2013 NFL Mock Draft: Pre-Free Agency Prediction

17. Pittsburgh Steelers
Jarvis Jones, OLB/ILB, Georgia (SCOUTING REPORT)
Jones is going to be dogged by the spinal stenosis label, despite doctors at the NFL Combine reportedly clearing him. Some team is going to get a talented, if somewhat flawed, player later than they should. I think Pittsburgh could line him up at any linebacker position.

18. Dallas Cowboys
DJ Fluker, OT, Alabama (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Cowboys need blockers, but don’t be surprised if they move up and put Kenny Vaccaro in the place of newly-departed Gerald Sensabaugh. Fluker is a mammoth RT/RG that will be a starter on day one in Dallas.

19. New York Giants
Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah (SCOUTING REPORT)
Rarely could you get a top three talent this late in the draft, but if Lotulelei hasn’t satisfied NFL medical staffs about his “heart condition”, he might be in for a nasty fall. Hopefully, Star will check out just fine and he can climb back into the top three where he belongs.

20. Chicago Bears
Minter just plays football. He isn’t a special athlete – just a good one. The Bears aging linebackers need some youth, why not get the best tackler in the 2013 NFL Draft.

21. Cincinnati Bengals
Keenan Allen, WR, California* (SCOUTING REPORT)
Allen would be a luxury pick for the Bengals, but Andy Dalton is a quarterback that needs talent around him. AJ Green, Allen, Mo Sanu and Marvin Jones would certainly fit the bill.

22. St. Louis Rams (via WAS)
Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia (SCOUTING REPORT)
If Danny Amendona doesn’t re-sign with the Rams, Sam Bradford is going to need a slot receiver. Austin is as dynamic as they come and probably won’t make it past the Vikings 23rd pick.

23. Minnesota Vikings
Kawann Short, DT, Purdue (SCOUTING REPORT)
If the Vikings move Percy Harvin this off-season, Tavon Austin is going to be a trade up target for them. If they keep Harvin, addressing the future at DT is a need – Kawann Short would shore that up on first and second downs.

24. Indianapolis Colts
Jones seems like a great fit for what the Colts are trying to do on defense. He is a smart football player that really understands the game – let him line up at the 3-tech and watch him create havoc.

25. Seattle Seahawks
Tank Carradine, DE, Florida State (SCOUTING REPORT)
You would be hearing about Carradine as a potential #1 pick in this draft if it weren’t for his health concerns. If an NFL team feels comfortable that Carradine will be ready by week one, he will be a first round pick.

26. Green Bay Packers
Xavier Rhodes, CB/S, Florida State (SCOUTING NOTES)
Charles Woodson has left the building. Rhodes doesn’t have that skill set yet, but he is a player that can go outside and perhaps even convert to the safety position if need be.

27. Houston Texans
Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia (SCOUTING REPORT)
Ogletree has certainly had some off the field issues, but he has athleticism to spare and is just now starting to figure out how to be a linebacker. His upside behind JJ Watt and next to Brian Cushing is off the charts.

28. Denver Broncos
Jonathan Cyprien, SS, FIU
Yes, I think the whole NFL wants the Broncos to draft a new safety – except Joe Flacco. Cyprien is quite versatile – he helps against the run and can drop back in coverage and cover a a deep half as well.

29. New England Patriots
DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Patriots need an outside receiver to help keep opposing safeties from crowding the middle of the field. Hopkins runs great routes and has strong hands – two great compliments to 4.5 speed. Quinton Patton, Justin Hunter and a bevy of defensive backs could also be in play here.

30. Atlanta Falcons
Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama (SCOUTING REPORT)
Michael Turner is not coming back, so the Falcons need a bigger back to complement ‘Quizz. Lacy has the balanced skill-set that will mesh well with Matt Ryan’s offense.

31. San Francisco 49ers
Johnathan Hankins, DL, Ohio State* (SCOUTING NOTES)
The 49ers roster is so loaded that they can take a depth defensive tackle that would start on 25+ other NFL teams. Hankins has a chance to be a Pro Bowl caliber player if he continues to work and improve.

32. Baltimore Ravens
Manti Te’o, LB, Notre Dame (SCOUTING REPORT)
Te’o doesn’t need to be a leader in the Ravens locker room, they have plenty of those laying around in guys like Ed Reed and Ray Rice. What he can be is a very good middle linebacker – which is exactly what the suddenly Ray Lewis-less Ravens need.


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42 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Pre-Free Agency Prediction”

  1. Rockdog says:

    Pats need to draft Eric Reid. He is the next Rodney that they have been severly lacking. Hopefully, they can move into early 2nd round to get him so they can get ammo to find a quality outside WR as well. I see a FA CB & WR along with drafting of Reid and a tall, sppedy WR.

    • steve earle says:

      I’d prefur they get Rhodes or Trufant in the 1st but if that’s not possable then Reid with an early 2nd wouldn’t be bad. Problem with the WR is after the 2nd round it looks kind of hit or miss. Agree with your FA prioritys plus you might add a DT.

  2. charles says:

    why have the pats draft taylor over poyer who has a shot at a top 15 pick? and why do I have to watch a stinkin video so that i can finish reading the mock draft!!!! I USED TO BE A LOYAL READER but i’m done now

    • NEPD says:

      We spent nearly $1000 on hosting, IT, writer and associated costs last month. We’re merely trying to stay profitable.

      • Ralph says:

        I rather watch these vids than to be without NPD, you guys rock, but during draft time you guys must make good money with the Ads lol

  3. Steve Leggett says:

    Just can’t see Bill drafting a WR here not with our history
    Best available OL or DL Hankins or Jesse Wiliams
    or DB’s Trufant, Banks or Reid wouldn’t suprise me

  4. Joe Blake says:

    I would rather see Hunter as opposed to Hopkins: more upside. I would pass on a LB and go with a DL. As far as order, best available per BB and staff analysis: as long as the three positions are: DL, CB & WR. Post FA could change this…

  5. joeisme says:

    Your Packer picks are horrendous! A fifth CB in the first, a short 5’9″ WR who may be a 3rd receiver at BEST and doesn’t offer anything in the return game (your scouting report), and a slow RB in the third round. With your ridiculous mock the Packers would be farther ahead to pull a Ditka and trade all three of your horrible picks and move up in the draft for a LT. Easily one of the worst mocks I’ve seen so far.

  6. joeisme says:

    Why in the world would GB take a CB (they already have FOUR CBs they like) in the first round??? He would be a project at safety and certainly not a starter. Terrible pick. When they need so much help at other positions, they won’t take a CB, a position they are very strong at. 3/4DE-ILB-SS-RB-LT

  7. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Free agents signings will make a BIG impact on the Patriots draft. IF we don’t sign, Vollmer, Welker, Talib, Vollmers replace ment will be key.
    So here are some Free agents I think the Patriots can get CHEAPER than signing the guys we have.
    CB Derek Cox 6’1″ 195 age 26, Played with the Jags, was injured some but alot of talent and good size.
    WR Brain Hartline 6’2″ 199 age 26 a solid WR with good down field skills, not as much of a slot guy, great hands. The last WR BB got from Miami did well (Welker)
    OT Jake Long 6’7″ 319 age 27, a little younger than Vollmer and solid on the left side of the Oline, maybe Solder to the right side ? Long may demand more money than Vollmer to stay, but with Vollmer it’s his back?
    Cox maybe the best bet, for 3years at say, 6mil. Cheaper than Talib.

    • Jim R says:

      If you sign 2 corners and Long I would be happy with that. You can get a wr in the draft and resign edleman

    • steve earle says:

      I have never been greatly impressed with Long. It may be that he would do better as a RT but from what I read he wants a hefty raise so he may not be a very good fit. I personally would rather take my chances with Vollmer. Just me.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I agree, I’m surprised Vollmer has not signed already with his injury issues. Long maybe to costly, the other two look very good to me, however it sounds like Miami is going to sign Hartline.
        Derek Cox looks very good on tape, has had minor injury issues, but a good young talent! I think he can be signed for a good price.

        • steve earle says:

          Right, Heartline leaving Miami seemed a lon shot to me too. Cox is probible the the most pratical possability. There are several FA’s that might be good to have on the team though some are expecting higher money while others are on the decline. Bill will likely sign a few and they will effect the draft. Still I wonder if Bill would pass on a real value guy just becayse he had signed a FA?

    • Jeff M says:

      I’d like them to take a long look at Sean Smith at CB in FA and maybe even Grimes if they aren’t overly expensive, but I also like Cox and Gamble (if he does get released). I say get two FA CBs, 2 WRs and some DL help like Sedrick Ellis or Tommy Kelley. Draft is full of Safety’s so go in and get BPA on OL, S, DT and WR and try and get good value in mid-later rounds on guys like Conner Vernon, Aaron Dobson, Brian Winters, Marquess Wilson, Bernie Logan, Darius Slay.

      If they got some WR help in FA I’d even be fine with going Barrett Jones, Eric Ried then Baccari Rambo or TJ McDonald and move McCourty back to CB while signing a CB in FA. Devin would be fine as a #2.

  8. Mike J says:

    I can’t imagine how you could posit a guard at 43 for T.B.. Possibly the position of least need on the roster.

  9. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I’m still hearing talk of QB Mallett to Cleveland . Hear are my thoughts on a deal.
    QB Mallett and Patriots 1st #29 pick to Cleveland for 1st #6.
    Now there are two schools of thought here do we trade back, or draft OT Fisher, if Vollmer’s gone??
    If we traded back Pick #6 with say, Dallas, for thier 2nd #47, 3d #80 and 2nd next year? ( a pick in the 50’s)
    We would be drafting;
    #47 – DT Brandon Williams
    #59- CB Jordan Poyer or CB Slay, CB Banks
    #80- OT Reid Fragal
    #91- CB Micah Hyde
    7th -WR Davonte Christopher
    7th -WR T.J. Moe

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Russell, i like this mock because this is how i think. I know CLE. doesn’t have 2nd round pick. nice thought Rus!

    • Jim R says:

      If you deal with Dallas you can get a lot more JJ is an idiot

    • td says:

      I would be absolutely shocked if BB ever drafted an OLineman any higher than he did Solder (#17).

      At #6 you have to get one of the best skill position players in the draft because the money slotted at that spot is way too high for a fatty on either side of the ball.

      Hard to say just how much they like Mallet, but if his trade created a bunch of picks in the top 100 our way, Hoyer is still available to hold Brady’s golf clubs.

    • steve earle says:

      This trade likely will happen only here in this reply column but it’s fun to play pretend sometimes. But should it, by some remote chance, come about Bill would most likely trade back but it it were me, I’d draft Dion Jordan @ #6 and call our draft a huge success.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        Info I hear still sounds good that Mallett will go to Cleveland, the deal may look far differant than mine, will see. May look more like a 4th #101 AND a 3d nevxt year.

        • steve earle says:

          This second scenario for a Mallett trade sounds more plausable to me probably because I never expect a best case. That would leave a backup slot at qb but that shouldn’t be a major problem. Question for you Russell, where are you hearing this trade talk?

        • Russell Easterbrooks says:

          I have a friend/( former player with the Pats) from my free agent try-out days,.

        • steve earle says:

          Then I will put a little more credance in that then just the ramblings on sports talk shows and the like. What kind of time frame, as in sooner or later, might this deal be expected? If done what’s your feelings about the 29? Would you say a trade down is more or less likely?

  10. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I don’t see Barrett Jones being on the board at #59, even tho many Mocks have him in the 3d round.
    If BB wants DT Brandon Williams, he can’t wait until #59.
    OT Reid Fragal, is a players who’s stock is riseing,I also like Brennan Williams here at OT.
    I’m still hearing Cleveland with QB Mallett’s name.

    • steve earle says:

      About Mallett, I would not expect any deal to go down for him until much closer to draft day if not actually during the draft itself. I like Brandon Williams too but no one knows for sure who BB covets, maybe him maybe another guy. As for where he goes in the draft again no one can be sure but I kind of think your right that 59 would be too late.

    • cc says:

      Travis Frederick is a decent #2 pick option as well.
      He’s a (C) who also plays great Guard. Help replacing Donald Thomas heading 2Colts & a Ryan Wendell backup at the same time, knowing him at guard can help let Cannon get more direct with being backup for both R&L tackle.

  11. Scott Mahurin says:

    Floyd and Sheldon Richardson are not good fits in the 3-4. T-Jax restructured. Star Lotulelei (if healthy) maybe…then they’d have to play Poe at DE. I’m thinking the reason Star took plays off during the season is because he has a bad ticker. With John Dorsey stating on radio yesterday that Branden Albert WILL play LT for the Chiefs in 2013, you can scratch off OT from the first pick. Geno Smith/Milliner are the top dogs in the fight. I don’t think they’re going to be able to trade down…so…probably Geno Smith becomes our QBOTF. To all the Geno haters: Ain’t life a bitch? I’m loving it!

  12. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I like Hopkins very much, hard to believe he will be at #29. CB taylor is interesting, I like Poyer better, BUT the 3d LB Greene is not someone I’m high on, but he is a Rutgers guy so maybe.
    I think if Vollmer is gone, BB must draft a good OT, and depth at that position is weak, if Solder is lost to an injury. I also think depth at DT is needed as Wilfork is starting his 10th year, and an injury there would be hard to recover from.
    Both the OL and DL are very strong in this draft, and BB believe’s everything starts with the big guys.
    MY MOCK based on this mock;

    #29- DT Brandon Williams, has the size, quickness, and intangables BB likes.
    #59- CB Jordan Poyer, This is were I think BB takes a CB, I like Slay but after his Combine he goes early 2nd. I also find it hard to believe BB would pass on Barrett Jones here.
    #91- OT Reid Fragal, size , former TE quickness, needs coaching on foot work, and played ROT for Ohio state.
    With the Two 7th picks I think another CB/S and WR
    SS- Cooper Taylor
    WR -Tobais Palmer

    • Jim R says:

      If Welker and a Corner (Talib,Smith or DRC) are signed, they can get some much needed depth for the OL and DL in the top 3 picks. I believe that they will sign a F/A (Bush,Kruger,Reed, Freeney)who is gonna raise some eyebrows. Would love to see Kyle Long fall to them in the 3rd round

      • steve earle says:

        Been thinking about the guys you think BB may sign as FA. Someone under the radar like Payton Hillis is my thought instead of Bush. Big back for goal line/short yardage work and would cost much less then Bush. Kruger I like better then Reed but both are long in the tooth. Still for limited play might work out.

        • cc says:

          Payton Hillis…….
          Vereen. Ridley. Bolden. Demps. Woody…….the Patriots need another RB, about as much as we all trust BB selecting an early Wide Out!
          Having said that: The Pats need to trade Mallet
          in combo with a running back in order 2 maximize the trade value & dump the excess in RB’s.
          Grab extra picks + use a next year pick and move up. This in combo of signing Talib to a decent “Show Me” contract & tagging a 1st rounder early as can be Bad-Ars OT are the top needs besides signing Welker to a 3yr deal too match Bradys 3 year time. NOT 4 or 5.

        • steve earle says:

          Right cc, I’m responding to Jim R’s suggestion that BB should/will sign Bush to our RB group and Kruger and Reed to their respective positions on our team. Jim believes these are likely signings but I am pointing out an option to an expensive guy who will unnecessarly compete for playing time with some already efficent RBs. Now you point out that Bill my trade one of our current RBs, which I hadn’t considered, though I don’t think he would trade away Ridley or Vereen as both have shown well and are cost effective. If he trades another then he has a cheeper option then Bush to fill the vacent slot, if he chooses to fill it.

        • cc says:

          Jeff demps OR brandon bolden…………

        • steve earle says:

          Yea, Demps or Bolden also perhaps Woodhead if they resign him. It’s just that they have so many of the same type, small quick/fast backs some diversity may be in order. Still if one is traded Bill might not even consider another RB on the rooster, who knows?
          I think it was Russell Easterbrooks who suggested it might be Mallett and our #29 packaged for a trade. Lots of speculation but no one knows.

    • steve earle says:

      This is a pretty good mock Russell I could live with this and be happy about it. You have the guys in realistic possible spots without excessive reach for anyone. Plus each position is one that can fill positions of need and contribute in the short term. Well done.

  13. Crow says:

    The Jets just drafted Coples. Another 34 DE really makes no sense for them.

  14. Ryan says:

    Not sure I’d take a WR in the first. If its me I’m going DL or CB. Maybe even moving out of the first. But this is much more realistic as opposed to the guys I would want.

  15. AM says:

    Great mock–Lacy is a little bit of a surprise, but there’s always one at the bottom of the first round. Hopkins to the Patriots would be a dream.

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