2013 NFL Mock Draft: Free Agency Shake-Up

Markus Wheaton 2013 NFL Draft

Markus Wheaton could be what the Patriots need at receiver. Where could they draft him? (USA Today Sports Images)

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Updated April 8th

NFL Rosters have undergone a transformation these past couple of weeks, as the free agency market has made teams adjust to new-found holes on their teams.

How will this affect the 2013 NFL Draft? Take a look at my latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft and find out.

1. Kansas City Chiefs
Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah (SCOUTING REPORT)
If the Chiefs are content with Alex Smith at the helm and aren’t able to trade Branden Albert, then Star – and his recently cleared heart – should be the pick here. Dontari Poe and Lotulelei would be a nightmare to deal with.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars
Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Jaguars will have a tougher time self-scouting than they will in college-scouting. Is Blaine Gabbert the future? If not, they might take the best QB in this draft – Geno Smith. Or, they could be terrible again in 2013 and target a QB from the loaded 2014 NFL Draft class.

3. Oakland Raiders
The Raiders need all sorts of help, so why not swing for the fences with Ansah. I’d bulk him up a bit and play him at the five-technique and let him learn on the fly. Sharrif Floyd and Dee Milliner could also be options here.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M* (SCOUTING REPORT)
Bookend tackles of Jason Peters and Luke Joeckel would be a pretty site for new head coach Chip Kelly. Either quarterback, Michael Vick or Nick Foles, is going to need some solid protection.

5. Detroit Lions
Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan (SCOUTING REPORT)
Fisher can step in for the departing Jeff Backus and start on day one. Dee Milliner is another option, but that theory got put in its place.

6. Cleveland Browns
Mingo has the speed and flexibility to become a dynamic edge player for the Browns. Ansah or Jordan could also be the pick here, but I see something special in Mingo – that closing speed – that is special.

7. Arizona Cardinals
Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma (SCOUTING REPORT)
Whomever is taking snaps next year for the Cardinals, they need a better offensive line. Johnson really came on strong this year for the Sooners and has the athleticism needed to be a stout pass-blocker.

8. Buffalo Bills
EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State
I think EJ Manuel is a third round talent. However, the emergence of players like Colin Kaepernick, RG3 and others have opened the door for players like Manuel to be drafted much, much higher. Ryan Nassib and Matt Barkley could also be options here, especially if they trade down.

9. New York Jets
Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama* (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Lions passing on Milliner is a boon for the Jets. If they can trade Darrelle Revis and draft his (cheaper) replacement, the new front office will be doing cartwheels.

10. Tennessee Titans
Jonathan Cooper, OL, North Carolina (SCOUTING REPORT)
Adding Cooper to the interior line is exactly what the Titans need. Grabbing him ahead of Warmack might surprise draft onlookers, but I feel they might love his athletic upside.

11. San Diego Chargers
Chance Warmack, OL, Alabama* (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Chargers need help on their offensive line. Despite anything you saw at the combine, Chance Warmack is a football player and a darn good one. He will be a starter inside for a decade.

12. Miami Dolphins
Kenny Vaccaro, CB/S, Texas (SCOUTING REPORT)
As many draft picks as the Dolphins have, they can go after whomever they wish. Adding Vaccaro to cover the AFC East slot receivers and receiving backs (Amendola, Spiller, Vereen…) would give the Dolphins a leg up on their performance from 2012.

13. Tampa Bay Bucs
Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Bucs have some pass-rushers on the roster, but I’m not sure they could pass on the talented Jordan, even with his injury issues. This would also be a great pick for the Jets if this pick changes hands in a deal for Mr. Revis.

14. Carolina Panthers
Sheldon Richardson, DL, Missouri* (SCOUTING REPORT)
Adding Richardson next to Sione Fua, with Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy on the outside is an intriguing thought for the Panthers defense. Richardson, when his head is in the game, is a top ten talent.

15. New Orleans Saints
Sharrif Floyd, DL, Florida (SCOUTING REPORT)
The Saints could go a lot of different directions, but picking up a versatile lineman like Floyd would be too good to pass up here. Floyd has top-5 potential.

16. St. Louis Rams
Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia (SCOUTING REPORT)
There isn’t another prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft with the ability to electrify an offense that Tavon Austin has. I don’t care how you do it, just give him the ball and let him start chunking yardage.


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42 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Free Agency Shake-Up”

  1. Ed C says:

    This is the year the Pats trade out of the first round again. The draft is deep in the areas of need. I think they spin their first for a second and fourth this year. I also believe Mallet is gone for a second giving them two 2nds, two 3rds, and two 4ths.

    • steve earle says:

      With all the QB’s traded around so far that limits the options as far as a Mallett trade is concerned and gives less leverage to BB. Not saying it can’t happen but I still am not holding my breath.

  2. joeisme says:

    I doubt the Packers gm will take a RB in round 1 when he can get a good one in rounds 3 or 4. Lacy is not the type of back the Packers need. He cannot get to the corner in college, and certainly won’t in the pros. They Packers have plenty of the plodding inside runners. They need someone who can stretch the field, can break a long run, and turn the corner. Lacy isn’t that guy. Look for them to go DE or Safety in round 1 and RB in round 3 or 4.

  3. Ken W says:

    Don’t like this mock at all for the Pats.
    Players they would pass on in this mock:

    1st: Tank Carradine DE for a WR
    2nd: Alex Okafor DE and Margus Hunt DE, Barrett Jones OL for a WR
    3rd: Margus Hunt DE again, DJ Hayden CB, BW Webb CB
    for Cornelius Washington DE, who I like as a middle round pick but would rather have any of the other 3 guys way before him.

    WR is a need, but not that big of a need. In this situation, in each one of the first three rounds the Pats would have a chance to get a DE that can help the pass rush (Pats biggest need) but instead help the offense that was #1 in the league last year each time except in the third round and even then don’t take the best DE left on the board.

    Im fine with spending one of the first three picks on a WR but 2 out of the 3 just doesn’t make sense for the Pats and I don’t see them doing that. Mark my words:

    If Margus Hunt is there for the Pats in the 2nd round they will take him.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      i agree ken!

    • Chad Overbeek says:

      1st Justin Hunter, 2nd Robert Alford, 3rd Da’Rick Rogers

    • steve earle says:

      Include me with those who agree with you Ken

      • Corey Rouleau says:

        How is a WR not a big need for us? We need someone that is a deep threat. Amendola will possibly fill the hole that Welker left but I don’t think he can stay healthy. And who knows when Gronk can come back. I understand that we need a pass rusher but I’m not liking how our offense is looking at the moment.

        • steve earle says:

          Your not wrong about WR need but putting all are eggs in two WR’s in first 3 rounds just doesn’t sound right to me. Remember the mock here is only 5 picks. Take one WR early and one late maybe but 2 out of top 3 won’t meet def needs we have which are every bit as important as that of WR. If BB trades down for more picks or if Mallett is traded as some suspect picture may change but for now I’ll stick to what we actually have.

  4. Nuf Ced says:

    If Carradine is there at 29 I can’t see the Pats passing on him; he would be Chandler Jones part II (http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/cfb/41953/321/noles-know-pass-rushing)

    Imagine 2 bookend length-and-strength rushers… I can and would prefer

    • Ken W says:

      Im with you, I think that could be a really nice one two punch at each DE spot.

      Vince pushing the pocket and Jones and Carradine ripping the ends. I LIKE!

    • steve earle says:

      Here too I agree. Carradine would bring that “value pick” bill loves. Even if he is not ready for camp and is PUP for awile we still get a steal.

  5. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Well with this Mock;
    #29- DT Jesse Williams
    #59- OG/C Barrett Jones
    #91 – LB Cornelius Washington

    7th -WR
    &th -CB

    • JV says:

      I like what Russell has….Williams is a beast inside and Jones will be an NFL pro bowler for the next 10 years.

  6. steve earle says:

    I truly believe all those wishing for WR’s to be drafted in double digets this draft just have not followed the game of football for very long. Super Bowls are always won on def. can’t remember ever seeing a team wit a poor def winning one. Sure BB should get one WR in draft but the rest of draft should be def. Otherwise we watch another SB between two other teams again.

    • Bobthebuilder says:

      Nope. Not in today’s NFL. The last Super Bowl was between 2 teams with a great and a decent defense, correct? Well, not only did the team with the worse defense win, but they put up 34. Finally, do you think he Ravens would’ve made the Super Bowl without an awesome postseason from Flacco?

      • steve earle says:

        Sorry for the delay responding, but your wrong. When we lost both SB’s it was because our def couldn’t make a stop after the Offense put us in the lead. When we were knocked out of the playoffs last few years, same thing. One SB (last year) does not make it a diffent game.

    • Richard Brunner says:

      Hello Steve Earle, I am a big fan of your music. Where did you and your band “The Dukes” first perform the song “Copperhead Road” live on stage? I wish that I could have been there for that! Thank you in advance and rock on man!

  7. patsfan says:

    I like the double dipping on WRs but think we can get just as good if we trade back for a 2nd and a 4th. With those first 4 picks, I think they need (2) WRs, a DT and a CB. The order doesnt matter as long as they pick best available at one of these positions.

    For FA, I would like for them to pick up a DE for the pass rush and maybe another CB for depth. We are a couple of weeks in and there are still some good mid tier names out there.

    • Ajm says:

      I completely agree. A solid WR and DT in the second round, CB in the 3rd, and another WR in the 4th.

      This draft has crazy depth and we need to trade back as much as possible. Even trading for 2014 draft picks would be smart considering the talent coming out next year.

  8. ActonBob says:

    Disagree. Draft all Defence again this year. Offense can score. No D = No Super Bowl…. Jessee Williams, Tank C, DB, this D needs to get fixed and it should not take alot to do it. The base is there. The volume idea seems to be their style and that seems to work. But this D needs to get finished off with 3 draft pics in top rounds.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree with ActonBob that def is the key to SB wins still I wouldn’t mind seeing WR Wheaton with our 59, it is a position of need, Would prefur a CB or d-line with 29 then go def with remainder of draft.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I really doubt Wheaton is there at #59. I also doubt Barrett Jones is in the 3d round???? Maybe we can get DT Jesse Williams, but he could be gone early, so DT Brandon Williams looks like 2nd round.
        I would like a good CB too, but feel Micah Hyde 6′ 197 , 6.78 cone drill is a great value in the 4th, maybe 3d if BB wants to reach to get him.
        I also like WR Mark Harrison in the 4th .

        • TD says:

          With the signing of Tommy Kelly that gives the Patriots a mix of vets and young guys at DT’s for either rushing the passer or stuffing the run as a part of that rotation. (Vince, Love, Deadrick, Kelly, Forston, Francis and Armstead). I don’t think its a good idea for them to use one of their first 3 picks on a DT now- granted kelly could get cut and forston could miss 3/4 the year again.

          They should get an outside CB for when Dowling gets put on IR so you don’t have to move Arrington outside, a pass rusher to go across from Jones and a WR with speed. Grab a DL late like Vellano or lewis-moore and whatever OL they want scarnecchia to turn into a probowler

          I like the idea of double dipping at WR, just not with a first and 2nd round pick. I’d rather them trade down with their first or second rd pick and get an extra pick and use one of those to double dip.

        • steve earle says:

          Agree your likely right Russell about Wheaton going before 59 and Jones before our 3rd but I still consider Jones a luxury pick and we don’t have that with only the current 5 picks. If more picks come along the picture could change. Would love Brandon Williams at 59 if Wheaton not around, heck Love Williams even if Wheaton is around.
          If bill does get more picks I’d like us to get that kid from Maryland, Vellano you found with a 4th or 5th or something.

  9. Jim R says:

    Outstanding, Pats take two WR’s top two picks. This would fit his M.O. of drafting volume at a position in the hope that 1 of them works out. I still think that Defense will be prioritized in the first 3 rounds

  10. floridated says:

    I hope that Bill B stops taking players high inthe draft that were hurt in their serior year. Dbacks are bust for Bill he just can not pick a dback to save his life. Needs for Pats, wide receiver,cb,safety,dline, Vince is getting older and needs a breather during game. Get Vinces replacement now so Vince can teach and play a little longer. Time t look for Brady’s replacement too. Someone to sit on becn and learn the system..

  11. Hunter says:

    I hate what you gave the Patriots’ division rivals, but that’s to be expected. I like this mock, but I think I’m intrigued by the possibility of getting Hunt in the third round.

  12. Phil says:

    Would be tough to pass up on Carradine.

    • steve earle says:

      I agree.

    • cc says:

      Or Kwann Short DT
      Jessie Williams DT
      J. Banks Corner Back
      Matt Elam Safety

      & Even: DJ. Swearinger (CB) in the 2ND.
      HELL, Even as a “Fringe Player”…..I’d take Alex Oakafor in the 2nd!

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        With the signing of A. Wilson S , very unlikely Patriots draft a S, I’m not big on Elam any way.

  13. ChevSS says:

    The Patriots need a WR or 2 & this draft has plenty of good choices. I’ve been expecting a double dip because of the depth. Either Allen or Hopkins should fit in nicely. The 2nd round should also give options such as Woods (if his chronic ankle checks out), Patton, Wheaton. The Pats have shown interest in Gardner who may have risen as high as the 3rd. BB has never drafted a WR in the first round. Maybe this is the year. Hopkins and Gardner?

  14. Scott says:

    Saints don’t need a center in Jonathan Cooper since they have a good one in Brian de la Puente

  15. Blackluck says:

    Not a bad mock for NE, and plausible. I like both receivers. But, I think the double dip works better with extra picks – and we don’t have any (not yet, anyway.)

    Also, Talib has troubles staying healthy and when (not if) he goes out, do we really want Arrington (despite his contract) on the outside? I think we need a CB early to both sit behind Talib and take over in the likely event that Talib leaves next year. I know we have Dowling, but at this point it’s looking like he was a waste of a draft pick.

  16. Brass4321 says:

    I’m all for the double dip at WR but I worry more about a backup for Big Vince. We’ve been extremely lucky he’s been so durable but in this game, your luck tends to run out eventually. If the late 1st WRs aren’t appreciably higher than the 2nd-3rd round guys on the board, get a Short, Jenkins, Hankins, Williams to line up next to Big Vince and let Love/Deaderick back them up instead of starting. Plenty of WR left to double dip in 2nd-3rd. Could be Wheaton 2nd, Marquess Wilson 3rd.

  17. Jagsman says:

    i think the jags will use that geno smith scouting extensively to get a team like the eagles to bite on him and grab a Franchise qb this year while adding a Backup this year.

    • Jagsman says:

      i like a Milliner Banks Barrett Jones draft for the jags.

      Milliner and Banks would be a solid Starting CB Dou and Jones would Solidfy LG(Unproven Brewster or Rackley) or Center(Meesters old)

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