2013 NFL Draft: Day Two Patriots Mock Draft

Margus Hunt SMU

Could Margus Hunt be a day-two option for the suddenly pick-rich Patriots?

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The Patriots traded out of the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, picking up a monster haul of picks from the Vikings.

What are they going to do with all those picks?

I do expect the Patriots to move around on day two of the draft – perhaps even trading some picks into the loaded 2014 NFL Draft – but for the purposes of this mock draft, I’ll keep the picks as is.

Second Round = #52 Overall (From MIN)

Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee (SCOUTING REPORT)

After adding multiple picks on day two and an early pick on day three, the Patriots can swing for the fences on a few of these picks. Hunter certainly qualifies as a “homerun” receiver.

He is a huge target at 6’4″ and knows how to leap and go after the ball. He suffers some drops at times, but he provides the vertical threat that the Patriots so desperately need.

If the Patriots want a safer option here, Robert Woods and Quinton Patton are much safer picks – both could certainly be gone by this pick though. The Patriots do have enough picks to move up a little – perhaps into the low 40’s – in order to get their guy.

Second Round – #59 Overall


Speaking of swinging for the fences, Margus Hunt is a boom / bust pick at the end of the second round. He’ll be a 26 year old rookie, but is an absolute freak of an athlete.

At 6’8″ and over 275 pounds, Hunt has a physical presence that is hard to miss. However, he does disappear times on the field. If the Patriots can harness his ridiculous speed, functional strength and work ethic, this could be a big win for them.

Hunt is also a very clean prospect off the field. A former Estonian track and field athlete, Hunt enjoys playing the piano and is a quiet, humble person.

If Tank Carradine tumbles a little down the board, don’t be surprised to see the Patriots use some of their new-found draft capital to move up and take the talented former Mustang.

Third Round – #83 Overall (From MIN)

Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State (SCOUTING REPORT)

Wheaton is a very safe pick here for the Patriots – as safe as it gets when New England picks a receiver anyway. He runs great routes, has enough speed to get down the field, and will contribute on all three levels of the field.

I’ve described Wheaton as a faster Deion Branch before and I think he can develop that sort of chemistry with Tom Brady quick enough to contribute as a rookie in New England.

Third Round – #91 Overall


Emphasize his strengths. Hide his weaknesses. That is what a defensive coach has to do with his players and there is no better example than looking at the diminutive Tyrann Mathieu. The Honey Badger is under-sized but his contributions to the Patriots could be huge.

You can’t play Mathieu outside – he is too short and doesn’t have good enough recovery speed. He is strictly an inside corner that can also rush off the edge like Kyle Arrington.

Mathieu projects as a core-four special teamer (KR, PR, Kickoff, Punt) that can contribute immediately as a nickel cornerback. I think the Patriots would see him as an upgrade on Marquice Cole.

There are enough issues with Mathieu to drop him off any team’s board, but it is hard to watch his tape without envisioning him playing for your team.

Other high-reward players the Patriots could target here: Marcus Lattimore (RB, South Carolina), Trevardo Williams (OLB, UConn) and Sanders Commings (CB/S, Georgia).

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13 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft: Day Two Patriots Mock Draft”

  1. Genero says:

    Looking for Margus Hunt and a decent WR, hopefully Woods .

  2. Mark says:

    DB on pick #52 from a group of Jamar Taylor, Jonathan Cyprien or Darius Slay

    DL on pick #59 from Tank Carradine, Kawaan Short, Alex Okafor or Cornelius Washington

    WR can wait until pick #83 from Quinton Patton, Terrance Williams, Kenny Still

    Pick #91 is a wild card … time to take a risky pick … Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina or OC/OG Barrett Jones coming off foot issues is another. I like Xaviar Gooden LB Missouri here, but he is not a typical BB pick. He is a converted Safety turned LB runs a 4.5

  3. MaineMan says:

    Agree with the Hunter-Jackson comparison above. Hunter may well eventually make some team with a deep-ball-based offense (Buffalo) a very nice, complementary, limited-snap specialist (after he develops some), but the Pats need a full-route-tree, ready-now, reliable high-snap-count guy. Wheaton and Woods (and Allen, if he’s sufficiently recovered) would be more appropriate, but the chances of even one of them making it to #52 (much less to #83) seem fairly slim.

    I’m warming to Hunt (as a project, but early-contributing role-player), but again, I don’t see him making it into the 50s.

    Mathieu’s technique and elite football smarts are vastly underrated by most and more than compensate for his (relative) lack of athleticism. I think the Pats locker room and staff could keep him straight and really help him grow up and I’d love to see the Pats take a gamble on him as a reserve DB/special-teamer. Since the Pats need someone to fill that type of role more than they really need another starting corner right now, Mathieu might be just as worthy a selection at #91 as any of the other available CBs.

  4. Corey says:

    Would love Honey Badger in the 3rd. He’s a playmaker that can make an immediate impact on S/T.

  5. Hunter says:

    I like it, but I think I’d rather have Stedman Bailey than Wheaton. I’d rather have a parking cone than Mathieu.

  6. James says:

    What a nightmare

  7. AM says:

    Would love the Hunt/Wheaton combination (although I think it would have to be Wheaton first), but the fascination with Mathieu is still mind-boggling. Too small, too slow, too many character red flags, not enough discipline. (Plus, Jon Gruden loves him, which should be enough to scare any sensible team away.) As to Hunter, very smooth athlete, but he can’t catch in traffic. He has Chad Jackson written all over him.

    I also wouldn’t expect them to necessarily use all four of these picks–I’m thinking that they trade up to get someone at one point.

  8. NE Fan says:

    With the 1st round trade lets go after pure olympic-level athletic raw talent with great heart; desire; will to work and be the best…

    2nd round: Margus Hunt (6’7”-280lbs)
    4th round: Lawrence Okafor (6’7′-320 lbs)

    …both monsters with no bad habits, olympic work ethic, desire to PROVE themselves and work everyday to do EXACTLY what it takes…this is the proven “secret” to success in anything in life…

  9. Rob says:

    This is horrible,Belichek is not(hope not) taking 3 projects and Wheaton isn’t going to last until the 3rd round

  10. J H TARBORO says:

    I would be very happy with senario if it goes down this way, GO Pats!

  11. Patsman says:

    People need to realize that Pats already made a first round selection by picking up Armstead from the CFL. That dude has first round talent.

  12. Bruschi54 says:

    The Honey Badger no showed on two team visit’s this past week, probably scaring a lot of GM’s that he might be back to his old ways. Would not be shocked if he slips to the back end of the draft.

  13. Alex Kroll says:

    I absolutely love this mock draft. This is a dream draft for the Pats. These are the most accurate mock drafts I have seen. I’m so excited for round 2. Thanks to the Vikings we went from having 5 picks to 8 picks.

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