2013 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Steve Beauharnais

Steve Beauharnais Patriots

Steve Beauharnais joins the New England Scarlet Knights!

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

With the 235th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots have selected linebacker Steve Beauharnais out of Rutgers.

Yes, you read this correctly—yet another Rutgers player.

Beauharnais recorded a 4.84 in the 40-yard-dash while posting a 33-inch vertical jump, 9’10” broad jump, 4.20 shuttle time and a 6.99 cone time.

At the 2013 Rutgers Pro Day, Beauharnais measured in at 6’1″ and 234 pounds and ran a solid 4.67 and 4.71 in the 40 while recording a 36-inch vertical.

All in all, Beauharnais is a durable and reliable linebacker—so basically he’s not going to “wow” anyone, he’s just going to get the job done. He’s very athletic for a linebacker but is lacking strength—he comes across as being lanky. The biggest knock on Beauharnais is that he needs to improve his technique when engaging with opposing blockers as well as his tackling technique—which is average, at best.

For his size, Beauharnais showed some ability blitzing -six hurries in 2012 – and might be a decent option inside on passing downs. I think he’ll have some competition for making the roster, but could be a practice squad candidate. With Tracy White not on the roster currently, that could be a role that he is envisioned for.

Beauharnais totaled 82 tackles in 2012, adding one sack, one interception and one pass deflection.

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37 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Steve Beauharnais”

  1. Jack says:

    Wait, so the guy making a joke about someone living in their parents’ basement is telling someone else to be original with their humor? That’s so rich.

  2. CB says:

    BB made 5 picks into 8….. traded one away along with a decent RB (with football commitment issues in Demps) and picked up Blount (I admit it may not pan out but an upgrade regardless). Drafted 2 respectable WR’s in Dobson and Boycel (Boyce is raw and needs some development and Dobson has probably the best hands in this years draft with decent speed and fights for the ball and wins often). The two LB’s are a shot at filling spots in depth from the likes of Tarapinian and Koutouvides, also, Ninkovic and Spikes are entering contract years and Fletcher is returning from a season off due to injury. As far as the DB’s are concerned the Pats currently have 5 rookies and some solid guys in McCourty, Gregory, Arrington (who could be debated among the leagues top slot DB’s) and Dennard has a high ceiling. Adrian Wilson has a few years left at best but bringing him in now with this young crop of SS’s in T. Wilson, Ebner, Davis, and Harmon adds a dynamic of mentoring.

    With all that said the Pats roster is currently at 76 with another 9 spots available for undrafted free agents or unsigned free agents. Trust the GM and coach along with the rest of the staff. The Pats have been and will continue to be what other franchises model off of. Not every draft pick will be a win, but be guaranteed a majority of those picks will be used for quality depth and/or development.

    • NEPD says:

      Rosters are expanded to 90.

      • CB says:

        Thank you. I was not too sure and was too lazy to look it up. Now I know! So in the end that just makes that much more talent to bring in and add/evaluate. By the way I like the signing of Kanorris Davis SS/LB out of Troy and I think Michael Buchanan DE out of Illinois is gonna be a solid contributor.

        • CB says:

          The Patriots have added 18 UDFA to their roster. The Patriots seem to usually do very well with finding quality depth and some potential stand outs via the UDFA market. In BB We Trust!

  3. acm says:

    this guy could well turn out to be the best value pick in the 2013 draft for the Pats. Very smart and instinctive player, good in rushing the passer, stuffing the run and pass coverage too. He was the leader of the Rutgers D.

    • JMC says:

      I think that’s a good analysis. I also think that ILB stop run specialist is a position of need, as Spikes has been good, but inconsistent if not a bit of a head case.

  4. steve earle says:

    To Jeff M and ajm; Please stop my sides are hurting. You guys should be writing for some TV comedy show for crying out loud.

  5. Mike says:

    We have the best run franchise in all of pro sports…how come there are so many whiners crying about every move that was made. In BB we trust, he got lots of value and continuity out of this draft class and will have good competition at all positions. It’s not about the sexy pick every time numbskulls, if you were in BB’s position our roster would be filled with busts filled with “potential” and no depth to be the best team in the salary cap era. TRUST BB, I’ve seen him speak before and we are very blessed to have him leading out team year in and year out…seriously!

  6. RutgersPatriots says:

    I think Belichik is a Rutgers FaNatic or a LuNaTiC…. BoTh?!!

    I’m ok with more than one pick from a school like ALABAMA or FLORIDA STATE…

    But Rutgers?? It’s like taking 3 guys from Hawaii or HARVARD….


    I was hoping for more… But I wonder if Welker is gonna CATCH the friggin 3rd down against the 49ers next year…

    Sign Brandon Lloyd and Abraham today…. pLeAsE????

    • Dennis says:

      Rutgers defense gave up 14 ppg and 310 ypg

      • RutgersPatriots says:

        Who did they play??

        In what COLLEGIATE league??

        • Dennis says:

          4th in the country is 4th in the country, big east is still a bcs conference and they gave up 26 points to arkansas and 13 to virginia tech

    • steve earle says:

      Not so concerned with 3 guys from Rutgers but guys that would have been around 2 rounds later does. Means we probably missed out on at least a couple of better prospects.
      This has been a frustrating 3 days for most of us but I intend to not take it out on those selected and will hope they are able to make the desired impacts.
      Having said that, What the heck was Bill thinking?

  7. J H TARBORO says:

    What’s up with the Rutgers party, they must have naked pictures of BB’s son or something.,but he is a good player..

  8. Steve Leggett says:

    How did the Pats miss out on K Greene the OLB from Rutgers?? He was their best Defensive Plaer……what happened?
    Has BB lost his mind? Thank God he’s a good coach because he does SUCK as a GM.
    I was “almost” on board with Collins, Dobson & Ryan BUT what happened after that???? the whole draft just disintergrated

    • Jeff M says:

      Not true…I was totally on board with Boyce and Buchanan. I think both those and certainly Collins, Dobson and Ryan were all solid picks. It’s the other two that were questionable but even the last pick I’m fine with because he comes from a system Bill likes, he’s a position of need as a possible cover LB and also most important is that it was a SEVENTH ROUND PICK!

  9. Ajm says:

    Wahhhh wahhhh you’re all crybabies. Belichick has led us to 5 superbowls and 10 playoff berths and you all still don’t trust him? The dude’s drafted heavily from one college in the past (Florida) and that worked out pretty well. Have faith, you over dramatic idiots.

    • Jeff M says:

      Yeah he has drafted from FLA real heavily…how many DBs have we drafted over the years who have stuck btw? Oh yeah that’s right here’s the list of busted high round picks:
      Dowling can’t stay healthy
      Wilson has shown nothing that he’s worth the 2nd round pick not to mention the next pick they had they traded to GB who then took Heyward who was 2nd in DROY voting.

      No one questions Bills resume but just as his track record shows that he’s a SB winning coach, it also shows he has no clue how to draft DBs. And that’s not opinion it’s fact.

      • Royce says:

        Every team has a list of busts a mile long. Find me a team that’s had across the board success in the 2nd round. It’s not even that Bill can’t pick DBs, it’s that he clearly can’t DEVELOP them. You can’t miss that many at the same position based solely on talent evaluation. Josh Boyer was the DBs coach the last 3 years but now is only handling CBs. Brian Flores is now coaching safeties. That says to me that Boyer couldn’t handle the whole secondary. That he still has a job at all is somewhat incredible.

    • Dennis says:

      Seriously, as a very spoiled Patriots fan I can only have the mantra of “In Bill We Trust” and am therefore very excited about his draft

      • Jeff M says:

        Oh I trust Bill but even if he wins the SB after this draft and this Hudson is a bust…that doesn’t absolve the wasted pick. It’s still a chance to make the team better that was wasted. That’s all I’m saying.

    • steve earle says:

      Lets not forget the teams that won the SB’s were drafted by Percells those that lost were Bills. His game coaching is excellent his GM skill wanting. Not crying just facts.

  10. Jeff M says:

    Bill does know that Schiano doesn’t coach this team anymore right??? Even if these are his recruits.

  11. mjp says:

    Sorry Steve, but I hate you right now and it’s all BB’s fault.

  12. Jeff M says:

    Wow…Well at least this guy was with a 7th instead of a 3rd. I’m not a big fan of using 3rd rounders on STs Safeties…

    • Ajm says:

      Stop whining

      • Jeff M says:

        How am I whining? I think your mom is telling you to come out from the basement…your Mac and Cheese must be ready!

        • Ajm says:

          Yeah, your order of Wahburger and French Cries are up too

        • Jeff M says:

          Oh that was original…let me guess you like cheese and whine with yours too.

          How do tool bags like you live with yourselves btw? More importantly how does your MOM live with you holed up in her basement?! 50 year old virgins aren’t exactly hot commodities to be living with mom man…time for you to leave the nest don’t you think?

      • Bobthebuilder says:

        It is not whining to say that was a huge reach by BB. Y’know, cuz it was…

        • Jeff M says:

          Exactly…nor is it to say that this guy is a special teamer because, oh that’s right! HE IS!

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