Patriots Draft Pick Review: Jake Bequette

Jake Bequette Patriots Draft

Jake Bequette’s evaluation is still a work in progress. (

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

The New England Patriots selected defensive end Jake Bequette  out of Arkansas with the 90th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Patriots acquired this pick as they traded their 62nd overall pick to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for the 90th and 163rd overall selections.

Bequette  had a solid collegiate career with the Razorbacks as he recorded 23.5 sacks while being named captain twice.

When I first began my scouting and research process on Bequette, he immediately came off as a player that Bill Belichick would love—he has a great football IQ as well as being coachable.

Bequette might not have all the talent in the world, but he’s a grinder much like Rob Ninkovich. So he won’t make any flashy plays but he’ll always be in the right position— mistakes should be minimal.

The 6’5″ 265 pounder was projected to play defensive end in the 4-3 defense as well as being versatile enough to be a stand-up pass rusher in the 3-4.

The four year starter for Arkansas played in just three games this season with the Patriots and failed to record a single tackle while being listed as inactive for the remaining 13 games of the season.

It’s certainly had to assess Bequette’s performance in 2012, as we have such a small sample size—so I suppose the book is still open.

However, I will say that Bequette  does have potential to be a solid role player for New England, but I certainly don’t see him evolving into an every-down player anytime soon.

2012 Stats: Three games played

Letter Grade: Incomplete 

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9 Responses to “Patriots Draft Pick Review: Jake Bequette”

  1. David says:

    but we all have to remember that this pick is going to be circumstantial! if things aren’t worked out with Welker by then, we can probably assume that the Pats will grab a guy like Tavon Austin or another receiver with a lot of upside, unless they are able to snag another guy like Hartline from Miami. Also, i think it’d be a bit ridiculous to draft at DE/OLB that high in the draft given the depth New England has. They drafted Jones and Bequette last year, someone mentioned how Francis was improving, they have Ninkovich making great plays, and i’m still not writing off Cunningham as a guy that can be a consistent play-maker as well. The first rd pick could also go toward a safety or o-lineman also. It’s definitely just a matter of what the Pats do in the off-season. They could bring in some fast receiver talent, or a deep center fielder (like Ed Reed) that could mold guys like Gregory, Wilson and Dennard into killer guys in the secondary. I was really impressed with the D-line rotation this year, and i think New England has one of the best (or potentially best) linebacker groups in the league…. if it isnt broke, why try to fix it? there were still question marks in the secondary (like, what to do with Chung?), even though i was extremely impressed with those guys, and happy to see Talib come into town.
    I’m very excited with the future of this team

  2. My 1st choice in the draft would be either Datone Jones from UCLA or Kawann Short from Purdue. Jones is beast with a great burst and power. Short can play anywhere on the D line.

  3. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I liked DE Bequette very much last year when researching/scouting plays for the Pats draft last year, in fact Bequette, Hightower, and Dennard were the only Patriot picks I got right last year ! (I had them in the wrong order how ever)
    I think Bequette needed weight room work, as in college his speed rush was very good but, his bull rush was not good. I think he stay’s around, and may replace Cunningham on the roster next year. (Who I’m not high on coming back next year) Also I heard some talk of Bequette playing TE, time will tell.

    • acm says:

      I think Armstead is the natural replacement of JC on the roster, Bequette would be more of a Scott replacement, if it goes there, imo.
      Anyways, would like to see JB get to that next level in 2013 but, as hings stand right now, if the Pats get more than one DE from draft or free agency, I think that would suggest that BB won’t be counting much on Bequette next year i.e. he’s as good as gone.

      • Alex says:

        I think I disagree.
        It’s probably fair to assume that Bequette will never be a star, but he could still be a good piece for us, a kinda Nink-lite.
        With our depth at DE/OLB I don’t think it makes sense to target one in the draft, unless it is a high upside pick with a high draft pick, eg Ansah, Margus Hunt, Datone Jones etc.

        Cunningham should stick unless he bombs in camp.

        • Russell Easterbrooks says:

          I think Datone Jones would be drafted by the Pats only if he’s there when we pick, (when ever that is via trade). I don’t see the Pats going after a DE, tho I think they draft DE/LB john Simon in the 3d round. They will Pass on Hunt or Ansah, tho they will be gone before the Pats pick, as will Jones.
          I think the first player the Patriots take will be Brain Winters OG/T, unless Barrett Jones is there, very unlikely. It could be first if they stay or early second if they trade back. Tampa, the G-men, and Tenn. have all interviewed Winters already, so he’s no secret. Present Mocks have Winters 2nd or 3d , but throw that out the window. This guy is VERY much like Mankins.

        • acm says:

          that’s the thing – we already have plenty of depth i.e. you can’t add more players to the front 4 (in an attempt to increase the quality of the D-line) w/o cutting somebody else. Otherwise, BB would have to allocate 30-40% of his roster space on D for that front 4.
          I wouldn’t mind Cunningham, Bequette, Scott, etc sticking around but if BB is gonna improve the quality up front, some or all of them would have to go, depending on how many new faces come in and impress.

          Hence my initial point – if BB gets more than 1 more DE/OLB type of guy in the form of a high draft pick and/or a coveted FA (not saying a superstar, but an experienced player), that would be a sign to me that BB simply doesn’t trust Bequette can cut it and sees him as expendable.

        • Alex says:

          acm – Surely it’s more likely that Scott (FA) or Cunningham would be first to go.

          Russell – why John Simon? Doesn’t sound like he gives us anything we haven’t got, and given our depth at that position seems like a waste. We should plug a few holes in our roster, while targeting high upside guys.

        • acm says:

          it would really depend on whether Bequette has shown any sign of development, imo. Look at Francis, for instance – both JB and JF started the season at about the same level as rookies (actually, one could argue that a 3rd rounder would be seen as more important and relevant than a UDFA). Thruought the season, Francis production steadily grew and by season’s end he actually won himslef a substantial part of teh snaps up front. Bequette, on the other hand, was just as irrelevant by season’s end as he was at the start and the only way for him to even be active was for a few players to be hurt.

          Cunningham’s ban was a golden opportunity for both Francis and Bequette to get noticed but it was only Francis, the UDFA, who managed doing so.

          So, if Bequette has shown lack of development – and it’s hard to argue otherwise given his irrelevance thruout the season – why would BB release say Cunningham if he is the more reliable/productive alternative. I get that rookies would/should get the benefit of the doubt over 3rd, 4th year players but said rookie would have to show signs of development at least to a certain level and only BB would know where that level is. So, my best guess would be that if he stockpiles on new DEs, he is not seeing Bequette making the necessary step forward in his development.

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