Open Thread: Patriots Cut-Down Day

Zoltan Mesko NFL Draft

Zoltan Mesko lost his job to an undrafted free agent, but he’ll be back in the NFL soon.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The “Turk” was in full effect on Saturday, asking for playbooks of countless Patriots players.

Which cut was the most surprising for you? Which player are you happy they kept?

I was quite surprised that the Patriots chose to part ways with the quarter of Marcus Forston, Jermaine Cunningham, Justin Francis and Marcus Benard. This leaves New England very thin at defensive tackle and situational inside pass-rusher.

Ryan Allen is a player that I really liked when they picked him up as an undrafted free agent this April. His lower cost, both this year and in the future, will help keep Rob Ninkovich, Devin McCourty and perhaps Brandon Spikes in Patriots uniforms going forward.

That said, Zoltan Mesko will be missed – he was a great teammate and excellent punter. I’m sure we’ll see him in another NFL uniform soon.

One note as Mike Loyko pointed out – the Patriots had all their draft picks and FIVE undrafted free agents make this team. Solid job scouting this year.

Your turn – what moves surprised you today?

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24 Responses to “Open Thread: Patriots Cut-Down Day”

  1. Henry Carmen says:

    Just so you guys know, Cunningham and Francis were waived injured. If not claimed they will go on IR.

  2. paul says:

    I believe Richard Seymour is still unsigned and would fit in great as he has played with Wilfork and Kelly. Hopefully Bill and Richard can bury the hatchet after the trade.

    • acm says:

      A DE/DT hybrid like Seymour would be the ideal solution (assuming Armstead would be back soon-ish) and they should be able to afford him cap-wise … but somehow doubt the bad blood would be so easily forgotten.
      Then again, there is the perfect medicine for every pain – $$$

    • steve earle says:

      Must be a reason Richard hasn’t been picked up by anyone. Is it just the money or has his ability declined to the point where teams see no point?

      • acm says:

        well, teams are unlikely to be willing to pony-up the money for a vet who’s telling them the only thing that can keep him from retiring is a big enough offer. Misplaced motivations are hardly gonna work in favor of an aging, injury-troubled player even if his name is R. Seymour.

        Anyways, the Pats just picked up a DE/DT hybrid (A.J. Francis) off waiver from the Dolphins.

  3. acm says:

    Bummed about Mesko but I think he got hurt the most by being on his last contract year.

    Thought one of Francis or Benard would make the roster but guess BB has seen enough and thinks he can find better elsewhere. Same goes for Forston. Cunningham, about to become a free agent next year, I am surprised they kept him around even this long.

    Plcaing A. Wilson on IR was probably a cost-saving move over just cutting him outright. Any chance the Bills want to trade for Byrd now?

    • steve earle says:

      Swell thought about Byrd but inter division trades are rare. How much do you think Bills would ask and how much would Byrd be asking?

      • acm says:

        nah, that was me just being desperate 🙂

        doubt they are that stupid to trade him to NE but then again, it’s not like the Bills and the Pats are rivals, if you catch my drift.
        A 2nd rounder (in NE’s case very likely a late pick anyway) sounds about right … as for his asking price, I’d think he’d be willing to bring his price down for a title contender and not try to become the highest paid safety in the NFL, which could well be the price-tag for a team where he knows his career is gonna go to waste.

        but again, I don’t see it as a realistic scenario.

        • steve earle says:

          Not at all realistic but wouldn’t it be nice!!!!!! And as you say Buff isn’t much of a contender so they might think about —– nah. Wonder if any other SS out there could be traded for? Have to know BB would be on top of something like that. Guess I’ll callit a night, have a good one acm, nice talken with you again.

        • acm says:

          same here, Steve. Take care.

  4. steve earle says:

    Like others the cut of Francis in particular today surprised me. Could this mean Armstead might be coming of reserve injury list sometime soon? I don’t know just what the rules are concerning this. Tommrow I’ll be getting a paper to scan the wavers to see who BB might be looking at to fill the depth at DT. Should be interesting day or two yet.

  5. colton d says:

    Im really dissapointed they didnt solve the problems at safwty i just dont trust gregory and eilson on IR now… idk i like harmon next to mccourty if anyone at this point

    • colton d says:

      Safety* wilson* and i also liked bernard and rasi dowling for depth theyre gonna regret not drafting matt elam from florida

      • steve earle says:

        Yea Res-i would have been a good corner but he has never been able to stay on the field colton. Boy oh boy are you right about them not drafting Elam. Bill seems to have something of a blind eye when it comes to DB’s.

  6. Kyle says:

    I am disappointed they cut Francis AND Benard, I would have liked to see one of them stay. Forston should have stayed because of the lack of depth at DT. Wilfork and Kelly are getting up there in age, would have been nice to not push ’em too hard.

    I am disappointed they kept Develin and Ebner. Develin doesn’t fit into our up-tempo offense. Ebner just sucks as a safety, and offers nothing to the defense. Our group of safeties is probably among the worst in the league if you exclude McCourty.

  7. Serge says:

    i dont see how Ebner makes more sense in keeping over Francis, Forston of Benard

  8. Joe E O says:

    1) Hopefully the Patriots can re-sign Sims to the PS If Aaron Dobson was an un-drafted FA would he have made the team over Sims??

    2) Surprised about Forston in the sense that they have only 3 DTs. Vellano is nice player – but is somewhat undersized. Please Patriots bite the bullet and sign Big-Sey. He’d create a nice three man rotation with Kelly and Wilfork…

    3) I wonder if we could see Tebow in an emergency. I mean clearly the Patriots spent time putting in that read-option stuff he ran.

  9. gggg says:

    Zoltan. Bad move that I hope we won’t regret, but am pretty sure we will.

  10. Pete says:

    Marvin Austin DL, and Matt Broha DE, from the NY Giants could be two good candidates. Watkins G, from Eagles might be worth getting in for a look assuming they clear waivers. Would love to see Sims, Winn and McDonald back on PS.

  11. Peter says:

    Surprised by the Forston cut… Really agree that they NEED DT help ASAP! Hope jaye Howard gets looked at. Also, what do you think of a look at Tavarres King? Looked impressive in film, could use 7 receivers if Gronk will need a few weeks rest… Thanks

  12. Nick says:

    I was pretty suprised by the cuts on the D-line. Not much depth at DT even before the cuts

  13. Bob Snowdon says:

    Overall I was most surprised by the TE cuts yesterday. Today it would be Francis & Benard. Pats are really thin on DL and at safety. Still moves to be made. Only 51 players on the roster as I comment on this

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