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Jamar Taylor NFL

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Prospect: Jamar Taylor, CB, Boise State
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 192
Grade: 7.25 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+ Well but together CB. Thick and muscled up build.
+ Above average top-end speed. Ran sub 4.4 both times at the combine. (4.39 official)
+ Smooth hip movements with the ability to open up and run vertically
+ In bail technique he shows quick feet and smooth transition to drive forward out of stance.
+ No problems changing direction when playing at the line (slot capabilities?)
+ Shows excellent balance and lower body control. Plays in a good stance.
+ Transitions well from backpedal to forward running
+ 22 reps on the bench speaks to strength and work ethic in weight room.
– Knee injury in 2009 forced a red shirt year. Missed 3 games in 2011 with another knee issue.
– Tends to be too upright in his backpedal
– Lacks height great height
– Short arms and smaller hands in relation to other corners in the draft.

Coverage Skills:
+ Brings physical edge in coverage, can get hands on receiver and disrupt route.
+ Displays plenty of range in zone coverage and ability to close on the ball.
+ Experienced in multiple coverage schemes. Comfortable playing zone or man.
+ Keeps eyes in the backfield and trusts what he sees.
+ Patient in coverage, keeping leverage and positioning until ball is in route.
+ Very good at reading and reacting to short underneath passes. Good explosion driving off back foot
+ Plays ball aggressively in the air, hand-fights with receivers to knock passes out
+ Good at finding the ball in the air to make a play on the ball
– Often gives up passes in off man coverage because of too much cushion
– Uses hands on receiver all the way down field, will have to adjust game in NFL to avoid penalties
– Doesn’t use his lower body to get jam on receiver. Tough to mirror off the press.
– Lack of length makes it tough to beat bigger WR for 50-50 balls.
– Level of competition, wasn’t tested much over the last two years.

Run Support:
+ Usually a sound tackler. Can tackle at high speed going low and showing leg drive on contact.
+ Very active in run support (51 tackles in senior season)
+ Great vision/instincts, sees run plays quickly and breaks off coverage to pursue ball-carrier
+ Used as a blitzer off edge often at Boise State, effective at bringing pressure off edge and getting into backfield to make tackles
+ Disciplined at line of scrimmage, good at getting into position when a runner comes his way and holding position
+ Accelerates well and through ball-carrier, hits hard (6 forced fumbles in Boise State career)
– Takes inconsistent angles when attacking ball-carrier
– Puts head down and tries to shoulder tackle at times, bigger backs bounce off.

+ Experienced lining up both outside and in the slot
+ Already Graduated College with a 3.5 GPA in communications. Working towards master degree in Kinesiology.
+ Elected team captain in 2012
+ Coach Peterson raves about his leadership and work ethic off the field.
+ Can fit just about any NFL scheme with his ability to adapt to coverage and play the run.

Jamar Taylor exhibits intangibles that will make him attractive to all 32 NFL teams. He’s a great student, a team captain and one of the hardest workers off the field. On the field Taylor shows the ability to play man or zone coverage schemes. Shows plenty of fluidity and smooth, easy movement skills. Brings a physical edge to coverage, displaying very good natural strength when battling downfield.

In zone coverage Taylor has effective range and instincts. He’s patient and relies on his reads before attacking routes. While he will give up his share of underneath receptions, he will limit the damage by being a swift and sound tackler. Most comfortable in press-bail technique showing the ability to transition easily from peddle to drive on routes. He’s an active run support corner. Not afraid to mix it up against bigger backs. Taylor can set the edge and take on blocks using his impressive strength. Overall, Taylor is a polished cover corner prospect. While he can bring a physical edge, he also shows enough technique, patience and speed to develop into a finesse cover corner. Any team that needs a CB will take a hard look at Taylor, making it likely he is off the board in the second round of the draft.

Scouting Notes

at Michigan State (8/31/12):
-Sets a nice edge in the run game, turns Bell inside.
-Press, allows clean inside release.
-Trailing in coverage, shows good hands and concentration picking up bobbled ball – decent return.

Full scouting notes for Taylor vs. Michigan State.

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One Response to “Jamar Taylor Scouting Report”

  1. MaineMan says:

    All Taylor’s positive notes in this scouting report appear to fit nicely with what I believe that Pats are trying to do with their boundary corners – and the negatives appear to be almost entirely matters of technique on which he may be coached-up, providing he’s a coachable kind of guy.

    I’s been reported elsewhere that the Pats have had some contact with Banks. Have they had any significant contact with Taylor or other cornerback prospects?

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