Open Thread: Patriots Dream Draft

Tank Carradine NFL  Draft

Tank Carradine is going to be a steal.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

We heard about your draft nightmares for the New England Patriots last week, this time around we’ll keep things a bit more positive.

What is your dream scenario for the Patriots in the 2013 NFL Draft this April?

For me, the Patriots need to bring in some youth and size at the wide receiver position, while continuing the youth movement on the defensive side of the ball – specifically at the defensive tackle and defensive back positions.

My two top targets in the first round are Clemson receiver Deandre Hopkins and Florida State defensive end Tank Carradine. While Hopkins is a prospect that should be able to come in and start on day one, Carradine’s knee injury might mean a visit to the PUP list before joining the team in the middle of his rookie season.

If the Patriots team doctors feel comfortable that Carradine is going to recover fully, he is a top ten talent rushing the quarterback. A rotation of Chandler Jones, Carradine and Rob Ninkovich at defensive end would be pretty daunting for AFC East quarterbacks.

Hopkins, however, would be my preference. A receiver of his size, route-running ability and technical skill is exactly what the Patriots need to build around. He isn’t as flashy as Cordarrelle Patterson, but he’ll get the job done.

In the second round, there will be a glut of talented cornerbacks and safeties coming off the board. If the Patriots could land a player like Jordan Poyer, Jamar Taylor or Johnthan Banks in the second round, Coach Belichick wouldn’t hesitate – assuming of course that the Patriots haven’t already addressed the need in free agency.

Recap: Hopkins in round one, CB in round two.

Your turn: What is your (realistic) dream scenario for the Patriots in the 2013 NFL Draft?

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33 Responses to “Open Thread: Patriots Dream Draft”

  1. Kjb008 says:

    Trade out of first with a team who moves up for a QB n get 2nd n 3rd round pick.
    2nd- jonhathon banks
    2nd- tank carridine
    3rd- Marcus Wheaton
    3rd- da’rick Rodgers

    This is assuming the pats cut Lloyd

  2. bmp1113 says:

    hopkins rd 1 banks, cyprien, or swearinger in round 2, steadman bailey a steal in round 3.

  3. Caleb says:

    1. If possible Tavon Austin or Hunter
    2. Trufant
    3. Margus Hunt
    7. Cooper Taylor
    7. cover LB

  4. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    FA signing will be key in the Patriots drafting. I think the Patriots sign;
    S-Woodson 1yr 2mil.
    CB-Antoine Carson 3yr 6mil. +
    CB- Derek Cox 3yr 6mil.+

    I still think drafting a CB , Poyer, Slay, Wreh-Wilson or Hyde
    OL depth OT Fragel, OG/T Winters, or OT Pugh
    DL depth DT B.Williams, DE Carradine, or DT Logan

  5. Pete says:

    If Jones slips he makes a lot of sense for the PATS. He can start now. Gives them additional flexability with the front 7 and make them increadibly strong. If jones is gone a big DT would work. I include a my top projected UFA at each position as well. I also assume the Pats let Vollmer walk.

    1st Jarvis Jones, OLB Georgia (Slips becasue of neck)
    2nd Kyle Long OT, Oregon (Can play G&OT)
    3rd Tyrann Mathieu CB/S, LSU (Returns and Nickle)
    7th Marquess Wilson, WR Washington State (Shape up or get cut)
    7th Joe Kruger, DE Utah (brother of Paul Kruger, still growing)

    Mark Harrison, WR Rutgers
    Luke Marquardt, OT Azusa Pacific (6-8, 315lbs, 31Reps)
    Ray Ray Armstrong, S Miami
    Sean Renfree, QB Duke
    John Boyett, S Oregon
    Jared Smith, DL UNH
    Brandon Smith, CB Georgia
    Montel Harris, RB Temple
    Chris Pantale, TE Boston College
    Dave Kruger, DT, Utah (He can drive to Foxboro with his brother)
    Kapron Lewis Moore DE Notre Dame (PUP)

    • cc says:

      If “slips because of neck” is anything relation wise towards oh’ I dunno………
      Taylor Price- known injured, taken anyway and a big- big waste.
      Or maybe dated sooner, say…: Ras-I-Dowling-Also known injured and thus far a waste.
      ……..I’m thinkin I’ll pass on the whole SLIPS DUE TO NECK THING.

  6. cc says:

    @#29 (DT) Jessie Williams – Bama, projects like Vince Wilfork & The team has needed a compliment on the line alongside him. It’ll also help the LB CORE & D-Back Core….
    @#59 (OT) Terron Armstead – Arkansas Pine Bluff, projects like Joe Staley & the team need’s better OTstability. *& lets Cannon take on full time Guard duties…

    With the #91….I specifically combine it with a next year pick OR in some conjunction of what is received from a trade of Mallet, Cunningham & a (RB) not named Woody & I move Way Ahead for either Matt Elam, or a Desmond Trufant and I walk away happy with 3 key pieces knowing I still may have miscellaneous left overs; like – meaning a 7th rounder….the compensatory picks for letting Arrington walk
    I tag 3 key components & let loose ends go & be done.
    Welker stays for 3. Talib gets a decent 2 incentives for performance on top.

    • Caleb says:

      7th rounder for arrington would be next year

      • cc says:

        Of course; & I don’t mind cashing a cpl compensation picks in next year, knowing I got them by replacing & letting “issues” go NOW. They’ll just help out rounding some things out knowing I used a next year pick this year so I could move up & get quality replacements VS back end hopefulls…

  7. Ken W says:

    #29- Xavier Rhodes CB
    #59- Alex Okafur DE or Margus Hunt DE
    #91- TJ McDonald S or Ryan Swope WR if we don’t have Welker
    7th- OL
    7th- Cover LB

    End up with a good cover corner, added pass rush, and either a Safety to compete with Wilson and Gregory or a WR to play the slot.

  8. DaveM says:

    A draft where their top 3 picks actually play a full season.

  9. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I am very torn with these draft picks as I know BB will make some moves to get more choices, which changes the thinking some. It is also so hard to determind who will be on the Board, and Who BB may target.
    Dream Draft ( with in reason) for the Patriots as we now Pick;

    #29- OG/C Barrett Jones
    #59- DT Brandon Williams
    #91- CB Micah Hyde
    7th- Another CB , Keith McGill, Demetrius McCray or Dwayne Gratz ?
    7th- WR/KR Tobais Palmer , or WR Davonte Christopher

  10. KHP says:

    My dream draft would have the patriots trading down once out of the first round for QB needy team as well as trading down with their newly acquired second round pick a couple of spots to get another 4th or 5th round pick.

    Also, a trade with a team for Mallet. I imagine we’d get a 3rd and a 6th/7th.

    Now the pats have:

    2 picks in the 2nd round
    2 picks in the 3rd round
    1 pick in the 4th round
    3 picks in the 7th round

    They now have the ammunition to draft several players that have fallen out of the first round and into the later rounds and even trade up with their later picks to draft a player they’re very interested in alla Rob Gronkowski in the 2010 draft.

    Now that that’s over, my dream draft would be (Mind you, this has a couple of crazy falls that are not gonna happen 70% of the time):

    2nd round (traded pick): DT Kawaan Short
    2nd round (own pick): WR Terrance Williams
    3rd round (traded pick): CB Jordan Poyer
    3rd round (own pick): DE/DT Margus Hunt
    4th round (own pick): CB/S Tyrann Mathieu
    7th rounders: DUNNO

    • Derek says:

      BB wouldn’t trade Mallett for anything less than at least a first or second round pick. A) Because he was acquired for a 3rd round pick and getting a 3rd and 6th would simply mean the investment was only worth a 6th round pick which is not true. And B) Because he is better than just about every QB in this draft class which for some teams will be using an early first round pick on

      • AM says:

        It’s not entirely accurate to say that acquiring a 3rd and a 6th for Mallett means the investment was only worth a 6th round pick. It means that the investment only appreciated by the net value of a 6th round pick, in addition to retaining the player’s services as a backup QB for two years. That’s pretty good for a player who has had virtually no play time (by design) since being drafted.

        Moreover, even if Mallett is better than most or all of the QBs in this draft, his contract has only two years remaining. I think most GMs would prefer to draft their own player, mold him themselves, and have the four years to develop him on short money instead of two.

        Either way, I would be stunned if anything more than a third rounder was the trade value prior to free agency.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        No One will give a 1st for Mallett, But your are right BB knows Malletts value is better than this draft class. I’m hearing talk that the Patriots MAY send Mallett to Cleveland for a 4th #101, 5th#132, and a 3d next year.

        • AM says:

          Lombardi and the Browns are the wild-card in all of this. That would be a stellar deal, and well worth taking.

  11. cc says:

    1 offense of tackle. The rest defense.

  12. cc says:

    One top line OT, & TJE REST ALL DEFENSE.

  13. AM says:

    Difficult to say what a dream draft will be prior to free agency–if the team signs three top free agent corners, picking another in the first might not be the best option. (Operating from the presumption that “best player available” really means “best player available at a position of need.”) But here are some dream targets:

    Round One: DeAndre Hopkins, Xavier Rhodes, Desmond Trufant
    Round Two: Aaron Dobson, Jordan Poyer
    Round Three: Akeem Spence, D. J. Swearinger
    Round Seven: Brodrick Brown, Jared Smith, DeQuinta Jones, Cameron Lawrence

  14. John says:

    If Welker leaves:
    1st: Tavon Austin
    2nd: Corey Lemonier

    If Welker stays:
    1st: Desmond Trufant/or Deandre Hopkins
    2nd: Lemonier

  15. Kyle says:

    1st: Xavier Rhodes
    2nd: traded for a 2nd next year, plus a 4th and 5th round pick this year
    3rd: Quinton Patton (probably gone by this point, but it’s a dream draft after all!)
    4th: DE Brandon Jenkins

    • cc says:


    • AM says:

      Good players, but my only objection is that the sweet spot for talent in this (very deep) draft seems to be in the 25-65 range. I’d rather see them trade back from #29 to acquire additional second or third round picks.

  16. mjp says:

    A dream draft would likely consist of a CB like Rhodes or Trufant falling to 29 and Carradine sliding into the 2nd round. Carradine tends to rely heavily on 1 move (he pulls the outside shoulder of the OT down/in and tries to swim over) though he is relentless and has shown the ability to use other moves, he’s also very sound in run defense.

    In the 3rd if Chris Harper is available he’s basically a Boldin clone, 1 speed type of player with underrate route-running and can snatch the football from defenders.

    7th rounders, well, if Quenterus Smith doesn’t clear medicals that would be ideal and maybe Tony Jefferson gets a rude awaking for being such an idiot.

  17. Hunter says:

    1. Trufant/Banks
    2. Patton/Dobson
    3. Khaseem Greene/Shemarko Thomas/Justin Pugh(as a guard)
    7th rounders will be ST players with upside.

    • AM says:

      Great selections–Thomas is a nice acquisition in the third.

      • mjp says:

        Shamarko Thomas is a heat seeking missile, would love to see him rotate in to that secondary.

        • Ken W says:

          I think “heat seeking missile” type Safeties are being phased out with all the new player safety rules and a 15 yard foul everytime a WR gets hit. The way of the future will be center field coverage type safeties.

  18. Henry says:

    Dream Draft:
    No trades
    2nd:Logan RYan
    3rd:Aaron Dobson
    7th: Chris Jones
    7th: Rontez Miles
    With Trades(dont feel like explaining thetrades, but the all work out fairly to all trade partners
    #36: DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson
    #43:Logan Ryan CB Rutgers (Time to add some more toughness to this D)
    #88:Barrett Jones OL Alabama (This may be a stretch, but at this point he could fall this far)
    #119:Jelani Jenkins LB Florida
    #138:Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois
    #152:Jordan Hill DT Penn State (A true Belichick prospect
    #171:Conner Vernon WR Duke
    #173:Derrick Washington RB Tuskegee (Luxury Pick, saw that the pats met with this guy so i checked out some game footage. Awesome player, you can never have too many weapons in the backfield, look at the saints.)
    #204:Chris Jones (A Steal, kid will produce when given the chance)
    #219:Armonty Bryant

    In this draft we address:
    1. Cornerback depth with Logan Ryan and Terry Hawthorne. Both are gritty tough cornerbacks who can make plays in the pass and run game.
    2. WR Depth, Nuke will be able to start early, conner vernon can dominate the slot if welker leaves, or learn behind him for 2 years.
    3. OL Depth is adressed with Barrett Jones, he provides depth to every position which is important if Donald Thomas Leaves.
    4.Coverage Linebacker Jelani Jenkins was a high draft pick before his injury, but still one of the best coverage linebackers in the draft.
    5.Interior Pass rush is addressed with the Jordan Hill and Chris Jones Picks. both are solid pass rushing DT
    6. Edge Rush Project. We have alot of defensive ends, more than it seems. Armonty Bryant dominated his competition and could develop into a solid player with some coaching
    7. No, i did not address safety. We are pretty deep at safety and we have not given Tavon Wilson a fair shot yet. But if i had to pick one, it would be DJ Swearinger.

    • Nick says:

      Why do you think barrrett jones will fall? He could go as high as top 20. I like the jelani jenkins pick though

  19. TD says:

    RD 1: Banks
    – prayed he would bomb in the combine so the pats would have a chance at him at 29. classic over emphasis on combine if he reaches NE here.

    RD 2: Hunter/Patton
    – would need one of them to slip a little to reach NE. I’d settle for Dobson.

    RD 3: Gholston
    – no need to draft simon when the pats seem to have no problem finding those type of players in FA (vrabel, nink). Rather take a chance on someone with a higher ceiling.

  20. Jim R says:


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