2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: LSU vs Clemson

#10 Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson
-Variety of sets, often in pistol formation, some under center.
-Could have had better placement on handoff.
-Senses pressure, able to step up, scramble and gain a couple yards.
-Little flip to his motion, ball doesn’t take too long to get out.
-Reads the field short to long, accurate throw on dig route down the field.
-Shows some elusiveness in the backfield, needs to slide – takes a huge hit.
-Weak play action, under pressure, delivers a strike on out route.
-Makes a LB miss in the backfield, powerful run for a TD.
-Faces down pressure, steps into throw, good timing on stop route, perfect ball placement.
-Showing some serious toughness – taking some big hits.
-Lobs deep ball down the field, falls out of bounds.
-Climbs the pocket to avoid pressure, ridiculous backhand flip pass outside – very “Bad Favre”.
-Finds Hopkins in a tight window, good velocity, put it where only his guy could get it.
-Audibles being called in from the sideline.
-Takes a bad sack in the 2-minute drill – needed to get rid of the ball.
-Recovers own fumble, didn’t recognize weak-side blitz.
-Under siege by LSU, no time in the pocket.
-Perfect throw to Hopkins on slant, couldn’t place it better.
-Ball sailed a bit, mis-communication with receiver as well.
-Sticks in under pressure, floats great ball to TE to convert clutch 3rd down late in game.
-Hits second read and fires bullet to Hopkins for the TD.
-Rolls right, can’t find anyone open and misses on 2-point conversion.
-Overthrows Hopkins twice, both too high.
-Great touch on 4th down throw – clutch conversion.

Overall: Boyd showed more toughness than any QB I’ve seen this year. He got smacked in the chops in the passing game, but took a ton of hits on his 25+ runs as well. He showed that he can pass the ball and has enough elusiveness to buy time in the pocket. He is a 3rd round guy for me right now if he should declare.

#6 DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson
-Lining up as outside receiver.
-Snags the ball out of the air on dig route, cradles quickly in traffic.
-Inside release, sharp out break and plucks the ball over his head.
-Nice stop route, creates separation on Simon and shows some elusiveness after the catch.
-Bobbles ball, shows some good concentration bringing it back under control.
-No separation down the field on “9” route.
-Forced out of bounds by press coverage.
-Works inside release to give himself room on the sideline, fights through CB to make the catch.
-Sits down in tight window, goes to the ground and makes phenomenal touchdown catch.
-Makes two guys miss on quick pass, tough to bring down in the open field.
-Gets his hands on the ball, disrupted by linebacker and can’t bring it down.
-Tries to snatch the ball out of the air, but knocked away by safety.
-Willing blocker, taking some guys to the ground.
-Good body control, makes the catch and then is able to spin his body away from big hit.
-Gets position on corner, draws the penalty for a first down.
-Good position on slant, catches the ball off the grass.
-Shows some nice leaping ability on jump ball, Simon had great coverage though.
-Hesitates, then explodes on post route, great catch and tip-toe for the touchdown.
-Can’t get a handle on high throw, should have brought it in.
-Great catch in traffic, tracks the ball beautifully over the shoulder.
-Pushes the corner back, breaks off his route and taps his toes on the sideline.

Overview: This was the best game I’ve seen from “Nuke” Hopkins. He showed his body control, athleticism, hands and ability to run some sick routes. If he declares for the 2013 NFL Draft, he would join a crowded group of receivers trying to show they belong in the first round.

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2 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: LSU vs Clemson”

  1. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    My Mock draft today has the Pats taking;
    1st – DeAndre Hopkins WR
    2nd- John Simon LB/DE or S/CB D.J. Swearinger
    3d – Alvin Bailey OG or Travis Frederick C/OG
    7th – Brent Russell DT
    7th- Kenny Okora CB

  2. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Hopkins had a super game, showed he’s a VG -WR. With the Pats need at WR I think this guy is the Pats, number one pick in the draft !!

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