Dee Milliner Scouting Report

Dee Milliner CB Alabama

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Prospect: Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama*
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 198
Grade: 7.6 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+ Has the height, leaping ability to go one-on-one with tall receivers
+ Good but not great speed, looks to be a mid-4.4 to 4.5 40 time on tape
+ Long arms
+ Closes fast in both coverage and on downfield runs
– Quickness in covering receivers on quick route breaks is questionable

Coverage Skills:
+ Played press coverage often at Alabama, effective at jamming receiver within 5 yards
+ Physical with opposing receivers, uses his length and size well
+ Consistently stays in front of his opposing receiver within 5-10 yards
+ Usually establishes position on inside hip when ball in air and receiver ahead of him
+ Does a good job pinning receiver toward sideline on outside routes
+ Only gave up three pass completions of 15+ yards in seven games watched
+ Typically isolated on island, gave up few completions
+ Usually makes immediate tackle after giving up catch
+ Reacts well to short underneath passes, makes play quickly when on his side of field
– Sometimes face-guards when he gets beat
– Has not shown ability to backpedal deep, turns and runs with receiver and sometimes gets beat by speed

Ball Skills:
+ Very good at finding the football in air, making a play on the ball
+ Can high-point the ball to take catch away from receiver
+ Reads underthrown ball well, knows when he can let receiver go to make play on ball in front of him
+ When receiver leaps to make catch, continues fighting with his hands to try to knock ball out as receiver comes down to ground
+ Tied for NCAA lead in junior season with 22 passes defended (2 INT, 20 PBU)
– Does not make the tough catches for interceptions, both interceptions came when pass well away from intended receiver

Run Support:
+ Terrific corner blitzer: tracks down QB/runner with great speed, patient and finds good lanes as a rusher
+ Hits hard
+ Strong, pulls runner down when he gets him wrapped up
+ Attacks from secondary when a run/short pass play comes in his direction, rather than waiting for play to come to him
+ 54 tackles in junior season
– Not a sound form tackler, tries to tackle high/upright rather than wrapping up low
– Whiffs with some frequency on plays where he has to chase down runner
– Takes some poor angles when chasing down a runner

+ Good vision, reads opposing QB’s eyes well
+ Very good coverage instincts
+ When covering downfield, good at seeing when QB checks down to short pass or run, breaking off man to come in as support tackler
+ Effort is noticeable, never gives up on a play even when not on his side of the field
+ Contributes on special teams
– Only a full-time starter for one year

Although only a one-year starter, Milliner is a well-rounded cornerback with few flaws in his game. He utilizes his great size and length as a physical cover corner and is active in run support. He does not wow athletically, but has the speed and leaping ability to go up against any wide receiver.

Milliner rarely gives up big plays, and does a great job making plays on the football. Although not targeted often at Alabama, he was consistently around the football, as he reacts to run plays and underneath throws quickly, and hustles consistently. He is a sound hitter when in proper position to make a stop, but is not a great form tackler and missed some tackles when chasing down runners.

Milliner is the most complete cornerback in the 2013 draft class, and is capable of coming in and starting right away while having the potential to be among the league’s best cornerbacks in time. He is expected to be the first cornerback off the board and a top-15 draft choice.

Scouting Notes

vs. Michigan (9/1/12):
-In press man, gives free release, breaks on ball and makes the deflection.
-Misses tackle in space, dove for the ankles and missed.
-Doesn’t back down, going after Taylor Lewan after the play.
-Gets his hand in and disrupts the catch, great timing.
-Comes on corner blitz, breaks down and gets RB to the ground.

Full scouting notes for Milliner vs. Michigan.

vs. Georgia (12/1/12):
-Closes on pass into the flat and takes Gurley right out of bounds for a minimal gain
-Turns his head and does a good job getting his hands up to deflect a pass away that was intended for Malcolm Mitchell
-Did a good job using the sideline as an extra defender squeezing Mitchell

Full scouting notes for Milliner vs. Georgia.

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7 Responses to “Dee Milliner Scouting Report”

  1. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I like Darius Slay CB 6’1″ 190 runs 4.53 40. Darius saw lots of action playing with team mate Jonathen Banks at the other CB. Slay also was a returner, looked good in coverage, with better size. I feel he is a 3d round pick, and is a solid prospect. Check out his tape, looks like a good pick!

    • acm says:

      good later round CB option. I also like Wreh-Willson as a biggish CB in those rounds. Maybe Logan Ryan drops to the 3rd too.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I did not like CB Ryan on tape, some guys just jump out at you. Wreh-Wilson is interesting however !
        Another guy I like alot, (check out limited tape) is Demetrius McCray CB 6’1″ 185 runs a 4.4 40 (best time 4.23 ) out of Appalation State great speed and quickness, covers well. Also look at tape from NFLPA bowl, he had a strip fumble tackle and recovery, and a pick. McCray has been in-vited to the Combine, so he will turn some heads! SPEED.

  2. acm says:

    overrated imo, there are better corners projected to go later in the draft. I’d much rather see the Pats get Trufant than Milliner.

  3. Jeff M says:

    Concerning on Milliner that he was only the starter for 1 year considering Dre Kirkpatrick was the starter on one side past year and his rookie season was at BEST forgettable.

    If Milliner wasn’t ready to start before this year I question how NFL ready he actually is, albeit he played reasonably well this year…but there were no AJ Greens to play in the SEC this year either.

  4. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Only a one year starter, HMMM I think a CB needs 3years of starting just to know if he can play. I’m not big on this guy, but he is projected early in the draft, so a non-issue for the Patriots.

    • jimmy jim says:

      The guy started 11 gms his freshman yr played nickel his soph. and started his junior yr and if the guys are not good (wr) they would not be playing stop reading about the guy if you dont like him the kid has 99 problems and everyone else has the 1

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