Patriots and Abraham Set to Resume Talks

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

On Friday the Patriots hosted three veteran Pro Bowl defenders. To this point they have one signed, sealed and delivered. Safety Adrian Wilson agreed to terms late Friday to solidify the safety rotation. Since Friday, everyone surrounding John Abraham and Dwight Freeney have gone quiet.

Where do things stand with Pro Bowl DE John Abraham?

NEPD has learned according to a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations that the Patriots and Abraham are expected to resume talks again on Monday. According to the source the two sides are “trying to resolve a few issues” that would lead to Abraham becoming a member of the Patriots.

I’m told that the tenor of the talks are optimistic and Abraham is “very excited about the opportunity”. He wants to play in New England and it’s just a matter of resolving the final issues. While there is still a chance the talks break down (anything can happen), there is still a good chance the Patriots can wrap up Abraham on Monday.

Why must we wait until Monday for talks to resume? It’s likely because Bill Belichick and some of the high ranking members of the Patriots are traveling to Arizona for the league meetings today.

On the Dwight Freeney front, I have absolutely nothing. I haven’t heard a word about his visit, how it went of the likelihood of him signing.

Stay tuned for the latest on the talks throughout the next 24 hours.

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34 Responses to “Patriots and Abraham Set to Resume Talks”

  1. J H TARBORO says:

    BB usually values (the swiss army knife like players ) like Denard Robinson, but he would too high in the draft to be considered. I like Marqueis Gray for late round consideration, at Minnesota’s pro day he worked out in 3 positions QB/WR/TE and threw very well at the combine. He’s 6’3″ 239lbs 40yd 4.65 4.67. Maybe 7th round.

  2. Breazy says:

    My guess is they tested the market quietly for Mallet, and nobody was offering a 2nd round pick, so BB said, stand pat until draft day when we might see more motivated buyers.

  3. Breazy says:

    Any chance of trading Brian Waters? If he’d play for Houston or Dallas, it would be nice to pick up a pick.

  4. qwerty says:

    Trading Mallet!!!!

    Are you F—ing kidding.

  5. J H TARBORO says:

    What’s up with the Ryan Mallett trade? will it happen or not?

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      Good question ! My thoughts are if we sign WR Sanders, then a deal for Mallett is likely. (I still like Cleveland) If we don’t sign Sanders then my guess is much nearer the draft day we could see a deal.

    • acm says:

      I think there are several teams that are hoping to get their hands on Geno Smith, who’s been impressive by all reports during the combine and his pro-day, starting from Oakland, maybe even Phily, Browns, Arizona, Bills and even Tampa.
      So, as soon as Smith is off the board, I wouldn’t be surprised the rest of those teams make an attempt at striking a trade deal involving Mallet.

      i.E. a Mallet trade may well be looked at as a back-up option to getting Smith in the draft by several teams out there.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        Besides Cleveland , Tampa is the only other team I have heard in Mallett trade talk. I also think Tampa wants to move up in the draft with the Patriots 1st (#29) pick. Tampa would like to get a starting DT, AND a starting CB in the draft. They are also thinking of a QB. So it is very likely a big deal, could go down.
        One thought;
        QB Mallett, DE J. Cunningham, and the Patriots #29 pick, for Tampa’s 2nd #43, and a 1st pick in 2014.

        • acm says:

          Tampa is indeed looking like a serious candidate considering they’d be likely looking for a new starting QB and also relatively deep position in the draft making it unlikely they get G. Smith.
          But they are not the only candidates as several other teams (Bills, Arizona, Raiders) have a bunch of QBs on their roster but that’s just for body-counting purposes and not much else, at this point.

          The closer we get to draft day, the more clear this situation would become. There are some good back QB options out there, so I’d expect to see Seattle don’t cut/trade Flynn. Teams like Arizona, Tampa and the Bills would be prime candidates for his services as he is probably the only QB free-agent-to-be that is at the starting-material level. Whichever teams gets him, would be obviously out of the Geno Smith race.

          Once the QB landscape gets defined better with Flynn likely landing a starting job on a new team, the rest of the QB-needing teams will re-assess their options and chances for getting Smith in the draft, so it’s then I’d expect some of them giving Mallet a more serious thought.

        • acm says:

          miss-typed in the post above – that would be “expect Seattle to cut/trade Flynn”

  6. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    The Patriot draft is looking some what clearer. I still think they trade back, still looks like Tampa to me; 1st#29 for 2nd #43, 4th #109, and 4th #123, so the Patroits draft looks like;


    Second choice trade would have the Patriots 1st #29, 3d #91, and a 3d next year, going to Cincinnati, for thier; 2nd #37,2nd #53, and 5th #149 This would have the Patriots draft looks like;

  7. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    If the Patriots sign Abraham, I Think that will remove DE’s from the draft board as the roster is deep at DE;
    Tank Carradine
    Datone Jones
    John Simon DE/LB ??
    Corey Lemonier
    Margus Hunt
    Devin Taylor

    • acm says:

      agreed except on D. Jones, who may well be seen as a better interior pass-rusher, than a n edge rusher … especially with the possibility of him gaining an extra 10-15 lbs, which he can definitely handle.

      Other than that, with the depth at DE position (assuming one of Abraham or Freeney, possibly on top of Scott, is signed) and the lack of picks this year, it would make perfect sense if other positions of need (DL, cover LB, WR, OL) are addressed in the draft.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I think Abraham and Freeney are on hold till Vollmer is signed. Good Point about D.Jones, I have him going in the 1st round anyway.

        • Jimmy Freeze says:

          …and until the Elvis Dummerville sweepstakes unfolds…no need for Abraham if the Pats are seriously considering making a serious run at ED.

          It seems out of character, but, in a relatively depressed market, BB may think he can get an impact pass rusher in his prime for relatively short money.

          That would be a real paradigm shift…!!!

  8. Kjb008 says:

    Why r people so hung up about losing woodhead, his yards per carry were not all that great. I really think u wont notice he’s gone, Shane Vareen can be just as good of a 3rd down back and Leon Washington is a similar type player who can also double as a return man.

    • Jim R says:

      He was very good for this team. Tuff little SOB. If Vareen can step up, handle blocking assignments,hold on to the ball, they will be a lot more explosive at that position

    • acm says:

      Woodhead’s importance to the team was in the passing game with his ability for that big play once or twice a game, not the running game, where his contribution I agree was rather limited.

      Washington and to an extent Vareen can make up for that but I wouldn’t mind adding a dynamic player like Ace Sanders from the draft.

      Also, the loss of Woodhead is magnified by the fact that Welker is gone too and it’s hardly ever a good thing to make fundamental personnel changes across the board.

      I didn’t mind one bit moving on from Welker but because of that, I was hoping they would bring back Woodhead for at least another year.

  9. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    With the depth at DE, some guys will get cut, if Abraham comes on board;
    Jake Bequette
    J. Cunningham
    J. Francis
    C. Jones
    T. Scott
    Ninkovick DE/LB

    • Jim R says:

      I would think they let Scott walk 2/3 Bequette,Cunningham and Francis will stick. Makes for some good competition. I still think they go Defense and Oline with top 3 picks

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I agree with them drafting Defense and Oline;

        #29 -DT Jesse Williams or DT Brandon Williams
        #59- OG/T Justin Pugh, or OG/T Brian Winters, unless OG/C Barrett Jones is on the Board.
        #91- CB Micah Hyde

    • J H TARBORO says:

      T.Scott may be gone! you have Jason Vega and Marcus Bernard

    • acm says:

      Scott is an UFA, so he isn’t a Pats player as of right now. Good chance imo they resign him but that’s yet to happen.

      Assuming Abraham get signed and assuming Scott re-signs, I think the Cunningham would be premier candidates to get cut, depending on how Armstead fits in.
      With Armstead and Francis being able to give you interior pass-rush, I can see BB lose patience with Cunningham due to his relative lack of development despite being here for 3 full years now. imo, Scott did a very nice job last year despite being new on the team.

      Imo, JC’s best bet for staying on the roster is closely related to Armstead failing to impress, Bequette busting out and/or Scott not being signed at all.

  10. td says:

    A more glaring comparison is 2012 Pat’s and Bills.

    Pat’s DE’s: Ninko & Jones about $5mil for 12 sacks,

    Bills: Mario & Anderson about $13.3mil for 11.5 sacks.

    Does this convince anyone that Bill is doing something right. We have both Ninko & Jones at that cap hit for a few more years, while Buffalo has that hit and more going forward.

    2013: Bills DE combo is $16.4mil
    2014: $23.9mil
    2015: $25.5mil

    2013: Pats combo is $4.9mil
    2014: Ninko is a FA, Jones is $2.2mil
    2015: Jones is $2.6mil

    • Michael says:

      that’s what happens when you overpay for a situational pass rusher in Mark Anderson. He’s not a full-time starting DE because he has issues against the run but is a very good pass rusher when allowed to just do that. His 2006 and 2011 seasons proved that

  11. CoachLarry says:

    Time for everybody to step up and not solely rely on Brady..Welker is gone; Bmore figured us out and it was time to change the offense, the tight ends & rb’s are young and BB will run them until the wheels fall off until they become men.
    Abraham has a lot left in the tank and will likely have a huge season on a team that Defense could be ahead of the offense. That Armstead kid will contribute some and cant forget yr 2 jump for CJOnes, Hightower and DEnnard. Welker on the Broncos should force BB to still draft Defense, big play Wr and oline.
    A nice blend of vets along with the core young guys should take this team over the top! Oh yeah, Leon Washington doing what he does best, return kicks, Sanders could too, that’s a major upgrade and backup plan in place to a well needed phase of the game.

  12. cc says:

    TB12: Took a pay “CUT” because he was tired of getting 2 the Super Bowl again and again & not making it. When NE won look at the Defensive Staff…….
    Willie McGiness,
    Rodney Harrison,
    Teddy Johnson,
    Teddy Bruschi,
    Ty Law,
    & so many more.

    Sorry, but the moves like letting Danny Woodhead go, nevermind Wes Welker over a single Million …….and signing more plug-in hopefuls while crushing draft picks down the drain on the regular?
    I highly doubt that’s what Tom Brady had in mind!
    Their best to dump excess weight like Mallet & more, gain picks back, + use a cpl next year picks AND MAKE REAL DRAFT MOVES…
    “TAKE” what we need now out of this draft and make it worth while!!!!!!
    Guy’s like Abraham WILL NOT DO IT.

    • joe says:

      Really, you dont think abraham will not help he only had 10 sacks in 10 to 12 games. I no its a band aid but he can rush the passer better than anyone we have on the team.. even thou i wish we got OC from the gmen because he is alot younger but abraham will be an upgrade at position

      • td says:

        It’s not really a band aid, it’s getting a good situational pass rusher by signing a contract; no picks, no trade, nothing.

        If a guy like that can help pressure QB’s why not? It will most likely be a 1-2 year team friendly deal as most of these FA’s know 2013-2014 are not going to be money years with a flat cap and most teams at or over it every year.

        Except for a couple of guys, there is not crazy or even big money for these FA’s. That’s why most of them are not signing: Vollmer, Long, Ed Reed, Freeney, Abraham, etc.

        • Michael says:

          Remember Andre Carter and Mark Anderson from the 2011 season? That’s the type of signing BB is going for. BB paid less than $4M to those two and got 20 sacks from them (10 each)

        • cc says:

          Alright: The year with both Carter & Anderson I’ll give ya’;
          If Brady is good for 3more years-wouldn’t piecing an actual backfield together so when NE makes it back 2the AFC Champ game OR Super Bowl, that they can actually “GET IT DONE”!
          Hence a reason why 2take a pay cut like that so $$$ could be spent on the draft & 2 Straight-Up Play makers? ?!!
          Some Actual Filet MINION, VS. Lower tear hopefuls?

        • td says:


          In a couple of years we will be talking about why could the Dophins invest all that money for some less than elite receivers and LB’s. Sound like Buffalo 2011?

          The Pat’s are forcing the other East teams into hasty decisions that force them to hit the reset button.

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