Wide Receiver Danny Amendola Isn’t Just Limited to the Slot

Danny Amendola Patriots

Danny Amendola isn’t just a slot receiver. (USA Today Sports Images)

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

It might appear that Danny Amendola is replacing Wes Welker as the New England Patriots slot receiver, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Amendola might have been a slot receiver in the past, but he’s a bit more versatile than Welker.

Over the past week or so, we have been hearing comparisons between Amendola and Welker—but I’m not buying it. After seeing Welker play in New England for six seasons and watching film on Amendola, the only real thing that these two have in common is that they line up in the slot—that’s about it.

If you want to compare Amendola to a familiar player, then I’d probably go with Julian Edelman—but I do evaluate Amendola at a superior level compared with Edelman.

The biggest difference between Amendola and Welker is his speed; Amendola is fast, I’ll just leave it at that. Having such quickness off of the snap of the ball will certainly benefit any slot receiver, but Amendola has speed running vertically down field, which allows him to line up on the outside as a traditional X-receiver.

Per Bill Belichick via ESPN Boston:

“[Amendola has] been very productive—on the inside, on the outside.

[We] look forward to working with him. Any new player we get, they come into our system and [we] try to teach him the things that we do and let him do them and evaluate him and see how it all comes together.”


Amendola has played four seasons in the NFL, all with the St. Louis Rams. Out of those possible 64 games, Amendola has appeared in 42 of them. This past season with the Rams, Amendola appeared in 11 games while recording 63 receptions on 101 targets for 666 yards and three touchdowns.

As we inch closer and closer to OTAs, mini camp and eventually training camp, don’t be surprised to see Amendola not only used in the slot but also on the outside.

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5 Responses to “Wide Receiver Danny Amendola Isn’t Just Limited to the Slot”

  1. cc says:

    I see Amendola and A-Hern both being used together and in unison, hoping in throwing things off in the middle and outside together while Gronk is still in the mix as usual & highly looked at. Between the three, Brady will have to both choose & throw wisely. If he does, all will be good-including the other receiver on the field.

  2. Joe Blake says:

    At Texas Tech. Pro day, Amendola ran a 4.58 40; Welker, also at Texas Tech pro day (some 5 years earlier) ran a 4.65. Speed is Not the difference between the two and, more importantly, Amendola is Not fast. Emanuel Sanders ran a 4.41; now, that’s fast. Welker was quicker: his 3 cone was 6.81 versus 7.02 for Amendola. Walkers broad jump was almost a foot and a half farther! My guess is that given the age difference, Amendola will be as quick as we have seen Welker in the past few years as Welker has lost some of his quick twitch capability, as evidenced by his taking more direct hits. Amendola will play the slot, hopefully as capable as Welker could have done going forward.

  3. Ajm says:

    But welker was generally ineffective on the

  4. J H TARBORO says:

    Amendola played on the outside and slot, i knew that! but Welker would line up on the outside for some plays.

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