2013 NFL Mock Draft: Final Decisions Looming for NFL Teams

2013 NFL Draft Datone Jones

Chandler and Datone will be “Jones” -ing for sacks in 2013.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

2013 NFL Mock Draft: FINAL

See my prediction for how the 2013 NFL Draft will play out!

1. Kansas City Chiefs
Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan (SCOUTING REPORT)
No Brandon Albert opens up the door for the Chiefs to add an equal talent – at a substantial discount – in Eric Fisher. Saw him in person against Iowa and came away impressed, but the Senior Bowl vaulted him into my top five. I still think Joeckel is the better player, but I think Fisher will be the top pick.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars
Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M* (SCOUTING REPORT)
I wonder if Blaine Gabbert might be a better quarterback if he were able to have some time in the pocket… with Luke Joeckel on this team, he’ll certainly have more.

3. Oakland Raiders
Sharrif Floyd, DL, Florida (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Raiders have a dearth of talent on their front line right now – adding the talented Floyd would give them promise of a brighter future. Star Lotulelei is another option here.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma (SCOUTING REPORT)
It’s very possible that Johnson might not even make it pick four. If he does, however, the Eagles are going to have a tough time passing on such a freak athlete. Dion Jordan’s Chip Kelly connection is tough to forget here as well.

5. Detroit Lions
I’m sure the Lions would like to get their hands on one of the top two tackles, but Ansah is a nice consolation prize here. The Lions need help at end.

6. Cleveland Browns
Mingo is my favorite pass-rusher in this draft and seems like a great fit for Cleveland’s defense. Worried about his college production more than his skill-set? Check out Clay Matthews Jr’s career at USC.

7. Arizona Cardinals
DJ Fluker, OT, Alabama (SCOUTING REPORT)
Adding Fluker – an absolute beast at RT or RG, would help whomever is taking snaps for the Cardinals in 2013. It would be even sweeter if they can get Fluker after trading down.

8. Buffalo Bills
Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon (SCOUTING REPORT)
Jordan has been my hardest prospect to evaluate this season. I’ve nailed the Bills pick the last two years, but with new pieces in place, I’m at a loss. Jordan seems like a good fit in the new “Amoeba” defense in Buffalo.

9. New York Jets
Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Jets need weapons. Tavon Austin is a Weapon with a capital “W” and will wow New York with his electric moves and speed.

10. Tennessee Titans
Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame (SCOUTING REPORT)
After losing Jared Cook, the Titans need to find a replacement. Vance McDonald might offer something in the 2nd round, but Eifert is the superior player. Chance Warmack and Jonathan Cooper would also be tempting here.

11. San Diego Chargers
Jonathan Cooper, OL, North Carolina (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Chargers need help on the offensive line – both inside and outside. If they can’t land a tackle, Cooper is the athletic guard that they covet.

12. Miami Dolphins
Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Dolphins could be after Tavon Austin after looking to jettison Davone Bess. However, they’ll have to settle for a new CB to replace Sean Smith.

13. New York Jets (via TB)
Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia (SCOUTING REPORT)
Pair Smith with his teammate Tavon Austin and you might already be ahead of what you have in Mark Sanchez.

14. Carolina Panthers
Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah (SCOUTING REPORT)
It’s funny that I have switched Lotulelei and Floyd between Oakland and Carolina about ten times in the last hour. I feel that Lotulelei is the better player right now, but Floyd has the upside and cleaner bill of health.

15. New Orleans Saints
Sheldon Richardson, DL, Missouri (SCOUTING REPORT)
Richardson is a prospect that, if he keeps his head down and keeps working, will be a Pro Bowl player for years. I mocked him at #1 a few months ago and still feel that he has that talent level in him.

16. St. Louis Rams
Chance Warmack, OL, Alabama (SCOUTING REPORT)
Warmack is one of the cleaner prospects in this draft. Adding another blocker to keep Sam Bradford upright is always a good idea.

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10 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Final Decisions Looming for NFL Teams”

  1. Ken W says:

    The more I read and see the more I think the Pats might go for Margus Hunt. Wouldn’t be suprised if his name is called at #29 tonight. We will see.

  2. Dano S says:

    This is a very good Mock Draft. My Predictions for Pats.
    Trade Ryan Mallett for 3rd and 4th round picks.
    1 De Andre Hopkins WR Clemson
    2 John Jenkins NT Georgia
    3 Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas
    3 David Amerson CB/S NC State
    4 Emmett Cleary OT Boston College
    7 Joe Kruger DE Utah
    7 Dalton Freeman C Clemson

  3. Lars says:

    Geno Smith is the 2013 Ryan Mallett. The kid is a great talent, but somehow, he’s not a top #3 pick because of media and agents propaganda

  4. acm says:

    Datone Jones, Tank C, Sly Williams, Jesse Williams all available at 29? You guys are spoiling BB right before the draft … suggestive mocking maybe 😉

  5. Kyle says:

    I think the Patriots would take Carradine over Jones if both are available at 29. he seems to be a better fit for what Belichick looks for in his pass rushers.

  6. J H TARBORO says:

    James i like your mock! Da Rick plays the WR position like a LB and plays with an edge and Wheaton, also plays with an edge but i didn’t realise how fast he really was until i seen him racing Oregon’s D’Anthony Thomas in the 100m and beating him.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      QB/WR/RB Marqueis Gray , good choice.

      • steve earle says:

        Gray doesn’t seem to me to be very likely as he does a number of things well but nothing great. But the bigest thing is our lack of numbers so taking such a risk seems poor value.

  7. Misterwiggles says:

    Cordarelle Peterson falls out of the first round? Damn…

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