Mike Loyko’s 2013 NFL Draft Rankings

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

Since the draft ended last year and into the college football season, I have maintained and edited my draft rankings. Since the combine is this weekend I figured there’s no better time to release them. While the rankings are far from finalized, significant changes won’t happen between now and the draft.

Our readers should get a good idea for who I value and where I would take them in the draft. The 2013 draft is as fluid as any I can remember with a wide range of evaluations for most players.

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8 Responses to “Mike Loyko’s 2013 NFL Draft Rankings”

  1. Matt Ranzinger says:

    Nice list Mike, I think that Menelik Watson out of Florida State is a guy that has been rising and is going to make some big jumps in the Combine. Raw prospect that has played maybe 19 games of Football in his career. 6’5″ 320 and an amazing athlete. Think he could be a big mover on your board.

  2. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Looks Very good Mike, I do lots of research every year, with some success with Patriot draft picks. BB is very interesting , when it comes to talented players, that he looks to draft to fit his system.
    Two guys I’m watching not on your list that I think will be in a Patriot uniform, CB Keith McGill 6’3″ 206 out of Utah, and WR/KR Tobais Palmer 5’11” 180 N.C. state.

  3. Southbound says:

    Really enjoy your work!

    I want to know if I’m crazy. I have a mid round crush on Trevardo Williams as a 3-4 OLB in a system similar to the Steelers. I think he could be very solid in that role.

  4. H says:

    Good job man, keep it up.

    • H says:

      And a question
      how in the world did you make this, because i love this process but i have not been able to find a sufficient way to store and organize all the information.

  5. Stephen S says:

    Great Job the best ranking system Ive seen this year as far as being put together being able to see ranking order position order and player links wow alot of work

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