Open Thread: Patriots Free Agent Focus

Danny Amendola Patriots

Is Amendola the best signing so far for the Patriots? (USA Today Sports Images)

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The 2013 NFL Free Agency period has been dominating headlines and sports coverage for the past five days – what were the best and worst moves the Patriots have made so far? What moves should come next?

Join in and let us know your thoughts on how the Patriots front office has performed.

Best Move:

As of this moment, the Adrian Wilson signing is the best move the Patriots have made. The Rodney Harrison comparisons – in situation more than on-field play – are easy to make and I feel that Wilson will have an immense benefit on the young Patriots defensive backfield. He is the enforcer that has been lacking the last few years and I can’t wait to see how Tavon Wilson, Devin McCourty, Nate Ebner and others respond to his tutelage.

If the Patriots reach a deal with Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders, however, I think that move would trump the Wilson signing. Signing a legitimate X/Z receiver for a good price and a 3rd round pick makes a lot of sense when you consider the Patriots struggles in evaluating receivers in the draft over the last decade.

Worst Move:

I’ll leave this section up to those in the comment sections, as I’ve been very impressed with the off-season moves so far. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot about the departure of Wes Welker, but three years from now I doubt anyone will complain about the on-field results of replacing him with Danny Amendola.

What Should Come Next:

The next move that the Patriots need to make is signing Aqib Talib – either to a one or multi-year deal. Re-signing Sebastian Vollmer also should be a priority, but I have a lot of trust in offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia being able to a guy like Marcus Cannon or Markus Zusevics ready to play. I don’t see the same thing happening in the defensive backfield.

With the relatively depressed cornerback market, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Talib back on a one year deal worth about $6 million.

Your Turn: What have been the Patriots best and worst signings? What should they do next?

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17 Responses to “Open Thread: Patriots Free Agent Focus”

  1. Breazy says:

    I don’t know what I think of Amendola. He’s gets open, which our slot receiver needs to be great at, but he gets hurt, which is not a good sign for the guy over the middle. For the price…well, I just hope between him, Edeleman and Hernandez we can field a world-class slot receiver at all times.

    As for Sanders, how do we know he can learn the Patriots playbook? There’s always that risk with new Patriots receivers, and investing a 3rd rounder in him for the privilege of finding out kind of sucks. Also, it sure would be nice to have a X/Z receiver who was 6’4″ instead of another guy right around 6′.

  2. Ryan says:

    Best Move: Not tagging either Vollmer or Talib, and signing Ammendola.

    Worst Move: Danny Woodhead, he was awesome in third down situations. Maybe one of the best in the league.

    To be seen:
    1. Devon Bess, maybe David Nelson, Edelman some slot insurance.

    2. Vollmer resigned on a short term cheap deal.

  3. gutstring says:

    Worst move: Letting Donald Thomas walk. Steadily improving and would have started at RG.

  4. MaineMan says:

    BEST MOVE: Not making an extravagant signing of one high-profile free agent who’s supposed to solve everything.

    2nd best: Carefully and incrementally solidfying or upgrading a number of positions to make sure they’re covered before the draft in case they can’t get exactly the guys they want.

    No real “Worst” move, although spending $1.2M ($360k guaranteed as a signing bonus) a 30-year-old KR who likely won’t contribute much of anything on offense seems kinda dubious to me.

    • cc says:

      If you’re Speaking of Leon Washington. …he’s a smart veteran presence who should coach and set up or (ST) Core nicely. They need it.

  5. munchkin says:

    I hate to see Wloody leave but I an glad they feel confident enough in Vereen to full his shoes.
    Adrian Wilson well likely not be Rodney but hopefully he doesn’t have to be. I want to see that Tavon Wilson pick bear some fruit. Wilson should have enough left to benefit the defense overall though.
    Welker’s time had come. He was a wonderful player for the team and exemplified the best any team could hope to have. I expect Amendola will bring similar personal attributes.

  6. cc says:

    …..then their is Oakland @ #3, Jax @#2, Buffalo@#8, Arizona@#7 & San Diego@#11. All are quarterback needy teams with picks WE NEED!

  7. Hunter says:

    I’d really like to see Vollmer and Edelman resigned. I think Edelman has come a long way and it would be a shame to see him leave after putting so much time into him. Sign him to a 2 year deal and see if he can make the next step.

    I also think there’s a lot of mid-level corners out there that we should sign to a 1-year deal for depth. I can’t see Porter and many others being worse than Kyle Arrington.

    I’m not crazy about the Wilson signing. I hope he proves me wrong, but I see a Tank Williams/John Lynch situation where they’re grasping at what straws, hoping to replace Rodney with a past-prime player.

  8. hdh says:

    RFA Emmanuel Sanders
    1. Sign Seabass – when healthy he’s one of the best on either side
    2. Edelman – ditto and,
    3. Author Jones for Jones brother extravaganza

  9. JT says:

    Best Signings:

    1. Re-signing Talib to a cheap 1 year prove it deal for 5 mil (Talib’s incentive to play hard and not get injured increase)

    2. Adrian Wilson SS, I used to love Wilson when he was in his prime in ARI. A. Wil is an athletic FREAK, and I think still has gas in the tank at 33. The change of scenery from perennially losing Arizona to a super bowl favorite will augment his will and performance to play. I see him as a good-great 2 down starter, possibly all 3 downs depending on Tavon and Adrian’s gap in coverage skills.

    3. Emmanuel Sanders (Z/X) WR; We used a very late third rounder to steal him away from Steel town. I think he is talented and has a much higher probability of immediately fitting in this offense than a late 3rd rounder choice.

  10. Nick says:

    Talib resigned on a 1 year deal

  11. JT says:

    They just signed Talib 1 year 5 mil.

  12. TD says:

    Best: Wilson

    Worst: Remains to be seen. Not signing Talib(or FA equivalent) or Vollmer would is potentially worst off-season move.

    Next: Sign Talib and Vollmer. That O-line will be real thin without Vollmer and they need Talib at least for this coming season until they get a better handle on the secondary situation.

  13. Edge says:

    Not sure yet on best and worst moves until it all plays out…

    But what should they do next?

    1. I know it might be a pipe dream…but sign Elvis Dumervil! If not I’d be O.K. with signing either Dwight Freeney or John Abraham.

    2. I’m not too keen on the rest of the CB market but… sign either Nnamdi Asomugha…or… I hate to say this…Aqib Talib. I feel Nnamdi might be a better fit up here than how he was used in Philly, plus he is a class act, something the patriots would benefit from his leadership. I feel that Talib is too injury prone to really resign…and I don’t think we want another Patrick Chung.

    3. Sign Seabass

    4. In the draft, at the very least, pick up: Johnthan Banks and DeAndre “Nuke” Hopkins

    Team should be pretty well complete with these changes.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      Dumervil’s new agent is Condon. Say good buy to any chance of that signing happening.

  14. Coach says:

    I also like everything so far, Leon Washington should help in the return game and a guy like Abraham could add quality depth and production to the pass rush come January.
    If we get Talib and Vollmer back, the draft could get real interesting trading back of up for anything we want. in 2 yrs Peyton will be looking for the next slot guy, Amendola and Brady shouldn’t be worried about the position if Amendola is healthy enough.

    • cc says:

      Moving back IMO isn’t where it’s at IMO even if Vollmer is in fact signed next.
      I’d like him on a friendly deal considering his injury & back issues, but I’m more looking now to see where we can send Mallet along with preferably a cpl other pieces 2 sweeten it up?
      Chicago&Dalles need QB Competition at #18 & 20.

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