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Eric Fisher NFL Draft

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Prospect: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 305
Grade: 7.7 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Athletic and lean 6’7″ frame with long arms.
+Plays light on his feet and shows the ability to slide laterally very well.
+Quick kick step able to stay in front of defender while maintaining balance.
+Fisher shows good flexibility for a player of his size, able to keep his knees bent and his hips down while engaged.
+Outstanding overall agility, quick feet and has the ability to recover from a misstep quickly.
+Well above average footspeed when pulling or in the open field.
+Consistently is in an athletic blocking position with a balanced lower half.
+Can mirror quicker defenders off the edge and is fast enough to get to the second level.
-Fisher can stand to add some more weight to his frame, but his slender frame hasn’t limited him at all.
-Fisher isn’t one of these freak athletes playing LT, he simply relies on his technique, instincts and positioning to win his battles.

Pass Blocking
+Fisher is a dominant pass blocker.
+It all starts with his first step, which leaves him in very good position to withstand the attacking DL.
+He always maintains a wide and balanced base with the ability to slide laterally very quickly.
+He uses his long arms well to keep the defender off of him and he has continually shown the ability to punch, slide and re-engage the defender.
+Understands hand placement and will battle hand to hand.
+Fisher moves quick enough to keep speed rushers in front of him and usually runs them by the QB.
+At the same time he has shown enough leverage that he is able to anchor pretty well vs. the bull-rush.
+Always keeps his shoulders square to the defender and doesn’t get caught overextending.
+Withstands counter moves very well due to his positioning, wide base and ability to mirror.
+Plays real light on his feet and never stops them, takes short choppy steps which really helps his mobility.
+Doesn’t panic and makes it look easy at times, he is quick enough to recover if beaten initially off the snap to at least ride his man out of the play.
+As a pass protector he plays with leverage, able to get his hands underneath the rusher and finishes his blocks.
+At the Senior Bowl he consistently “Pancaked” stronger DL by using their momentum and his leverage to get them off balance.
-Being over 6’7″ there are times Fisher gets too vertical after initial contact, against stronger bull-rushers in the NFL they may be able to get under him.
-Datone Jones was the only one to give him problems and it was when he used a speed to power move getting his hands into Fishers’ chest.

Run Blocking
+Fisher much like in pass protection is technically sound.
+Relies more on positioning and technique than power when run blocking.
+He comes off the ball quickly and with good initial pad level.
+He has shown good hand placement and gets his head across the chest of the DL which makes him easier to seal off.
+Maintains his blocks very well.
+Displays good initial pop at point of attack and doesn’t give up much ground.
+Keeps the same balanced and wide base that he does in pass protection.
+Lower leg drive is solid. Fisher is already a pretty good pulling LT. When pulling he shows good foot speed, flexibility and instincts.
+Knows his assignment and is able to pick them up on the move. Has the quickness to get to the second (or even third) level and get down low on smaller defenders.
+Blocks well in space due to his patience, positioning and ability to take good angles.
-Not a “road-grader” doesn’t maul defenders off the line and can be beat with power in the run game.
-When he allows his feet to get narrow he over extends himself and can be shed.
-I thought he could get better as a cut blocker, get his body into the legs and drive through before hitting the ground.

+Well coached and technically sound throughout.
+Keeps wide base and keeps his feet moving during the entire play.
+Has a very good kick step, allows himself to get in an athletic blocking position and gives the defender a “1 way go”.
+Uses his long arms well, understands proper hand placement.
+Maintains his blocks as long as any linemen, once he’s locked on he is usually able to keep defender close and mirror them.
+Has shown good flexibility and knee bend throughout career, but does “pop up” at times.
+Fisher has outstanding feet. He’s light on them, agile and has excellent laterally mobility.
+Doesn’t cross his feet and maintains very good balance.
+Shows the ability to understand where the blitz is coming from and picks it up.
+Combination blocks are solid and is able to come off them to pick up the free rusher.
+Has all the tools to be a very good Left Tackle in the NFL from day one.
-Biggest issue technique wise with Fisher is his occasional high pad level, but that’s expected from most 6’7″ tackles. When he keeps his pads down and shoots his hands he will win the battle.

+Has started games at either right or left tackle all four years at CMU.
+Fisher is an all-around smart player.Very well spoken in interviews.
+There aren’t many breakdowns in blocking assignments.
+Displayed a very good understanding the position and what was asked of him.
+Is the prototypical LT prospect but could play RT if he went to a team with a LT already in place.
+By all accounts he is a team leader and very hard worker off the field.
+Durability isn’t an issue, no major injuries, only missed two games during his career (2010 – knee).
+No off the field red flags.

Eric Fisher is one of the elite Offensive Line prospects in the 2013 draft. His combination of technique, athleticism and size make him the prototypical NFL Left Tackle prospect. Fisher uses his a strong base and his long arms to control opposing pass rushers. He displays excellent lateral mobility, mirroring pass rushers and controlling them with strong hand usage. As a run blocker he moves very well. Fisher takes good angles and puts himself in the proper position to sustain his blocks.

Overall he is just a very sound OT prospect with not many holes in his game. He dominated all-comers at the Senior Bowl and was the consensus top prospect among scouts in Mobile. Unless something changes, Fisher looks like a top 15 pick in April’s draft and the #2 OT behind Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel.

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