Report: Patriots Looking to Trade Jeff Demps

Jeff Demps’ track career might lead to a trade from New England.

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

The Jeff Demps era probably won’t last long in New England as it appears that he’s likely on his way out of town.

With reports surfacing earlier this year indicating that Demps wants to focus on his professional track career rather than his football career, it almost seemed imminent that the Patriots would look to part ways with the Silver medal winning track and field athlete.

At first, you might wonder what kind of interest NFL teams would have in Demps, as he’s come out saying that he wants to focus on his track and field career, but the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe believes that there will be a market for him.

Out of pure speculation, the Patriots will likely not get much in return for Demps, possibly a sixth or seventh round pick—but that’s certainly something, as we all know Bill Belichick values his draft picks.

With New England entering this year’s draft with just five draft picks—with their third round pick possibly going to Pittsburgh if return for restricted free agent Emmanuel Sanders—it only makes sense that Belichick would love to bring in some more selections.

The NFL draft is right around the corner, coming at the end of this month, and if anything is going to get done with Demps, it will likely happen in the upcoming week or so.

Tampa Bay, who likely finished second in last year’s “Jeff Demps Sweepstakes”, is a likely trading partner if a deal is consummated.

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11 Responses to “Report: Patriots Looking to Trade Jeff Demps”

  1. Jeff M says:

    If they can get a 6th for him I’d be happy with that. I wouldn’t mind snagging Rainey to replace either. That’d be a great swap actually. Pats could then try and add a 4th and 5th rounder by trading back and then they’d be stocked well for the draft.

  2. ryan says:

    what a jack off!!!
    Daniel Rose should be answering questions bout whether his client is committed to playing nfl or even honouring the contract he signed – not trade talk! Jeff Howe is a hack.
    Huge market for guy who has never played a down and not committed to play nfl and would tell any coach I’ll come in mid season and play.

    Hey Jeff there is a huge market developing to date my really really ugly sister- so if you could just spread the word….

  3. Jack says:

    Headline is pretty misleading. The “report” just stated they’ve “discussed” trading him; didn’t mention that they were “looking” to trade him.

  4. cc says:

    We don’t & never needed Mallet. Jeff Douche….?
    Yeah, yet another waste of time. …..
    Throw in Cunningham & Deaderick for goodeasure and I’d be fine with it and drink an ice cold beer as a happy reward.

  5. acm says:

    Have a tough time seeing anyone with half a brain trading for Demps in these circumstances. Just cut him and maybe get Rainey, who should come pretty cheap and won’t cost a pick.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      I agree I had the Patriots drafting Rainey last year.

    • cc says:

      Well folks, Tully Banta-Cane tossed a pan of hot boiling water in his girlfriends face down the street in Wrentham and he still got work later with the Patriots again did he not?

      Rainey actually sounds like a decent catch & a good replacement for a current member or two that’s just not cutting it!

  6. J H TARBORO says:

    Mallett and Demps to Tampa!

  7. J H TARBORO says:

    Trade him!!

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