanging on to Spikes but if you move Gronk and Wilfork, I think that can be done. Plus a little extra cash for maybe another WR/TE Bill will fill the holes. I agree about the G/C but none out there early in the draft this year it’s T’s early and G/C late so Watt in the 4th and do what the Pats always try a small school lineman in the 7th. I understand what you are saying, but Houston owns this draft and they already set the market up the way it stands.

    • Tem says:

      I think you’re neglecting the high cap penalties that will be associated with trading Wilfork, Mallet, Gronk, and in my opinion Amendola too. Not to mention the dead money associated with Hernandez which I hope can get resolved in the off season. Money is too tight to be trading away our best players to snatch up a few studs in a single draft.

    • OpTicFanboy says:

      No way Gronk is worth number 2 overall more like a low second round and thats pushing it. He has 2 many injuries most likely will retire before players that were drafted last year

    • Alex (freemanator) says:


      I liked it. Great sarcasm, but made it a bit too obviously a joke by your hammy intro.
      “Let’s look at this realistically” kinda takes away from the comedy piece you created.

  50. yb says:

    TE in 1st round kid from texas tech or rangy fast WR from penn state . The big thing is getting a second for mallot if they do DT from notre dame or DT from penn state . Both would be security if wilfork doesn’t recover from acl . Best center available with 3rd round pick a must , Connaly is a great guy but need upgrade at center. If we cant get one of the top TEs from north Carolina or texas tech with pick 29 go for 6’6 TE from Washington state in mallot trade . So TE DT C and maybe WR are prime needs . In the offseason resine Talibe and add strengths to roster where they fell short to Denver in AFC title game . A darkhorse if TE’s from north Carolina and texas tech aren’t on the board for bill at 29 , 6’6 320 pound DL from Minnesota U that many draft sites are saying could be a stud in the Richard seymor role and fall into NE ‘s lap at 29.

  51. jibri says:

    1st – Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh
    2nd(HOU) – Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington
    2nd – Keith McGill, CB, Utah
    3rd – Dee Ford, DE/OLB, Auburn
    4th – Terrence Brooks, SS, Florida State
    6th – Jon Halapio, OG, Florida
    6th –Josh Stewart, WR/PR/KR, Oklahoma State
    7th – Jeremy Hill, RB, LSU

  52. Jeff says:

    Ideal off-season for Pats (within reason):
    Re-sign Talib. Sign Fletcher and Hooman to small deals as backups.
    Sign Calvin Pace as your primary backup in the front 7.
    Trade Ryan Mallet for pick 33.
    Sign Hoyer after he’s cut from the Browns, or another veteran backup QB.
    1st – TE – Jace Amaro
    2nd – WR – Allen Robinson
    2nd – OG – Gabe Jackson
    3rd – C – Weston Richburg
    4th – LB – Jordan Zumwalt
    6th – TE – Rob Blanchflower
    6th – CB – Ricardo Allen
    7th – RB – Storm Johnson

    The one thing you don’t end up with is a new DT, so your DT depth chart is Wilfork, Kelley, Armstead, Siliga, Jones.

    I’d like to know how people think the plan could be improved!

    • Zak says:

      Everyone that thinks the Patriots will be able to sign Talib are nuts. Talib is a top free agent, and will demand a huge paycheck. There will be teams more then willing to steal Talib away from the Patriots ( Jets, Miami, Texans, Denver ) and they will shell out millions to do it. With the cash it would take to sign 1 player ( Talib ), the Patriots could sign 2 ( Blount, Edelman )

  53. Connor Van Winter says:

    What we desperately need is a DT because Wilfork is older and hopefully can bounce back well from tearing his achilles.
    1.) Ra’shede Hageman DT MInnesota University. great DT, fits our scheme well.
    2.) ALLEN ROBINSON WR Penn State. This guy is the piece they are missing, he runs a similar offense over at Penn State because of Bill O’brien from our offensive coordinator to their head coach. He would fit perfectly in our offense, he’s big, fast, and superbly athletic (Randy moss?) 07 flashback with this kid, Bill can make this kid an absolute nightmare for DB’s. With him, Hageman and hopefully another linebacker, Maybe end, and TE, the patriots are going to explode in 2014-2015, cant wait to watch..go pats!

    • Breazy says:

      Their cap space is about $7 million today. Wilfork is an $11 Million cap number for 2014, but if he’s cut or traded they save $8 million. They could restructure him, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they turned him into draft picks with a team that has a lot of cap space (Oakland? Cleveland?)…but what could they get for a 32-year old NT?

      Let’s say they trade Wilfork, Gronk, Mallet and Ridley, and best case get a
      2, 1, 3 and 3 round picks
      (and I have no idea what trading Gronk does to their cap).
      What do they do with the ammunition?

      They need a proven deep threat and a proven receiving TE for red zone (from free agency or trade).
      They need a tall sturdy CB, a new understudy QB, and more studs on both sides of the line (from the draft).

  54. Jay says:

    TE Ebron,Amaro,Jenkins
    WR Evans,Benjamin,Robinson
    DT Hageman,Nix
    ILB Clowney,Mosely
    CB Dennard,Gilbert
    S Dix
    QB McCaron
    Trade Mallet, try to trade for Fitzgerald, sign Graham if not franchised.I really like Ebron & Evans. If Bill could draft Clowney he’s made a Beast out of him.

    • Aaron says:

      This is one of the deepest drafts in recent memory, Mallet will be traded to the texans for the 33rd pick the patriots will select jace amaro, than stephon tuitt, and trade away their other second for later picks

  55. JJL says:

    Bill needs to break from his tradition on stockpiling late round picks. He needs to trade some players (ie. Ridley, Mallet, Gronk and there might be one or two more). Make plays for TE’s Jenkins 1st round and Amaro (high 2nd round). On the D side pass rush to pair with Jones how about Tuitt DE in the 1st round. We can pick successors to Kelly and Wilfork in 2015 and 2016.

  56. Savage says:

    Lets get serious about Gronk he is way to injury prone or just snake bitten. How about moving Gronk to STL for the 2nd pick getting. Drafting Clowney there and then Benjamin from FLA St. Locking up two positions for the next 4-5 years. Hopefully putting Clowney opposite Chandler will give them a serious DLine. Adding Benjamin with Eddelman and Amedola will give Bray what he needs to finish his career in style. Plus we need some cap space to keep Talib an Blount.

    • Jay says:

      First of no matter what you will not get Clowney! He’ll go in the Top 6! I like the idea of Benjamin he’s the deep threat we need. There’s 3 TE in the draft Ebron, Amaro, Jenkins. 1 of them would be perfect! Resign Edelman & Blount Talib’s injury prone! I’d take Mosely opposite of Jones or draft DT Hageman. Also trade Mallet use pick for QB McCaron of Bama! We need TE WR DT ILB CB C/G

      • Savage says:

        If you trade Mallet somewhere other than Houston, they WILL draft a QB #1 and that leaves StL at 2 where Gronk will fit NICELY, and Clowney is still on the Board. I think its possible.

  57. matty says:

    Terrible safety play yesterday; need a major upgrade over Steve Gregory. Obviously need defensive tackle and tight end help, but safety has been a need for years.

    • Connor Van Winter says:

      we already got Adrian Wilson, a very, very good safety and experienced, he just got hurt before the season like the rest of our forsaken defense lol.

  58. kris12 says:

    The Pats need to resign Blount, Talib, Hooman and Fletcher. Trading Ryan Mallet and Stevan Ridley would be a good option for a possible first round pick, or even multiply picks. I really like Louis Nix, he could be a Baller. They need to get a Pass-rusher on the other side of chandler Jones such as (Jared Allen/draft pick). TE is there number 1 need.

    • Connor Van Winter says:

      Hooman is not good, unless we can resign him for VERY cheap I don’t see it happening.

  59. lisa says:

    I would like for the Pats to go after Eric Ebron TE. This guy is a mini Gronk. 6’5. And second pick go after DT Timmy Jernigian. This guy is a stud. Immense pressure up middle. Great run blocker. Third pick I’d like them to go after RB Bishop Sankey. This guy is versatile. Great route runner, quick, great hands and doesn’t fumble often. Catches a lot of balls out of backfield.

  60. Scotti says:

    I would live to see them grab Clowney. That kid is awesome.

  61. Cg says:

    Why not sign Blount, trade Ridley and Mallet, then move up and try to take Mike Evans, attempt to get Amaro in the second, then grab either Mettenberger or McCarron later on?

    • Pete H. says:

      Amaro probably won’t be there in the second (especially at the end of the second where the Pats pick), but there are a few other good tight ends who could be available there. I don’t think it would be worth it to trade up for Evans. As some other people are saying, Allen Robinson looks like a better fit for the Patriots IMHO, and is projected to be taken close to where the Patriots are already picking.

  62. Jack Sandlin says:

    What are the plans for QB Ryan Mallett?

    • Connor Van Winter says:

      If we don’t trade him, expect him to be our foundation for when Brady, dare i say, retires.

  63. Glenn Swan says:

    Bill is so hard to predict, but I would definitely like to see them find a game changer at WR like the 6’5″ 234 lb kids from FSU Kelvin Benjamin. This kid is huge and is running some great routes for a guy his size. Having him and Gronk on the field with a couple of the young kids from this past draft would give Brady what he really has’t had for so long. Young athletic, and very talented receiver corps.

  64. Jon E says:

    Clearly they need DT help, and another pass catching tight end, preferably a high profile one. The one pick I really hope they make is if they can get a 5th round pick and take Mettenberger. I know he’s rated pretty high but the injury will scare teams off. He can sit on IR his whole first year then sit under Brady for the last 2-3 of his career and take over from there.

  65. Alan says:

    Pats need to draft the Vanderbilt receiver. Great work ethic and attitude plus is a talent. He will be a steal. Not your typical premadonna receiver. This guy is class act and is perfect fit.

  66. D'anta says:

    Mike Evans (TE)- Texas a&m

  67. Mike B says:

    I think Texas Tech’s Jace Amaro would make a nice pick. With all the Tight End issues we have had this season, we need to pickup a stud at that position. He can run, he can block and definitely can catch.

  68. Brian Belinskas says:

    patriots should let blount walk and draft andre williams from boston college in the second round. or keep blount and trade ridley for another 2nd round pick and take amaro earlier in the 2nd round

  69. Andrew says:

    The patriots should try to draft Jeremy Gallon of Michigan. He has the personality of WR Wes Welker of the Denver Broncos. Gallon is a fast reliable receiver and could be a great target for Brady. Despite his size (5’8″ 183 lbs.) In 2013 he had 89 receptions and 1373 receiving yards. He is ranked #12 among the 401 other receivers. If the Pats managed to draft a TE or get Gronkowski back for 2014 AND get Jeremy Gallon they would have a explosive offense.

    • Jake says:

      I think they should draft DeAnthony Thomas because he and Brady would have good chemistry.

    • fred magnus says:

      don’t the Patriots have enough smurf receivers in Edelman and Amendola? I think they should concentrate on defensive tackle as Kelly & Wilfork are in their early 30’s and are coming off serious injuries. Do u agree?

    • Eddie says:

      Andrew. You are a wizard. How old are you?

    • John Courtney says:

      Pats don’t need another small receiver to team with Edelman and Amendola. They have Boyce at 6 foot 205, Thompkins 6 foot 195, T.J Moe 6 foot 204 on IR, and Mark Harrison 6 foot 3 231 on Non Football Injury still listed on the team and all as fast or faster than your prospect. They need to draft a Tight End that can block and catch in the red zone or a DT/Nt in round 1 or round 2.

      • Sean says:

        I think the Pats need to make TE their first priority (unless Amaro and Ebron are gone)and DE/DT a close second. Clearly we need a big, fast WR but I think Dobson will develop after having a season under his belt in our system and I think the way to go would be grabbing a vet WR in free agency. Obviously I’m praying we can snag Amaro. Ebron is a beast, but ya see him take too many plays off. Ideally I’d like to see us package Mallett and Ridley for a mid first round pick so we could grab Amaro and either Louis Nix III or Stephon Tuitt. ND players fit the mold of what the patriots want as they come from a class orginization, both are beasts, and a strong case could be made for both. This year made it beyond clear we need some depth at DT. When Wilfork went down it changed our defense in a huge way. Nix is a beast, has the size and skill set that any team would love to have…but with NE he has a leg up because he can learn from Wilfork. Tuitt would be another great choice because of his versatility. Obv he can play DE in either 3-4 or 4-3 and get to the passer opposite Chandler Jones. Also in certain situations he could play interior next to Wilfork and give us a nice 1-2 punch of Wilforks raw power while Tuitt provides a nice interior pass rush…especially because most teams have to double Wilfork. If we could walk outta the draft with Amaro, Nix or Tuitt, and a few of BB’s usual solid mid to late round picks it would be great

        • Zak says:

          A back-up QB that didnt see 1 single snap all last season, and a slow as death RB that fumbles alot , for a mid first round pick? …. Good luck with that.

          Btw… you seemed to of overlooked a TE that is in the exact same mold as Hernandez was…

    • Zak says:

      Sorry Andrew… but after the nightmare season Brady and his group of rookie WRs had last season… no way the Pats will add yet another inexperienced wide-out to the group. I know it looks easy on the TV…. just run down field and catch a ball….. but its a little more complicated then that. Randy Moss once said the Patriots schemes are some of the most complex in the league. Many veteran receivers struggled with it ( Ochostinko, Collie, Owens ) and it took about 12 weeks before Dobson looked like he wasn’t lost. The Patriots simply do not have the time to “develop” another rookie WR.

  70. steve earle says:

    I like the IRA idea to the extent that at some point you have to cash in. Bill never seemed to cash in very often. He does a good job of collecting choices though. Also heard we will be getting some comp chioces this comming draft. Anyone got any insights on this?

    • scott says:

      If the Patriots can trade Ryan Mallet or one of the RB’s I see the patriots moving up to get one of the top TE’s. Weapons for Brady are gonna be the most important factors over the next couple of seasons. Ebron would be the best choice but Jace Amaro would do just fine too. Look for the pats to move up or out completely.

  71. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Bill knows it’s a better value to trade back out of the first round, UNLESS you can get a franchise player;
    Chandler Jones, Donta Hightower
    Nate Solder

    I would say Bill will trade back this year (2014 draft) but I think it’s a franchise player year;
    QB A.J. McCarran

    • JMOO61 says:

      Belichick traded down before because 1st round picks commanded to much money with no guarantees. Since the new agreement rookies even those in first round do not get early as much and may have been part of the reason for NE trading up for Hightower and Jones. There is better value in the earlier rounds now

    • CC says:

      A.J. McCarren sound’s nice,but I’d almost be willing too see how long we can keep TB12 for multiple reason’sl…….
      If we can keep TB12 for 3 more(which is completely feasable, and J.Winston from FSU comes along steady…….I’m willing too play & snag The FSU Rookie providing he stay’s healthy…..
      I’m also interested on what we can trade Ryan Mallet for in order to snag a much needed Vince Wilfork replacement which should have been donealready so he can be groomed beside Big-V.

  72. PatsGnome says:

    Trading picks IMO changes on a yearly basis per team. When a team has no depth and is predicted to finish last or close to last in the league, these teams are willing to trade picks for more picks. When a team has depth and is expected to be one of the better teams in the league, the reverse occurs.
    The Patriots have had the problem of being one of the better teams for a decade and a half. Getting teams to trade with the Patriots, the longer they stay near the top of the league, is getting more difficult.

  73. Waterboss says:

    The problem with the IRA comparison is that a third rounder this year might actually grade better than a second rounder next year. Plus you get to coach him up for a year to boot. It is obvious that BB will trade into the future if the deal is there, but future top 64 picks don’t grow on trees.

  74. Chile says:

    Considering we came into the draft this yr with only 4 pics and are walking away with 7

    We came in with 5 and walked out with 7 in 7 rounds.

    We took 16 so far in undrafted college kids almost immediately the draft ended the same as other teams did.

  75. Just saying says:

    If Pats were a little bit sharper they would create a sort of football draft IRA account that grows over time by trading one seventh rounder this year for a sixth rounder next year. Then next year trade their seventh for a sixth again while trading the extra sixth rounder for a fifth and so on until they have several second round picks (or first round picks they could trade for multiple second and third rounders). Doesn’t anybody in the NFL read Einstein and his views on the power of compounding. Not only does it work for cash but draft picks as well. Buddy thinks footballers are not gifted mentally while I believe that there has got to be someone in management with higher cognitive powers than the coaches have been exhibiting. How is it that teams are owner by billionaires with brilliant management skills but when it comes to football they leave those skills on the sidelines?

    • Nick says:

      lmao they do that almost every year how do u think they get all those value round picks in the 3rd round and later.

      • Danien says:

        @Nick exactly. This was the first year in a while that Belichick didn’t go into the draft with multiple picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Sooner or later you have to cash those picks in instead of just bartering them all the time. Considering we came into the draft this yr with only 4 pics and are walking away with 7, I’d say BB did a great job

    • Alex says:

      There has to be someone willing to trade them.
      It looks like at least some guys in the league are catching up with what a bad idea trading future picks is.

    • Breazy says:

      It’s an interesting concept I thought of, too. It is changed considerably by the rookie wage scale in the new CBA. When 1st rounders were prohibitively expensive, especially the first 5-10, the best value was in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and the pats collected those. Last year that changed and the Pats traded to get 2 first rounders. This year the Pats needed draft picks and Minnesota wasn’t afraid of 1st rounders so it worked for the Pats.

      I’d call your draft pick IRA sort of a reverse pyramid. Based on the trade value points (which understates the current value of draft picks vs the future value of future draft picks), the smart thing for a team like the Raiders would’ve been to trade their high 1st round pick for a semi-high 1st round pick and 2nd round pick, then trade their semi-high 1st round pick for mid-1st round pick and a 2nd round pick, then trade their mid-1st round pick for a low-1st round pick and a 2nd round pick, then trade their very-high 2nd round pick for a future 1st round pick and a current 3rd pick. Then trade another current 2nd round pick for a future 1st round pick. Then use their remaining couple of 2nd round picks to have an affordable draft, and have 3 1st rounders next year…to do it all again. You get a much faster multiplier that way.

      • CC says:

        Really big “IF’s”all up in there…. You have to have a trade partner and the chips need too fall proper…….ANY team could do your scenario, at litlerally anytime regarless of anything if it were that easy…….
        Just like if I knew what the winning Cash3 and Play4 lotto number’s were gonna be…………?
        One injury and 1 not retaining a certain possition throw’s all of your generic resaoning totally out the window.
        Nevermind that I’m not really into makeing sure that a division rival fill’s their slot’s all too easily…………

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