Open Thread: Patriots Training Camp

Tom Brady Tim Tebow

Tom Brady’s play during practice in Philadelphia is keeping Tim Tebow firmly in the background of Patriots fan’s minds. (Photo: Wayne Jones)

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

You’ve been to practice. You’ve read the reports.

Now is your time to lay it out there – let us know in the comments section who you’ve been impressed with and who has disappointed you so far.

I’ll start.

I was very impressed with the rookie wide receivers – Dobson, Boyce and Thompkins – during my time at Gillette. The way they’ve been able to jump into the playbook immediately and gain the trust of Tom Brady speaks volumes about their potential.

Disappointing to me so far has been Ras-I Dowling. It’s not his fault, but he is knicked up again. Even before that, he looked inconsistent and was at best the 4th best cornerback out there. Logan Ryan is nipping at his heels and may have already passed him.

Your turn.

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15 Responses to “Open Thread: Patriots Training Camp”

  1. Alan says:

    im pumped to see mallett get some snaps tonight. is he really a top 26 qb in the league? this is the year where we should be able to identify if he is a starting qb or not.
    also the d is gonna be exciting to watch and how they use jamie collins. i really liked that pick in april and im loving it even more from what i hear every day about him. kid is gonna be a stud.

  2. John C. says:

    I am impressed with the young receivers and Sudfeld. Not impressed with Tebow at all. Now living in Florida got to watch him in his time at Florida and at Denver but think Pats should use his spot for players like Ford,Harrison,Forston,Grissom or Vellano that would help the team more. Tebow could stay in erea as possible reserve. Not sure any other team would give him a trial so use the spot to help the team.

  3. Jim R says:

    Bullets start flying tonight, It will be interesting to see the young Wr’s.

  4. Breazy says:

    I think this could be the year the Linebacking corp is really great, and not a moment too soon. With all the 2-TE sets trying to create mismatches, having someone like Collins (6-3, fast and a former safety) could really help. With all the Option QBs likely to be trendy this year, having Hightower, Mayo, and Spikes as fast, seasoned guys in the middle could really unify the defense and take it up to an elite level. It feels like, for the first time this decade, the Pats could put 4 scary-good linebackers on the field at once.

  5. AM says:

    Hard to say without seeing them play, but it sounds like the rookie receiver group, including Zach Sudfield, has been impressive. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that I’m impressed with Tom Brady, for coaching them up so quickly.

    On the flip side, it sounds like Jermaine Cunningham hasn’t been able to build on last year’s flashes. And I’m not really disappointed in Armond Armstead, but I am disappointed that we haven’t yet gotten to see what he can do.

    • Breazy says:

      I really like what I’m hearing about the rookie receivers/TE group, and yet…until we see them successfully making 3-4 decisions per play the same way TB would at full speed, we don’t know if they’ve grasped the most important ability Pats receivers have to have for the system to be great.

      • AM says:

        True. Everything is different at full speed, with outside competition. Even if is just a preseason game, tomorrow night will be a good initial test of how they perform against a real opponent.

  6. Sidney neville says:

    I am happy about chandler jones as he offers a player who can consistently get preasure on the qb and that is just simething the patriots have been missing for a long time but what i have heard is that jermain cunningham has completely roled over and is probs done in this league

  7. Rich says:

    I was hoping for Ras-I to finally get on the field, but he had injury issues in college and the pats still drafted him high. If they were going to reach on a corner , they could have had Richard Sherman who went in the 5th in the same draft. But overall i think this year looks good, receivers are surprisingly good so far, but the secondary could still be an issue again. Time for a new secondary coach, josh Boyer just doesn’t have the experience to do the job in the pros.

  8. MacMahler says:

    Brady seems to have an unusual comfort level with two, maybe 3 young deep threats (Thompkins, Dobson, Boyce), with Amendola as expected, and also with Sudfeld and some with Aiken. I don’t think we have seen anything similar with such young players since Branch and Givens first started on the team. That’s a lot of pressure on a D when you add in Vereen or Washington slipping out of the backfield. Fells and Hooman also have been solid, and eventually Gronk comes back. Brady must be having fun. If the interior OL can stay healthy through the season and hopefully the playoffs, nothing to worry about regarding the O, except having a few regular season games to get even more in sync.
    Hopefully the D shows on Friday it can pressure the QB throughout the game. If some combination of Kelly, Vince, Chandler, Nink, and/or Benard, Buchanan, Francis, etc. can collapse the pocket or chase QB’s sideline to sideline successfully, the pass D will automatically be helped and we can look at a special season indeed. Hope, which goes into such great detail, can further enlighten us particularly with the pass rush efforts on Friday night.

  9. COACHGROP says:


  10. Coach says:

    Agreed but I’m a little disappointed in Buchanan who looked decent vs lane Johnson at senior bowl and so far not a word or article about him..he looked better than Mercilus too (Texans)

  11. Ken W says:

    Am not going to go with the obvious chooses like Collins, Dobson, or Chandler Jones because they were drafted high and are expected to impress, and have been doing that so far.

    Kenbrell Thompkins came out of nowhere and looks like he could be a contributor this year. And of course Zach Sudfeld has looked like the next Gronk, little premature but I like what he brings to the table with his size and ability to catch the ball. Just imagine Brady being able to pick from two 6’7″ TE’s that can catch in the red zone. Defenses will be screwed.

    Thought this could be the year Ras-I stays healthy and shows why he was drafted number #33 overall a few years ago. Has all the tools and ability but is made out of balsa wood.

    Cant wait for the first preseason game and will also be keeping an eye on Logan Ryan and Michael Buchanan.

  12. Trevor M. says:

    So, good-bye Ras-I? Really unfortunate.

  13. jaymr says:

    Jamie Collins has impressed me. I thought he would be a lot more raw, yet from practice and what pepper Johnson has said he looks like he will contribute right away, albeit not as a starter.

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