2013 NFL Mock Draft: 7 Rounds of Patriots Picks

Leon McFadden NFL Draft

Leon McFadden could be a mid-round steal for the Patriots. (Photo: USA Today Sports Images)

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

Even with the Patriots getting ready to play in another AFC Championship Game, the draft is on the mind as the Senior Bowl and draft process really gets kick started this week.

The Patriots hit a home run in 2012 by trading up and drafting impact defensive players. In 2013 the Patriots will continue to add defensive playmakers to a young defensive core while possibly adding one or two more offensive weapons.

Here is my latest edition of a Patriots seven round mock draft.

The Patriots currently own only five selections in the 2013 draft due to trades over the last two years. The trades have brought varying degrees of success. The Aqib Talib move looks like a bargain and if he resigns the Patriots have a legitimate #1-2 corner for the price of a fourth round pick. Conversely the Albert Haynesworth trade was an unmitigated disaster and Ochocinco trade was marginally better. With a shortage of “draft capital”, it’s fair to assume that Bill Belichick will manipulate the draft board again this year, to either gain extra picks or to get the player he really wants.

Patriots Biggest Needs:

DT – Lack depth and a play-maker next to Vince Wilfork. Need someone who can push the pocket, penetrate and play in multiple defensive alignments.

DE/OLB – Chandler Jones and Justin Francis look like pass rushers for the future, but the team still struggled to rush pass without the blitz. Team needs to continue to add young, versatile pass rushers.

LB – Behind the top three, the Patriots are extremely thin at linebacker. Ideally a backer who can play three downs, come in on sub-packages and cover TE/RB/Slot.

WR – After Welker and Lloyd (Edelman a UFA) there is nothing here. If Welker leaves it becomes even a bigger need. Outside receiver a need, not necessarily a vertical threat, but someone with speed who can run the route tree.

CB – If Talib resigns the top two CB spots are locked in. Kyle Arrington (UFA) has been up and down. Another corner who can play both outside and in the slot would go a long way to sure up a developing secondary.

OG – Only weakness on OL was at RG, even though Dan Connolly is more than servicable. The position can be upgraded.

SAF – Devin McCourty and Steve Gregory are locked in as starters, Tavon Wilson as #3 SAF going forward. Need one more guy who can play both safety positions and offer special teams value.

 First Round (32)Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida (6’3″/303)

There are going to be a lot of defensive linemen coming off the board at this point in the draft and many of them could be a fit for what the Patriots are looking for. Floyd is an early entry into the draft and would provide the Patriots the versatility to play at the 3 technique as well as 5 technique in a three man front. Floyd exhibits very good quickness off the ball and in short areas. His motor is impressive and he attempts to chase down just about every play. Uses his hands well to get extension, read the play and then shed. Lined up at DE most of the time at Florida, so he has experience playing up and down the line, but his best position in inside in my opinion.

Floyd’s best football is ahead of him. If he learns to refine his technique and play with better leverage he can be the best DT in the draft. In terms of fit for the Patriots, he would make a very good compliment to Vince Wilfork. The Patriots don’t have a player like Floyd and while Wilfork can draw double teams Floyd can beat blocks with his quickness and on stunts. He would give the Patriots a little bit of what they looked for when they signed Jonathan Fanene last off-season. If they choose to go with another DT, Kawann Short, Johnathan Hankins (if he falls some) and John Jenkins are possibilities.

2nd Round (64) TRADE
The Patriots trade their late second round pick for a mid-third and a fourth round pick. It would give the Patriots more flexibility in an area of the draft where there isn’t much separating the players.

3rd Round (traded pick) John Simon, DE/OLB, Ohio State (6’2″/260)
Simon is a bit on the small side to play defensive end, so many project him to some sort of LB position in the NFL.  When I watch Simon it’s tough not to like his tenacity and the fire in which he plays the game. He gets after it on every single play with good accleration off the line and violent use of hands. Simon reminds me a lot of current Patriot Rob Ninkovich and former Patriot Mike Vrabel in that they can rush the passer from multiple spots (hand in dirt, stand up), but are also smart and agile enough to drop into coverage.

Simon always has to be accounted for the offense as he is always a threat to make an impact play. He’s a two time captain at Ohio State and plays the game the right way. It probably doesn’t hurt that he is actually coached by the player he reminds me of. Adding Simon to a young front seven would give the Patriots a ton of versatility. He would give them the ability to change from a 4-3 to a 3-4 with relative ease during games and would add another pass rusher, which is never a bad thing.

3rd Round (95)Leon McFadden, CB, San Diego State (5’10″/190)
Teams can never have too many good corners and that’s the thinking with this pick. McFadden is a productive three year starter for the Aztecs. Throughout his career McFadden has shown very good zone coverage instincts, with the ability to sit in his zone, read the QB and make plays on the ball. I believe he has the ability to play either the outside cornerback spot and in the slot, due to his fluid ability to cover. McFadden plays with an edge and aggressiveness. He fights through blocks to make plays in run support and seems to just have an overall high football IQ. On top of that he has experience on all special teams units, from returning punts to being an edge rusher on field goal blocks.

The Patriots are starting to assemble a talented young secondary with Aqib Talib, Alfonzo Dennard, Devin McCourty, Kyle Arrington and Tavon Wilson. Ras-I Dowling is still on the team, but can’t be counted on. Adding another cover corner who has experience in different types of coverage schemes and can play both corner spots, could give the Patriots the last piece in their lengthy secondary rebuild.

Fourth – seventh round picks can be found on page two.

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35 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: 7 Rounds of Patriots Picks”

  1. Jose Roberto says:

    I think Sharrif Floyd in the first round but if not available Kawaan Short from Purdue
    2nd round i think they trade for a 3rd and 4th round pick
    3rd round Phillip Thomas (SS, Fresno State)
    3rd round Stedman Bailey (WR, West Virginia)
    4th round Jelani Jenkins (OLB, Florida)
    In their 7th round picks go for another corner and another guard

  2. steve earle says:

    Now that were out, the draft possabilitys are really heating up. No idea how it will shake out but love all the speculations. Now a question. Are we due any comp picks? I’ve read some say a 4th and a 5th.
    I’m still thinking we need another cb even if Talib is resigned. A good one, I like Rhodes. He has the size to disrupt wr routes off the line, willing to come up against the run and could likely play some safty if needed.
    I would really like us to get a dt early, someone who can get right into a rotation with Wolfolk and Love, collaps the pocket/ stuff the run kind of guy or force the gap and penatrate type, either one. If we do get one or two comp picks mid draft a guy that interests me is Brandon Williams a ng out of Missu. So. St. a Div 2 school. Check this guy out fans. I’m thinking a couple dt’s this draft. Wishful thinking?
    I still feel O-line is strong but adding a developmental project later is okay, not a high priority right now but if someone like Chris Faulk, LSU should fall to us at 61 could we pass? I’m torn here in my thinking. I’d feel the same if someone like wr Wheaton was available at 61. There are just so many possabilitys coming up, impossable to predict but gerat fun.

    • russell easterbrooks says:

      The Patriots will NOT get any Comp. picks, because they signed Lloyd a free agent, and some others making it a talent wash (even win loss).

      • steve earle says:

        Glad my question of comp picks is cleared up, that’s too bad though not really unexpected. That only leaves a trade down or player trade to increase our number of picks. I look on a trade down as a double edged sword. History shows picks taken after the 2nd round have only 20% sucess rate with Pats while 1st or 2nd rounders have about 50% sucess rate. Still by what I read this draft has good depth but BB will still be challanged to get the good ones the deeper the picks go.

  3. Sergio says:

    This offseason, first resign Welker, Vollmer, Edelman and Talib. In free agency, go strong after Greg Jennings. In the draft, pick a DL (Margus Hunt if possible) and an IOL (Alvin Bailey); trade the rest of picks.

  4. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Bacause of the personnel moves in the past two years, we only have five picks in the draft. (1st,2d,3d, and two 7ths) Given this lack of selections, its fair to believe Bill Belicheck will make some transactions to gain extra picks, to insure he gets the players he wants.
    I think he will trade the 1st OR 2nd pick to make this happen.
    There is also the possiblity that QB Ryan Mallett, is traded for picks, and NOT trading our draft picks, THO I think Bill moves some picks anyway.
    After the Champainship game we saw our lack of depth/highth at S and CB.

    • steve earle says:

      Russell is right on observing our def backfield weakness has again left us out. I also believe BB will somehow get more picks. One scenario I read and liked was sign Matt Cassel as the qb backup and trade Mallett for a couple mid rounders. This could work and even allow for trade ups if wanted by Bill. Lots of flexability in there. A good draft and one or two free agents from outside and we’re ready to roll.

  5. Nick says:

    I am hoping they get Ryan Swope/Tavon Austin, let Welker go, resign Vollmer and Talib, and draft Margus Hunt.

  6. PatsFan says:

    Marquess Wilson anyone?

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      Marquss Wilson has great size, BUT had personal issues , and ripped the coaching staff, as he left the team. Scouting reports says drops, does not use hands well ???????

    • steve earle says:

      Not at all high on Matquss Wilson. If a wr must be taken I’d prefur Markus Wheaton. But really why let Welker go? He makes more plays then any other Pat other then Brady. Margus Hunt would be good but will he be there?

  7. Nick says:

    Ryan Swope would be a great pickup.

  8. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I’m not sure about DT, there is a need, but not sure it’s as high as LB depth, if one of the starting three go down wih injury. Second I think the Pats look for a future starter at OG , who can play right-a-way if there is an injury. We have OK back-ups, but a guy who could be a starter for 8-10 years. Mankins is starting his 9th year, and Connolly is starting his 8th year, and both misses time this year.
    So I think , DE/LB John Simon is a help in the pass rush, like Ninkovich, and can play any of the three LB spots, with alittle work. His pass coverage needs work , but his stopping the run is top notch. He is a film and work-out room guy, with a VERY high motor.
    Another guy I like, the Pats have scouted is SS/LB Devonte Holloman. At 6’2″ 238, runs a 4.61 40, is a soild run stopper, good tackler, moves very well, and reads plays very well. Is good in pass coverage on TE’s, has troule with faster RB’s. I think could be a force at SS, and back-up at OLB if the Pats have an injury.
    For OG it depends where the Pats choose to pick in the draft. Higher picks OG Cooper (most likely gone) OG/T Bain Winters, OG Alvi Bailey (jr). This is the hardest pick, but I like in the 3rd Matt Summers-Garvin. He had a knee issue, but has come back strong. If you watch his tape he pancakes/stays on many of his blocks, and has a Logan Mankins “mean “streak.
    Lastly WR/Slot guy, I like Conner Vernon late (5TH-6th) if the Pats trade for some choices. Ryan Swope at 3d or 4th.

    • Alex says:

      We have 3 top quality run stopping linebackers. With Dane Fletcher, probably being resigned we have a good coverage linebacker, if we go for another one it will either be a coverage/special teams guy late, or a pass rusher like Dion Jordan.
      Whereas DT a top notch player would be a starter, and greatly improve our rotation to aid keeping our guys fresh through games, and if Wilfork gets injured, that would be a huge weakness for us.
      We have a great group of O-lineman, as long as we resign Vollmer, and given that although Cannon has been serviceable at RT, I wouldn’t want him there for a season if Vollmer or Solder went out with injury, I think a swing tackle prospect in the mid rounds is more likely than a guard.
      Then I think we need youth and depth at the receiver position, and I would take a guy early-mid and another late as well.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I agree DT would be great area to get a guy, but IF Bill trades back out of the 1st , he may not be able to get one. Sharrif Floyd looks like a great fit , but I think he’s gone by 24 in the 1st round.
        If Mayo or one of the other two LBers is out for the year , we would need help. Ninkovich would have to move back.

      • steve earle says:

        Alex has rightly identified our key weakness is on the def side and so is where our draft should be focused. That said I could understand if some highly regarded prospect should slide down to us and BB grabbed him.

        • russell easterbrooks says:

          Pats just signed Armond Armand DT/DE 6’5″ 300lbs. Looking less likely to take a DT in the draft, BUT……………..

        • steve earle says:

          So we signed an undrafted fa DT fom the CFL. How does that realisticly effect our draft. If this guy wasn’t good enough to get drafted last year by any NFL team, why is he important this year? Makes no sense.

  9. Jim Keddy says:

    I don’t agree with any of you who want to trade down. This
    team has a good nucleus of players. If they can re-sign key players like Welker, Vollmer and Talib, they are set for next year.

    They only need a few quality players from the draft. The higher these players are drafted, the better the player. Any shortfall
    in draft picks can be made up by signing high end undrafted players. They tried this approach this year and ended up with Bolden, Forston, Francis, and Zusevics.

    • acm says:

      Agreed. Plus, Brady has 4-5 years left in him and the team needs to get the max out of that. No time to wait on players to develop for years on end. Need to get as many big talent players as possible out of the draft, asap.
      Would try to take care of the secondary in free agency as drafting for it outside of the first 20 picks seems to be a crap-shoot, anyway and would go for DL, OL, LB or WR in the dradft.
      I would not trade down for anything outside the top 3 rounds and would try to maximize the picks in that range via a trade of Mallet or picks from next year.

      • steve earle says:

        Really like the thinking here. I lean strongly this way but realize BB has his way of doing it. Last year, trading up, really paid off so I’m hoping for at least some of that again. Problem is we are short of trade material.

      • steve earle says:

        Though again fixing the def backifield via free agents is also a crap shoot. Pick your poisen.

  10. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I think DE/LB John Simon is sure pick by the Pats, in the 2nd round, 3d will be to late.

    • Nick says:

      Any idea when Margus Hunt is expected to be off the board? It would be amazing if the pats got a guy like him. Jones, Hunt, Love, and Wilfork would be awesome.

  11. kevin says:

    I can really see trading the 1 for a one next year and 3 or second this year . O line depth is really important for going forward if the right player is there at the end of the first I can see us keeping the pick if vaccaro is there we will take him or barrett Jones with our second we should take margus hunt with the rest of the draft take a big wide out to try and develop him in system with no expectations to be the man right away

    • steve earle says:

      Can’t see vacarro getting to us in even the 1st rd and question Jones in the 2nd being there. Hunt could be a possability at 29 but again would be gone by 61. So unless BB trades back for a high 2nd pluss more your wish list seems unlikely.

  12. JMayo_51 says:

    Sharrif Floyd’s versatility, athelicism and motor will certainly appeal to Belichick, but he might be just “underweight” with regard to BB’s standard at the position to warrant a first round pick.
    On the other hand, Kawann Short certainly fits the height-weight-speed mold and he has played all over the line in a program known for producing good DL. But I’m concerned about his inconsistent motor, which I don’t think is something that can be coached up.
    Ohio State’s’John Simons reminds me so much of Rob Ninkovith in terms of measurables. If Mike Vrabel has positive things to say about him, I won’t be surprised if Belichick and Caserio pick him in mid rounds.
    Overall it will be fascinating to see how Belichick adresses the DL in the draft. They are certainly a number of interesting options in the early rounds, but history tells us Belichick takes the best player available on his board. In the end I guess it will come down to the right DL players still being there at the right time.

  13. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    This is a wll though out draft, nice job. I to believe Pats trade to get picks. However I think tradeing the 1st pick is more likely, to a mid-round team (Dallas, Bears) for a 2nd, 4th, and 4th and 5th next year. I also think DE/LB John Simon is a player the Pats want, but think Pats must get him early 2nd. WR Ryan Swope is a great choice, and another WR to watch later in he draft (4-5TH) is Conner Vernon.
    Both of your 7th picks will be gone however. Maybe T/TE Reid Fragel?, CB Darius Slay? I also think Pats go with an OG with thier first of two 2nd round picks, OG/T Brain Winters, or OG Alvin Bailey. Pats WANT a OG to replace Mankins (starting 9th year) and or Connolly (starting 8th year). WE have good back-ups , but not a 7-8 year starter.
    This maybe a suprise to many, BUT thier 3d round pick looks more like SS/LB DeVonte Holloman. Great size, at 6’2″ 238, soild run stopper, big wing span, good in coverage TE’s, crossing routes, runs a fair time 4.6 -40, and reads plays very well!
    Adding a future starter to th Oline is important, depth at LB, and a WR, are next to continued success. Other players the Pats like are; LB Jake Knott, CB, Ron Sweeting, WR, Quinton Patton, OG/C Travis Frederick, CB,Brandon McGee.

    • steve earle says:

      I really question Hollorman, he’s a tweener. not enough speed for safty or size for lb to be taken with 93. Be fine if taken with a 5th or 6th if we should get one of those.
      I have not given up on Cannon as apparently others have and Zusevics hasn’t even gotten on the pratice field and is being written off here. The O-line is not nearly the problem that is the D baclfield or D-line is. Look at the bigger picture Russell, I think you will see my point.

      • russell easterbrooks says:

        Holloman could fall in the draft because he is a tweener, but the size, he would bring to a safty in the run game would be great. This guy is a sleeper, and I hope Bill gives him a chance.

  14. td says:

    The problem with bringing in WR’s is that our offense is not about running the route tree. It’s about reading the defense and running the right route that TB is expecting. Many have tried and not made it, including Oucho.

  15. Phil says:

    Big fan of Joe Vellano and Ryan Swope. Solid draft.

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