Fifteen Thoughts on the 2013 NFL Draft

6) Two top players that have surprisingly little buzz around them ten days out from the draft are Missouri DT Sheldon Richardson and Florida State DE Bjoern Werner. Not long ago both players were talked about as potential top 5 selections and now you can go days without hearing a word about either player. Both Richardson and Werner have some red flags surrounding them. Richardson has questions surrounding his character, attitude and academic issues. While Werner has a clean resume off the field, his upside and ceiling on the field isn’t that of other top pass rushers. While I have no inside knowledge on either player, I won’t be surprised if these are two players that end up sliding a bit on draft day.

7) Speaking of Florida State pass rushers one of the most interesting story lines to watch as the first round unfolds on Thursday is where DE Tank Carradine is selected. If Carradine didn’t tear his ACL in November against Florida there is no doubt in my mind that he would be selected in the top ten of this draft. On talent and pass rush potential alone he is undoubtedly one of the most skilled players. It’s never easy for a team to select a player early in the draft, knowing that the player is likely to miss most of the upcoming season like Carradine will. A contending team at the end of the first round could get a huge steal if they decide they can wait for their first round pick to make an impact.

8) News came out this morning that Kansas State LB Arthur Brown visited the Patriots on Monday. I discussed adding a player like Brown during my last podcast. In short, it’s something I think this team is desperately lacking. The Patriots have a very talented, young linebacker corp. But, all three of their backers are larger, more physical backers and none of them run exceptionally well. Adding a player like Brown to the front seven is important. The Patriots need that speed, range and coverage ability on 3rd downs. Too many times last year, the linebackers gave up big gains on 3rd down, because their LB couldn’t cover the back coming out of the backfield or couldn’t make a play on an edge run. Brown is an instinctive, fast and rangy backer. He makes plays all over the field and would elevate the speed of the Patriots defense. Last year, the Patriots had legitimate interest in both Lavonte David and Demario Davis, before they selected Dont’a Hightower.

9) The way this draft is set up I think it would be smart for teams that need cornerback help to wait until the mid-late rounds where the value is expected to be much greater. It can be argued that there is only one corner that is a consensus first round pick. Xavier Rhodes is a good player, but he is a scheme fit and Desmond Trufant is a borderline first round talent. By filling another need in the first round and waiting until later in the draft to get a CB, teams will be able to maximize the value of their picks. Teams will be able to find impact corners deep into the 5th and 6th round this year, with players like Cal’s Steve Williams, South Florida’s Kayvon Webster, Miami(FL) Brandon McGee and Purdue’s Josh Johnson all late round guys that can step in and make an impact next year.

10) Keenan Allen has had a rough couple of days. Last week he ran in the high 4.6s-low 4.7s at his pro day and now there is speculation that he may have failed a drug test at the combine. Speed isn’t his game and no one really expected him to run fast at his pro day. But, when you combine the slow 40 with injury issues and now a possible failed drug test, teams will have to think twice before selecting him in round one. In terms of Keenan Allen and the New England Patriots, I still have a hard time envisioning Bill Belichick using a first round pick on a wide receiver that runs as slow as Allen does. I have been wrong in the past, but it’s just something I can’t see happening this year.

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9 Responses to “Fifteen Thoughts on the 2013 NFL Draft”

  1. Liam says:

    My dream Pats draft for this year.

    1. DeAndre Hopkins, WR Clemson
    2. Trade back for mid 3 and mid 5
    3. Baccari Rambo, S Georgia
    3. Kiko Alonso, LB Oregon
    5. Chris Faulk, OL LSU
    7. Marc Harrison, WR Rutgers
    7. Mike Catapano, DL Princeton

    Obviously won’t happen like that, you’d have a better chance of winning the lottery than picking a draft class right, but it’s a fun game to play. Last year I wanted Courtney Upshaw (Chandler was the better pick) but the year before I wanted Nate Solder, so it sometimes does work out!

    • Yesares says:

      I also like this mock draft.

      I only would change Rambo, for 2 reasons: don`t like his attitude on field, so much a free lancer, and I would prefer a strong safety type (Bacarri is a free safety type).

      My pick would be someone between Earl Wolff, John Boyett or “Duke” Williams from FCS colleges or two prospects from small schools that can be very good as JJ Wilcox or Cooper Taylor

  2. J H TARBORO says:

    3 possible late round to UFA impressed me that the Patriots had here for a private workout.
    WR Courtney Gardner Sierra 6’3 215-220lbs 4.38 40yd.
    RB/WR Sam McGuffie Rice upper 4.2-4.3 40yd
    WR Mark Harrison Rutgers 6’3 230lbs 4.41 40yd
    for some reason i really like this McGuffie kid!!!

  3. J H TARBORO says:

    I still believe the WRs go much later than expected in the 1st round. A few players we might expect not to be there will be there, thanks to all the smokescreens.

  4. AM says:

    Keep in mind that Allen’s speed at his pro day was undoubtedly hampered by his injury recovery. Even without so-called “burner speed,” he separates with the best of them. I think he’d be well worth the pick at #29.

    As to Werner, I’ve seen some mocks where he drops to #29, and further. I find that extremely unlikely, but if it plays out that way, the Patriots should pounce.

  5. Yesares says:

    Obviously everybody is focusing in WR as a glaring need for Patriots, but we better don`t forget that BB uses to pick in the first round with one o two year down the road in his sights.

    In 2011 has selected Solder, because he knew that Matt Light would be gone at the end of that season in spite they had signed him for a 2 year contract.

    Perhaps in 2012 has selected Hightower as a future Spikes substitute as starter MLB (Spikes is now in his contract year, next offseason will be a UFA). So, next year is possible that Patriots needs an starter OLB (to fill the hole that Hightower lays as moving to MLB) that can shed blocks, attacks opposite RBs and cover TEs. This player can be Ninkovich, but also can be the Patriot’s 2013 1st round pick.

    My two favourite player for this role in this draft are Dion Jordan (out of reach for Patriots barring a huge trade up that should include Spikes & Mallet) and Arthur Brown, who I hopefully expect that would be avalaible at the bottom of 1st round.

    I would be delighted if Patriots picks one of this 2 player in next draft.

    There are enough depth in this WR class to select one very good in 2nd round (Wheaton, Patton or Woods).

    And in 3rd round, a CB.

    Two 7th for a OL and another WR.

  6. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I don’t see Bill taking a QB 1st BUT maybe this year! I like Markus Wheaton as the best fit into the Patriots Offence, at #59, or Bill may move-up in the Second, with a trade with Tampa sending QB Mallett and #59 to them for #43 and #112.
    I still think Bill takes LB Sio Moore with the 1st pick either at #29 or move back some, and take him.

  7. Jim R says:

    You hit a lot of key points, rounds 2-4 is where you can make some nice additions that should be able to contribute this year. The wr’s I like both Allen and Woods, I could see them selecting one of the two if they move back into Rd. 2. Next years draft does look like some top end talent will be available, Love the kid Barr from UCLA. I still think Dline first pick. Rd’s 2-3 corner/Wr not sure which order.

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