Report: Patriots Have Signed Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Patriots

Well… this just got interesting. (Photo: Icon SMI)

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

Earlier this offseason, I discussed the possibility of Tim Tebow signing with the Patriots, but no one saw this coming, not even myself—and I happen to be the biggest Tim Tebow enthusiast out there.

So much for Bill Belichick hating Tim Tebow—he is now the newest member of the New England Patriots. Tebow enters 2013 with a career 75.3 quarterback rating while tossing 17 touchdowns compared to nine interceptions however he has just completed 47.9 percent of his passes. As for the running phase to Tebow’s game, he has recorded 989 career yards while punching in 12 rushing touchdowns and averaging a solid 5.0 yards per-carry.

The 25-year-old spent this past season with the New York Jets, and we all know that was a well-documented failure, much like the entire 2012 Jets season.

There was a report released earlier this month by Yahoo! Sports Mike Silver indicating that Belichick hates Tebow as a player—but the Hoodie followed it up by telling ESPN that he doesn’t hate Tebow.

And wouldn’t you know, he’s now en route to Foxboro.

Now what position will Tebow play while with the Pats?

Not just quarterback.

For what it’s worth: Tight end is probably the ideal position for Tebow at the NFL-level at this point of his professional career. However, I wouldn’t have a problem with him learning the aspects of playing quarterback in New England’s offense.

With mandatory minicamp starting tomorrow at Foxboro, Tebow will be there and it looks like he will be lining up as a tight end. Don’t go comparing this to Tebow in New York. The Patriots don’t allow distractions, let alone encourage them, and the quarterback situation is all different.

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5 Responses to “Report: Patriots Have Signed Tim Tebow”

  1. td says:

    Simple signing. No bonus, no guarantees. Just come in and we’ll see what he can do. If he can contribute something we have him for 2 years at the cheapest price you can get.

  2. jim r says:

    After the two tough Super bowl losses and last years exodus. I think BB is looking for some divine intervention

  3. Breazy says:

    Can…he…catch? Can…he…run…routes? Can…he…block? What he can definitely do is compete, lead, and will his way to results.

  4. Nuf Ced says:

    Tebow will be the 2018 starting QB…

    Pull pin and toss… That should start conversation

  5. Nuf Ced says:

    Kafka gone… Now will all the Mallet haters say Tenow will emerge so we have trade Mallet?

    Didn’t see Kafka sticking but didn’t see him being cut for Tebow

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