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Jesse Williams Alabama

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Prospect: Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 320
Grade:7.3   (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

Thick, powerful frame. Built solid throughout. Has incredible overall strength, one of the strongest players in this draft class and he’s able to translate it to the field. Stronger upperbody, but can still anchor at the line of scrimmage. Carries his 320 pounds well exhibiting decent speed when coming forward. Doesn’t change directions very well and can play a bit stiff. Williams has good quickness off the snap blending it with a powerful impact at point of attack.

Vs. The Run
Williams has all the traits of two gap nose tackle at the next level. Comes off the ball with quickness and power, able to push the pocket and maintain his gap responsibility. When lined up in a shade technique, he does a good job to keep his outside half free and is able to come off the block to clog the hole. Game is built around power, doesn’t get pushed off the line and can anchor very well against double/triple teams. Has experience playing 5-Tech and showed he can set the hard edge. Hand use has gotten better, gets good extension in his arms and uses powerful upper body to toss OL aside. Has a good feel for where blockers are coming from and prepares himself to take them on and get off of them.

Battles on every play, hustles to the ball and wears down opposing linemen. Can finish his tackles displaying devastating tackling power. Struggles to change directions at time, even when he recognizes the play not athletic enough to get there at times. Has some limitations to where he can play due to his lack of suddenness/explosiveness to get through the line of scrimmage. Doesn’t always keep his feet  under himself and will lung with his upper body toward OL.

Pass Rush
Williams relies on his power and hustle to push the pocket. Doesn’t offer much pass rush upside, but can push the pocket due to his power off the snap and ability to get off the block. Will force quick throws, will be a disruptor not a sack artist. When he knows he can’t get there he makes an effort to get his hands up and tries to knock down the pass.

Williams struggles to finish off his sacks, due to lack of change of direction, QB can make him miss. Lacks pass rush moves, isn’t well developed in this area. Is blocked much easier when pass rushing because he lacks the sudden change of direction and flexibility to best OL with anything more than power.

Williams has a very good motor, he runs all over the field chasing the ball. Battles the OL on every play, will wear down offensive line with his continuous power. Shows good pad level, bends in his knees and works to stay underneath the OL. Has powerful hands and gets his arms extended to read and react.

Maintains gap responsibility vs. the run, doesn’t give up ground and stays square to the line in most cases. Lacks pass rush technique, undeveloped moves. Overextends himself at times, resulting in him being off balanced and uncoordinated.

An Australian native Williams is still new to the game. He has shown vast improvement each season as he has gotten more used to the American game. Has experience playing both 5-Tech and NT. Best suited to play as a two gap NT. Plays through injury, looked like he suffered serious knee injury in SEC Championship game, but stayed in.

Hard worker off the field, especially in the weight room, has recently remarked that he wants to break the combine bench press record.

Williams is what he is and that is a powerful interior presence who can take on blocks and disrupt the run game. He profiles as a 3-4 NT, where he can use his quickness off the snap and power to eat up blocks and allow LB to make plays. Displaying a great motor, Williams hustles to the ball and is a violent tackler. He’s a better athlete than given credit for, but still lacks the agility and change of direction which limits upside.

Although he doens’t offer much pass rush, he will create pressure with his talent to wear down blockers and outwork them. Has experience as a 3-4 end, so he offers some versatility to which ever team drafts him. Williams is still relatively new to the game of football and will continue to develop once he better learns the smaller things of the position.

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4 Responses to “Jesse Williams Scouting Report”

  1. acm says:

    JW is one of the few players that make me wish BB keeps that 1st rounder – with some proper training and technique improvement, he could become the Pats’ own Haloti Ngata.

    Some seem to think he will fall into the 2nd round and even deep into the 2nd but I have my doubts on him falling even as far as the Pats with that 29th pick.

    • Alex says:

      I think he is far more athletic than people give him credit for. He could stand to improve his lower body strength, and while we still have Vince could shed some non muscle weight, and be an incredibly strong and dangerous perpetrator, from a 34 DE or 43DT 3 tech.

  2. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Could be a BB type guy, power, and mains his gap responsiblity , which is somthing BB is very adamant about!!

  3. Jim R says:

    Stick him next to Vince in a 4-3. That would be a very good interior

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