2013 Patriots Roster Projection 2.0 – Mike Loyko

Tim Tebow’s fate is fairly certain in my opinion. Is he on the roster or off?

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

Training camp moves fast and the roster is in a constant state of flux until early September. Even though the Patriots are only through the first week of practices and a pre-season game hasn’t been played — the roster has changed.

With an expanded roster it doesn’t take much to go from on the 53 man roster to the roster bubble or from the roster bubble to the streets. Performances on the field have already altered what the roster will look like when the Patriots take the field against the Buffalo Bills on September 8th.

Here’s the 2013 Patriots projected roster after the first week of camp.

Offensive Roster (24)

Quarterbacks (3) – Tom Brady, Ryan Mallett, Tim Tebow

Running Backs (4) – Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen, LeGarrette Blount, Leon Washington

Tight End (4) – Rob Gronkowski, Michael Hoomanawanui, Jake Ballard, Zach Sudfeld (Daniel Fells if Gronk on PUP)

Wide Receiver (6) – Danny Amendola, Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce, Julian Edelman, Kenbrell Thompkins, Matthew Slater

Offensive Tackles (3) – Nate Solder, Sebastian Vollmer, Will Svitek

Interior Linemen (4) – Logan Mankins, Marcus Cannon, Ryan Wendell, Dan Connolly


Defensive Roster (26)

Defensive End (6) – Chandler Jones, Rob Ninkovich, Justin Francis, Jake Bequette, Michael Buchanan, Marcus Benard

Defensive Tackles (4) – Vince Wilfork, Tommy Kelly, Marcus Forston, Jermaine Cunningham*

Linebackers (6) – Jerod Mayo, Brandon Spikes, Dont’a Hightower, Jamie Collins, Dane Fletcher, Steve Beauharnais

Cornerbacks (5) – Aqib Talib, Alfonzo Dennard, Kyle Arrington, Logan Ryan, Ras-I Dowling

Safeties (5) – Devin McCourty, Adrian Wilson, Steve Gregory, Tavon Wilson, Duron Harmon

Specialists (3) – Stephen Gostkowski, Ryan Allen, Danny Aiken


Last Players On: Marcus Benard, Jermaine Cunningham, Ryan Allen, Steve Beauharnais, LeGarrette Blount

Final Cuts: Kamar Aiken, Nate Ebner, Brandon Bolden, Marquice Cole, Daniel Fells, Niko Koutouvides

Practice Squad (8): Markus Zusevics, Kamar Aiken, Joe Vellano, Cory Grissom, Jason Vega, George Winn, Mark Harrison, Brandon Jones

PUP or Short-Term I.R. Candidates: Armond Armstead, Rob Gronkowski


Quick Thoughts

– Defensive Tackle is still very thin. With only three true DT standing out, the team maybe forced to keep Jermaine Cunningham who can play inside in sub-packages. This is a position where I expect the Patriots to be proactive picking up and trying out released and FA DTs.

– Ryan Allen over Zoltan Mesko. Going out on a limb here, but Allen has a stronger leg and makes much less money. In time he could be a superior punter to Zoltan.

– It looks like the team could keep up to seven wide receivers. Kamar Aiken and Michael Jenkins are likely fighting for the last spot.

– The versatility of the entire offensive line allows the Patriots to keep only seven linemen.

– Marcus Benard sneaks on as a situational rusher, but his spot is very tenuous in my opinion.

– Defensive End is still bunched up. The Pre-Season games are going to be crucial to sort things out.

– The secondary looks locked in at this point. Only players that could fight their way on are Nate Ebner and Marquice Cole.

– All draft picks make the roster. It will be very tough to get Buchanan or Beauharnais to the Practice Squad so they make the roster.

– If Rob Gronkowski starts the season on the PUP list, then Daniel Fells will make the roster as the 4th TE.

– Because the team used a 2nd and 3rd round draft choice on Safeties, Wilson and Harmon’s spot are locks to be on the roster. Both Harmon and Wilson will play large rolls on special teams, which makes Nate Ebner expendable. Especially since he contributes little to the defense.

– Tim Tebow makes the roster without much consideration.



26 Responses to “2013 Patriots Roster Projection 2.0 – Mike Loyko”

  1. Tom says:

    I bet Tebow comes up with a phantom injury and spends a year on IR.

  2. kevan says:

    I wonder what Pats could get for Trading Mesko? Any thoughts?

  3. steve says:

    It’s always interesting to see who makes these cuts…at this point I don’t see anything too surprising, but I’ll toss in my thoughts for the fun of it.

    – Tebow: I don’t see him making this team when they could carry another option at DT or WR etc…real needs. So, I’ll say the only way he does make the team will be as the only back-up because of a Mallett trade; which I have to figure he and his agent are screaming for behind closed doors (the right way). I thought he would have been traded at the draft, but I’m guessing that they were shooting for the moon and didn’t get it and now they’re just waiting it out.
    – I see a slight overlap between A. Wilson and Collins, and that could spell trouble for Wilson as a surprise cut, and not for money, but because if he can’t cover well enough to start at strong safety in this passing league then Collins may be the guy to play in those packages.
    – I love all the Edelman talk the last few days….as if Jerry Rice was coming back in his prime. If Boyce or someone else can show the ability to return punts then he’s in big trouble. He’s shown nothing on the outside and nobody else wanted him in free agency…he’s a slot guy, injured often, and strongest as a punt returner….take that away and he may be cut earlier rather than later…50/50 at best he makes this roster.
    – Too many DE’s in your mix…Cunningham can’t be simply “moved” a DT because he plays in a few packages last year…he’s a DE/LB/whatever…we will need a tackle…someone you have there will be cut, if not a few…Cunningham’s in trouble as are a few others.

    This team will have far too many question marks at key positions to carry 3 QB’s…I just don’t see it for that reason alone….they’ll want to keep some young players potential rather than carry a 3rd (useless) QB…out of necessity; camp has basically just started…pads only a few days.

    • Seldred19 says:

      I believe they will keep Tebow – his biggest value will be in running the “Read Option” offense against the defense in practice (& on scout team). Maybe he’ll even get to run some of those plays for the offense, although highly unlikely. I think this is why BB signed him.

  4. kevan says:

    I think Pats keep both Blount and Bolden, Anthony Armstead will also make the 53. Cunningham will get cut. Right now I’m going say Gronk starts on PUP. So the last cut comes from one of the other Defensive Ends= Buchannon,Bernard,Bequette,Francis or Pats can roll with 3 Tight Ends knowing Gronk will be back. Maybe Dennard gets suspended who knows. We’ll have to wait to see what type of injuries occur. With all that being said I forsee a big trade on the way. Pats will make a huge upgrade at one position before the season starts. At this point Id say its a true DT.

  5. jack says:

    I’m excited about the showing of the 3 Patriots rookie receivers so far. It sounds as if all the Pats needed to do all along was give rookies reps with Brady. Well, that and make sure they had a good football IQ. Anyway, they’ve finally seen the light, and hopefully it pays off. Combined with Vereen finally being featured as as 3rd rb and a feature back in Ridley, the offense looks to be in a position to compensate for the loss of Hernandez.

    I’m also stoked about the fact they have depth and skill at cornerback – something they’ve been lacking far too long. That along with the anticipated 2nd year jump for Jones and Hightower, as well as the athleticism brought by Collins, should make the defense a strong point for the Pats.

    On Tebow, there have been reports that he’s quickly improving. While he’ll always have an unnatural throwing motion, we’ve seen him successfully throw the long ball (defeating Pittsburgh) and he doesn’t *always* throw short passes into the dirt. He has experience as a starter and led his team to the playoffs. People forget that he was effectively a rookie in terms of game experience when doing that. The question is, can his intangibles and scrambling ability, along with great coaching and the support of the organization, combine to make him a viable backup and/or eventual starter? Apparently the Pats believe there is, at least for now. That’s why they picked him up, and why he for sure is making the team.

  6. DoYouEvenKnowFootball says:

    Anyone who says Tebow should be on the practice squad (not eligible) probably shouldn’t be commenting on the worth of a player for the team. Have to wonder how much football knowledge you have. Bill obviously saw some value, we will just have to wait for his final decision. We can let those with better than average knowledge (one would hope) entertain us with their projections. It’s all a guess.

  7. kevan says:

    i think blount and bolden both make it, cunningham is out. bernard buchannon bequette francis are all fighting for the last spot, right now i got francis losing.

  8. Rayspats says:

    Cannot understand why so stuck on Slater. The guys a one trick pony (ST) and has caught one pass in his career. Why waste a WR position on him. Can’t we find another gunner for kicks and punts? Hate to lose a guy like Harrison to keep Slater.

    • Liam says:

      4 phases to the game mate. You can’t easily replace Slat’s leadership and organisation on ST. He’s esentially the QB of that unit, not ‘just’ a gunner. Athletic freaks like Harrison are a dime a dozen, and more often than not end up doing nothing. Consider Jeff Demps, or Tyrelle Pryor, or Vernon Gholston.

  9. Mike says:

    In today’s injury plagued NFL , i have no problem keeping Tebow as a third QB that can have some value in situational roles while improving himself as a QB the Patriot way.
    I actually like keeping Blount, then keep Winn over Bolden for the practice squad….Bolden isn’t the better talent of the 3 for everyday usage .
    Love Thompkins on 53; would like to see Aiken too, i just haven’t been sold on Edelman long term but he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
    I think it’s a mistake if Brandon Ford doesn’t make the TE rotation somehow.

  10. ChevSS says:

    The hot points are well illustrated by the posters’ comments below and you yourself acknowledged how close some your calls are.

    On Tebow. I agree. BB knew Tebow wasn’t a threat to Mallett & BB didn’t sign Tebow just so he could cut him. BB has more in mind for Tebow. Tebow stays.

    Bolden/Blount. This isn’t over. This is a struggle and I look forward to the process as much as seeing how it ends. At this point, I choose Bolden.

    4 DTs is asking for trouble when Cunningham is one of the them. I suggest sifting through trash after cut down time. Armstead will quickly recover from his appendectomy or cholecytectomy or whatever…2-3 more wks so PUP may be too many games to make him sit out.

    12 DE/OLBs. I’d rather see some of this capital invested in DTs.

    Allen over Mesko saves close to $2M iirc & Allen has better placement and longer punts.

    Fletcher and Bequette are on my bubble list with a strong lean to being released.

  11. MacMahler says:

    Some good choices, but given the injuries that pile up over the season, 8 on the OL makes more sense. Green at G has looked decent. I wouldn’t rule out Haslam at T either.
    Instead of Tebow, keep Aiken or a 5th RB. Aiken with his strength and weight can take some tough catches over the middle. Seems as though the Pats are looking for someone like him anyway with the signing of Tunei, and with Harrision still on the team.
    Last of all, not sure about Koutovides or Cole not making it. BB has such interest in veterans and ST’s could use them.

  12. azdude says:

    dont see what the point is for keeping tebow on the roster. What does he bring to the table? he doesnt play special teams, he isnt going to play QB, we dont need him for short yardage, he wont play TE or Hback. Maybe put him on the sideline for moral support? Seems like a waste that could be better used on depth and rotation on the D/O line or special teams.

    • td says:

      If they can improve Tebow’s accuracy and make him better, it may allow them to trade Mallet for some worthwhile asset(s). If they keep Mallet it will cost them some cash and really make the cap tight. Trade him and they keep the cap where they need it.

  13. AM says:

    Not a bad prediction, except for Allen over Mesko–highly unlikely. Mesko excels at consistent directional punting on a short field and in bad weather, which Allen has no history with. Much more likely that Allen makes it to the practice squad as insurance if Mesko walks as a free agent next year.

    Seven offensive linemen is a bit short, as is three true DTs. I think Tyronne Green or Markus Zusevics makes it, along with either Joe Vellano or a free agent DT, at the expense of two DEs; Benard, Bequette, or Cunningham are most likely.

    I’d go with Bolden over Blount, although it’s close. Bolden has more special teams value and less baggage, even with the suspension. And I’m still not completely convinced that Tebow makes the roster.

  14. Coach says:

    Blount over bolden?

  15. Steve says:

    I know he’s recovering from an infection, but I still think Armond Armstead makes the roster. The Pats have guaranteed his salary this year and guaranteed a part of his salary next. Considering he isn’t on the preseason PUP list, I’m assuming whatever is wrong isn’t too bad and he’ll be back sometime fairly soon.

  16. Lost N Confused says:

    1 Agree with Justin with Tebow heck no one wanted him when on the market so its not like anyone will be picking him up when 53 man roster cuts happen
    2 Much rather have Bolden over Blount from the reports Ive read but if he cant stay on field for practice then I’d rather take my chances with George Winn but as of now it looks like Blount is still ahead of Winn on the depth chart
    3 Like to have an extra WR in case of injury due to all the injury prone recievers that extra WR being Kamar Aiken
    4 TE From what Ive heard and read Ballard still not fully recovered and dropped many passes with that said rather have Fells over Ballard he may not be flashy but is consistant

  17. I think Jermaine Cunningham will be released. He’s failed to live up to his 2nd Round selection. And I seriously hope Tebow doesn’t make the 53-man roster, I’d much rather see him placed on the practice squad. Put him on the practice squad where he can work on developing his game as a quarterback and can be used to prep the defense for the mobile opposing quarterbacks on this year’s schedule. They shouldn’t waste a roster spot on him though.

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