Larry Warford Scouting Report

Larry Warford NFL Draft

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Prospect: Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 333
Grade: 7.2 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

Warford is a thickly built and wide bodied Guard. He weighed in at a trimmed down 333 during the Senior Bowl weigh in. Has extremely thick legs and large trunk. Still needs to cut body fat and trim down to improve conditioning. Plays with power and exhibits good upper body strength. Quicker than expected when sliding feet laterally. Speed is below average and may not be able to pull at the NFL level. Has shown the has the mobility to get to second level and pick up blocks on move even though he is not sudden.

Arms are on the shorter side and is strictly limited to OG. Somewhat stiff and deliberate in his movements. Weight could be an issue moving forward and he looked winded at times during pass rush drills at Senior Bowl.

Run Blocking
Warford is an impressive run blocker. Plays with good leverage, keeps his pads over his feet and bends at his knees. He uses his power to create good initial push and uses momentum to drive defender out of the play. Powerful leg drive allows him to get push off the line and open large running lanes. Shows good hand placement on run blocks. When pulling Warford shows pad level, delivers powerful “pop” at point of impact jolting defender off balance. Effective on quick trap blocks, exhibiting power and lateral mobility. Does a good job of releasing his blocks and getting to the second level, keeps his head on a swivel and picks up someone to block. Good first two steps when reach blocking, can cut off movement and at least get some push out of the hole. Keeps a wide balanced base when run blocking.

Not real explosive out of his stance, appears to be a bit slow off the ball at times. Despite that he relies on good footwork to get his man turned and seal off the hole. When pulling Warford has a tendency to lung or launch himself at the defender and ends up on the ground too much.

Pass Blocking
Warford holds up very well in pass protection. Gets himself in a good position with knees bent and gets good extension with his arms. Uses his large frame and strong hands to mirror and engulf pass rusher. Was very impressed at the Senior Bowl with the way he was able to slide his feet and recover vs. quicker pass rushers. Showed good feet and keep them moving when matched up one on one. Was able to slide to pick up defender when shaded. Can anchor vs. the bull-rush and is strong enough to stop any rusher in their tracks. Warford sells screen passes well and shows good quickness in space to pick up man downfield. Good blitz awareness, can chip and come off his man to account for free rusher. Shows good patience when pass blocking, doesn’t panic if he is giving up ground.

Warford can improve his quickness out of his stance. Isn’t very sudden, so it takes him a little longer to readjust to pass rush moves.

Displays good overall technique. Keeps his feet moving and his hands active. He bends at the knees and understands head placement. Displays the ability to cut off the defender from the hole, even if he can’t hold his block. Powerful at point of attack, he can get to the second level. Good technique on double teams and combination blocks. Shows good footwork when run blocking. Can pull around the edge maintaining good pad level. Very sound on trap blocks.

First step quickness and agility out of his stance is questionable. Will find himself off balance when reach blocking or pulling. Takes a poor angle at times, causing himself to lung or dive to finish his block.

Four year player at Kentucky and three time All-SEC selection. Warford doesn’t offer much position versatility as he is limited to the guard position. Has been battle tested, going up against the top defensive linemen in the nation for four seasons. Was a Senior Bowl selection and one of the top performers. Plays with awareness and displays a good football IQ. Sees blitzes developing and is able to pick up free rushers. Has been incredibly durable during his career, no major injuries to speak of and has started 37 straight games to finish his career. Warford has no off the field issues and has been recognized for his work in the community.

Larry Warford is everything that an NFL team looks for from an offensive guard prospect. He possesses a massive frame and plays with good power. Warford has very good quickness for his size, showing the ability to pull and get to the second level. Can be a dominate blocker at times, resulting in a number of knockdowns and pancake blocks. He has shown good technique, both as a run and pass blocker. Although he is limited to OG, Warford will be one of the top offensive linemen selected.

Warford isn’t on the level of Chance Warmack, but he isn’t far behind the elite level. In terms of draft range, I expect Warford to come off the board sometime in the second round during the NFL Draft.

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