Overrated and Underrated Prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft

Tyler Eifert’s ability to win jump balls makes him one of this year’s undervalued prospects. (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD Editor: Matthew Jones

Today we’ll take a look at FRX Play the Draft’s prospect rankings and values in order to determine five currently overrated and five currently underrated prospects in next month’s draft. Read on to find out who made the cut. If you’re interested, be sure to check out FRX’s website here, where you can make a portfolio of your own.


1. FS Kenny Vaccaro, Texas (FRX: #16 overall prospect, $1,694)

Vaccaro could realistically be selected in this range, but there would be some risk attached to such a selection, as he did not time particularly well in Indianapolis (4.63 seconds in the 40-yard dash) and can be an inconsistent tackler. A well-rounded safety with the ability to play center-field, in the box, or in the slot, Vaccaro’s versatility could make him an NFL starter, but he is not elite in any regard and should probably be drafted toward the end of the first round rather than in the middle.

2. OT D.J. Fluker, Alabama (FRX: #25 overall prospect, $1,291)

Like Minnesota’s Phil Loadholt, Fluker projects as an inline right tackle at the next level; his combination of size, bulk, and length could easily earn him a spot in this range. However, such a selection could be a mistake, as he may be limited to only one position and scheme at the next level; he may be too big for offensive guard, without the requisite athleticism of a left tackle. Like Loadholt, Fluker would be better suited in the second round of this April’s NFL Draft, reflecting his average pass protection.

3. DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M* (FRX: #28 overall prospect, $1,180)

The pre-draft process has not been kind to Damontre Moore. At one point hailed as the draft class’ premier defensive end, Moore’s stock has been in free-fall following an incredibly disappointing Combine, in which he ran the 40-yard dash in just 4.84 seconds (with a below-average 1.72 second ten-yard split) and managed just twelve repetitions on the bench press. More of an effort/motor player on tape, Moore’s productions appears to have been overinflated by luck; he should be projected in the second or third round.

4. DT Johnathan Hankins, Ohio St.* (FRX: #30 overall prospect, $1,105)

Hankins’ calling card is his size (6’3”, 320 pounds), but he does not always play up to it on the field; he can be controlled by single blockers with far too much frequency. The Buckeyes lined Hankins up all over the field, but he was not particularly effective at any spot. Additionally, he offers little to no pressure as a pass rusher, which could limit him to a two-down nose tackle role at the next level. He was consistently overshadowed by teammate John Simon and belongs in the third round or so this April.

5. LB Manti Te’o, Notre Dame (FRX: #33 overall prospect, $1,057)

Te’o’s draft stock is at an all-time low, with the hoax he was embroiled in causing teams to question how quickly he will be able to assume a leadership role at the next level, as well as whether his teammates will accept him in the locker room. That’s bad news for a player whose value largely derived from his perceived character and leadership traits. While Te’o is a reliable, well-rounded player, he does not make enough splash plays to warrant a pick this high; he may end up closer to the middle of the second round.

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