2013 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Jamie Collins

Jamie Collins NFL Draft

Freak athleticism is what Jamie Collins brings to the table.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

With the 52nd pick, acquired by trade from the Minnesota Vikings, the Patriots have selected Jamie Collins – defensive end / outside linebacker from Southern Miss.

Jamie Collins has incredible athleticism. At 6’3″ and 250 pounds, Collins ran a 4.6 forty and jumped over 41″ on the vertical leap. He was my #48 overall prospect and #6 outside linebacker.

This is what we said in our scouting report on Collins:

His Combine performance dropped jaws. Collins bulked up to 6’3” and 250 pounds with the shredded physique of a professional wrestler. He ranked at or near the top in just about every drill, which sent teams clamoring for more information. Here’s what they’ll find: Collins has an explosive first step and excellent closing burst.

There is real pop to his hits and he is an excellent tackler that plays every down with equal intensity. The pass rush repertoire is more limited than many in this draft, but the athletic potential is off the charts. I talked to a position coach who interviewed Collins at the Combine and he advised me that Collins aced the interview, showing quick understanding of schemes and a strong football IQ.

Collins best projects to the NFL as a 3-4 OLB even though he played as an undersized end almost exclusively at USM. His on-field résumé says 45-64 overall range, but the athletic prowess could push Collins into the top 35, even the late portion of the first round.

Collins started as a quarterback and was moved to safety before ending up as a “Bandit” for Southern Miss – a hybrid defensive end and outside linebacker role.

I like Collins’ ability to move around pre-snap, find the holes to exploit and knife his way into the backfield and make splash plays.

If I’m Bill Belichick, I start playing Collins on third down and let him become a complement to Chandler Jones down the road. Let Jones play on the strong side and have Collins just “wreck house” on the weak side.

One could think of Collins as a future replacement for Rob Ninkovich as well.

Last year, Collins totaled 10 sacks and 20 tackles for loss. Collins did that while being the focus of nearly every offense. No other teammate on Southern Miss recorder over 2.5 sacks or 9.5 tackles for loss. Collins also had 6.5 sacks and 19.5 tackles for loss in 2011.

The Patriots will be on the clock again with the 59th pick.

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20 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Jamie Collins”

  1. ken fowler says:

    I thought the Patriots would draft Khaseem Greene out of Rutgers. very similar player. BB must have really liked Collins potential. With Collins and FA pick up Adrian Wilson TEs & RBs should no longer roam free underneith the Safeties.

  2. Perry says:

    Collins is a big-time player. Didn’t come from a SEC school, but Southern Miss has put out a few NFL players over the years..
    Bobby Hamilton & Adalius Thomas worked out pretty well for New England.

  3. Bmp1113 says:

    He was regarded as one of the top coverage lbs and one of the most under rated players. He played db and then was needed more as a de. He was more unknown because he was on a winless team. This pick allows the pats to play the 3-4 better. The pats have been a top team at drafting probowlers, all pros, starters, and players past rd 1 in the past few years, yet by listening to the genious fans youd think they were last.

  4. Rusty shackleford says:

    He is a beast. Great pick pats! He is a freakishly good athlete

  5. Ceiling Cat says:

    That doesn’t mean he can’t cover, he’s just wasn’t asked to.

  6. Steve Leggett says:

    Boy, we really reached with both of these picks. Just don’t understand it with safe picks all over the board, we take these two players. How about Jessie Williams and Barrett Jones? – two future all-pros… but this isn’t BB first time at passing at future all-pros & reaching for players that he likes. Collins is a work out warrior, but can he do it on the football field at the Pro level? Then Dobson? There were at least 3 or 4 better receivers on most draft boards. They couldn’t have been the best players on the Pats board?? No way!

    • JV says:

      Agreed..small school players over SEC talent.

    • Lars says:

      Jesse Williams could fall down, apparently. Man Barrett Jones is one of my favorite players, but we needed a CB and a S, I think they thought they might not be around when they trade down

    • tanzel says:

      are you stupid 3 better wrs then dobson? no just no there wasn’t better wrs then dobson idiot

  7. Joey says:

    Headscrathing…..Did we need this guy with our first pick? Good player but not so sure how he fits our system and our needs.

  8. pito says:

    why oh why, with jamar taylor available at a position of need, would you draft a lb??? christ that`s gonna come back to haunt us, since mr taylor is now in south beach..

    • acm says:

      He is pass-rusher, not a prototypical LB. Pass rush was a position of need and with Caraddine gone, Collins was the best out there.

      • pito says:

        i never said it`s a luxury pick, just that looking at the current depth chart, cb is a more pressing need than rush lb, imho.

        besides, i`m sick and tired of the hoodie swinging for the fences instead of choosing proven production. we missed way way too many high picks over the years by overvalueing workout warriors that couldn`t play on the field. i can only hope collins will prove me wrong :/

        • cc says:

          Collins was on a few short list. & DE/OLB! The biggest “real” Patriot need.
          If this cat can blossom(even Teddy Bruschi took a cpl of year’s to blossom), then I’m good with it.
          *I’ll take a new Defensive Due 2 check out in Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins.
          Considering the TRADE BACK and what was remaining.

  9. kevin says:

    Great coverage backer good pick

    • acm says:

      that actually he is not. He is a Ninkovic replacement in the future, and an alternative for C. Jones.

      • Ceiling Cat says:

        Says who? Guy was a corner initially

        • Speedster81 says:

          What matter is what he is now, what he has been over the last 2 years. Look at his sacks and totals for loss over the past two years.

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