2013 NFL Mock Draft: Senior Bowl Week Projection

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – DT Johnathan Hankins, Ohio St.*

Pittsburgh’s propensity for Ohio State products has recently led them to draft players such as Santonio Holmes, Cameron Heyward, and Mike Adams with high picks. This season, they must begin to replenish defensive line talent by finding successors to Casey Hampton, Ziggy Hood, and Brett Keisel.

18. Dallas Cowboys – OT Lane Johnson, Oklahoma

Recent media rumors surrounding Dallas’ organization have primarily revolved around rebuilding the team with a greater emphasis placed on effective salary cap management: one player Dallas may be ready to move on from is right tackle Doug Free. Johnson could fit on the right side.

19. New York Giants – DE Ezekiel Ansah, Brigham Young

Ansah remains a highly logical pick for New York: defensive coordinator Perry Fewell may be able to scheme Ansah into a star by shifting him between multiple rush positions within the defensive front seven; improved technique and awareness are required but potentially attainable.

20. Chicago Bears – LB Alec Ogletree, Georgia*

Chicago must rebuild their offensive line, but at this point the only strong value remaining is offensive guard Jonathan Cooper, whose zone-blocking style may not fit the Bears’ oiffense. They should investigate alternative options rather than reach for a player such as D.J. Fluker,

21. Cincinnati Bengals – DE Sam Montgomery, Louisiana St.*

With right end Michael Johnson set to become a free agent and no consistent pass rushing presence opposite Carlos Dunlap, landing an established defensive end such as Montgomery would be a coup for Cincinnati’s front office this late in the draft’s first round.

22. St. Louis Rams (from Redskins) – OT D.J. Fluker, Alabama*

St. Louis may be forced to overdraft an offensive lineman at this point; given their blocking scheme, Fluker makes more sense than Jonathan Cooper. The Rams have enough picks to make a slight reach at this point in order to secure an improvement over Barry Richardson at right tackle.

23. Minnesota Vikings – WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia

With Percy Harvin’s contract situation still in limbo, Minnesota may be forced to consider the possibility of a life without their star receiver; one way to solve the dilemma would be to line up a similar successor in advance. Austin could be creatively integrated into the offense either way.

24. Indianapolis Colts – DT John Jenkins, Georgia

Jenkins probably won’t last this long on draft day, but a series of close calls cost him a handful of draft spots in this projection; Indianapolis’ defense was largely unsuccessful all season, especially in terms of run defense, where they ranked 29th among the league’s teams.

25. Seattle Seahawks – OG Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina

Seattle has the luxury of drafting the best player available at this point: impressive left guard Jonathan Cooper.

26. Green Bay Packers – TE Zach Ertz, Stanford*

The Packers are well-equipped to reload at tight end this offseason; with mercurial tight end Jermichael Finley likely on his way out of town, Green Bay may be able to choose between Stanford’s Zach Ertz and Notre Dame’s Tyler Eifert. Ertz may get the nod via superior pre-draft workouts.

27. Houston Texans – WR Robert Woods, Southern California*

Robert Woods would provide the Texans with the complimentary receiver they’ve been lacking for years. Houston tried their hand at addressing the position last year by adding DeVier Posey (third round) and Keshawn Martin (fourth), but that shouldn’t prevent them from looking for a top talent.

28. Denver Broncos – CB Jordan Poyer, Oregon St.

One way for Denver to maintain consistent production in its defensive secondary would be to draft instinctive, competitive cornerback Jordan Poyer, whose fluid hips could provide the Broncos with a replacement for Tracy Porter, who missed most of 2012 and is set to become a free agent.

29. New England Patriots – CB Johnthan Banks, Mississippi St.

Banks was considered a potential high first-round pick not long ago, but his stock appears to have been slipping lately due to concerns surrounding his 2012 tape. Nonetheless, he would fit well in New England’s increasingly physical, man coverage-oriented secondary.

30. Atlanta Falcons – DT Sharrif Floyd, Florida*

The Falcons could look at a defensive end such as Texas’ Alex Okafor, but Floyd has been a hot name as of late; he could likely step into a starting role early in Atlanta, where the Falcons lack a consistent starter opposite swing defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux.

31. Baltimore Ravens – DT Jesse Williams, Alabama

Ravens fans may be hoping for a sexier pick such as Oregon’s Dion Jordan; however, with Dean Pees still coordinating Baltimore’s defense, size and the ability to two-gap are crucial. Williams could play a little bit of left end (replacing Arthur Jones) or nose tackle (replacing Terrence Cody/Ma’ake Kemoeatu.)

32. San Francisco 49ers – CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida St.*

The 49ers are arguably the league’s most complete team, but they could nonetheless use an additional member of the secondary. 2005 draftee Carlos Rogers showed signs of rapid deterioration this season, allowing 70.8% of targets to be completed, compared to 53.4% in 2011.


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15 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Senior Bowl Week Projection”

  1. I have looked at all the draft boards possible, and still haven’t seen Jon Bostic.

  2. steve earle says:

    I enjoyed the back and forth between Alex and Matthew Jones. Good reasoning, really like the Ansha & Hunt thinking. I read today that Hunt isn’t having the best showing at Sr. Bowl pratice. Have to watch and see if it effects his draft stock. He had been mocking several spots before Pats in 1st. Could he slip down to us? Would Bill pull the trigger?

  3. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    NO don’t see CB Banks picked here not the best player on the board. Given this Mock, Sharrif Floyd DT, Barrett Jones C/OG or DeAndre Hopkins WR are higher on the draft board.

  4. russell easterbrooks says:

    Rumor has Cleveland interested in QB Ryan Mallett, and the Pats 1st pick in the draft. It sounds like Cleveland feels Mallett, would compete with Weeden for the starting job. Cleveland does not have a 2nd pick in this years draft, and is looking to draft, Two players that can start next year.
    Sounds like the Pats would get; Clevelands 3d,4th,6th, and 2nd pick next year.

    • steve earle says:

      I don’t know about this? They want our 1st and Mallett fop their 3,4,6 and next years 2nd? That’s a bad deal for us. We end up with a bunch of mid-rounders who are as likely as not to not make the team or if any of them do they will be special team players or scout teamers. Bill needs to tell them no.

    • Steve Holt says:

      No way the patriots give up a first round pick and trade bait for a bunch of mid round picks. That is a terrible deal for the pats. Past the 3rd round, you will not find many quality starters, unless you luck out on a Brady or a Dennard type pick late in the draft. Also, the pats do not have time any more to screw with picks. Just use all picks, or trade up, and take best available at a position of need. Get another super bowl before brady retires.

  5. russell easterbrooks says:

    No I don’t think CB Banks is your best player at this point. DT Sharrif Floyd, or C/OG Barrett Jones, or WR DeAndre Hopkins, all score higher by 15-19 pts over CB Banks. Take a CB in the second, CB Darius Slay 6’1″ 190 runs a 4.53 40, or CB Demetrius McCray 6’1″ 185 runs a 4.4 40. I also think the Pats choose a second CB in maybe the 7th round.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree with Russell here though Banks is not completely off my list. If Floyed did come to 29 yes, but does any think he will? Still if a DT/DE were there and taken another cb who might slip into our range at 2 might be Desmond Trufant, Wash. 4.42/40 reported (not official).

  6. Alex says:

    Not wanting to be too much of a fanboy, but this was very impressive.
    Pithy, clear well reasoned explanations for each pick, taking into account coaching and FA personnel. Some odd choices, very well backed up, keeping it different from 100’s of other mocks, without being crazy.
    From spending time on Mocking the Draft, I know some teams would disagree with your needs diagnosis, the Texans for one, but that’s small point.

    Basically thanks, for the best mock I’ve read this year.

    For the Pats I think I’d take Dion Jordan. I think another rush end could give us a superb rush, and he’s basically the defense’s version of Hernandez, a chess piece, that can do so much.

    In a 3-4 alignment, with him and Chandler at OLB, either or both could rush, and given that he covered slot receivers in college, he would be great covering TEs or RBs. Bulk up a bit so he could better play the run, and I think we would relieve a lot of pressure off the secondary.

    • MatthewJones says:

      Jordan would be interesting but I’m not sure New England would fall for a player who has had trouble maintaining weight; recently there was a report that he was playing under 230 pounds. The Patriots have recently evolved into a more aggressive offense in regards to blitzing their linebackers and increasing their aggressiveness in coverage; however, the only major defensive roles potentially available are the defensive tackle spot (Kyle Love), cornerback (Talib/Arrington are FAs), and a coverage linebacker like you mentioned, Alex.

      The last of those options seems like more of a mid-to-late-round possibility; Dane Fletcher could potentially fill that role (rotating into the sub package as Tracy White used to.) What about a player such as Sio Moore? Has rushed out of two and three-point stances, looked athletic at 240+ pounds at the Senior Bowl, and has extensive coverage experience. New England could likely draft someone like Moore in the fourth or fifth-round via an acquired pick.

      • Alex says:

        Didn’t know about his trouble maintaining weight. He would need to bulk up a bit more that’s for sure. One reason I’m keen on him, is I think he really could be great at covering TEs and taking them out of the game, so would prefer someone couldn’t use him against us.

        Most mocks I’ve seen have had him going a lot higher, so in this one I loved the value.

        ATM my hopes are for Ezekiel Ansah or Margus Hunt. I think both could play opposite Chandler at 4-3 End, and kick inside on passing downs. Both also have the body to bulk up to ~300lbs, and be a JJ Watt type presence at 3-4 End. With our hybrid fronts I think they’d be a good fit.
        I think that with one of them and Chandler developing and possibly Armstead in the mix, we could have a very special rush, which would relieve some of the pressure on the secondary. I realise this is all dependant on them panning out.

      • Alex says:

        Also with Dion Jordan, think we could use him in an Von Miller esque, but with more coverage responsibility, 4-3 OLB

    • steve earle says:

      Dion Jordan seems kind of light to me. A player in the 260 and up range would hold up against the run better. I’d prefur Alex Okafor, Margus Hunt, Dantone Jones or Ezekal Ansah among others

  7. Mark says:

    Only QB selected is Geno Smith? With all the NFL teams needing or unhappy with their situation at QB, I’ve gotta believe that at least 2 others will go in round 1, deserved or not.

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