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John Jenkins NFL Draft

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Prospect: John Jenkins, DT, Georgia
Height: 6’4
Weight: 359
Grade: 6.8F (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

Massive interior defensive lineman. Top heavy build with a thick upper half and thin lower half. Does have a large backside and he carries his weight well. Jenkins his a powerful individual, especially in the upper body. Quick first step out of his stance and maintains leverage initially. Long arms and has a wingspan of over 80″ Fairly agile for this size and changes direction surprisingly well. Exhibits good quickness at times beating OL to gap.

Inconsistent balance, leans forward too much and goes to the ground. Takes him awhile to get up to top speed which is average at best. Weight will always be an issue for Jenkins. Weighed in at close to 360 pounds at the Senior Bowl, which is heavier than he should be. Should be able to trim down and still maintain his power. Lower body has to get stronger.

Vs. The Run
Plays primarily two gap nose tackle. Is able to overwhelm and engulf opposing OL with his massive frame. Has a good first step which he combines with a powerful upper-body punch. Uses his power to out-leverage OL to control his space. Can push pocket and disrupt the play with bullrush maneuver. Moves well laterally down the line of scrimmage and can beat OL to inside gap. His pads pop up quickly resulting in loss of leverage, but he keeps his feet moving even when he is blocked. Does of good job of stopping the interior run, can come off his block or get one arm free to slow up the ball carrier. Uses his power to anchor vs. double teams and clog middle of the field. Plays NT and 1-shade, but I believe he has the quickness to play some 3-Tech in certain situations.

Hand usage is average and inconsistent, as he lacks a violent go to move. Once he gets through the line he can break down, find the ball and change direction. Powerful tackler at point of impact. Stamina and conditioning level will effect how many plays he can play at NFL level. Allows his shoulders to get turned and gives up ground vs. double teams, but will fight to regain ground.

Pass Rush 
About what you would expect from a 360 pound NT. Not his strength, but has the ability to push the pocket with strength and quick initial move. When he gets his hands into the chest and arms extended he is able to bulldoze the OL into the backfield. Good leg drive when engaged. Isn’t sudden enough to shake free of OL once in position.  When disengaged he shows the athleticism to chase and close. Lacks pass rush moves, doesn’t use his hands real well besides a subtle slap/rip move. Better when rushing from the 3-Tech.

Lacks a plan when pass rushing. Jenkins keeps contain when rushing does a good job of not allowing QB to step up into the pocket. In the NFL Jenkins will most likely come off the field in rush situations. Simply, not quick or explosive enough to pose much pass rush threat if he can’t win with power.

Plays from and athletic stance despite massive frame. Is able to come off the ball low and with leverage, but lets pads rise. Plays with a good motor when pass rushing. Powerful bull-rush in which he shoots hands to chest-plate and extends his arms.

Overextends his upper-body (waist bend), due to top heavy build. Lacks great balance, finds himself on the ground and out of the play too often. Doesn’t recognize cut blocks and doesn’t use his hands to shed them. Has pretty good run/pass instincts, recognizes where play is going and tries to get there. Will draw comparisons to Terrence Cody, but moves much better than Cody and offers more disruption potential.

Failed to qualify out of high school, had to go the JUCO route and has struggled to maintain his grades while at UGA. Was academically ineligible for the Bowl Game vs. Nebraska. Jenkins hasn’t had any major injuries to speak of. Major weight concerns, while he carries his weight well and has an athletic frame, it will always be an issue. Shows good effort when in pursuit, can chase the ball and makes agile plays redirecting the RB. Played in the 2013 Senior Bowl. Most likely limited to 3-4 NT, I believe he offers some 4-3 DT potential in spurts.

John Jenkins will be drafted for his ability to use his massive frame and athletic ability to clog the middle of a defensive front seven. He’s not built like the typical 360 pound player, as he shows pretty good agility and movement skills. In the middle of the defense Jenkins is able to wear down and overwhelm blockers with power/size. While he won’t offer much pass rush upside Jenkins can push the pocket with a bull-rush and beat blockers when one on one. Profiles as a two gap NT in a 3-4 defense. If Jenkins can harness his weight and keep it under control he offers a lot of upside.

By improving his stamina Jenkins can be highly successful at what he does. Players with his combination of girth and agility don’t come around often, especially one’s who move as easily as Jenkins. It’s for that reason he will go off the board in the top two rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft.

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One Response to “John Jenkins Scouting Report”

  1. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I’m not big on DT Jenkins, MUCH rather pick Brandon Williams in the 2nd round.

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