Scouting Report: CB Damond Smith, South Alabama

Former Western Michigan/South Alabama cornerback Damond Smith is incredibly talented, but will character issues derail his Supplemental Draft aspirations? (Photo:

NEPD Editor: Matthew Jones

With the 2013 Supplemental Draft just one week away, it’s time to take a look at one of the most talented potential entrants, former Western Michigan/South Alabama cornerback Damond Smith. However, whether or not Smith overcome perceived character concerns in order to earn a Supplemental Draft selection remains to be seen. Read on to learn more about the enigmatic defensive back, who the Green Bay Packers originally attempted to sign as an undrafted free agent following the 2013 NFL Draft.

CB Damond Smith, South Alabama (5114, 185, 4.40e)

Transferred to South Alabama from Western Michigan after the 2010 season; got into a fight with a teammate, which led to the loss of his starting role. Played in just four games for South Alabama in 2011 before being suspended for “a violation of team and departmental rules.” Was named a team captain with the Jaguars. Lines up at both left and right cornerback (typically on the right at Western Michigan); also has experience as a gunner on special teams.

Has ideal size for the outside in the NFL. Athletically, also stands out for his speed, agility, and acceleration; looks very fluid and explosive in man coverage, holding his own against the FBS competition at Western Michigan as a freshman and sophomore.

Above-average play recognition allows him to undercut routes for passes defensed or interceptions, which may translate well to zone coverage, although he was generally not asked to perform much zone coverage at Western Michigan. Aggressive in run support with a high motor; can also gain separation from wide receivers with his initial punch. Physical on the outside as well and may be best suited to press-man coverage in the pros.

Overall backpedal needs some work; can get off-balance, especially early. Also has a tendency to go for the hit over the tackle if the opportunity presents itself, which will have to be coached out of him at the next level.

haracter must be closely investigated after getting in trouble at both schools he attended, but sounds intelligent and humble in interviews. Drew interest from a number of teams at Jacksonville State’s pro day, which could lead to a team using a late-round pick in order to secure his services.

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5 Responses to “Scouting Report: CB Damond Smith, South Alabama”

  1. Chris Olafioye says:

    if u were at the game vs Idaho you would know that his teammate struck him first. Damond is a humble young man who made a few mistakes but who hasnt made mistakes in life. if you listen to him speak he speaks with intelligence abd with a humble heart. Ill guarantee whatever team picks Smith he will find his way. into a starting role..

  2. dslave says:

    No way Not now. I’d be shocked.

    • Chris Olafioye says:

      this kid is an AMAZING ball player. every one goesthrough trials and tribulations. this guy will make it!

    • MatthewJones says:

      I really doubt New England would take a flier on Smith, but he’s probably going to be at an NFL camp and one team may be comfortable parting with a late-round pick to sidestep competition for his services.

  3. He was a joy to watch at Western, I can’t tell you how disappointing it was to watch him hit his own teammate during a game. One of those WTF moments that leave you shaking your head. It would be great to see him get a third chance at football, but it’s hard to see anyone giving up more than a 7th rounder for a Practice Squad bid.

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