Sharrif Floyd Scouting Report

Sharrif Floyd Florida Scouting Report

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Prospect: Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 303
Grade: 7.45  (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Sharrif Floyd is built like a traditional 3-Tech defensive lineman.
+Plays with a powerful upper-body, tossing lineman aside and shedding with ease.
+Displays an explosive burst with the ability to beat OL through either gap.
+He has quick feet and takes short powerful steps, keeps his feet/legs driving when playing vs. the pass and run.
+Has the ability to move side to side well and can stay square to the line and more laterally.
+Floyd shows above average speed when chasing down the ball.
+When he finds the ball he shows good acceleration and quickness to get there.
+Never stops working despite not them most athletic build.
-Despite his excellent quickness, Floyd could display better short area explosion out of his stance.
-Flexibility is a bit of an issue, doesn’t look like a natural bender and loses pad level often.
-Body wise, Floyd has been shuffled between DE and DT, so his ideal playing weight is a bit of a mystery.

Vs the Run
+A disruptive force in the middle of the defensive line.
+Has played both as a 5-Tech and a 4-3 DT.
+Played primarily 3-Tech as a Junior and had his best season to date.
+Combination of explosive quickness and power allow him to split blocks and get into the backfield.
+Great motor, will keep battling and work his way to the football.
+Uses his hands nicely to disengage.
+Has developed a quick swim move he will us vs. the run and sometimes with just toss the OL aside.
+Very good slanting to the inside gap, keeps shoulders square.
+Takes good angles in pursuit and can close quickly with back in sight.
+Has displayed the power to anchor vs. double teams and eat up blockers as a five technique.
+When he keeps his pads down and over his feet he is so explosive, is tough to stop.
+Floyd brings quick and consistent pressure via penetration and motor.
-Pad level is one of his biggest issues along with not fighting off the cut block.
-Goes to the ground too much because he loses leverage and exposes his lower half.
-Sometimes gets caught too far up field and will be run be because he can struggle fluidly changing direction.

Pass Rush Ability
+Displays a good swim move and good burst once he recognizes run/pass.
+Can beat opposing lineman with initial quickness and can overpower with a bull rush.
+His outstanding motor will allow him to record some coverage sacks as he can wear down the OL.
+Floyd’s best pass rush tool is his quickness combined with his motor, keeps the OL off balance and never gives up on the play .
+As his hands develop even more he should be able to develop a better arsenal of pass rush moves.
-Inconsistent as a pass rusher while at UF, but has the ability to develop into a very good interior pass rusher at the next level.
-Lost a lot of sacks when QB side-stepped or eluded his rush.
-Needs to be more consistent as a closer.
-Much like he does when playing the run Floyd will stand straight up and it totally disrupts his leverage and momentum.

+Top notch motor and effort.
+Will try to make every play and chases down the ball carrier from behind.
+Won’t be outworked, simply outworks and wears down opposing OL at times.
+Has the ability to play with leverage and power but, gets too vertical.
+Displays powerful hands, gets good extension and uses them to keep the OL off balance.
+Keeps his legs driving and keeps a wide moving base.
+Technique has improved over last two years, best football is ahead of him.
-Needs to be more aware of combo blocks and pulling OL.

+Floyd has overcome some unbelievable circumstances to be where he is today.
+Grew up without Parents and survived on his own in Philadelphia, PA.
+Would move from house to house living with whoever would have him.
+Lived with extreme financial hardship, raised money just to attend Army All-American Game.
+High Character kid, who has already faced many challenges.
+Florida coaching staff raves about Floyd’s character and work ethic.
+ Doesn’t take plays off and will give team max effort on every play.
+Offers plenty of versatility, playing a full season at 5-Tech and a full season at 3-Tech.
+Also has experience playing on the nose and 1-tech at times this season.
-Did get suspended for 2 games for receiving $2,500 dollar payment, UF fought the NCAA ruling.

Sharrif Floyd is a disruptive max-effort player who creates havoc on a play to play basis. He displays a combination of quickness and power which allows him to control the line or scrimmage and get into the backfield. His hand use has developed to a point where it has become a strength and Floyd will consistently make plays due to his ability to chase down plays. Floyd’s main weaknesses can all be linked back to his high pad level and inconsistent technique, which are both correctable.

Floyd is a player whose best football is ahead of him, he has made strides over the last two years and will continue to due so. He has overcome dire circumstances to get to this point and is on the verge of becoming a top 25 NFL Draft pick. I’d be willing to bet Floyd doesn’t disappoint.

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