Adrian Wilson and John Abraham Set to Visit Patriots

Nick Caserio Bill Belichick

Are these guys ready to bust out the checkbook?

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

Patience. Patience is key when it comes to the New England Patriots.

After sitting back and allowing the free agent market develop, it appears that Bill Belichick and the Patriots are about to start signing some checks.

After officially signing wide receiver Danny Amendola and reportedly signing running back Leon Washington, the Patriots now will look towards safety Adrian Wilson and defensive end John Abraham.


Wilson, who was cut by the Arizona Cardinals back on March 8, is entering the twilight of his career. After playing his entire 12-year career with the Cardinals, he will now part ways and look to chase a Super Bowl to end his rather impressive career.

The funny thing about Wilson is that he’s often over-looked. While spending his entire career with the lowly Cardinals, he’s not a known commodity—despite being named All Pro four times.

At 33-years-old, Wilson certainly has lost a step in his game—as he’s often taken off of the field in nickel-situations—but he’s still a hard-hitter safety that’s great in run-support and will bring a much needed veteran presence to New England’s secondary.

This past season for the Cards, Wilson appear in 15 games while recording 54 tackles and three sacks while forcing one fumble.

As for Abraham, he will turn 35-years-old in May and has spent the last seven seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. Many might figure that Abraham is losing a step, considering he’s entering his 14th year in the NFL, but since 2010, he has recorded at least 9.5 sacks in each of those seasons.

This past season for the Falcons, Abraham played in all 16 games while recording 10 sacks, 36 tackles and forcing an impressive six fumbles.

Wilson and Abraham both fall into the same category how much gas do they have left in the tank?

If Belichick and New England’s player personnel determine that either of them could contribute to a possible Super Bowl, then a contract offer will be made.

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9 Responses to “Adrian Wilson and John Abraham Set to Visit Patriots”

  1. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I like want S Adrian Wilson brings to the table, and if a 1 yr deal will work for say 1.5 mil. then my bet is they grab him. I felt Woodson had good value as well, but BB does not seem interested.
    Abraham however looks like a poor fit to me, not a great run stopper, and has lost a step. Maybe a 3d down guy only, But BB does not often go for players that are too spiecalized. That being said he just signed Leon Washington, as a KR, spiecial teams guy, however I see him on the O as well in some packages.
    I think you will see Vollmer sign today or tommorow. I also think Woodhead signs , not for alot of money but a long term deal.

  2. psw says:

    amodola is brittle as glass even if he is younger he will not replace welker. if there was no intention to bring wes back a receiver with size or a burner should have been brought in and the mid field area left to the TE’s

    • brian says:

      That’s one way of looking at it. Another way is looking at Amendola’s injuries as mostly the fluke variety and acknowledging he’s healthy now. Getting hurt in the past doesn’t necessarily make you more likely to get hurt in the future.

      Welker on the otherhand HAS been healthy and dependable, but does that predict he’ll be healthy in the future? I’d argue his dependability almost hurts him, he’s seen a lot of snaps and has been hit a lot over his run here, and at his age I don’t expect him to keep this level of performance and good health for long.

      • cc says:

        A/. This gives Peyton a HUGE advantage with Denver…..Like Adam Vinitari did 4 him in Indy.
        B/. It’s a hopefull sign the Pats will Jump up for T. Austin….if they don’t, they’ll be seen as idiots by the way.
        & C/. If they don’t trade a coupling of loose ends that need a better spot in another setting, and scrape another pick out of it ( or two ), so we can get up on upper grade talent. ……then it’s not expectant that we see the AFC CHAPIONSHIP GAME

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I agree with Brian, injuries can happen to anybody. If welker goes down it will be said it is because of his age. If Amendola goes down it will be said I told you so. But if we were to lose Wilfork or Brady??
        So I don’t but much stock, in past injuries as long as the player is ready to play!

    • Jeff M says:

      That would be the common uneducated view. Or if you look at Welker and Amendola the last 4 years you’d see that each have had one season ending injury, one just happened to have his week 17.

      Also one had a knee injury and is in his 30s so at face value, Welker is the better option, but when you consider all the factors, Amendola was the better choice in the long term.

  3. Matt says:

    Get both done and move on to signing Talib and atleast 1 more CB

  4. mjp says:

    Don’t let these two players get away, get it done.

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