2013 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Duron Harmon (SS, Rutgers)

Duron Harmon NFL Draft

Duron Harmon is the surprise pick for the Patriots. (Photo: ScarletKnights.com)

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The Patriots have shocked the world again. A year after Tavon Wilson was the surprise pick, the Patriots added Rutgers safety Duron Harmon with the 91st pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Harmon has good size for a safety – 6’1″ and 200 pounds. He plays for a Rutgers team that Patriots coach Bill Belichick seems infatuated with – much like the Florida teams a few years ago. The Rutgers team did have a pretty stout defense this year, so they do have some ability. In Bill Belichick’s press conference, he praised the communication that took place in the defensive backfield, perhaps he wanted to bring some of that chemistry with Ryan and Harmon.

Belichick commented on the Harmon pick in his press conference tonight. “Thought it was a good value when we took him. I don’t know how the other teams have their board stacked or anything else. You have to take the players that you feel can help your team.”

Harmon totaled one interception and seven pass breakups in 2012, notching five picks and one breakup in 2011. 2012 marked the second time that he was named First Team All-Big East, also earning the honor in 2011. Harmon was also a two-time Academic All-Conference selection.

To me, this smells like a Bill Belichick override pick. I doubt that Patriots scouts had Harmon this high on their draft boards, but it is possible. The Patriots passed on prospects like Tony Jefferson, Baccari Rambo, Duke Williams, Earl Wollf and Zeke Motta – just to name a few safeties.

One question is where Harmon will play for the Patriots. Devin McCourty, Adrian Wilson, Steve Gregory and Tavon Wilson would seem to have the lion’s share of playing time locked up – even with an injury or two. Nate Ebner is also waiting in the wings. Unless the Patriots plan on releasing one of those players, this looks like a pure depth and special teams pick.

Harmon joins teammate Logan Ryan – picked with the 83rd pick – and former teammate Devin McCourty on the Patriots.

The Patriots are next on the clock with pick 102.

Here is a cutup of Harmon’s game against Arkansas:

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52 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Duron Harmon (SS, Rutgers)”

  1. D Lu says:

    Love all the hate on here. HOW MANY RINGS DO YOU HAVE? NONE??!!? BB has 5 so suck it.

  2. steve earle says:

    This is the same drafting style that got Bill fired from Cleveland years ago. The differance is Tom Brady not anything learned from experance. Take Tom away and the Pat’s are about the same as Miami or Cleveland.

  3. gutstring says:

    SI has profiles for 35 players whose last name begins with the letter H. Harmon is not among them. Wonder how long it took Mr. Kraft to mutter WTF to Jonathan.

  4. Joey says:

    This is ‘a waste of value pick’ but now he’s in on our team I hope BB saw something everyone else missed. Good luck kid!

    Can’t help to feel disappointed after these four picks. Could have done better than this.

  5. pito says:

    i swear to god, next year i`m gonna have my hands tied when i watch the pats drafting, so i won`t throw something at the tv set – this year was too close for confort.

    unbe-freaking-lievable, wasting a 3rd on an unknown commodity when you have patton, barrett jones and darick rogers available. for the love of god nobody would have touched this kid until MAYBE the late 7th, if that.

    isn`t that the reason we have the 6s and 7s, to draft unknown players that we think fit our system?

    • steve earle says:

      Right on! This is becoming a bad habit down at Foxboro and a major reason we loose those playoffs and SB games.

  6. Matt says:

    Who wastes a 3rd round pick on someone who will be your 5th or 6th safety and is purely a ST player at best? Honestly.. There are a multitude of other players available who could compete for starters positions at areas of need: Just to name a few: Barrett Jones, Jesse Williams, Quitton Patton, Kaseem Greene, Phillip Thomas, Shamarko Thomas, Da’Rick Rodgers…just to name a few.. Pathetic GM’ing Belichick

    Hell I’d rather draft Matt Barkley because I bet they would get more return on that investment than they would with this dude

    • jay says:

      all those guys could still be had, theyre still there for a reason (btw jessie williams would be terrible in our scheme), dont mention barkley because thats just being ignorant, NONE of those guys would be starters by the end of this upcoming season so its the same thing with harmon, just because you dont know about him doesnt mean hes bad

      • steve earle says:

        So your saying you heard of this guy? He’s a good player? Only if you can say yes to both those questions can you call the rest of us ignorant which I admit about this guy I am, but so what? Has Travon Wilson proved us wrong? Has Jermaine Cunningham, Nate Ebner, Ebert or too many others thrilled us even once? Maybe we’re overly critical but being a Pollyanna is just as bad.

    • nick says:

      Besides the Harmon pick, Dobson was a good pick with the best hands in the draft and has great size at 6-3 with a 4.37 40 at marshalls pro day. And Logan Ryan was a steal in the third round and fits our system well. And we needed a pass rusher/ cover linebackerand we got both of those with our first pick. He was very productive at both positions and is a freak athlete. We don’t know if duron Harmon will work out but I feel good about addressing our needs

  7. Lisa says:

    So many couch coaches here! Bill gets paid to do his job and he’s made great players out of picks all of you probably talked trash about as well. No one is perfect..but I’d say BB is as close as it gets! Go Patriots

    • joe says:

      Lisa BB the coach is great the gm average he drafts great in the first round he never misses but in the second he is still below average. So we pay money for stuff too we live here too we have the right to be critical. Parcells the coach drafted those Superbowl teams. He keeps trying to find that tom Brady but he could wait to the 6 th. After the 1st rounder he has had way more misses than hits. And that’s a fact

      • nick says:

        Lol Rob gronkowski, Aaron hernandez, Julian Edelman, vollmer, ebner, Shane vereen, stevan Ridley, Ryan mallet, alfonzo dennard, jermaine cunningham, Brandon spikes, zoltan mesko. Just to name a few(which make up a lot of our starters) all are second round picks or later so u have no idea what your talking about

        • JV says:

          Cunningham isnt a starter and will never be. Ebner is a special teams player, Mallet back up Qb, Vereen has been injured more than healthy….Do your homework and you will find out Bill has missed on more than he has hit on….Terrrance Wheatly, Chad Jackson, Darius Butler, Ron Brace, Patric Chung, Bethel Johsnon….all second round picks all no longer on the Pats and all considered busts. Just the facts.

  8. td says:

    Did anyone consider the fact that BB may have a short list of guys to choose from and no trade partner? He looks at his short list and it contains 3 guys that play TE, OT and DT and the last guy plays S. The one playing safety will have a chance to make the team while the other three will end up on the street; just sayin.

    In case some missed english classes, it is should have/could have/would have. It is not should of/could of/would of; just sayin.

    • steve earle says:

      Cheep shots about spelling or grama aside the idea is to commuynicate abstract ideas. If one does that, thats what matters.

  9. jim r says:

    Real serious here has Tavon wilson or Nate ebner really excited anybody ????????????????????????????????????????????
    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????BB WTF

    • jay says:

      shut up because you sound ignorant, if you watched any pats games you see that t.wilson was a role player to an improving secondary and will only get better with time, and ebner is a special teams ace and was drafted as such, use your head

      • steve earle says:

        Just how many damn ST players do we need anyway? I’d like a few guys that can make regular impacts.

        • NEPD says:

          Not to nitpick, but could you refrain from putting your email in the URL section of the comment form? I have to edit that out each time to respect your privacy.

    • Ben says:

      Actually, I like Wilson. Solid player, doesn’t wow, but doesn’t make many mistakes either. and decent on ST. Ebner? Maybe we’ll see moreof him this year. but as a 7th rounder, you don’t expect him to shine year 1.

  10. jim r says:

    he does this just to piss people of There must be at least 25 better prospects than this joker

  11. charles says:

    who are these nobodies that bb is drafting? this is starting to get ridiculous

  12. VT Bill says:

    The only good pick out of the 2 days so far has been Collins. Dobson may turn out all right, but I’d of gone with Keenan Allen. The other 2, from Rutgers, is just a continuation of the annual draft a mediocre DB that Pats do every year. The last pick could have been a real topper with jesse Williams, and the Willliamsd guy from SW Missouri, Quinton Patton, a lot of other safeties. It would have even been a good time to maybe even draft Denard Robinson, who could have been used as a CB, RB, WR, and return guy. A lot of OL guys are in the right spot AT 91. Thsi just screws the whole process.

    A lot of really good teams had nice drafts, and every year the Pats seem to slip as notch or two

    • jay says:

      dobson will do more than allen will because dobson will be in a better situation with a better qb, less risk of injury, and certainly no record of drug violations, to say they draft mediocore dbs is an idiotic comment made by an idiotic fan, denard robinson??? are you serious??? that guy will be another armanti edwards, pats dont need tweener players, still enough OL to draft left in the draft, theres a reason the pats have been a good team for a long time

  13. acm says:

    aah, the Billy B perennial head-scratcher special 🙂

    Would have loved Patton, J. Williams or B. Jones here but …

  14. J H TARBORO says:

    What the HELL was that pick! and the next pick went to the Rams who got WR Stedman Bailey.

  15. conanzq says:

    What the……………..I just can’t see the logic here…….at all. First, we are pretty stocked at safety for now with the addition of Adrian Wilson and the development in Tavon and Nate Ebner. EVEN IF we are going to add one more, it could be in 7th where we have 3 picks…PLUS, it’s not like this guy was projected to go in 3rd………Second, just sooooo many other options out there. Double Dip on WR with Stedman Bailey or Quinton Patton, go with Barrett Jones who could fill backup roles all over the O-line..just to name a few…This is not just head scratching but really killing me……..why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jay says:

      Stedman would not do anymore than what edelman or amendola would do, no reason for a slot receiver, and patton is still there for a reason, he can be had so relax, give the pick a chance to get his feet wet, he could become the same player tavon is

  16. Russell says:

    Why are the Patriots drafting someone in the 3rd round who projects as an undrafted free agent? A completely wasted pick.

    • Henry Carmen says:

      So was Tavon WIlson….until he picked off 4 passes, defended six, and proved himself to be a promising player for the future.

      • Russell says:

        The point is that Harmon would have been available in round 7 — drafting him this high is pointless when they could have picked up a more highly rated player AND Harmon.

        • patsfan says:

          not to mention they are pretty well stocked at safety. Would have preferred another WR or an OL would have been great or another big body to replace Vince in a couple of years. Always something interesting with the Pats draft.

        • jeff says:

          Lol. BB may know a little bit more than most of us? Maybe not you. As a jets fan you are privy to the wisdom and foresight of geniuses like Ryan and Mornenwieg. Lmao.

        • Henry Carmen says:

          Obviously Harmon was highly rated. Every year all these idots congregate on these draft websites thinking they know the future 20 minutes after the pick is filled out. No one here scouted these guys or has spent time with these prospects as much as the scouting department has. The value was there so they made the pick. They are adding youth to the defensive backfield, while trying to add chemistry and transition from a Brady/Wilfork run locker room to a McCourty/Mayo/ slater run lockerroom. Adrian Wilson is a bandade player who will come in for a year or two and help mentor younger defensive backs. each player is a piece to a puzzel you dont know jack shit about. And BTW this guy is no slouch, he picked off 5 passes 2 years ago and played in a pro system down at rutgers.

      • Jinky says:

        A. Tavon Wilson was not as great as you’re making him out to be. He wasn’t some stud.
        B. The Patriots could’ve had another great player with that second round pick AND still got Wilson in a later round. So it was still an awful pick.

        • Henry Carmen says:

          How can it be an awful pick if the season has not started yet.

        • jay says:

          exactly, jinky is just an idiot with no knowledge of talent and production

        • MaineMan says:

          Umm, no. the Pats probably could NOT have gotten Wilson in a later round. Atlanta, San Diego and several other teams had scouted him heavily during the last 7-10 days before the draft, and SD was picking right after the Pats in the 2nd. BB knew all this and it was very likely a “take him now or lose him” situation.

          Just because Kiper didn’t know who Wilson was doesn’t mean that Wilson “could have been gotten later.”

          And the same may well apply here to Harmon.

  17. Noah M says:

    I was begging for either Jesse Williams or Barrett Jones, instead….. Another DB that will never get on the field and will be released in 2-3 years.

  18. joe says:

    The pats are gonna have sick special teams.Bob gm your fired keep your 1st rounder period. Could of had Cyprian or Elam wheres the value. This is worst than the 2009 draft. I would rather 1 dollar instead of 4 pennys . The rams nailed it vikings bengals . The pats are the only team who did not get better besides Buffalo and jets whew

    • jay says:

      youre an idiot, dont need overrated cyprien or 5’9 elam with questionable cover skills, you should learn how to evaluate the picks before calling it a bad draft, its not even over yet, pats will always be better than the vikings and bengals so stop, and another afc east title will be awaiting for them, AGAIN

      • JV says:

        I love how if you use your brain it pisses people off. I agree Joe. Some fans just like to pump the sunshine for everything Bill does…if they did their homework they would see Bill’s personel decisions the last 5 years have been pretty bad.

  19. menelvagor says:

    SO many good WRs out there and we picked this guy, just shaking my head

    • jay says:

      still 4 picks left, knowing BB hell trade up into 5th maybe, if not, still will be quality

  20. Alan Beecher says:

    Wow. I’m pretty shocked.

    Given the situation with a new S free agent and the pick of Wilson last year, I think there are other places where backup help would be a higher priority (interior O line, D line, WR). And I would have to guess this player would still have been available in round 4.

    Color me surprised.

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