How the Patriots Will Use Tim Tebow

Patriots Tebow

Will we see Tim Tebow throwing passes in New England? Perhaps in practice.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The unthinkable or inevitable – depending on which side of the aisle you’re sitting on in the Church of Tebow – has happened. Bill Belichick and Tim Tebow, two of the most polarizing figures in all of the NFL, are finally together. Somewhere Urban Meyer is smiling.

What should Patriots fans expect out of Tebow this season?


According to initial reports, the Patriots seem to be looking at Tebow as a tight end – although Chris Mortensen said he will study as third-string QB. As I’ve really never seen him block – I’m not sure how many people have – I can’t imagine him playing the “Y” position currently inhabited by Rob Gronkowski and Michael Hoomanawanui. That’s not saying that he can’t do it. He certainly has the strength, but blocking techniques and assignments aren’t learned overnight – they take time.

As a “F” or “Move” tight end, however, Tebow makes a lot of sense. He can motion into the backfield and either be a decoy or a ball-carrier. The screen game should also be something that he can do out of the box.

With all that in mind, the biggest challenge to Tebow seeing the field as a TE / H-Back is going to be his blocking – both inline and in the backfield while in pass protection. Dante Scarnecchia – Patriots line coach – will have his work cut out for him.


Barring a litany of injuries, Tim Tebow is not going to be the starting quarterback for the Patriots. Tom Brady and his heir apparent Ryan Mallett have that position locked up. What Tebow really brings to the table is roster flexibility.

Recently, Bill Belichick hasn’t deemed it worthy to keep three quarterbacks on the active roster, and I don’t see that happening this year either. Having Tebow as a 3rd, 4th or even 5th tight end gives you a built-in third quarterback that can come in and not completely screw things up if disaster strikes. Troy Brown got reps at quarterback during his time in Foxboro in case of emergency – Tebow could siphon off a few himself.

One point that will be debated endlessly until the start of the 2013 NFL Season is if Tebow will see snaps at quarterback in short-yardage situations. Personally, I think it unwise to take Tom Brady off the field barring a huge lead. Belichick and Josh McDaniels – Tebow’s former coach and the man who drafted him in the first round – may have different plans. Both coaches look for every possible advantage in every possible situation. If they see a small role for Tebow under center, they’ll exploit it to its fullest potential.


Few coaches preach Special Teams more than Bill Belichick. Players that can contribute in that phase of the game are very important to a roster. People scoffed at Tebow’s “personal protector” role with the Jets last year, but I doubt Belichick did.

If Belichick feels that he can steal a possession or two by utilizing Tebow on his punt team, that is just one more mark in Tebow’s column. Just the threat of Tebow back there will limit what punt return teams try – another small advantage.

Belichick hasn’t hesitated putting receivers and running backs on the kickoff team either – we’ve long seen Danny Woodhead, Julian Edelman and more recently Brandon Bolden laying the wood on kickoffs. I wouldn’t be shocked seeing Tebow out there as well.


One player, multiple potential roles. Punt protector, backup quarterback, tight end, h-back… all wrapped up in one 6-3/240 package.

The Patriots have a log jam at multiple positions (WR, RB, DL, CB…), having one player fill so many roles could allow New England to keep an extra player or two on their roster that would otherwise be given to a far more specialized player.

Another little advantage in a game decided by them.

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27 Responses to “How the Patriots Will Use Tim Tebow”

  1. Richard says:

    Tebow has outplayed Mallet at EVERY level. Tebow has already proven his ability to turn around a hapless NFL franchise (the Broncos) and lead them to the playoffs. Mallet is the new Matt Cassel, not the “heir apparent”. Brady will start but, if he is injured, don’t be surprised to see Tim Tebow take his place.

  2. JMC says:

    If he makes the team he will probably be the scout team QB- I’d be surprised if he was active for more than half the games, but what the hell- good kid, hard worker- let’s give it a go-

  3. J H TARBORO says:

    On this web page back in Febuary and March i personally said Tebow would be a Patriot and that Welker would not be a Patriot, and was correct both times. I’m laughing because of every comment i made there was some dismissal, as i said before BB liked Tebow, Mcdaniels drafted him and Mcdaniels should fix him.

  4. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Tebow will push Mallett to continue to improve. He is the one player looking over his shoulder now.

  5. kevan says:

    and for the record. no im not religious no im not a right winger. could care less about that im talkin football.

  6. kevan says:

    i like the move. very low risk. i am and always will be for the underdog. tebow will have to earn a spot on this team it wont be given to him. even then he is behind brady the GOAT and mallet. he can possibly help the team while being an emergency qb. what better guy to learn mechanics from then brady? he has had a qb coach since he was 14 i mean the dude is flat out obsesive about mechanics. will tebow ever throw a football like brady? no ofcourse not but he doesnt have to not to many people can anyway. yea i know the media circus yea NO! this is the patriots not the jets so stop with all that garbage. ill trust bb and mcdaniels takin a low risk high reward shot on a kid who can play football. if it doesnt work fine get rid of him and keep it pushin. a chance to prove the naysayers and haters wrong pats fans included is priceless. like when brady went down in 08 and everyone was hatin on cassell cuz he didnt come in guns blazin. i mean the dude didnt even play in college god forbid he needed a couple games to get his feet wet. pats fans were sayin bring in chris sims bring back rohan davey! whaaaaat? then when cassell started playin the same fans were talkin about a brady trade! haha true story. all im sayin is this is a no lose move. pats didnt give up any picks. whats he gonna get jeff demps money? why not? if it doesnt work fine. if it does great. ya know? lets see what happens.

  7. PSW says:

    This can only end badly, tedunk will be a pain in the neck even if he tries to play good soldier. At least Kafka was a legitimate 3rd qb, now the pats will need to find a new one to stash on the practice squad, tedunk won’t make it out of training camp. He might not make it out of mini camp.

    • Ryan says:

      Dont know if you were following some of the thoughts on Kafka or not. Reports were he was obviously the worst QB on the field. Meaning he wasn’t even good enough to push Mallet. Regardless a 3rd string QB needed to be brought in. I remember when Hoyer was making Brady look bad at bucket drills. Got to have everyone pushing everyone to get to where they need to be this year.

      • PSW says:

        I wasn’t saying Kafka was good, I was just saying he was a legitimate 3rd, not a 2nd, maybe we still would have needed a replacement if Kafka stayed, I’m just saying tedunk won’t help

  8. Trev says:

    Worst. Signing. Ever.

  9. larry says:

    I always said some one should try him at tight end to see if he can do it……………Well the Pats are going to try it…………………If he sticks as a tight end then they can see if they can work with him and improve his passing game over time and make him a functional QB…………………Hey it’s
    not costing the Pats anything to give him a shot and if anyone can make Teebow work out it’s Bellichick…………….

  10. Ski says:

    Bill loves positional flexibility.

    If Tebow can contribute on special teams and play multiple positions, it justifies carrying a third QB.

    I could see Tebow being used on special teams and in the offense along with Brady. I think Bill and Josh will be a lot more creative than the Jets were in how best to use his skills.

  11. Jack says:

    Go Patriots! Love Tebow–now love the Patriots. They will benefit greatly! Tebow and Patriots.

  12. chuck says:

    He is a 3rd qb. He will not see the field at any other position. He is either going to be a 3rd qb or he is not going to be on the team.

  13. Michele says:

    I am a huge Pats fan,and I don’t agree with this decision.There is no room for Tebow on this team.Don’t get me wrong,I like Tebow,but,maybe he should be back on a Florida team.GO PATRIOTS!!!

  14. Bob says:

    I’m now a Pariot’s fan

  15. Bob says:

    The Patriot’s just made me a fan.

  16. Dante says:

    PS what knowledge would he have of a Denver offense he’s two years removed and previously under the Coach that is now with the Pats?

    • Ryan says:

      The Patriots offense is all about vocabulary. He knows the vocabulary. He is a smart person. Even has a 3rd QB I’m confident he will be able to bring WR’s along more than Kafka could. I’m not a Tebow fan, and I’m not even a Tebow supporter. But I definitely feel he is an upgrade over Kafka just because the Patriots offense is so unique. That being said I agree he will never be a QB for the Pats. He wont ever be a TE for them either. It will be interesting to see what transpires.

  17. Dante says:


    Look there isn’t a damn thing Tebow will be teaching… This is his last stop before getting shipped off to the Canadian League. He’s coming in as a POSSIBLE upgrade to the 3rd qb slot but even there I don’t expect him to make it beyond the next three weeks of practice if he can’t show some sort of contribution. If anything he has more to prove than any other starter out there to validate the circus and baggage that inevitably follows him. Ironically, it’s his own fans that ruined his career since a teams patience is much less tolerant given the unwelcome spotlight of media and fanatical right wingers… Good luck but he’ll never sniff the field in a Pats uniform during the regular season.

    • Alex says:

      Pretty much this. Also, his career has been ruined not only by his fans, but also by the arrival of dual threat QBs who can, you know, pass. I’m sure he looked intriguing in 2010, but after the arrival of Cam, RG3, Wilson and Kaepernick not so much.

  18. Ryan says:

    The biggest advantage I see in this whole scenario is that he can teach. He knows the system and knows the play book and he is a leader. They need another QB or coach out there bringing these young players along. He is perfect fit in that sense. He also brings some scheme knowledge from Denver and the Jets.

    • Steve says:

      What can Tebow teach? He may know some of the vocabulary McDaniels used three years ago, but the Patriots are returning a good portion of their offense from last year, and each of those people know this system better than Tebow. Also, considering Tebow’s well documented learning disabilities, he will have a hard enough time learning the intricacies of this offense.

    • Sidney neville says:

      I dont see the advantage against denver because of the massive change in offensesbey receiver weaknesses but on defense he could give us valued insight but against the jets he should be a big help have to wonder though how much we will us him assuming he gets a roster spot huge assumption probably used in games where bill feals he neads a afvantage i see him being on the feild for any thing but specual teams in the atlanta game the jets game to rub it in the brinkos game and the houston game but that is best case senario most probable senario he gets cut before the season starts. Impossible senario he chalenges mark sanches to a fight in week2 and mark sanches gets beaten so badly by tim tebow and then plays threw another beating and mentally falling apart and 30 years ltet is found in mother russia saying no tebow no probably not but would be hillarios

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