Logan Ryan Scouting Report

Logan Ryan NFL 2013 Draft

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Prospect: Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 191
Speed: 4.56
Grade: 7.0  (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

Logan Ryan is a physical and aggressive cornerback prospect. He has a well put together frame and tested off the charts in the agility drills at the combine. Plays a physical brand of coverage. Has experience putting hands on receiver at the line of scrimmage and shows the ability to transition from playing in tight coverage. Loves to fly up to attack edge runs, not afraid to get his uniform dirty. A smooth athlete in coverage. Fluid hips, shows no problems opening his hips in any direction. Can flip his hips 180 degrees out of press coverage to run vertically with a receiver. Reads his run keys rapidly. Ryan is able to fight though or avoid blocks at the line of scrimmage to find the ball-carrier near or behind the line. Is aggressive attacking blockers down-field to make saving tackle. In coverage, Ryan has experience playing in both man and zone cover schemes. When playing zone, he anticipates routes developing and tracks the ball into his zone to attack the catch point.

In man coverage, he plays physical all the way down the field. Will contest catch points and can cut down separation with flexibility in and out of his breaks. Ryan does a good job of tracking and locating the ball in down-field coverage. Gets his head turned around to locate ball before receiver and make a play on it. What makes Ryan special is his ability to transition quickly from pass coverage to run defense. Able to peel off his coverage to transition to run defense and is a physical tackler in space. As a comparison, Ryan plays boundary CB in Rutgers defense which is the same position Devin McCourty played. Must be a physical, instinct presence to succeed there.

Ryan’s aggressiveness in coverage is also is biggest weakness. His aggressive and physical coverage style needs to be toned down at the NFL level. He gets clutchy and grabby down field, which will lead to DPI and Illegal contact calls in NFL. His top end speed is good not great. Might even be a step below average. Plays quicker than fast, although his ability to transition quick enough and recovery vertically if beaten is a concern. Smaller quicker receivers will give him a bit of trouble. Struggles to square them up and gets hands on, tougher to mirror off the line of scrimmage. Gets left off balance when trying to jam up smaller receivers. Ryan’s aggressive cover style leaves him susceptible to double moves and more complex route combinations.

Bites on play action and can be pump faked out of coverage. NFL QBs will test him early to see if he maintains down field responsibility. On double moves he shows that tendency to grab, which he won’t get away with at next level. Finally, Ryan’s arms are shorter than ideal (31 3/8) and his vertical leap is below average for the position (32.5″). This will cause him some problems when matching up against bigger receivers that can extend their catch radius while running. Won’t be able to out jump or challenge more athletic receivers in the air for 50-50 balls.

Logan Ryan is a very good cornerback prospect. He’s been well coached coming out of the Rutgers program. Prides himself on playing an aggressive and physical style. His coverage ability should be conducive to many coverage schemes as he has the agility to play man or zone coverages. Ryan is used to getting his hands on the receiver and can play physical all the way downfield. He’s not afraid to attack the running back and will set the edge on play side runs.

Ryan’s hips are fluid enough to play man coverage and he has the ball instincts to succeed in zone coverages. You won’t find many corners that are as physical in all aspects of their game as Ryan. He entered the draft a year early and could go as high as the top 50, but certainly won’t get out of the third round in April’s draft.

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