Possible Patriots: Steven Jackson

Will Steven Jackson end up in a Patriots uniform after all?

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

Heading into the NFL offseason, one position that you’d figure the New England Patriots wouldn’t address is running back. Aside from Danny Woodhead being a free agent, the Patriots appear to be nicely set up entering the 2013 season.

Nicely set up or not, any team can use all the help that they can get.

Back in 2004 when New England acquired Cincinnati Bengals Corey Dillon he was 29-years-old. Much like Dillon in 2004, Steven Jackson is 29-years-old.

Granted, the Patriots don’t have a need at the running back position much like they did in 2004—you can argue that they even have a need right now. However, you can’t deny the fact that Jackson would look great in a New England Patriots uniform.

There have been reports of Jackson toying with the idea of retiring while there have been reports of him choosing to play another season. However the latest according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is that Jackson will likely void his $7 million option and test the free-agent market.

Now let me ask you this: Wouldn’t you like to see Jackson suit up for the Patriots?

Throughout Jackson’s nine year career, he has yet to have a winning season. All but two of those seasons with the St. Louis Rams were losing years while he’s made just one playoff appearance.

There’s no question that Jackson is a talented running back, as he’s proven to be extremely productive despite playing for a losing franchise. It’s only reasonable to assume that Jackson would love to play for a Super Bowl contender, right?

So why not team up with Tom Brady and one of the NFL’s most impressive running back corps?

Jackson would not only increase his chances of winning a Super Bowl but he’d also be potentially extending his career a few years by limiting his carries with a very young, yet productive, rushing attack.

I think the Patriots would make a great pitch to Jackson, but would New England even want him?

If I’m Bill Belichick, I’d welcome Jackson aboard with open arms.

Jackson is exactly what the Patriots need for two reasons:

  1. He’s an aging veteran, that’s still productive, and would provide leadership to a very young running back corps.
  2. Physicality—something New England hasn’t had on the offensive side of the ball since Corey Dillon.

If Jackson is interested in joining a Super Bowl contender, which I’m sure he is, then New England should be the perfect destination.

Keep in mind, the Patriots have plenty areas of need and only pursuing Jackson would solely be a luxury as he’d be another part to throw into an already well-oiled machine that is New England’s running game.

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28 Responses to “Possible Patriots: Steven Jackson”

  1. Tristan says:

    Steven Jackson would look great on a winning team especially with the OL the pats have Logan mankins Nate solder that would be great and even give him a chance to get a Super Bowl I am a player can I love steven Jackson and where he goes I go the pats get him I’m am now a Patriots fan. GO STEVEN

  2. mjp says:

    The Pats simply don’t have the cap space to consider Jackson, there are plenty of teams with cap space that could use a good RB, say Cincy who wants to spend and needs an upgrade at RB.

    If the market dried up and the Pats manage to restructure 2 of their top-3 cap killers then maybe Jackson would be an option.

    I guess the frustration comes from the fact that our secondary is still so porous and Talib wasn’t the impact player people are claiming, it was his presence that allowed McCourty to move FS and Arrington to stick in the slot that was the real causal element.

    With that in mind can we get some FA CB’s analyzed (I don’t Talib is coming back, definitely not on the tag and he’s likely to get overpaid elsewhere).

  3. Bruschi54 says:

    If the price is right would be great addition for all the reasons mentioned, he’s also very solid receiver out of backfield.

  4. MaineMan says:

    Even if Jackson is truly serious about getting out of STL in order to play for a contender, still the only way he signs with the Pats is cheaply. And I mean, somewhere around $3M for 2013.

    Jackson has been a very consistent power runner (and receiver out of the backfield) often rushing behind an OL that might charitably have been called “average”. I kinda have to think he’d do at least as well behind the Pats OL.

    Ridley hasn’t demonstrated consistent power running. Bolden *did* before his PED suspension, but not so much afterward. If Bolden can’t get back to that without chemical assistance, there could be room in the Pats RBBC for a replacement power back. But, again, Jackson would have to be willing to do so very cheaply.

    • acm says:

      exactly. Ridley, while a very good RB, has not shown to be a power runner to make a statement up front. Bolden may run tougher than Ridley but is still an enigma – just because the Law Firm panned out as a UDFA from Mississippi, that doesn’t all of a sudden turn Bolden into a sure thing.

      Either way you look at it, both out power RBs (excluding light-weights like Vereen, Woody, etc) are young players who lack experience and have yet to prove themselves they have the character to be difference makers at the big stage. Jackson, at the right price obviously, would bring those things to the team so should at least be an option to seriously consider.

    • Alex says:

      $3m, try like $1m.

      We have many more important places to spend cap money on, three tier 1 free agents to try and resign, and a need for wide receivers and other defensive gaps to fill too.

      I have no interest, unless he will take basically the vet minimum, because we have plenty of good running backs, and can only play so many.

  5. patfan says:

    I see no reason to bring in SJ. We already have a ton of RBs and should be focusing on DB and WR. If we allow some players to walk (Talib, Arrington, Chung and Welker) we are scary thin at these positions. I would like to see some veterans brought into the secondary and maybe double up on WRs in the draft. I also think they should take a look at Bryant or Melton for an interior pass rusher but I would be ok with keeping Cunningham for an interior rush if he can stay healthy and out of trouble.

    • TonySantorsa says:

      Jermaine Cunningham plays DE, not sure why you’d be asking him to be an interior pass rush.

      • patfan says:

        because he played there this year in certain situations and has some success as an interior pass rusher. According to ProFootballFocus.com “Cunningham has carved out quite a niche for himself as that interior pass-rusher on passing downs. He has 14 pressures, five hits and three sacks. Are you sure you actually watch the Pats play?

        • Bgame says:

          Dude you wrote the article for this site and didn’t know Cunningham played DT on passing downs?

        • Alex says:

          Good question.

          Any half aware Pats fan knows that we have been playing Cunningham as a DT in some passing situations, and he has been moderately effective, and most of us hope we draft a guy who would be more effective at the role.

  6. Steven Ridley says:

    No, no, no, no. Do not want. RB is the last thing the patriots need and SJ would come at a price. Why is there an article on this, it makes no sense.

    • McTash says:

      Thank you. Somebody with some common sense and understanding of the Pats true needs. Why with so many other needs, along with salary cap constraints, would we spend money on a position at which we have no need? This may have been th emost ridiculous article I have ever seen on this site. We may not even re-sign Woodhead because of Vereen, Demps, Bolden and Ridley, never mind Jackson.

      Did any of you consider this? Jackson will be walking away from a one year $7,000,000 contract, to do what, come here for $3,000,000? Yeah right. No, he is voiding his $7,000,000 contract in the hope of signing a longer term deal at similar yearly money. Is that so hard to understand?

      Geez, let’s try to show some objectivity and provide a modicum of corresponding true analysi and common sense.

      Let’s discuss our true needs and realistic FA’s and draftees who will fit both our position needs and cap space.

      • TonySantorsa says:

        This is what I said: “Keep in mind, the Patriots have plenty areas of need and only pursuing Jackson would solely be a luxury as he’d be another part to throw into an already well-oiled machine that is New England’s running game.”

      • TonySantorsa says:

        If the price is right, then I’m not sure why the Patriots wouldn’t pursue Steven Jackson. Like I said, he brings something to the table that the Patriots don’t have on offense: Physicality.

        If SJ is willing to take a discount and join a Super Bowl contender, then I’m not sure why the Patriots wouldn’t bring him in.

        Yes, the Patriots have PLENTY of needs—just like all the other 31 teams in the NFL. So does that mean that they need to spend all of their time focusing in on those needs? I’m assuming that you’re saying that New England’s front office can’t multitask?

        • McTash says:

          I think they are good at multi tasking and recognizing what issues they must multi task on and their hands will be full of multi tasking player and salary cap manipulation so they can address their needs as best possible. No need to waste time and resources on non needs or luxuries as you term Jackson.

        • Alex says:

          Yes the right price.
          That right price is the vet minimum, which he will not take.
          We have three good cheap young running backs under contract, and an unproven Demps. Add to that the chance to bring Woodhead back, and why on earth would we take anything more than a negligible cap hit, when we are weak at CB, S, DT, and WR even if we keep our FAs, and if we lose Vollmer we are weak at OT, and lacking quality depth in all those areas, as well as in our LB core.

          Seriously, great player, may still have decent tread left, but a total waste of money for us. A ridiculous suggestion to sign him for $3m

      • acm says:

        Sure, a player pondering retirement and surely knowing well he’s well passed the time for long-term, big contracts from any team, even the Rams, is voiding his 7 mil contract to look for a multi-year, multi-million deal he is not gonna find anywhere.
        Good thing we have the neighborhood genius to explain it all to the rest of us. I know I am feeling lucky.

  7. JH TARBORO says:

    If he’s still here, watch out for our RB Brandon Boulden, i think he runs just as hard as Ridley, if not harder. Could be different this offseason. stay tuned

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      I agree, Bolden is a guy to watch this year. Ithink he maybe better than Ridley. I’m not big on bringing in Jackson, we have some solid RB’s,and he’s to old/costly, same as SS Reed, staying younger is the future.

  8. JH TARBORO says:

    He could bring back some of that original recipe on the ground . I can see Steven Jackson in a Patriots uniform, his veteran presence and his competition level SHOULD bring a fire out of our running corp.and that would also help Brady greatly. The Pats need that type of edgy player. A very good free agent signing. Final comments : check out TE Joseph Fauria 6 ‘8″ 255 UCLA on Youtube for those haven’t seen him in action. Matchup NIGHTMARE if used correctly …..Patriots! One of the ones to watch at NFL Combine.

  9. acm says:

    If SJ is willing to give the Pats a discount, I’d love to see him here. He would bring size, mass and toughness to the running game Ridley simply doesn’t have and the team’s lacked since Dillon.
    Jackson is not just a clock killing RB but a clock cleaning one too – doubt there are many LB let alone Safeties out there looking forward to having a head-on rendezvous with SJ rolling down the field.

  10. Bobthebuilder says:

    This offseason should be about getting guys who make plays, and Jackson seems like a solid 4 YPC guy, but a guy who won’t make plays. However, this team desperately needs leaders and guys hat bring an edge/physicality. Jackson seems like he could bring leadership Nd physicality, so I would welcome him for maybe 2 million a year for 2 years.

    • Bobthebuilder says:

      Also, Jackson could be a clock killing, non-fumbler guy if Ridley has issues holding onto the football.

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