Bill Belichick Recognizes Aaron Dobson’s Basketball Background

Aaron Dobson isn’t just talented at football. (Photo:

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned about Bill Belichick over the years is that he admires players that have excelled in two sports.

In the most recent case, Belichick has recognized Aaron Dobson’s basketball background and told the media on Friday that it certainly was a plus in his scouting report, as basketball players tend to have “good hands.”

Per the Providence Journal:

I would say that, just based on my experience as a coach through the years, that basketball players, most have good hands. They have to handle the ball a lot. The ball is on them quick, tight passes and handling the ball in traffic and that kind of thing. Usually, when you get a good basketball player, those guys usually have pretty good ball skills in terms of handling the ball: strong hands in being able to keep it and quick hands, being able to snatch it and handle it cleanly and, hopefully, without losing it.

The second-round draft pick out of Marshall wasn’t just recruited to play football at the NCAA level, but he was also a sought-after basketball recruit by some pretty big-time schools such as West Virginia.

Dobson stands in at 6’3″ and certainly brings some much needed size to New England’s wide receiver corps. Not only does Dobson have great hands, as he didn’t drop a single pass this past season at Marshall, but he’s great in jump ball situations—hence his basketball background.

There’s no question that Dobson has the physical attributes to succeed at the NFL level, but he needs to have right football IQ to flourish in New England’s very demanding and complex offensive attack.

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7 Responses to “Bill Belichick Recognizes Aaron Dobson’s Basketball Background”

  1. Glen says:

    Pretty sure there’s some drops by Dobson here…

  2. Barkevious says:

    I hope Bill ratchets back some of the offensive’s complexity. Not completely. Just make it manageable for some of the new kids. Rookie/New WR failures aren’t a league wide phenomenon. It’s primarily a NEP thing.

    • D.S.T. says:

      you must be insane. Go read CHFF’s article about the 2012 WR class. In general, WR is a total crapshoot across the league.

  3. Trevor M. says:

    Sadly, rookie WR rarely excel out of the gate unless they are a top 10 pick.

  4. D.S.T. says:

    I hope he turns out to be a Jimmy Graham with speed. 🙂

    • munchkin says:

      I’d be very happy with a Miles Austin. Of course Miles was an undrafted free agent. Austin had similar, though slightly better, measurables. Austin was also solid HS BB player.
      So why not a HEALTHY Miles Austin?

    • Ralph says:

      Jimmy Graham is a 6’7 beast

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