2013 NFL Mock Draft: Tony Santorsa (2/8)

Kenny Vaccaro Texas

Where does Kenny Vaccaro fall in this 2013 NFL Mock Draft?

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

Let’s take a look at my very first NFL mock draft here at NEPatriotsDraft.com – I’ll only be mocking the first round, as I’m a Patriots-beat writer throughout the season, so I’m currently transitioning into the NFL draft season.

1. Kansas City Chiefs: Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

Many mock drafts might have Geno Smith going first overall to the Kansas City Chiefs, but I’m not buying it. With Andy Reid now at the helm in KC, we’ll likely see him continuing his trend of drafting players in the trenches in the first round.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

Former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley will likely go on the defensive side of the ball with the second overall pick as he’ll hope to turn around the NFL’s third-worst defense from a year ago.

3. Oakland Raiders: Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

In all honesty, I really don’t see Carson Palmer spending yet another season as the Oakland Raiders quarterback—it’s time to move on. With that being said, the Raiders will look for the best quarterback in this year’s draft: Geno Smith. Granted, this selection might be a bit of a reach, but Smith should fill the void of quarterback of the future in Oakland.

4. Philadelphia Eagles: Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

Utah’s Star Lotuleli fits exactly what the Philadelphia Eagles need: Help along the defensive line. Lotuleli can play just about any position on the defensive line and should be a first-year impact kind of player.

5. Detroit Lions: Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State

With the Detroit Lions likely losing defensive end Cliff Avril via free agency, it would be a wise decision to draft this year’s top defensive end prospect in Bjoern Werner out of Florida State.

6. Cleveland Browns: Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU

Just about any player would be an ideal fit for the Cleveland Browns at this point. With that being said, I just see the Browns taking whomever the best available might be at this point of the draft.

7. Arizona Cardinals: Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

I don’t care what round you project Tyler Wilson going in—but all I know is that the Cardinals need a quarterback. If you don’t have a quarterback, then you can’t win too many football games in the NFL.

8. Buffalo Bills: Matt Barkley, QB, USC

Much like the Arizona Cardinals, the Buffalo Bills need to draft a quarterback. The Bills certainly overpaid for Ryan Fitzpatrick a year ago, but they doesn’t mean they need to settle with him as their starter. The Bills need a young quarterback for the future and Matt Barkley is that guy.

9. New York Jets: Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M

Well if Geno Smith or any of the top three quarterbacks were available, I’d definitely have the Jets selecting one of them as Mark Sanchez is just complete garbage  With that being said, the Jets could also use help at defensive end—in fact, some might consider Damontre Moore a total steal at this point of the draft.

10. Tennessee Titans: Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

It might be hard to believe, but drafting an offensive guard in the top 10 of the NFL draft is almost unheard of nowadays—but Chance Warmack out of Alabama is the best available that fits Tennessee’s needs.

11. San Diego Chargers: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

Before the San Diego Chargers do anything, they need to address their offensive line. Philip Rivers cannot keep getting hit like the way he did last season. The Chargers will likely pick the best available offensive line at this point of the draft.

12. Miami Dolphins: Keenan Allen, WR, California 

Ryan Tannehill needs someone to throw to—a legitimate NFL-caliber wide receiver. With that being said, the Miami Dolphins will likely settle with this year’s top wide receiver prospect in Keenan Allen out of California.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

Dee Milliner is the ultimate cornerback prospect. Milliner is listed as 6’1″ and weights roughly 200 lbs. and has all the skills and athleticism to be a first-year impact cornerback with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

14. Carolina Panthers: Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

Time and time again the Carolina Panthers are searching for an improvement on their interior part of their defensive line. Sheldon Richardson has the potential to be a stud and could be a cornerstone in Carolina’s defense for many years to come.

15. New Orleans Saints: Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon

Dion Jordan should be listed higher on people’s draft boards, but since he tore his labrum at the end of the season, he’s fallen back a few spots. With that being said, the New Orleans Saints desperately need help in their pass-rush and Jordan most definitely fills that void.

16. St. Louis Rams: Kenny Vaccaro, FS, Texas

Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams need to continue  building their young defense. After a stellar draft a year ago, the Rams will likely look to address their secondary by drafting safety Kenny Vaccaro out of Texas.

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81 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Tony Santorsa (2/8)”

  1. steve earle says:

    Reading the Defensive minded draft to which acm pointed me I am being convinced, slowly, that some GM out there just might consider trading his top 10 pick for Mallett and #29. Even if we had to sweeten the deal with something next year BB can make up that and more. Only a couple more weeks until were in the middle of the Combine. That’s really going to be interesting this year and should shake things up. We’ll probably all have to change our mocks around. Til then I’ll stick with my latest.

  2. steve earle says:

    Must be the snow everyones putting up their latest mocks today so I might as well throw one out there too. Let’s assume BB, doing do dillagence, explores the chance of trading Mallett and finds Arz willing to give him their #7 for our 29, Millatt and a 3rd next year.
    BB then trades #7 Down to 11-15 range and 2nd this year and 4th next. Then trades down again to 20 25 range, and a 3rd this year & 5th next. That would give us:

    1#x Xavior Rhodes cb = insurance for Talib or move to ss
    2#x Markus Wheaton wr = 4.4 highly productive outside deep.
    2#59 Chris Faulk ot/og = insurance for Vollmer or move inside
    3#x Tank Carradine de = rehabing but when 100% bookend for
    3#91 Kwain Gathers dt = big body inside
    7 a Jordan Rogers qb = good arm, sleeper?
    7 b Kenny Tate ss/lb = moved to olb 2012

    • steve earle says:

      When I look at this on paper I have had second thoughts. I think I’d pick Carradine with 59 and Faulk with 3#x.

      • cb says:

        exactly what i was going to say till i saw your second post. carradine at end of rd 2 if lucky, never mind end of 3rd.

        • cb says:

          ps if we have a shot at werner or star at top of rd 1, dont know you can pass that up. though rhodes is my pick in rd 1 if we get pass rush help in fa, and big outside wr, big cb, o line, speedy lb
          are all needs i see as well, safety beiing a need but a luxury with 3 picks.

          id go with assurity over taking a less sure shot at a player who will be a playmaker. (at pass rusher, cb, wr)

  3. Joe Blake says:

    Round #1 Mock: NT/DT: (Hankins, Jenkins, Jesse Williams, Sly Williams: best available in that order).
    Round #2: WR: (Hopkins, T. Williams, D. Rogers (if he light up the combine). Best available .
    Round #3: SS: (Lester, Alabama; Shawn Williams, Georgia).

    Trade Mallett using pick for: Cornellius Carradine or William Gholston ( best available DE in that order. These two are projected as mid 3rd- Mid. 4th round which is my anticipated value for Mallett.

    • steve earle says:

      Well I can’t say I like this draft very much other then Joe’s first round. Worst of all is Gholston. Other then his size Gholston has done nothing, this past year or year before to be anything but a day 3 pick. Carradine is fine and might be there mid 3rd but mid 4th?

      • Joe Blake says:

        Steve: my thought is to go big/physical on Defense and big
        /stretch on WR. Complement Wilfork and the other dL jags and complement Loyd and Welker if he’s still here. As for specifics regarding Gholston, I’ll defer until after the combine. Michigan State had a good defense last year. I am intrigued by the Holloman (sp?) idea that RE brings up. worth a shot in late round along with Denard Robinson (not as a qb, but potential slot or safety conversion in a pinch).Frankly I like So. Carolina and FSU players. Tank C. From FSU may be a sleeper.

        • steve earle says:

          Understand Joe and as I remarked I liked your 1st rd. It’s the rest. I’m guessing higher value guys will be around at 59 then thoughs you list and am sure of it for 3rd. I do like Carradine but a sleeper? No he was rated low 1st high 2nd before his injury last game. He’s rehabing now. I’d put him at 59 in your draft.
          As for Gholston, I don’t care what he does at the combine. he’s had 4 years at mich st to prove he belongs in the nfl as something other then a sp teams player. he failed. Do not waist even a mid round choice on an underachiever Joe. They never pan out.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      Hankins is interesting, but for my money, DT Joe Vellano is the most, Wilfork like DL-man I have seen on tape! He is a projected 3d-4th pick. I like WR Hopkins But he will be gone in the 1st round.
      I think we may take a SS, but i Vollmer does not sign, then OT 2nd-3d.

      • steve earle says:

        I know we discussed Vollmer before but I was reading yeaterday that this years draft is deep for OT’s plus a high number of OT’s are due to be free agents. I hadn’t been aware of that. That has to effect Vollmer’s position. I’m less concerned now that he might leave. All things considered wouldn’t he be as well off to stay, with a new contract of course, as to go to some unknown team?

  4. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Arizona trade MOCK;

    Patriots send QB Ryan Mallett , to Arizona , 3d #69 4th #100.

    Patriots draft;

    #29 Patriots; WR DeAndre Hopkins
    #59 Patriots; OT Menelik Watson
    #69 Arizona; S Phillp Thomas
    #91 Patriots; CB Daruis Slay
    #100 Arizona;DT Joe Vellano
    7th……….. OT Reid Fragal
    7th……….. CB Keith McGill

    • acm says:

      I think Watson would be a better value in late 3rd and even into the 4th round. A bit too high a price getting him with that 2nd round pick imo.

      I’d go with an impact player available at that 29th pick – B.Jones, J.Williams, D.Jones, Banks, rhodes, trufant, etc (would think that at least one of these guys would fall there)

      Then would get WR, S, cover LB(or CB if no corner was taken at 29) with the 59, 69 and 91 picks; order would depend on value available at the respective positions.

      Would go with Watson, Long, Schwenke (if not B.Jones at 29), or another project of an OL-man with the 100th pick. Would consider Holloman a great value here too; same goes for Tank carradine, if still available.

      The rest are unlikely to matter, tbh – I mean how often do you get great production from 6th, 7th rounders unless it’s a punter or a kicker? Basically, go for depth picks where needed and hope for the best. 😉

    • steve earle says:

      Sorry Russell but I have to go along with acm on this one. You have done much better in previous mocks. This one I like only #69 & 100, Thomas s, and Vellano dt

  5. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Chicago MOCK Trade;

    Patriots send 1st pick #29 to Bears for 2nd #50, 4th #114, and 7th.

    Patriots trade QB-Mallett, and our 3d #91, to Arizona, for 2nd,#38 , 4th #100.

    Then Patriots draft;
    #38 Arizona; CB Jorden Poyer
    #50 Bears ; OT Menelik Watson
    #59 Patriots; S Phillip Thomas
    #100 Arizona; DT Joe Vellano
    #114 Bears ; WR Conner Vernon
    7th………..DE Quanterus Smith
    7th……….OT Reid Fragal
    7th………..CB Keith McGill

    • acm says:

      I am not sure I see good value in the Bears trade, tbh. the only pick of real value you are getting there is that 2nd rounder. That mid 4th is a hit or miss, at best and the 7th, you might as well close your eyes and roll the dice there as the chances of getting a proper player there are close to 0 – just look at past history of drafting in the 7th, not just for the Pats and would get mightily discouraged :).

      I think these 7th round picks are best used in trades to sweeten the deal but for the other team as these picks carry much more hypothetical than actual value … it’s the same difference as between potential and actual realization – most i not all players that fall to the 7th have the potential to become important contributors and even hall-of-famers but the reality is that 99% would likely not be in the league 3-4 years later and their biggest contribution during that time would practice squad honors.

  6. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    MOCK #2 Cleveland trade:

    Patriots trade, QB Ryan Mallett, and our 1st pick #29 to Cleveland, for thier 1st pick #6.

    Patriots trade the #6 pick, to Cincinnati,(who has TWO second picks) for thier 2nd #37 and 3d #84, and 4th #115. This give’s Cinny a#6 and #21 1sr round, 3d,#84 and 5th,6th,7th.

    Then Patriots draft;
    #37 from Cinny; CB Jordan Poyer
    #53 Cinny …;WR Markus Wheaton
    #59 Patriots…..;S Phillip Thomas
    #91 patriots…;DE Cornellius Carradine
    #115 Cinny….;OT Matt Summers-Gavin
    7th…………;OT Reid Fragal
    7th…………, CB Keith McGill

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      That should read 2nd #53 , NOT 3d #84 sorry. Fingers type faster than brain!

    • acm says:

      I can see this happen – the swapping of 1st round picks with the browns in a Mallet trade, that is. Maybe, depending on their desperation, even throw in a 3rd rounder next year too 😉 … This should alleviate their lack of a 2nd rounder this year. Still, I think Arizona is one team that needs Mallet more than Cleveland and would also be a better target for the Pats to victimize in a possible trade :).

      One issue I have with what you do with that 6th pick you get from Cleveland – you immediately give it up for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th and are left w/o a 1st rounder in the process.
      i’d suggest the following – trade the 6th pick (note that this is where teams that are planning to draft a QB would want to move up) for a later first rounder (say 13-15) + a mid-to-late-ish 2nd rounder (teams with multiple 2nd round picks would be more willing to do a trade like this). Depending on technicalities, you may or may not sweeten the deal with a late rounders from this or next year per say.

      Than trade down that 13-15th pick or so another 7-8 or more places back for 25-ish 1st rounder, a 3rd rounder(this would be a late-ish pick, naturally) and maybe a late-ish 5th/6th rounder too – teams with multiple 3rd rounders would be prime trade partners.

      I think the above is within reasonable limits. Technicalities aside, my main point is that if you progressively trade down that 6th pick, you will be able to not only stock-pile on picks in the 2nd, 3rd and maybe a gain a 5th rounder too but would keep a late 1st rounder, quite possibly higher than where you started out (at 29th).

      • steve earle says:

        Really like the idea of progressive trading as layed out by acm. If anyone could pull together multideals like this it would be Bill. I hope he’s reading all this. My only concern would be if Cleve would be willing to go from 6 to 29 for Millett? It may seem very reasonable to us but would those in Cleve think that? After all if Mallett didn’t pull them up from the cellar in year 1 the ice out there would become thin real quick. Between Russell and acm this forum is becoming very entertaining. Thanks guys.

        • acm says:

          well, if you live in the Boston Area, go find BB and show him these 🙂 – I personally moved out of there some years ago 🙁

          Regarding the mallet trade, off course all these suggestions Russell and i are throwing around are only hypothetical but not without a fair share of reason, imo. If you care you can find more of these discussions in the “Patriots Mock Draft: Another Defensive-Minded Draft Approaching?” article of earlier this week.

          Personally, I don’t think Cleveland is a prime candidate for a Mallet trade. Same could be said about about the jags for more or less the same reasons, imo.
          My top choice for a Mallet-trade contender is Arizona for reasons I explained in my post in the aforementioned article.
          I also would include teams like the Chiefs, Raiders, Bills and Bucs as they will likely be trying to get rid of big-contract, ineffective QBs, which would suggest they may try drafting a QB early, which in turn makes them a possible Mallet contender.

          Either way, this mallet trade is more of a hypothesis being thrown around than anything tangible at this point. Don’t be surprised if 2-3 of the above teams draft QBs in the top 10 or so picks instead of trading for a much more cost-effective and better overall option in Mallet … well, I can almost guarantee you that those same teams would be picking in top 10 again next year 😉

        • Nuf Ced says:

          I don’t see this team’s problem as a lack of depth but a lack of impact game changing players. We lack speed on the outside on both sides of the a ball.

          Trading down and acquiring another raft of players like Brace, Butler and Wheatley DOES NOT solve our problems. I would rather see Bill trade up again this year and go for broke one more time.

          I see Brady’s window as the next 2 years; I can’t see BB/RK spending $20mm per year plus on a 38 yr old TB12. The absolute cold blooded thinker in me sees BB trading TB12 next season and hanging on to Mallet.

        • steve earle says:

          To acm, yes I do realize all this is hypothical and have remarked that Cleve is unlikely to want to make such a trade. Arz might be a better projection I agree but since were all playin this game I guess it fair to let speculations fly.
          Fortunitly I live far from Boston, here in NH lakes region so I don’t expect to run into BB any time soon. If I did I have no expatition that he would be interested in my opinions. Thank goodness I have you guys. Oh, I will look up that site about the def-draft, thanks.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        My questions to Mcshay, Kiper, said Value of Mallett is Mid-round, 2nd pick. For more picks, value of 3d,4th mid-round. I think it happens, not so sure where, but Cleveland, Arizona, Philly ?
        thanks for the insite, very interesting !!

        • acm says:

          I think assigning value to a player in such general sense can be rather misleading without pointing out relative to whom that value is.
          For example, Mallet’s value to the Colts is practically 0 given they have one of the best young QBs in the game and are set at the position for 10-15 years to come.
          On the other hand, his value to a team in Arizona’s position could well be that of a high 1st round pick, all circumstances considered (general lack of QB talent in draft, cost-effectiveness, etc, etc).

          I think they came up with that speculative assessment based on the Pats drafting him in the mid 3rd round back in 2011 at great value already (he had fallen deeper than most had anticipated due to off-field issues) and added as a bonus his gaining 2 years worth of valuable experience under BB and TB. but again, that’s a rather crude and misleading way of generalizing the concept of value.
          To put it even further in perspective – $100 found on the street would have little value/meaning to a billionaire but could mean the world to a homeless person.

        • steve earle says:

          Good info Russell thanks. We have all been playing around with the trade up with Mallett idea would you say that’s now a nonstarter? If so I would rather a mid 2nd then a couple later on. just me, I understand and guess you’d go with more later. But still good to know.

    • Jeff M says:

      Here’s my guess on what Bill does, resigns Talib, Arrington, Vollmer, cuts Fells and lets Welker walk, restructures Mankins deal to free up enough cap for their signings.

      Trades 29 to KC for #34 & #97
      Trades #34 & #97 on day two after everyone restacks their board to TB for #43 & #73:
      43 – Kawaan Short DT Purdue
      59 – Jonathan Cyprien SS FIU
      73 – Da’Rick Rodgers WR Tenn Tech
      91 – Brian Winters OG Kent State

      • Jeff M says:

        That or…
        43 – Jordan Poyer CB
        59 – Markus Wheaton WR
        73 – TJ McDonald S USC
        91 – Brian Winters OG

      • steve earle says:

        Thinking on this Bill can’t restructure contracts without players approval. Given the trouble resigning Mankins in the first instance this is very unlikely.

  7. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Here is my MOCK DRAFT; If we sign Talib, …..Vollomer, and Welker are gone.

    Patriots trade QB Ryan Mallett, and our 3d pick #91 to Arizona for thier 2nd pick #38 , 4th pick #100 , and 7th pick.

    Patriots Trade our 1st pick #29 to Dallas, for thier 2nd #47 and 4th #111.

    Then the Patriots draft;
    #38 from Arizona; CB Jordan Poyer
    #47 from Dallas ; WR Markus Wheaton
    #59 Patriots : SS Phillip Thomas
    #100 from Arizona; DE Cornelline Carradine
    #111 from Dallas; OG/C Brian Schwenke
    7th from Arizona ; OT Reid Fragal
    7th…………….OT Matt Summers-Gavin
    7th………….. CB Keith McGill

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      That 7th pick should have been from the Dallas trade not Arizona, OOOPPS.

      With OT Vollomer gone, the Pats draft Two guys, to via for the job. Summers-Gavin, Had a knee injury as a Jr. His Tape was outstanding his senior year!! He even Scores higher than Brain Winters . Fragal was the Ohio State RT, and was a former TE 6’8″ 310. Schwenke and Summers-Gavin were team mates at Cal.

    • steve earle says:

      I like this draft. Wish you had a dt in there somewhere, how about Joe Vellano at #111? Now if we could somehow imprint this on destiny we’d be in business

    • acm says:

      I can’t say I agree with the Value you are putting here on mallet – basically Arizona gains on their 4th rounder in all this, meaning to them Mallet is worth a mid-2nd round pick. To look at it in a diff way – they can trade their 38th+100th pick for say 44-45th pick +91st and then trade that 45th or so pick for Mallet.

      Personally, i think Mallet would have a much higher value to a team in the Cards’ situation, all things we have discussed before considered. I’d go as far as claiming that they would be considerably better off giving up their 1st pick in a straight trade for mallet than drafting a QB with it and that’s something they almost certainly would have to do, forced by their desperate circumstances.
      I don’t know how much value Mallet has to the Pats – that’s something only BB likely knows – but to Arizona, I’d claim he is worth a lot more than a mid-2nd round pick and this is where the Pats’ leverage lies in a possible trade.

      Other than that, putting aside that I don’t see Talib being signed, I like the draft and stocking up of picks … maybe would go with Patton over Wheaton with the 47th and use one or two of the 7th rounders + a 5th or 6th rounder from 2014 for a mid-to-late 5th this year and look to get M. Wilson or Aaron mellette as deep-threat, physical WR but that’s mostly techincalities 🙂

      P.S. One other thing – I find it diff to believe that BB would wait till 4th on drafting an OL-man – and one that’s not a T – in a year where he loses probably the best RT out there in Vollmer. Just don’t think it’s a risk he’d likely take. IMO, should we lose Vollmer, I’d look for an OL no later than 2nd round to become a priority.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I agree to a point. I think, trading Mallett to a team like Arizona, would mean that Arizona wants to keep the first Pick, which they would rather NOT use for a QB. But as other teams are looking for QB’s this means they just can not wait IF they have one QB they want.
        So I feel there is a better chance to get more picks, by not going after the 1st pick.
        So if I could get say, Arizona’s 2nd #38, 4th #100, and 5th #133 for QB mallett I would feel we did OK. Arizona should feel VERY happy to get thier QB, and still have thier 1st pick to get OT Fisher.

        • acm says:

          Sure, all these projections for trading Mallet for a 1st round pick assume that any of those teams would be eyeing drafting a QB with one of those top 10 picks. Personally, I think 2-3 QBs go in the top 10-12 picks.

          Arizona’s situation in particular I see as so desperate that I find it hard to believe they don’t go for a QB and mallet would be a better fit in Bruce Ariens’ plans than any other Qb from the draft, imo. Can they go with drafting an OT there? Yes, they can but would they take the chance of improving a project when you don’t have a QB? I mean can you speak of a project without someone who can perform the central role in it? Not drafting a QB with that first pick bascially means the cards have decided to scrap next season and position themselves better for one of the top QBs next season, which would again require a top 1st round pick. But who’s better than mallet there? McCarron? Johny Football (if eligible)? Let’s assume they are, can the cards guarantee they can get either of those QBs unless an NFL-worst record for 2013 season is in the works in their front office because I can almost guarantee you next year we again will have a plethora of desperate underachieving team (pretty much the same teams as this year) in dire need of a QB.
          So, if they can’t get their QB in next year’s draft, what do they do? Again improve on a project they don’t have by drafting next year’s top DT, OT, DE, WR?

          Many things are possible but it’s things like the above that make me think that Arizona may well have to take a chance on a QB early in the 1st round and once that’s the case, trading for Mallet would a much better option for them, in terms of both talent and cost-effectiveness, than say Geno Smith of Matt Barkley.

          I am not sure I’d agree with giving up Mallet for a 2nd+4th+5th as once you go into 4th+ round territory, the chances of getting a difference maker drop sharpley and those of getting a bit player if not a complete dud go thru the roof. As I mentioned before, that doesn’t mean you can’t find proper players there, it’s just that it would be unreasonable, from a purely statistical point of view, to EXPECT that you can get a diff-maker out of there. Thus, I am not sure a deal like that would make sense to the Pats unless they see mallet as a complete waste of space, which still doesn’t change the likely much higher value a team like Arizona may put on him in possible trade negotiations.

          Maybe, a middle-ground situation one can find with the two teams switching 1st round picks in a Mallet trade (and maybe a 4th rounder going the Pat’s way in 2014, but that’s mostly brushing on technicalities here). that way Arizona get their QB and still have a 1st rounder albeit a later one. Can they get Fischer with that 29th pick? No, but they don’t need him to still get a proper OT and I am sure there are plenty of other needs they can fill on that team with a 29th pick (I mean, I doubt they finished with the 7th record last year only because they lacked an OT, right 🙂 ). What they do get, however, is a project they can build on; a project that will bring sense and value to all their other draft picks.

    • Nuf Ced says:

      I see Bill giving Talib the Transition tag of $8.94 – I don’t see Talib getting anything guaranteed above that. Saves the a bit from the $10.67 Franchise tag; that could leave room to sign Vollmer.

      Who ever we draft has to push someone off the roster most likely at that position, unless we let people walk.

      So Poyer pushes who? Cole, Martin or Williams?

      Wheaton – pushes Branch or fills the missing Welker

      Thomas – fills missing Chung or pushes Barrett, Gregory, Ebner or Wilson?

      I think the Patriots have a fine middle class of talent that is young and improving; We need big play/field position & momentum changers. Our best receivers are TEs and our best safety is a CB.

      Read an Massarotti article that quoted Dimitroff and another GM (name escapes me) saying the premium positions now (QB excluded) are pass rushers, CBs and safeties. I would love to trade up and take a Millner or Ansah or Richardson. Hopefully Jones and Hightower continue to improve and stay healthy.

      Not trying to sound overly critical just debating trade up vs trade down

  8. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Time for another MOCK draft;

    The Patriots trade thier 1st draft pick #29 to Dallas, for thier 2nd #47 and 4th#111.
    The Patriots trade QB Ryan Mallett to KC for thier, 4th #96 and 5th #127

    Then the Patriots draft;

    #47 from Dallas ; OG/T Brian Winters
    #59 Patriots ; WR Markus Wheaton
    #91 Patriots ; SS -Phillip Thomas
    #96 from KC ; DE/LB – John Simon
    #111 from Dallas: DT – Joe Vellano
    #127 from KC ; CB -Demetrius McCray
    7th………………CB -Keith McGill
    7th………………OT- Reid Fragel

  9. steve earle says:

    A couple days ago someone poster that if Bill passed on Dion Jordan he would kick an old lady in the shins. Made me laugh at the time but I’ve been thinking ever since that he might be right. Even if Jordan isn’t 100% right away he’s a real talent and could be a steal even at 29.

    • cb says:

      would take ansah first, jordan as a 2ns option if had the chance in rd 1.
      pass rusher is #1, 2, and #3 need. then big cb even with talib, and 3rd big outside wr who can separate and snag

  10. Russell Easterbroks says:

    MOCK Draft trade opition #2;

    Trade QB Ryan Mallett, and the Patriots 1st pick #29, to Cleveland for thier 1st pick #6.
    Then the Patriots trade the pick #6 to Chicago for thier 2nd #50, 4th #114, 5th#146, AND a 3d, 4th next year.

    Then the Bears can draft OT Fisher #6, and choose the LB thay want at #20 .

    The Patriots would draft;
    #50 from the Bears …….CB Jordan Poyer- or CB Darius Slay
    #59 Patriots pick ……… OG/T Brain Winters- or OG Alvin Bailey
    #91 Patriots pick………..DT Joe Vellano- or DE Cornellius Carradine
    #114 from the Bears,……WR Conner Vernon
    #146 from the Bears, ……SS Cooper Taylor
    7th……………. CB Keith McGill
    7th……………. OT Ried Fragel

  11. acm says:

    Regarding this mock draft in particular, no way the Pats draft a WR in the first, especially one with questionable durability. Banks and D. Jones, as well as Berrett Jones and Kawann Short, look a lot more likely options there, imo.

    What I can agree with, however, is that 2-3 QBs go in the top 10 or so picks. Personally, I don’t think there is a single QB in this draft worthy of a top 40 pick. The number of teams desperate for a new QB coupled with lack of FA talent, however, would make teams go for broke, imo. One should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity – there is a reason why pretty much the same teams pick in top 10 of the draft year after year and that’s not because they are prone to making smart decisions.

    • steve earle says:

      Love the humor, got me chuckling. I’m not crazy about Barret Jones or Short with the 29. If Bill trades down into mid 2nd okay but I think better choices even there could be had. Right now, before the combine, it’s tough to sort out where guys can go. I like alot of the ideas that are being floated but not many of them will come very clost to reality.

      • acm says:

        I don’t disagree, especially with the latter part of the above. However, I was merely referring to this particular mock draft, which assumes the Pats do keep the 29th pick, and basing my opinion on what players drop to the 29th.
        particular needs would depend on FA acquisitions, naturally, however if Vollmer is gone, that would likely force the Pats to fill in other needs from free agency and spend the 1st rounder on an OL-man and no one better comes to mind than B. Jones with Joeckel, Fischer, Johnson, Warmack, Cooper most likely long gone by 29.

        Can we trade down even with Vollmer gone? Sure, but I doubt BB takes a chance on filling that big void with a 3rd or 4th and later round talent. He may well take an OL-man there but I think that would be more of an insurance policy than anything else.

        • Russell Easterbroks says:

          I agree, Barrett Jones has dropped in most MOCKs to early 2nd, IF the Patriots keep the 1st pick they could get him, to fill the up-grade at OG. I feel VERY sure Vollmer will be resigned very soon! If Vollmer is gone, Than BB will look at my trade option #2 (above) trading with Cleveland for #6 , BUT keep it and draft OT Fisher.

        • steve earle says:

          amc, your logic is good and I really did understand you were going on the mock. I was trying to imply that it’s unlikely bb will not resign Vullmer. His back problems will effect how other GM’s see him so I think he can get as good as any contract here as anywhere. I do wonder if 2-3 qb’s will go that high though. Napolian said always expect your enemy to do the intellagent thing, or something to that effect. We can of course hope other teams are that desperate and will grab at straws. I can’t see Welker not being resigned, he’s Tom’s safety blanket after all. And please excuse me for getting off track with your reply and causing some confusion. My old mind goes off on tangents often these days,

        • acm says:

          I see your point and agree with it – I also think the Pats will keep Volmer, however, that assumes he can’t get LT money anywhere else, which I don’t think is out of the question, tbh. If it’s a matter of a RT level contract, then i think the Pats keep him but if they have to compete with a LT-level contract from somewhere else, I think he is gone.

          Not sure about f-tagging him and how much that would cost the Pats. I don’t think f-tagging Welker or Talib would make sense but if tagging Vollmer won’t cost as much, maybe that could be an option next year and thus postpone having to replace him for the 2014 draft.

        • steve earle says:

          The question whether Vollmer can get lt money or not will decide if he stays or goes. I suppose it depends on how badly a team needs a lt. Miami does and steeling one from us would be killing two birds with one deal. I hadn’t considered that before. The only other factor is his back and would that be a deal braker for them? If Vollmer does go the tackle slot becomes a priority so an early pick must be used on it as you suggest About Talib, I see your point about the f tag. I’m hoping bill can work out some kind of incentive deal with him. Welker should have been given a 3 year deal last year and I feel that way again this year. I am thinking though that given his age how many teams will open the flood gates so much so that we can’t compete. Besides being Bradys go to guy has to be better then chassing off target throws from half the rest of the qb’s around.

  12. acm says:

    With Chris Canty a FA now, if the money is right, maybe BB could fill a need there – A R. Seymour close, who would provide good interior pass-rush and complement to Big Vince.
    Would be an option worth considering with so few draft picks available and so many free agents yet to sign. Would take away the need to get a DE/DT in this year’s draft, imo.

    regarding trading the 1st round pick, I think that would be worth it if we can get a 2nd a 3rd rounder this year in some sort of package deal. Then, if we still have our 3rd rounder, trade that down for 4th and 5th and look for depth there. Otherwise, I am not sure it would be worth it.

    • steve earle says:

      The thing concerning me about filling roster slots with old players is it retards the development of younger guys and keeps others off the roster. I can see it as an emergency short term fix after the draft but not now.

      • acm says:

        let’s not forget that balance is the one important thing to achieve – be it balance in talent, character, or experience. This D is pretty young as it is and could use some 30ish players in there – remember the SB winning teams, not much young blood there and I don’t think it’s a coincidence either.

        If the money is right, I’d love me a player like Canty in the mix, especially in a year where draft picks are at a premium.

        • steve earle says:

          This is true but I wouldn’t be in a great rush to sign some of the older guys like Seymore. We did that 3-4 years ago and it didn’t work out very well. Much prefur to go after a couple of young impact guys even if they are a little green. Pats have shown the ability to develop these types so that by mid season they start taking more and more snaps. Older guys often start fading about then.

        • acm says:

          Long-term, yes, short-term, don’t think so. For every “old” player you have fading after 30 yo, you have 5-10 and more younger ones that don’t pan out at all.
          BB’s and Brady’s window is closing, so you still need balance and can’t afford to over-do it on youth and inexperience.
          I wasn’t talking about Seymour per say, actually I think that door is closed for good, but a player like him who can give you the flexibility of a big DE (a 3-4 DE is one way to look at it but not the only one) and pass-rushing DT to complement Wilfork at the same time.

          Plus, with the lack of draft picks, where else do you think you are gonna get those young guys you are talking about? UDFA? Good but how likely is it they work out well and even on the rare chance they do, it would take them 2-3 years to become difference-makers at the NFL level and by then TB may well be pondering retirement already.

          Nothing against young talent, just think that good roster balance is paramount, and that in itself implies a good deal of young talent already … just not to extreme levels.

        • steve earle says:

          That makes great sense when I think about it acm and the part about the ufa, and I would include most drafted after the 3rd rd, not making it or taking years to become impact players, sounds much like I argued with Russel Easterbrooks a few days back when he advocated for trading down for 4ths and 5ths. Your right about that window closing too which most of my thinking revolves around not trading down. Bill did a great job last year by not doing so and though he lacks the ammo to trade up this year standing pat appears to be the best way to get play now guys.

        • acm says:

          normally, I would also like to keep the 1st round pick for the closing-window argument. This particular draft, however, I think the talent that is worth spending a 1st rounder on would likely be gone by the time the Pats pick. At the same time, this draft is particularly rich in 2nd and 3rd round talent and there will be quite a few very interesting players making it into the 4th even. Put these two factors together with the Pats having fewer than normal number of picks and trading down looks like the smart and obvious thing to do.

          I would like to see us trade down however to an extra 2nd and 3rd round picks – possibly in a package deal with a team that has more than one pick in those rounds, like the Dolphins, for example. Such teams would be more inclined to gain an extra 1st round pick, imo, as opposed to a team that has only 1 pick in those respective rounds.
          Then maybe we could trade down our own 3rd for a 4th and 5th, depending on what players drop to that 90th or so pick.

          I would NOT however make a trade of the 1st for 3rd, 4th and 5th as that would be bad business in my mind – as many interesting players as there may be in those rounds, the chances of them taking longer to develop to good NFL level or not pan out at all, increase sharply as you venture into 4th and later rounds territory. I am not saying it’s impossible to get great players from there (heck, you can get hall of famers out of UDFAs too), I am just saying that it would be unreasonable to expect anything more than good depth players out of those rounds, which goes against the closing-window argument. That much, I think we agree on.

          However, putting aside the obvious dependence of who we pick in the 1st round on FA acquisitions, I am sure there is only a limited set of players on whom BB would be willing to spend that 29th pick. Should they all happen to be gone by then, then I think trading down would be the best and only thing to do.

          I personally think there could well be such players falling to the 29th pick and if a good part of the team’s needs are fulfilled in FA, I can see BB pulling the trigger on some impact, high-value and talent player not only for a position in great need but also for future development should he consider that player just too good to pass on.

          Personally, I think there are 3 such players – Ansah, Jesse Williams, Barrett Jones – who are projected for the 1st round and may fall to the Pats (this excludes players like joeckel, warmack, fischer, lotulelei, etc who are gonna be long gone by then). I think these are all players with a much higher potential ceiling for growth than any others that could fall to the Pats. Not saying there are the best and most NFL ready, but the ones whose potential sets them apart. That is my list of players, who if they fell to the Pats, I would not pass on no matter what.
          Most likely BB’s list is different but what I am trying to say is that I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps the 1st rounder should one of his “must-have” players is still on the board come pick 29 and trade down if that’s not the case as he doesn’t consider what’s left on the board worthy of a 1st round pick.

        • steve earle says:

          acm, your exactly right about a “short list” of guys who are must haves if they slide to 29. I think we all have tsuch a list and Bill too. All different to some extent. I would expect if no one on BB’s listwas there he would trade down, I can understand that.Personally I have 7 on my list, 5 I feel likely won’t get to 29 but there “just in case”. Reading Russell and your comments higher up here about a possable Mallett trade up is an exciting new rinkle which sounds plausable. Great ideas from both of you.

  13. Russell Easterbroks says:

    Trading for more draft pick’s will be a huge part of the Patriots draft this year. So here is my MOCK;

    Patriots trade QB Ryan Mallett and our 3d pick,; to Arizona for thier 2nd, and 4th picks.
    Patriots trade our 1st pick ,; to Dallas for thier 2nd and 4th picks.

    Then we Draft;
    #38 from Arizona; WR Markus Wheaton
    #47 from Dallas ; OG/T Brain Winters
    #59 Patriots…..: CB Darius Slay
    #100 from Arizona ;SS Cooper Taylor
    #111 from Dallas ; DT Joe Vellano
    7th round pick …; CB Keith McGill
    7th round pick….; QB Sean Renfree

    • cb says:

      acm i say ansah, jordan, rhodes are worth the first rd pick. big
      wr’s will extend further back, some good pass rushers throughout top half second rd. i dont want a clogging dt, bb needs to update his defense to todays nfl, to a penetrating one.

  14. floridated says:

    Bill Belichick will trade 1st round pick to a team that wants and needs a qb. Bill’s record of high round defensive back picks suck. New NFL dbacks big and fast not like the midgets bill drafts. Look what the bigger backs did to pats, Seattle,49ers. I also see bill taking a flyer on Richard Seymour and Ed Reed to stabilize his young secondary and bark out the coverage schemes. Both players on the down side but could be huge roll players for the young pats defense.

    • patslife says:

      what about xavier rhodes? 6’2″ and about 220lbs. why would he give up his only 1st round pick?

      • cb says:

        yup, my guy after the pass rusher need. if we get a pass rusher in fa and or 2nd rd, i take rhodes in rd 1. need that big wr too. so im balancing those 3 needs. o line is only 4th highest need at most to me.

  15. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Given the WR class, I feel BB will take a guy later. WR’s like Conner Vernon 5th, Ryan Swopes, 4th, Wheaton 2nd-3d, are all better guy’s than Woods, and more valuable as later picks.
    Looking at this Mock; DE Datone Jones, OG/C Barrett Jones, CB Banks, CB Poyor all look better at #1 than WR Woods!!!

    • AM says:

      Agreed on the WR class; I’d take Datone Jones in this mock, and then grab a WR in Round 2 and a safety in Round 3.

    • steve earle says:

      If Bill trades #29 it must be to a team with a pick in the top half of the 2nd and if he does so,that throws all our mocks out the window. I wonder if, in that scenario, Bill might take a chance on someone that’s rehabing like Tank Carradine or Dion Jordan? Both were judged mid or high 1st rd talents befors their injurys. So what’s the thinking out there on that?

      • AM says:

        He’s done it before–Marcus Cannon and Brandon Tate come to mind–but I don’t know that he’d be willing to do it at the very top of the draft. When it comes to risk/reward analysis, I think it makes more sense to take that kind of chance later on in the draft. I presume he will be looking for a blue-chipper at the outset–someone who can come in and compete right away.

        If there were a truly special talent available, however, that might change the calculus. If Jordan is a top-15 or -20 player on the team’s board, and he falls to the second round, and he’s the best prospect remaining, I’m sure the team would pull the trigger.

        • steve earle says:

          Right, pretty much my thinking too. Dion Jordan might fit into that top 15/20 had he not injured his shoulder. No telling if he would actually slip all the way to 29 because of it though but isn’t it something to dwell on? If it were me I’d grab him if he got down to us.

        • steve earle says:

          Also, many believe BB will trade down from 29, if he does wouldn’t that make taking the chance on a rehabing player less striking as he would gat additional pick(s) in the deal? Or would it pressure BB to get that first one perfect?

        • AM says:

          I can see it going either way. The strategy over the last couple of years (targeted trading up, trading away picks for players) makes me think that Belichick really believes that he is a few players away from polishing this team. In that case, I think he is more likely to go for the sure thing with the early picks. But if he thinks that Jordan is going to be the next Von Miller, I think he takes him regardless. I’m not sure that he knows the meaning of the words “play it safe” when it comes to the draft. 🙂

  16. patfan says:

    im ok with a WR for the Pats first round pick but Woods would not be my first choice. I think he has a lot of injury concerns and not a fan of USC unless it is on the defensive side of the ball. In the first 3 rounds I would like to see a WR, CB and OG/OT and then in the 7th pick up whoever has the greatest value for DT/CB/SS. Big time talent but with some off the field issues just like Dennard.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      I agree, given the choices we now have. If Talib is gone, then CB 1st, CB Jorden Poyer looks like the guy BB likes, however Banks looks good as well. Then OG/T , Brain Winters, looks good at #59, and a WR at#3 or a SS/LB type. My guess is BB will get more draft choices, with a 4th take the WR, and either WR Conner Vernon, or Ryan Swopes.
      There several prospects of the 7th;
      CB McGill looks great at 6’3″ 202
      SS Copper Taylor 6’3″ 220
      CB McCray 6’1″ 185
      DT Joe Vellano who will go sooner after the Combine.

      • steve earle says:

        Agree, if Talib goes cb a must. I like Poyer and Banks but my favorite is Rhodes because he has the versatility to be cb or s.
        A crazy idea has come to me, I know it won’t happen but it has been nagging at the back of my mind. Three highly regarded players rehabing, Dion Jordon lb, Tank Carradine de, and Chris Faulk ot. With our lack of draft picks why not try to take them , in order, with 29, 59 and 91? When healthy all would be high value players. I know it’s a little crazy, but!

        • Russell Easterbrooks says:

          I like OT Chris Faulk if Vollomer is let go!! If we had a 4th pick to get him.

  17. Steve says:

    LOL Eagles drafted Fletcher Cox last year.. Tyler Wilson couldn’t hit a freaking Pinata with a tennis racket. This is a complete joke.. Jockeol will go number 1. Stick to your day job.

  18. J.H TARBORO says:

    Robert Woods would be nice,but Tavon Austin would be better,this kid would be unbelievable in the slot position. Extremely versitile WR/RB/KR One word:electrifying!!! Wes Welker replacement,go watch some tape or youtube this kid. Next, i would go after a CB and then a SS/FS. If we are willing to let Wes go,we must get serious about who should replace him. We also have free agency.

  19. steve earle says:

    I still doubt KC would pass on Geno Smith unless they could get a proven starter at qb. I’m convinced Welker will be back and Agree with Stephen S over Woods durability.

  20. Stephen S says:

    Hmm Robert Woods over Datone Jones I’d probably go with Jones over Woods durability concerns me with Woods

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