Report: Wes Welker Could Receive Long-Term Extension Prior to Free Agency

Wes Welker

Will the salary cap allow Wes Welker to don a Patriots uniform in 2013?

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

I will admit: I have been extremely doubtful that Wes Welker would be a member of the New England Patriots in 2013 but there’s a solid chance that the two parties will come to an agreement on a contract extension.

Via‘s Ian Rapoport and Albert Breer, the Patriots could plan on offering Welker a long-term extension prior to Welker actually hitting free agency.

Per Rapoport:

Albert Breer and I have both heard that we can’t rule out a long-term extension being reached before Welker hits free agency. The door is still open for him to get his money and retire a Patriot. What would a deal look like? In my mind — just trying to gain an understanding of the market — if Welker can get a five-year deal worth more than $8 million per year, that’d be impressive.

As it’s been reported before, the Patriots will not be using their franchise tag on Welker which means that the only way Welker is a member of the Patriots in 2013 is if the two parties come to an agreement on an extension.

If Rapoport does prove to be accurate, then a five-year deal worth about $8 million per year is certainly beneficial for both sides. Welker, who’s turning 32-years-old this May, will receive long-term security while the Patriots will not only be keeping intact one of the NFL’s most lethal combinations in Tom Brady and Wes Welker, but they’ll also be holding onto the league’s top slot receiver for a relatively low cost.

In five of Welker’s six seasons with New England, he has recorded at least 100-plus receptions while missing just three games in those six seasons—which is impressive considering the beating that Welker takes game in and game out.

Updates will follow if contract negoations continue to heat up between the Patriots and Welker.

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22 Responses to “Report: Wes Welker Could Receive Long-Term Extension Prior to Free Agency”

  1. Carl says:

    Over all, what kind of mind debilitating gas do they pump into the patriots war room during second rounds. This is where great talent and reasonable contracts meet. Bethel Johnson-Chad Jackson – Ron Brace etc. What were they thinking, it just seems like they turn into the jets
    on their second round picks. Latest example – Ras-i-Dowling.

    • AM says:

      They are hit-and-miss, but it isn’t as bad as it seems–Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Spikes, and Sebastian Vollmer were all second rounders (as were Eugene Wilson and Deion Branch, going further back).

      Belichick once said that once you get past the first-round talents, you have players who are all “missing something:” health, production, athleticism, etc. I think that a) the team overvalues speed and other measurables in the second round, and undervalues production, and b) just plain has difficulty scouting DBs and WRs.

  2. Charles Lightfoot says:

    A deal for Welker should be 3 years (keep him around as long as you have Brady) for 18-21 million. With that money the Pats will be able to spend money in other places that will better the team. If not let Welker walk and use Hernandez as the slot receiver.

  3. Nick says:

    Well, even if they sign Wes, they still need a WR. But I guess it does not hurt to have too many people to throw the ball to.

  4. AM says:

    From Peter King: Tom Brady signs a three-year extension, purportedly at a very, very friendly price. Free agency just got a lot more interesting.

    • td says:

      Brady may be able to convince Wes to take a “team friendly” deal to help.

      • AM says:

        Definitely a lot easier to do when leading by example. Not that I’d blame Welker either way, but this is some positive momentum.

      • J Wellen says:

        I am sure that Welker would be more than happy to accept a “team friendly” contract that pays him 9 million per season when Welker is 38, 39, and 40 years old. Oh, yeah……please guarantee 30+ million as well between now and then. That is all.

        • AM says:

          Under-market is under-market, and Brady’s deal was under-market. The extension was team-friendly by definition, because it was a) unnecessary, b) decreased earning potential over the life of the contract, and c) benefited the team in terms of salary cap space. Guaranteed money percentages only matter where it is reasonably likely that the player would be cut before reaching the later years of a deal. No chance that happened to Brady.

  5. Lloyd Braun says:

    If Welker returns, great. If not, great. This team WILL have better options at WR next year. I expect 1-2 good rookies will be added and 1-2 cost-effective vets will be added.

    The way FA is shaping up, so many players & so little money, we may see Lloyd get cut. We may see Ghostkowski get cut. We may see a player or 2 dealt.

    This team will look GREAT by the end of April.


    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      When was the last time that NE was able to add good rookie wide recievers? Branch, 2002. I hope this team never drafts a wide out again. Pick them up in free agency.

      • J H TARBORO says:

        It seems like the past 10yrs we’ve been asleep at the combine when it comes to receivers, i agree with you there, but this year i think they read the memo. Last year, i think the Pats had 10 receivers in camp, and retained the same group from the previous year. If we’re building for the future they must pull the trigger now!

        • Russell Easterbrooks says:

          I agree I think this is the year to grab a WR, need to get younger at this position. This years class is so good a 2nd round pick should be a WR,. I like Markus Wheaton, Hopkins is bigger but I think he goes early.

  6. JV says:

    5 Years 8 Mill a year for 32 year old slot WR…not buying it.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Thank You JV!!!

    • AM says:

      Keep in mind that the only number that matters is the guaranteed money. The deal can be for 10 years and $100 million dollars, but it’s all just paper until the structure is analyzed.

  7. J H TARBORO says:

    Here we go with the same old stuff, if Welker signs and if we’re in same position next year as we are now, then we won’t get back to a Superbowl no time soon. If Welker catches 110-115 passes with the talent on this team, then i would say it’s Tom Brady’s mental hurdle.

    • CC says:

      I say beef the O-line up PROPERLY………because it’s been seriously lacking by WINNING SB’s on comparison. Let Brady distribute the ball all over….everywhere. …to everyone.
      Not just a security blanket with the initials W.W. on it!
      Hence the need for implementation of the hury-up offence WAY2MUCH.
      Snake the best OT possible. Use 2 picks, be done with it. Jump up.
      & drop him in the middle of what we have now.
      Give TB12 a better chance to see “ALL” his guys & his opponents both.
      He’s been getting old school Bledsoe time.
      1.4 instead of 3 seconds…..
      Then snag a compliment on the field for Big Vince

      • J H TARBORO says:

        Well said CC Now that Brady signed his extention, that possibly means Mallett gets traded, we can sign some free agents (not the old ones) and get rid of our #1 draft pick for multiple mid round plcks. #1pick and Mallett trade turns into gold(3- 5) at least.

        • Big Dan From Maine says:

          Why trade down, if we get a pick for Mallet, then lets trade up like we did last year. Much better sucess when we trade up than down. IMO

        • J H TARBORO says:

          BIG DAN you have a very good point!

        • acm says:

          No chance of trading up, imo. Trading down that 29th pick would depend on what FAs the Pats can get but also on who falls to them at 29 – I am sure there is a limited group of people on whom BB would be willing to spend that 1st rounder. If none of them makes it there, trading that pick becomes the obvious thing to do, considering how deep this draft is in 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th round talent.

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