April 10th Three-Round Mock Draft (Matthew Jones)

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – LB Jarvis Jones, Georgia*

Jarvis Jones’ medical issues make his draft stock difficult to predict, but Pittsburgh could give him some serious consideration if he slips this far; Jones would project as a replacement for James Harrison.

18. Dallas Cowboys – OG Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina

Adding an elite interior lineman such as Cooper here would be a coup for Dallas; he represents an upgrade at either offensive guard spot. Sheldon Richardson is another possible option with this pick.

19. New York Giants – DE Datone Jones, UCLA

Cornellius Carradine may be the more disruptive pass rusher, but New York may prefer Datone Jones, as his versatility (defensive end, defensive tackle, five-technique) is similar to Justin Tuck’s.

20. Chicago Bears – LB Alec Ogletree, Georgia*

Chicago may also consider D.J. Fluker with this pick, but Alec Ogletree seems like a perfect fit for the Bears as long as they are willing to overlook his character issues; he is a steal at this point in the draft.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – OT D.J. Fluker, Alabama*

It looks increasingly more likely that the Bengals will lose offensive tackle Andre Smith in free agency, so they could look at another former Crimson Tide lineman, D.J. Fluker, to replace him on the right side.

22. St. Louis Rams (from Redskins) – WR Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee*

Although Patterson’s stock has been slipping recently due to concerns about his ability to adapt to the NFL, his incredible physical tools should place him above competitors such as California’s Keenan Allen.

23. Minnesota Vikings – DT Sylvester Williams, North Carolina

It would be somewhat surprising to see Sylvester Williams selected before Sheldon Richardson, but the latter’s character issues may turn off some teams. Williams is also the better fit at nose tackle.

24. Indianapolis Colts – DT Jesse Williams, Alabama

Jesse Williams may be somewhat of a reach here, but he nonetheless represents a better value than Ohio State prospect Johnathan Hankins. Indianapolis has been tight-lipped regarding their draft strategy.

25. Minnesota Vikings – LB Manti Te’o, Notre Dame

Leslie Frazier has not publicly ruled out drafting a middle linebacker with this selection, which makes sense considering their need at the position; Minnesota has met with Manti Te’o on multiple occasions.

26. Green Bay Packers – TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame*

The second Notre Dame prospect selected in as many picks, Eifert would offer Green Bay a replacement for incumbent Jermichael Finley, who is not under contract beyond this upcoming season.

27. Houston Texans – WR Robert Woods, Southern California*

Houston has been seeking a complement to Andre Johnson for some time now; luckily, Woods, Keenan Allen, Justin Hunter, and DeAndre Hopkins are all available. Woods is the most versatile of the options.

28. Denver Broncos – CB Desmond Trufant, Washington

Champ Bailey is under contract for two more years, but Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie could be gone after this season. Trufant could play in the slot as a rookie and take over on the outside in 2014.

29. New England Patriots – DE Cornellius Carradine, Florida St.

Despite the availability of Keenan Allen, DeAndre Hopkins, Justin Hunter, Quinton Patton, and Markus Wheaton, New England could very well go with Carradine, a big, long, athletic edge rusher.

30. Atlanta Falcons – DT Kawann Short, Purdue

The Falcons probably would have liked Cornellius Carradine at this point, but they can select a nice consolation prize in Kawann Short, who should prove a more disruptive tackle than starter Peria Jerry.

31. San Francisco 49ers – CB Jamar Taylor, Boise St.

After putting together a much more impressive workout than expected, Taylor is a potential first-round pick; the 49ers brought him in for a private workout and make sense as a possible destination.

32. Baltimore Ravens – SS Matt Elam, Florida*

Baltimore has met with Margus Hunt and Kevin Minter on multiple occasions, but are expected to sign Rolando McClain and have a glaring need at strong safety, where Bernard Pollard has yet to be replaced.

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32 Responses to “April 10th Three-Round Mock Draft (Matthew Jones)”

  1. Bill says:

    That would be dream type draft, to get Carradine, Banks, and Bailey with 3 picks at those spots. I was hoping for jessewilliams, Marc’s Wheaton, and Jordan Poyer, but this is even better, although more unlikely to shake out. If the Sanders deal goes away, I gotta believe the Pats will takeaWR by 2nd Rd. They really will need one, and unless a really good DE is there, I think it will be Rd 1

    • cc says:

      USING YOUR DRAFT: If they cant start with snagging Jessie Williams in the first: I trade out the #29 worth 640- it = a mid 2nd & mid 3rd respectively, +/- either one.
      + I’d shock the draft by have some fun and specifically give our next year 1st for a this year 2nd as well(assumes mid’type as well) +/-whatever…..
      *#41(from next year’s 1st)
      (C/OG) Travis Frederickson Wisconsin.
      *#46 (from trade of the #29 worth 430)
      (CB) Blindi Wreh-Wilson Connecticut.
      *#59 (our own)
      (DE/OLB) Alex Okafor Texas.
      *#75 (from trade of the #29 worth 215)
      (DT) Brandon Williams Missouri South State.
      *#91 = Either E.Sanders OR draft Da’Rick Rogers.

      With the (2) 7th roundrs I’d bite on (CB) Josh Johnson-Purdue first, then another (WR) like either Mark Harrison OR Marquis Wilson.

  2. joe says:

    Alright if the pats get those 2 picks tank and Taylor with the first 2picks I would be real happy with that. I also think Cleveland trades back and gets a 2nd or third round pick out of it a trades that for mallat. I really believe BB has something up his sleeve. Bill B and mike Lombardi are boys and Lombardi loved mall at coming out of college

    • cc says:

      Sorry bro, but are we hoping that BB takes another PRE & KNOWN INJURY CASE????
      Taylor Price & Ras-I-Dowling comes 2 mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Can you say fresh ACL TEAR kids?!?!
      No carridine – No way.

      I personally look at:
      DT Jessie Williams.
      DE Alex Okafor.
      CB Best Man Cover.
      & yes, I’d use a next year pick OR TWO along with the (2) 7th’s in order to do it.


  3. kdog says:

    My one criticism of this mock is that you have too many QBs slipping. I know it’s hard without trades, but the over/under on QBs in the 1st round should be around 3. . .

  4. Jim R says:

    Dennard 30 days in jail 2 yrs probation. Do not think godell will tack on to this. He should be good to go for the year

    • AM says:

      And the 30 days doesn’t kick in until next March. I would also wager that most of that sentence is suspended, or that he gets early release. I would be surprised if he actually spent more than a few days in jail.

  5. AM says:

    I think that regardless of whether Sanders comes on board or not, the Patriots go for at least one WR in the first three rounds. Even if the Steelers choose not to match, no guarantees that he meshes with Brady (see Galloway, Ochocinco, etc.), and no guarantees he comes on for a long-term deal. Even if he does, that leaves them only two deep at receiver come next year, unless Donald Jones turns out to be the real deal.

    As to these selections, difficult to see them going for Carradine over Hopkins, Allen, or Jamar Taylor. Johnthan Banks is a steal at #59, but I doubt he falls that far even with his speed questions. At #91, I wouldn’t opt for Bailey with Aaron Dobson still on the board.

    • acm says:

      If they spend the 3rd rounder on Sanders, I expect them to go defense with any 1-3 round picks they may have even after trades. With Sanders on board, I would expect a bigger-bodied WR to be targeted in the 5th and later rounds (again, assuming trades) and more precisely players like Wilson, Mellette, Harrison, Gardner.

      If they get Sanders, improving DE, DT, OLB, and secondary would become the primary objective, imo.

    • cc says:

      Unless its a 7th rounder…….another WR would IMO be a waste.
      They made their bed…..lay down in it. Go with your Amendola-NEW, Jones-NEW, Jenkins-NEW, + Edelman-(Not a Starter), Nate Ebner( lord please let somebody be a diamond in the ruff & make up for guy’s like Dowling & Cunningham)…….

      Personally: I think TB12 can do quite well being forced 2throw2 “Everyone”.

      Lets work on the “D” shall we?

  6. td says:

    I think a few posters are back to the dillusional “trade the backup QB for more draft picks” mantra. Why would BB trade a their backup they have been grooming the past few years, having cut Hoyer and leave themselves with no backup? Also, why would another team trade for a backup taken in the third round that had some issues and has done nothing but hold Brady’s golf clubs?

    If they did trade him, what QB would they pick up in that steamy mess of college QB’s and on the street;Leinart, Clemons, Carr, Grossman?

    Many posed trading Hoyer a year ago for more picks (firsts and seconds) but they had to cut him eventually and he got a gig when some QB’s went down later in the year.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      BB already has QB Kafka on the pay-roll and I think he likes him, or he would not have signed him! I also feel IF Mallett is the Future QB for New England then NO trade, however if he’s not, Why wait trade him?? I don’t think BB will carry TWO QB’s on the Roster So ??
      So I’m Projecting he’s Traded to Tampa, maybe with our 1st pick #29, for
      a 2nd #43, 4th #112 4th #126 and a 3d next year. ( between #70-#85 )

  7. Joe Blake says:

    I doubt the Pats will draft a WR assuming that the Steelers don’t match Sander’s offer sheet #. I see a CB and a DE with their 1st & 2nd picks (highest position on their board dictating the order). An OL with one of their 7th round picks. I doubt they pick up another FA DE (i.e. a Freeney or Abraham).

  8. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I still think BB trades back of more picks, or the Patriots trade QB mallett for more selections,… but here are my 5 picks for the Patriots draft 2013.
    1st – Sio Moore OLB, Connecticut
    2nd- Jordan Poyer CB , Oregon State
    3d- Emmanuel Sanders deal, if not
    …. Jared Smith DT, New Hampshire

    7th- T.J. Johnson OG/C South Carolina
    7th- Demetrius McCray CB Appalachian State

    If BB get’s more picks before draft day, I may change/add players, to my draft, but this is it!!

    • acm says:

      I have to say that mock seems a bit random to me, Russel. I agree that they need an OLB but Sio Moore is a 2nd round talent. If there is an OLB worthy of a 29th pick in this draft, that would be Arthur Brown (better than Ogletree, imo).
      Otherwise, trade out of the 1st and you can still get K. Greene or Moore in mid to late 2nd round. And there are pretty good players even deeper in the draft too – Alonso, Gooden, Holloman, Kline, Knott, P. Steward, just to name a few.
      Sio Moore is good but not 1st round good and certainly not unique either.

      Also, Jared Smith is great alternative to players like Vellano or Hill but unlikely to be drafted before the 5th and even 6th round.

      I think your expectation of BB reaching for a player makes you overestimate the likelihood of that happening. Circumstances are diff this year with BB having the fewest number of picks in his stay with the Pats, even without losing that 3rd for Sanders, so I think one should fully expect him to adjust his approach accordingly.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I expect BB to trade back into the second, so LB Moore will our 1st pick which I think will be in the second, if we stay as we are Moore will be gone by #59. If you study the numbers on DT Smith they are equal to or better in nearly all, to Sharrif Floyd. He is a reach, I admit, but if the Sanders deal happens its mute.
        I’m thinking that BB ends up with 6 picks, #2 2nds, #2 4ths, and # 2 7ths. With a Trade to Tampa as the most likely partner, maybe our 1st, and or QB Mallett, as a deal for more picks, this year, and or next year.

        • Jim R says:

          In this draft I do not think there is that much seperation from a projected first round pick and a third round pick. There is very good talent well into round 4. BB trading back and getting Sanders with a Third round pick will supplement this roster very nicely.

        • kdog says:

          re: Jim R below. . . I think maybe Belichick doesn’t agree. If he liked the 3rd round talent, he would be loathe to give up that pick. . . just a thought.

        • acm says:

          now that’s a scenario I can get behind. I don’t have a problem with BB drafting Moore in mid or late 2nd as he is a very good prospect for the 4-3 OLB role – my concern with the mock had to do with reaching for him at 29, which should be reserved for unique talents only, especially in a year with so few picks … and unique he simply isn’t.

          Personally, I would be perfectly fine with one of Greene, Moore, Alonso for that role in late 2nd, early 3rd (again, assuming trades) and I think at least one of them falls there.

          I don’t think it would would be a stretch to expect BB to end up with a 5th and/or a 6th round pick this year after some trades involving players or future draft picks, so I think he would get a shot at players like Klein and Knott, who I don’t think would go any earlier than the 5th.

          In those later rounds there is some good DT talent too and J. Smith is one of them.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        LB Holloman is a favorit of mine, but Moore is faster, stronger able to get of blocks in the run game. Each cover very well, Moore rushes the passer some better. I don’t care for K. Greene, Alonso or gooden. Kline and Knott are very good late, but not in the 7th they will be gone.

        • kdog says:

          OK thanks. I like the idea of Moore but I have sticker shock. I’d feel better with (as you say) spending a mid-2nd on him.

    • kdog says:

      So you like Moore, huh? Why him and not Brown, Greene, Bostic, etc.? It could be that all these guys grade out similarly – so we trade back to the mid-2nd and take whoever’s left. . . but I definitely agree that a speedy LB is a top priority, and a hot commodity.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I think Brown is to small, more of a SS body, Greene looked dreadful in coverage on tape IMO, Bostic I like, but I’m not sure he’s a cover guy.
        Sio Moore has good size at 6’1″ 245 runs a 4.62-40 has strong hands/Arms, gets of blockers very well in the run game. Is very good in coverage, moves well, good rusher off the edge. I liked his interview, I though he presented himself well, team guy. His Tape had him doing many things, on D versitile player.

  9. Tommy G. says:

    I notice you have the Patriots picking Stedman Bailey in the third round.

    Would you rather them draft Stedman Bailey, or get Emmanuel Sanders from the Pittsburgh Steelers with that third round pick?

    • AM says:

      Interesting question. For my part, I’d rather opt for Sanders. That being said, Aaron Dobson goes off the board a few picks later, and I’d rather have him than either one.

      • acm says:

        as things stand with the WR core, I’d also take Dobson over Bailey but I think that would be beside the point as Dobson would most likely be long gone by late 3rd anyway.
        come to think of it, to an extent would be surprised to see Bailey fall there too, same goes for Swope.
        So, if I am gonna compare Sanders in terms of value with WRs that would most likely be there at 91, I would probably make up a list consisting of players like Goodwin, Stills, Boyce, King.

  10. Billy C. says:

    I’d be shocked if Hunt lasts until the last pick of the second round.

  11. Blackluck says:

    Starting to think Carradine won’t be available at 29. Think that means CB in the 1st. 🙁

    • MatthewJones says:

      I don’t think New England would have a chance to draft him at #29 after teams move around. Realistically, it’s probably more likely that they draft someone like Markus Wheaton, Jamar Taylor, or Blidi Wreh-Wilson.

    • acm says:

      I think one of Datone Jones, Jesse Williams, Tank Carradine falls to the Pats at 29, in increasing order of probability, and they take the player in question. Otherwise, they trade out of there.

      If the Sanders thing falls thru, I can see BB go for a Keenan Alen or Deandre Hopkins there, but wouldn’t hold my breath for that, tbh.
      Imo, DL would be a priority at 29 no matter what happens with Sanders.

      There are a number of good CB options in the 2nd round, especially if Dennard avoids jail time. This being said, I would still look out for the need to for a CB to be taken care of by drafting a S instead, which would allow McCourty to move back at CB if needed. Phillip Thomas or DJ Swearinger in the 2nd/3rd are such players that come to mind.

      • cc says:

        Honestly, McCourty has been great at the safety position. I just assume keep him there TBH. He’s got some issues/flaws at CB & it might serve better keeping him at safety( 4the long term ). I’d rather they do that & grab the best hard-core Man Cover (CB) with the round2 pick after the preferring of a monster DT like Jessie Williams with the round 1 pick.
        I’d use a next year pick or the 2 – 7th rounders ? in order to jump up for Williams in the 1st.

        The backfield will flourish tagging the aforementioned in both the 1st & the 2nd round the true progress of the younger & rookie type’s like marquies cole( could do without ), nate ebner( eager 2 C ), tavon willson( wher is his ceiling ) & this enigma Malcom Williams?

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