Chance Warmack Scouting Report

Chance Warmack Scouting Report

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Prospect: Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 325
Grade: 8.2  (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+ Light on his feet and moves well for 325 pound player
+ Exhibits excellent strength and can translate it to point of attack power
+ Stout and powerful lower half, ability to stick back foot in ground and anchor
+ Agility for a player of his size and build is off the charts
+ Bends very well, keeps knees bent and hips sunk when in protection
+ Moves well in space, quick drop step and good mobility to pull around the edge
+ Quick first step, then gets to the second level on lead blocks
– Lack of height is only negative, but hardly a concern
– Doesn’t play another position and arms might be too short to plug in at tackle

Run Blocking
+ Plays with very good leverage and a quick first step
+ Takes good angles and sets up his blocks well
+ So powerful at point of attack, able to overwhelm defenders with initial contact and gain upperhand
+ Sustains blocks well, keeps legs driving and keeps hands in good position
+ Very good at chipping, getting to the second level and picking up his blocks in space
+ Gets head across the body, making it easier to turn defender and create running lane
+ Shows very good mobility to pull, get around the corner and lock on to lead defender
+ Good footwork and quickness on reach/down blocks
+ If he locks on to defender it’s over, leverage, power and hand placment, makes it so tough to disengage
– Misses his cut blocks on occasion

Pass Protection
+ Good laterally mobility to slide his feet and mirror pass rusher
+ Quick, strong and powerful punch, jolts defender with initial power
+ Anchors well vs. the power rush, gets good leverage and absorbs power with strong lower half
+ Picks up the blitz well, does good job of coming off his block to pick up free rusher
+ Uses his hands well in combat, fights for hand position and usually wins

+ Very sound technique all round
+ Keeps wide base and doesn’t bend at the waist
+ Bends knees, sinks his hips and shoots hands to the chest in pass protection
+ Head placement is excellent, makes effort to always get head on the proper side to create seal
+ When pulling he looks inside the hole first and picks up first defender
– Will over-extend or dive at feet of blockers at times
– Loses leverage occasionally, mostly against power rushers

+ Smart player, understands where what the defense is trying to do
+ Understands his assignments, I rarely saw him miss a block all season
+ Can recognize the blitz and where it’s coming from
+ Has been healthy and durable throughout his career

Warmack is perhaps the most NFL ready prospect in the entire draft. He doesn’t have many flaws as he is a powerful road-grader when run blocking, with enough quickness to get to the second level. Versus the run he gets in proper position, locks on to defenders and opens huge running lanes do to his strength.

In pass protection Warmack shows a very strong anchor, along with good hands and leverage. There are no off the field concerns and he hasn’t had any major injuries to speak of. Offensive Guards historically don’t go high in the draft, but Warmack has an excellent chance to become the first one drafted in the top ten since Chris Naeole in 1997.

Whichever team selects Warmack will be able to plug him into LG and forget about that position for the next decade.

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